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23 May 2013



Morn'n Doc,,
I'm sure you felt the earth move last night. The weird thing is most of the quakes are shallow.
Let's hope Lassen Peak isn't waking from it's slumber.

George Rebane

Walt 944am - as it started, we (being soCal quake veterans) were worried that it would be a much bigger quake somewhere in the central valley or even the bay area. But as soon as the initial shake diminished and then was followed by a longer secondary shake, we knew the epicenter was relatively close to us. (The first shake is known as the direct wave, and the second is the surface or Rayleigh wave. If the quake is distant, then these two waves tend to overlap or meld into one another without that telltale valley in the middle.)

Russ Steele

Here is a link to a graphic showing the number of aftershocks, a 4.9 we felt her a the house last night. And the relationship to Mt Lassen. These were relatively shallow quakes. One lady that lived in the area said that there were multiple hot springs in the valley.


Account Deleted

Interesting conversation overheard at the bookstore today. I was only 2 aisles away and couldn't miss a word if I tried. Not to knock anyone or abase the 2 talking, but... Gentleman had been an engineer in manufacturing in the LA area and was bemoaning how the wealthy were running the govt. Their big crime was that they were 'spreading' jobs all over the world. I had been perusing the selection, but when I heard that statement, I just stopped and considered walking over to the counter to ask the person if he could please explain himself. He was quite proud of the fact that he had earned a degree and led a comfortable life. Does he believe that only white American men should have this sort of life? I'm sure he would deny any such thing, but the statement remains. Imagine that! Jobs being 'spread' all over the globe. But of course, only due to the evil rich. And he claims to possess an engineering degree. Maybe upon retirement his brain functions atrophied - please don't tell me he votes.
One large hallmark of the great divide is the difference in how folks see the function and definition of a 'job'. The main warning sign is the claim that it's a basic human right. The consequences of such a 'right' are destructive to the person and to the society but boy, does it buy votes by the truckload.

George Rebane

ScottO 540pm - Well said. It is indeed a major touchstone of socialism and communism, that having a job is a human right guaranteed by the state. Of course, the job you are assigned may not be to your liking, but the uniformed man with the gun will explain to you that building a dam with a wheelbarrow is exactly what 'the people' need from you.

Bill Tozer

I would not mind having computers run a customer service Call Center. First, they probably won't read from a script while not listening or addressing one's concerns. Second, they probably know how to pronounce the letter "F" and the computer would most certainly have that letter in its native alphabet. Same goes for the letter "J" which would be pronounced like Juliet or Jeep instead of Horse. Then communication can proceed smoother.


Right on, Scott, but then we come to the Big Question: What to do with millions of hungry, unemployable people (mostly young and impressionable) who can't find a job and spend their days in the parent's basement watching the news stories about CEOs who made a billion bucks this year. "Let 'em eat cake" will probably not be the message they will want to hear. And when they take to the streets, will it matter if the guys with the guns are working for socialists or capitalists?

George Rebane

earlcrabb 817pm - And that Big Question is what we have been talking about on RR for the last seven years. Welcome to the discussion, a discussion that our elected politicians don't want to have (I have tried several times). For openers search RR with 'NPSC'.

Account Deleted

An interesting point of view, Bob. What are WE going to do about THEM. I think we are them and them is us. I was an 'unemployable' drop out from college at one time. It never occurred to me that anyone should 'do' anything about me. I started painting houses and apartments making very little money at first (below minimum wage) by bidding very low and then building up to a poverty working wage. No welfare or food stamps. Just lots and lots of hard work. If some one wants to sit around in their parents home and watch TV, let them. But why should I 'do' anything for them? Because later they'll start violent rioting? That's one reason we have 30 round clips. I wouldn't have expected anything else if I had started to act up when I was young. Farmers are complaining they can't find workers while the unemployment lines are full of folks standing around looking at their smart phones. Why are folks so upset about the 'rich'? They pay most all of the taxes and provide jobs.


I don't dispute what you're saying here, Scott. I'm only pointing out what George and others have been saying about the trend toward downsizing and mechanization. Like you, I always found a job somewhere, even during the last "great depression" back in the seventies. I just wonder if even dishwashing and grape picking jobs will be around much longer. When we were lads you could always get a paper route, but that's another casualty of the 21st Century.

George Rebane

Gentlemen, please also consider relevancy. People who see themselves as irrelevant to/in their environment will not tolerate that. They will either go another environment, upgrade themselves to relevancy, or destroy/transform their environment to a level where again they become relevant. History teaches that the latter is the simplest and most accessible to the irrelevant and disenfranchised.

I offer consideration of the Non-Profit Service Corporation as a starting point.

Account Deleted

Jobs are going away because the govt is making the cost of hiring some one more and more expensive. All conditions of employment including pay, hours and working conditions are a matter of concern only between the employer and employee. The employer pays the worker and that's it. If the govt wants taxes or other deductions, then they'll have to take that up with the person they want the money from. Then we'll have lots of jobs. If you don't like that arrangement, then enjoy the current situation. And enjoy the riots to come.

