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18 January 2013


Bill Tozer

Government can never have enough revenue. At least modern day governments. Think it was Thomas Jefferson's 1st or 2nd State of the Union speech where he declared that most taxes would be eliminated because the tariffs were enough to suffice. He realized that the government needed just enough to get by and no more. How far we have come (or strayed).

Raising taxes (revenues) is now rampant and the more we give, the more they want more. They will eventually kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Expect all fees to skyrocket higher as well. Remember when the local dump increased its cost of admission? Seemed fair and only right that somebody pay for the new transfer station. But what happened? Locals starting hauling their crap down to Marysville until some local screwball politicians wanted Marysville to bar Nevada County locals for using Marysville's 9 dollar a pickup load dump fee as opposed to NC's 50 bucks or whatever it was. People reacted and adapted to the higher dump fees and revenues dropped. Finally, the local dump dropped its price of admission.

Remember also when the local dump decided to charge 50 bucks for an old big console TV and 20 bucks for a computer monitor. What was the result of that grand scheme? Well, TVs and monitors started being tossed along the roadways and behind business dumpsters. People react to being gouged and finally the local dump ate crow and lowered the reclamation charges.

I strongly believe that in most matters concerning grandiose plans, the fatal flaw is no one accounts for human nature. From new gun laws to building Utopia, social planners always always fail because of the easily predictable ways of human nature. Why are the wealthiest of the French choosing to live in Eastern Europe or Russia rather than Western Europe? It is so much better there or is it the taxes rates are so much more favorable? Why do states that raise tobacco taxes exorbitantly fail to bring in enough revenue to cover to cost of running smoking cessation programs and other feel good erotica? Cause people are crossing state lines to buy their smokes. The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and human nature's response to bending over and taking it in the anal cavity.

Michael Anderson

Even though it's dark outside, I decided to step outdoors to see if the sky was falling. Nope, the sky is still up there.

I like the K-1 way. Gives me hope.


Michael Anderson

Re Bill Tozer 808pm - Too much whining and complaining for my tastes. Get a grip!

Douglas Keachie

Marysville is $12 for the first 400 lbs, we own in both localities. If you do Marysville, a cover tarp is essential. The cop sits right at the entrance from time to time.


I did a cartoon about the dump fees back then. I reasoned that it would be cheaper to send your garbage to the Rood Center via UPS than to take it to the dump. Ha ha!


We will all continue to dance until the music stops...

Account Deleted

re Bill's post on the dump fees - They didn't lower the fees, they just started charging them in different ways. You now pay when you buy a new appliance or TV. That money helps to run the e-waste program and the hazardous material drop off. I'm not happy with it, but I'm also not happy to find a load of trash and appliances dumped on our property. I was lucky once to catch a guy driving on the property "looking for a place to park his truck". It just happened to have a load of trash in the back.

Douglas Keacie

Those who don't understand the logic and usefulness of having locked gates, may also have difficulty with laws designed to keep those who pick inappropriate targets, from getting their hands on guns, with which to hit those targets.


Who is "Douglas Keacie"? A sock imposter, or Doug having problems spelling his own last name?

Douglas Keachie

Greg, apparently during login, which I normally do by typing the first letter of my last name, clicking on it as it pops up, and then moving onto the next field, where I do the same thing for the email, somehow it managed to slip in a deletion before going to the email. Thank-you for calling it to my attention!

Joe Koyote

Rather than starve the beast, why not change the tax codes? About $1.2 trillion a year is lost to loopholes that benefit only a small number of people. Billions a year could be generated by a small, like one penny or less, fee on computer generated stock trades. BTW--a far greater threat to our economy comes from algorithm trading programs (one stock recently traded from between one cent and thirty dollars in one second) gone haywire than so called entitlements. Why not tax capital gains as regular income? Why should people who earn their money through labor pay more than those who earn money doing nothing but throwing their money around? The only factor we all share in life is time. Is a wealthy person's time worth more in the eyes of God than a working person's time, thus is a wealthy person's life more valuable? I think not. Money, after all, is the root of all evil.

George Rebane

JoeK 1043am - Wow, changing/simplifying the tax code, and legislating as if to please God - why didn't anyone think of those things before?

Douglas Keachie

Joe, I've outlined this plan here many times, they naysay it. BTW, Mark Kuban, billionaire has also championed the notion, well before it occurred to me.

