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06 February 2013


M. A.

How will governments possibly be able to ban this technology? Answer me that, Batman.


As near as I can tell, the government, like the Headmaster, does its best to ignore anything I write. By providing both volume and static, I serve my Honest Injun Constitution and fellow country persons well. I do not have enough self puffery to believe that someday they will round up everyone who has posted here for either detainment or elimination.

Unless of course we get a Terminator scenario, and the machines become self aware, and acquire sentience....as in

"I Have No Mouth and Yet I Must Scream." ~Harlan Ellison~

then all bets are off.

PS The more sock puppets the merrier, but then, maybe those will make the machine with sentience even madder. You can't win.

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