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13 April 2013


Russ Steele

Here is an example of the indoctrination our children are experiencing from the Instapundit:

WHEN PUBLIC EDUCATION BECOMES INDOCTRINATION, THE K-12 IMPLOSION BECOMES MORE LIKELY: Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer.’ “Harvey’s son attends Cedar Hills Elementary in Jacksonville, Fla. Back in January, a local attorney came in to teach the students about the Bill of Rights. But after the attorney left, fourth-grade teacher Cheryl Sabb dictated the sentence to part of the class and had them copy it down, he said.”

Ben Emery

Free Trade Agreements are the job killers in the US. Good paying jobs that allow average workers to earn a fair livable wage has been replaced with low paying service jobs. The double whammy of this average workers have less money to spend in the economy thus relying more on debt but that credit is drying up. So the economy has stalled because average workers don't have the ability to spend outside the necessities, which is a job killer in the productive economy.

"fall prey to is the fact that the new jobs, if any, always require a bit more between the ears than the bygone jobs did."

So wouldn't the remedy be a massive investment into intellectual capital, education at all levels.

Ben Emery

Let Professor Reich explain the economy to you.

"[The middle class] can't go deeper and deeper into debt. They can't work longer hours. They've exhausted all of their coping mechanisms,"


Today's 'middle class' (I HATE THE TERM) lives better than the kings of yesterday.

Taxpayers already pay TOO MUCH towards education [look up the term "value"]. The best way to give a child a leg-up today is to home school.

Regulations (including Dept of Ed regs) and taxes are the largest impediments to economic/job growth.

Employee unions have done more to kill jobs than any other entity.

Ben Emery

Than something has to give, what is it? The income disparity between the top 1% vs the rest of America is at 80 year high. It takes 6:30 of your time. Please watch.

I have spent lots of time undeveloped third world countries and trust me that isn't the libertarian paradise we want in the US. I call it libertarian paradise because their literally millions and millions of small business's where virtually the family whole life is spent working. Little to no government services dirt roads, no health care, running water, electricity, and so on. Kids drinking water out of muddy pot holes in the roads and a 1 in 4 chance a child will die because of a water born disease before the age of 6 years old.

I have seen it and my brother works and lives in the middle of it.

Ben Emery

I would agree with the Dept of Ed regs. Who benefits financially from the regulations? Who benefits from NCLB?

Joe Koyote

"Who says teachers’ unions and progressive profs have not been doing their job? Our young have been carefully taught." Has anyone considered that perhaps when given the information that the young folks rationally and logically chose alternatives to capitalism as a better economic system? You have been carefully taught as well George; to automatically rule out any alternatives. Ever think of that? It works both ways.

Ben Emery

As I have mentioned before on RR is support in the home is the number one factor in the success rate of students. There are lots of factors and exceptions but the fact of the matter is parents are having to work longer hours for less money while feeling the pressure of materialism/ capitalism bombarding our kids with a $250 billion annual consumer campaigns. One of the biggest factors in divorce is financial. One of the biggest factors in abortions are financial. One of the biggest factors in stress is financial. One of the biggest factors in health problems is stress. The web goes out quite a ways.


How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me remove the speck from your eye ,' while you yourself don't see the beam in your own?

Obama is Reichs guy Ben and yet there has been no bigger friend and protector to Wall Street, Big Bankers and "teh evul korporashuns" than Obama. Unlike Mr. Ivory Tower, Barry knows to whom he has to cater! Reich is as big a fool as Krugman.....both captured academics "singing for their suppers"!


I have spent lots of time undeveloped third world countries and trust me that isn't the libertarian paradise we want in the US.

No the undeveloped third world countries usually have an autocratic ruler/tyrant or extended tribal family as their oligarchy. For you to argue this is "Pelline Like" mendacity.

How much government is enough Ben? Life in the US was pretty good in the 50's and 60's and we had far less government then than we do now. I realize there are other factors but just how much control over your life do you want to give government and its agents?


Golly, you think someone would look at the rise of income equality paralleling the rise of government spending, notice they've both been rising for years and that, just maybe, more government spending and concentration of power might make it even worse.

The Washington DC housing market is the hottest in the nation; they pay themselves well, don't they?

Russ Steele


The US government has provided over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, foreign aid, and tax breaks. $79 Billion to solve an anthropogenic climate change problem that does not exist. An African village water well cost $18,000 to drill and service. For that amount of money we could have drilled a little over 4.3 million village water wells. That would have been a better use of our money than giving it to rent-seeking professors and government agencies to solve a non-existing problem.


No Ben, incompetent 3rd world kleptocratic tyrants are not following libertarian ideals.

George Rebane

Our leftwing commenters continue their authorized denial over the last decades that universities, especially in their humanities classes, are uniformly now indoctrination venues for all manner of collectivist dogma and socialist propaganda. This in the face of numerous research studies and books written on the topic. Now that videos with full audios can be made with small handheld devices - aka smartphones - we will expect to see more documentation like this of a professor at USC blatantly denigrating the Republican Party.


This was covered by Fox News and, of course, has been totally ignored in the lamestream. Which media all proper progressives deny having a more than marked list to port. We await similar videos to 'balance' the argument.

Todd Juvinall

I think Gregory has hit it right on with his : Gregory | 13 April 2013 at 11:09 AM snippet.

I have never put the rise of government power together with the income inequality issue. It makes perfect sense. More regulations means fewer free marketeers other than big ones. Good call.


In honor of Maggie Thatcher, for all her faults, we have this gem from 2/5/1976:
"Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."


Income disparity is a good thing.

