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17 April 2013



I was turned on to xkcd by my son when he was at Berkeley. Very funny but it does take a science and math bent to get many of them.

The link to the artist's archive is here:


This isn't apropos to the xkcd 'toon, but it is timely... the Senate just voted on the gun bill amendment, the weakest of the proposals, the only one left... the background check expansion.

It got 54 yea vs 46 nay, but it needed 60 to proceed. So it's dead. Nothing to see here. Move along. Obama is pissed, and I suspect it isn't Frisch's favorite day, either. He was all set to lobby for the DiFi gun ban as the centerpiece of this glorious bid, started along its way by the ritual dipping of hands into the pooled blood of children before their little bodies were even cold.

No new background check, no magazine restrictions, no ugly semi-auto rifle ban reprise. Nothing. They reached for the brass ring and got nothing.

George Rebane

Gregory 510pm - Thanks for the xkcd link, in my haste to post I forgot it.

Re guns - yes, but the crapola going through Sacramento right now on California's 'leadership' in idiocy is doing quite fine, thank you.


California went over the line long ago and the supermajority is certainly feeling their oats at the moment. I expect the Senate failure to produce will prod the more extreme in Sacramento to show some "leadership". That might even be a good thing for the pro-gun crowd, as something that clearly goes over the more recent lines drawn by the SCOTUS might get faster action.

It's heartening to see the recent SCOTUS decisions but it can take years to get conflicting state laws rolled back.

Account Deleted

Thanks for bringing xkcd to my attention. It reminds me some what of the stick figure cartoons that graced the postcards sold in gift and novelty shops under the name 'Pot Shots' back in the 70's.

I'm sure the Nevada gun dealers are pouring money into the CA legislature to help push for the passage of a lot of these new gun and ammo laws that are making their merry way through the snake pits in Sacto. $50 a year for a permit to buy a box of 22 longs? Cabellas will be open 24 hours a day with 12 drive-through lanes.

Russ Steele


Yes, and I can see CA turning the Truckee Ag Inspection Station into an Ag and Ammo Inspection Station. Sir, "Do you have any plants and ammunition on board your vehicle?"

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