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10 January 2013


Steve Enos

The media and review coverage of the CES has shown some great and forward thinking "technical innovations, gizmos, and ongoing projects". Some mind blowing stuff!

Add all this to the latest, amazing Mars rover project and then try to grasp why we can't figure out some of the most basic issues we are faced with.

George Rebane

SteveE 1003am - Good point Steve, but methinks the governance issues we grapple with here are much harder to solve than any "amazing Mars rover project". Nevertheless, I join your lament.


I only managed to carve out an afternoon from my hectic schedule of laying around eating bon-bons to walk the floor of CES Wednesday afternoon.

Lots of neat stuff, but mostly same s**t, different year. More pixels for TV's. Better audio. Slicker interfaces. Great gizmos, nothing causing me to rip out my checkbook and get something new.

The three things that really hit me were: Samsung is the new Sony, Coby is the new Samsung, and there are a whole bunch of far eastern manufacturers of Android tablets that want to be the new Coby.


Screw Coby. I bought one of their cheap TV's and it died after only two months of being on 24/7. Warranty sucked also.

Steve Enos

Go Samsung for "screens" and TV's.


Earl, interesting datapoint, doesn't surprise me. Samsung isn't all that great either; comparatively weak on warranty service and left me with a defective TV.

Best choice is to buy Costco and just rely on a no questions asked refund in the first few months.

Russ Steele


Did your check out any of the 3D printers? You can now buy them on Amazon.

Douglas Keachie

In such a festive area, Gregory is, but alack and alas, no Death Star, but a funny writeup instead that will amuse most posting here.

Michael Anderson

Fun race to the bottom ya got here...

Seriously Greg? Costco? Ain't that a liberal joint?

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