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27 May 2013


Bill Tozer

That picture gets me every time. So many things in life are so much bigger than ourselves. I think of the missing WW2 submariners who are still on patrol. I always thought the worse thing would be to die alone, bleeding to death in some obscure rice paddy in some unknown field. Others have died alone in those rice paddys and other have died in the arms of their buddies. Each answered the Nation's call in each conflict and gave their all, both the quick and the dead. Some now live to remember, some live to forget. This day is set aside to live to remember.

Account Deleted

That photo speaks volumes. Thanks to all who served and are serving our nation.

Russ Steele


I agree the photo speaks volumes. Also, this photo brings a tear to my eye and makes me think about all those that served in our name. :

Dai Meagher

Dittos to the above.

It was heartwarming to see the GV Vet Hall packed for the memorial remembrance. I was also touched by the veterans and citizens that stood in the cold and drizzle for hours as docents for the "Local Heroes Memorial Bridge Walk and Bus Tour.

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