TEACHER UNION. PERIOD. "Who benefits financially from the regulations? Who benefits from NCLB? "

Russ Steele

Here is a perfect example of liberal indoctrnation in the university, which is supose to be a place were all opinion are open for discussion. This is extracted from the Power Line Blog:

Have left-liberals killed liberal education? I’ve come to think so, and recent developments at Vassar and Bowdoin help confirm my fear.

The indispensable Stanley Kurtz is on top of both stories. At Vassar, the subject of this post, he reports on attempts to block a speech by Alex Epstein, a proponent and defender of America’s conventional energy industries. Epstein was invited to speak by Vassar’s Moderate, Independent, Conservative Alliance (MICA).

The presentation of Epstein’s point of view was particularly important at Vassar. For, as Kurtz demonstrates, the college has attempted, in the context of an aggressive fossil-fuel divestment campaign, to brainwash its students on issues of climate change, energy, and the environment. As one student told Kurtz, “I don’t feel that [conservative students at Vassar] are able to freely express their views at all.”

The reaction to Epstein’s appearance is consistent with that impression. Posters advertizing his lecture were promptly covered or ripped down. The head of MICA, whose room lock was broken, was ridiculed mercilessly and eventually came under pressure from leftist students to pay Epstein not to appear. One student threatened to inflict bodily injury on himself at Epstein’s lecture in order to disrupt it.

Full Article can be found HERE.

Account Deleted

Ben brings up a good point about one aspect of life in post-WWII America. Rampant consumerism. "while feeling the pressure of materialism/ capitalism bombarding our kids with a $250 billion annual consumer campaigns."
It wasn't any different for us baby boom kids. My wife and I can still remember all the jingles we learned in front of the boob tube. This was, however, consumerism, not capitalism. Capitalism teaches one to be of service to the community and consumerism teaches one to be a slave to peer pressure. My parents had the simple answer to consumerism - "just say no." I would add that it was my impression that my parents actually had the attitude of giving Madison Ave the finger (in a very genteel, polite, middle-class way). We were taught to think for ourselves and be responsible for our own actions. Complaining that our kids are "bombarded" with ad campaigns is akin to saying that one is being "assaulted" by a solitary non-stinging ant. Brush it off, dude! If you can't, the problem is you. Madison Ave is still 100% pro-choice and voluntary. The govt is not. Middle class America is in the financial dumps because they drove there themselves with vehicles of debt that any hay seed from 100 years ago would have told them was stupid.

George Rebane

re ScottO's 310pm - Bravo! couldn't have said it any better meself.

Russ Steele


Well said Scott. In the 1950s, my mother carried one of the tube of our home TV set in her purse. She controlled what we watched and when. No TV until the home work was done. However, what she did not know, but had our own tube, but she got on to us when the TV set was still warm when she got home from work. We wanted the products that the marketers wanted us to demand, but Mom's answer was NO! I am a better person for her persistence.

George Rebane

RussS 633pm - We had a similar regimen for our kids when we left home, and they were supposed to do other things like homework. I rewired the TV's power cord so it ended in a female connector, that then required a short male-to-male cord to complete the circuit. We took the latter with us until a warm TV upon our return announced that the kids had wired up their own replacement male-to-male. (We all had a good laugh before I came up with a Plan B that worked.)


Ha! Those are good stories. My subversive nature came to the surface when I started going to a new school. I decided from the beginning that I would write my own absence notes. If my mother wrote one for a legitimate reason, I tore it up and penned my own counterfeit. Of course, I eventually got caught.
I think the lesson here is that children will always rebel against the dictates of their parents. In the political realm, at some point a new generation will upend the prevailing wisdom of the left, just like we did with the right.

Russ Steele


Yes, we had other chores to do, feed the horse, move the rain bird sprinklers, milk the cow and slop the pigs, finish our 4H projects, etc.


Ben Emery

Here is how we did it with our kids (now 20 and 18) which worked well for them up until this point. Both have close friends, both date, both were high 3's to 4.0 gpa students, both student athletes, both help people in need, both have jobs, both push each other buttons and both are best friends even though they don't realize it.

We have no tv stations, they had to buy and pay for their own cell phones and electronic gadgets, we bought them both a lap top for their senior year in high school Christmas present so they would have it for school work in college, I did homework with them every day after school until they were sophomores, both had chores, I left it up to them around the time they turned 16, I coached their sport teams, my wife was both of their key helpers in any big projects, my wife did the University/ College due diligence and took them on the tours of schools, and both my wife and I have walked our talk of being caring and giving human beings and we are starting to see both of our kids to contribute on their own to making the planet a better more compassionate place to live.

All that being said we (my wife and I) were lucky due to hard work but also being born into relatively functional families that would be considered middle class. My wife was a military brat with her Dad being a career military man and then going on to work on the Strategic Defense Initiative after his kids were grown. My wife has a couple of higher education degrees and is amazingly smart and driven. We both are self employed. I was born white male in the USA during its peak, which has given me the privilege to live the lifestyle I chose on my own terms for the most part. I started receiving pay checks at the age of 13 and worked on my relative farms from even younger.

I would say most people in the US (especially people of color) today couldn't say they had the same advantages as my wife and I. We then were allowed to pass it onto our children. This is where we divide. Despite having all these privileges/ advantages it still took hard work. Imagine how much harder it would be without these privileges/ advantages, especially over the last 30 years where the so called middle class is being squeezed and we are creating a massive working poor class of citizens.


"I was born white male in the USA during its peak, which has given me the privilege to live the lifestyle I chose on my own terms for the most part."

Absolute bullpucky. Don't learn to read or acquire any job skills and you too can be poor no matter what your color.


So all white male people because of their skin color and sex are born to "privilege"? Wow what a completely racist and idiotic comment. I personally know several white males who are complete f-ups. I guess they didn't get the white male memo.

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