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18 April 2013


Joe Koyote

I think that is a great idea and should be expanded beyond governmental visits to include other events as well. When a candidate hits town, any extra security or other expenses should come out of campaign funds not public coffers. I think sporting events, concerts, and the like should apply as well. If police have to beef up security or the highway patrol has to beef up to handle the traffic, the teams/performers/whoever that are making all the money on the deal, should have to pony up for the public costs.

Ben Emery

We are in agreement. Just think of the cost to OH who is in economic hard times or FL, an PA during an election year. I forget the amount of campaign stops in those states but it has been tradition very high.

Michael R. Kesti

An FVRO might come with unintended consequences as today's politicians are adept at manipulating both sources and sinks of funding. I prefer the alternatives presented in George's final paragraph.

Aside to George: you should omit this article's first apostrophe.

George Rebane

MichaelK 655am - Thanks for pointing out that typo.

Bill Tozer

Look at the bright side. If you work for the Secret Service watching Mrs. O and the little ones, you got to spend a week at the Atlantis on foreign soil, then fly to Aspen and have the slopes to yourself, plus overtime. Only cost 2 million to fly the group from The Bahamas to Aspen for the vacation. Of course O gave a speech in Colorado so it is all justified.

Jet setting Presidents are nothing new, but this Prez is taking it to a new level. 180 rounds of golf is pretty hard to do for the non-retired. When Nixon went to San Clemente (The Western White House) or Reagen went to his Santa Barbara Ranch to chop wood, I don't recall the streets being closed and massive bills levied on the local municipalities. Whats wrong with Camp David for a getaway?

True, this is nothing new. My Dad was a cop and used to guard Governor Ronald Reagen when he came to town. Reagen and my Dad loved to crack jokes to each other. Also was on the security detail when Gerry Ford visited. Gerry gave each one of the security detail a Presidential tie tack which I have in a drawer somewhere. Of course those were the days when the local security only carried a detective 38, but I digress. Its darn expensive nowadays to give a speech and raise money.


When the President is in 'Frisco or San Jose, or anywhere else, all private aviation in a fairly large area is grounded for the duration, and since it isn't announced until the time is near many are caught unawares. Along with reimbursing cities and counties, how about paying for a hotel room and a meal or two for folks with an airplane that can't take off?

No, I've not been caught but came close a time or two.

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