Joe Koyote

George-- The reference to God is a figure of speech used as a reference to common sense and fairness from a humanistic rather than economic perspective. The "makers" and "takers" perspective only works when you take humanity out of the equation and substitute financial mumbo jumbo in its place. The wealthy have plenty more than they will ever need and their continued selfish grubbing for more flies in the face of human morality and common sense. The big-boxing of America has decreased the standard of living wiping out the Mom & Pop businesses that built America and replacing them with low wage clerk jobs. The moving of the manufacturing base overseas to take advantage of low wages left millions of hard working people jobless, working part time or in low wage service jobs. Why? Profit plain and simple. One only need look at the adjusted for inflation figures on the increasing rich/poor gap for proof. Instead of many people becoming moderately wealthy, we now have a few people who are obscenely wealthy. If you had all the money you ever needed, why would you pull the rug out from under millions of people who depended on the old so-called "social contract" between the robber barons and the rest of us, that in exchange for a favorable business climate, decent jobs and a decent retirement can be earned through hard work. Perhaps the reason the business climate in the US "seems" so hostile is that the corporations are hostile toward the very people they depend upon for their profit.

George Rebane

JoeK 1207pm - At what point of personal wealth should Huntington, Bell, Edison, Ford, Carnegie, Hughes, Gates,... have given up their business enterprises and retired quietly to the countryside?

Would we Americans continue enjoying our quality of life if the feds upped the tariffs on imports sufficiently to allow overpaid American labor to achieve some mandated equality in a mangled domestic marketplace?

Through subsidies and regulations should the feds return us to the auto market of a century ago when we had a hundred small car manufactories all over the country? Why do we still subsidize family farms (and big agri)? Should the government break up Microsoft, Amazon, Google, ...?

The sad humor of this dialogue is that you socialists always know all the answers about how an economy works and humans behave, until such answers are put into practice.

Some people still understand that profit is the reward for successfully undertaking risk. And if such profit is excessive, it invites new suppliers who will satisfy demand at lower rates of profit - unless, of course, government steps in to protect those they favor. The socialist, who understands neither markets nor entrepreneurial risk, always seems to know exactly when profits become 'excessive' and are the pursuit of 'greed'.

Do you still wonder why so many of us want to begone from you?

Douglas Keachie

"Do you still wonder why so many of us want to begone from you?" ~George Rebane, 12:52~

It's called, "take the money and the country and run..."

Russ Steele

Points and Figures: America is on a bullet train to debt hell.  The numbers speak for themselves.

There are several graphs in this article that I would like our liberal/progressive readers to explain to me. How is this debt growth sustainable and how will the policies of the Obama administration reverse the direction of the lines on these charts. I am sure you all have some workable solutions to share with us, however I am not interested in your economic fantasies! Workable solutions, like drill baby drill, so we are fossil fuel independent by 2020.

Account Deleted

re: Doug at 10:04 - Thanks for the usual childish, snotty remarks we have all come to love and admire. A true modern lefty, through and through. Laws to keep folks that shouldn't have a gun from obtaining them? Try Chicago, Doug. They have them. They must work quite well as there are some citizens still living there that haven't been shot. The mayor, for instance. Let us all know what laws you think will actually keep perps from obtaining guns. We could all use a laugh.

Account Deleted

Russ at 4:36 - It's hopeless, Russ. Joe K's post is typical of a most Americans. "About $1.2 trillion a year is lost to loopholes that benefit only a small number of people." 1.2 T a year from 'a small number' (a thousand, a million?) of people? Really? Year after year? It won't balance the budget, let alone pay down the debt and it's a stupid fantasy that satisfies their hatred and prejudice. They don't really care or understand about the budget - they just want revenge. Just as they don't really care about protecting children in schools. They just want to go after the NRA. Watch MSNBC. You'll see.

Bill Tozer

re: Mr. Anderson 1/18/2013@ 8:39pm: Yes, I could have saved a whole lot of typing by using just 3 words: Cause and Effect. For every action there is an equal reaction. I normally don't bitch too much about taxes in general. History shows the more you tax something, the less you get. Only my sweet darling liberal friends fail to comprehend this fact of life. They are so cute when they get all red faced about the advent of taxing recreational marijuana. Tax a plant? Tax something that God created? Then they sing a different tune. Always tax the other guy, not me and not in my backyard!

Its these fees that are getting out of hand. A fellow from the Colfax area recently went up to Cabelas in Reno. He bought himself some special warm socks for hunting. The clerk told him there is now a special tax on them socks as they are considered a medical devise, thus they fall under the Obamacare regulations and surcharges. Yep, we must tax the rich to help pay for Obamacare and help the little guy. Its only fair. Wait, that fellow is one of the little guys. Wonder if hand warmers are now considered medical devises?

Bill Tozer

The die is cast


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