Russ Steele

The Economist on the impact of smart machines: The age of smart machines Brain, work may be going the way of manual work


Here is a sample:

Nevertheless, MGI’s study has some sympathy with Messrs Brynjolfsson and McAfee. It worries that modern technologies will widen inequality, increase social exclusion and provoke a backlash. It also speculates that public-sector institutions will be too clumsy to prepare people for this brave new world. Policymakers need to think as hard about managing the current wave of disruptive innovation as technologists are thinking about turbocharging it. For one thing, the purpose of education systems, and the skills and knowledge that they impart, will need to be rethought: “chalk and talk” instruction will be done best by machines, freeing teachers to become more like individual coaches to their pupils.

Douglas Keachie

"But why should I 'do' anything for them? Because later they'll start violent rioting? That's one reason we have 30 round clips." The more 30 round clips that one of you has, the easier the next house will be to take. Sheer numbers in the mob will overrun any single household attempting to defend itself, not to mention Molotov cocktails hurled from cover, and then every piece and all the ammo goes on to take the next house. How dumb can you get? Too many arm chair commandos on this blog.

Russ Steele


That is why we are forming neighborhood defensive organizations. This Father's Day, go up to the Range and hang around an listen to the groups buying ammo. These are not individuals but organized units. You are living in a bubble.

Michael Anderson

Russ, it's not going to happen here. Luckily, we still have enough freedom thanks to the US Constitution that our economy will continue to thrive. The "technologists [who are] turbocharging it" have it right. Always forward, never back.

The armed insurrection will never happen in this country. Alas, if only all that bullet money had been put to something useful.

Account Deleted

"Luckily, we still have enough freedom thanks to the US Constitution"
Unfortunately we also have an admin that doesn't seem interested in defending those rights. In fact, they are outright denying us our rights. Even if all of those bullets are never used in anger, having them in the hands of private citizens is useful.

Michael Anderson

Scott wrote: "Unfortunately we also have an admin [Obama] that doesn't seem interested in defending those rights. In fact, they are outright denying us our rights. Even if all of those bullets are never used in anger, having them in the hands of private citizens is useful."

And therein lies the problem -- Scott, you have a fever dream about President Obama that does not match reality. President Bush was 11 times less interested in defending those rights, and yet you were silent.

The bullets will get you nowhere, they are a complete waste of time. You need professional help to get to the bottom of why you hate Obama so much, and yet when Bush was doing even worse you were silent.

If you are unwilling to meet this challenge, we can come to no other conclusion that you are no longer functionably able to participate in our civilized society. Very tragic.

George Rebane

The communication gulf continues to widen. Consider RussS' 441pm and MichaelA's 524pm. Regardless of what is written here, Michael cannot be disabused of his belief that gun-toting conservatives want to attack city hall or the capitol building or ..., for that is the reason ("armed insurrection") they cherish their guns and bullets.

The truth is exactly the opposite. The guns are for defense if/when a rogue government attacks its citizens as rogue governments have done for centuries. But all that makes no never mind to the modern thinker who knows that his government will never do that. There seems to be a major disconnect in the progressives' understanding of offense and defense. And so it goes.


Account Deleted

Wrong again, Michael. I was not silent about Bush. I don't hate Obama. I have no illusions about Obama or Bush. I don't expect bullets to 'get' me anywhere. Ask any cop how much they depend on bullets vs reason and skill.
As far as my not being able to function in society - really? Let's look at the facts, my friend.
36 year career ending up in data processing as a supervising program analyst, never any trouble with the law. Happily married for over 40 years, 2 grown children that have been out on their own since they were 20, never took welfare, never had a claim filed against my insurance company for anything, never been arrested, my wife and I donate time and money to charity..... do you want me to go on? I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and sadly shaking my head at your small-minded pettiness.
Call me names if you wish, it seems to be all you can do when you don't have the facts. Obama is exactly what I thought he was. It's just so sad to see that he can dupe so many folks with such stupid lies and double talk. Get rid of Obama and the ignorance and hatred and jealousy that elects a pathetic fool like that will just elect another one.

Todd Juvinall

MichaelA is a product of poor schooling and social skills. Scott is a conservative and that trumps everything on planet earth. No list of accomplishing can overcome the hate of a conservative. Look at the Bush initiative of 20 billion to Africa for AIDS prevention as an example.

Of course, liberals like MA declare their love for all and bristle when called a bigot. But he is. What a hoot!

Douglas Keachie

Russ, there's a reason castles were on hilltops, and had high walls, and inner well-stocked and watered and sewered, keeps. When a neighborhood group demolishes a house and sets up such a thing, then maybe you'll have something defensible with small arms. Until then, you're whistling in the dark. It would be cheaper and saner all the way around to build a society with better attitudes towards one another, and towards education for sane living. I do not hold out any hope for either being accomplished. If you haven't seen it, I recommend Grasshoppers, by Bruno Bozzetto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grasshoppers_%28Cavallette%29

Douglas Keachie


George Rebane

DougK 1000am - you may have missed some of the par force arguments. Castles were built to survive sieges - enemy assaults of long duration.

The point of par force is to survive long enough for the message of the aggrieved (a la les miserables who failed) to flood the country. If it is found to have merit by similarly armed millions, then incipient tyranny is nipped in the bud. However, if the grievance and the history leading up to it lack sufficient merit, then the other citizens will just keep their powder dry and let the resistors become a sacrifice to the state, for surely they will soon be overwhelmed. But even their 'Alamo stand' may yet live in the memory of those oppressed and change the course of future history.

This concept seems to be totally inaccessible to the gun control Left.


It's back. Doug Keachie, did George invite you back or did you decide to violate your oath to go away unless someone begged you to return?

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