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24 June 2013


Bill Tozer

Here we go down the road again. The immigration bill is 1,000 pages long and just one amendment is 1,200 pages long. If nobody has read it before voting on it, then it probably means nobody voting on it wrote it. Guess we have to pass it to find out what is in it.

Drudge Report said yesterday there is a clause in there that Janet does not have to built the fence if she deems it inappropriate or too costly. Promises, promises. Of course Congress can do what has always done, i,e.,pass the security measures and not appropriate the money for securing our porous borders. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

Bottom line is who are these brain dead amoebas that think legalizing 11 million grass cutters will make them suddenly part of the middle class and prosper??

Think changing their legal status will vastly improve the wealth of our Nation??? Think the 11 million don't have Uncles and son-in-laws that aren't chomping at the bit to bring the whole clan here, none with a high school diplomat.

We need first and foremost a secure border. A secure border means an orderly process. Of secondary importance, we need educated skilled workers. Many countries throughout the world will let you emigrate to their country only IF you possess the skills they have a shortage of.

To put it bluntly, we should allow educated people from Austria, India, Japan, China, Iran, and a few other places. Only the brightest and best deserve to lay eyes on our exceptional nation via the visa process. The highest privilege one could ever dream to obtain. Letting in grammar school dropouts from Latin America ain't going to keep Social Security solvent, not to mention Obama care.

George Rebane

There was a day when America also looked after its own interest and was very discriminating about whom they let in. Popping up on this side of the fence and fogging a mirror was not enough to qualify you for citizenship, let alone being able to stay in the country on your own recognizance.

Bill Tozer


Ben Emery

Not a single mention of the industries that exploit the workers and give them the incentive to sneak or stay in the country.

1) E-verify must become the law to hire all employees

2) CEO's of companies that exploit foreign workers need to do jail time not paying fines that are the figured into the cost of doing business

3) Create worker program for seasonal migrant workers so people aren't forced to stay in the country.

4) End NAFTA, CAFTA, and get US out the WTO

Illegal Immigration and NAFTA
"Since NAFTA was signed into law, illegal immigrants in the U.S. has increased to 12 million today from 3.9 million in 1993, accounting for an overall increase of over 300 percent. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 57 percent of those entering the country illegally are from Mexico."

Brad Croul

If we are going to build a wall along our southern border, the least we should do is follow the example of the Chinese and build a good looking rock wall. We could drop the rock right on the border and hire cheap foreign labor to construct it from the Mexican side. Think of the money we could save!

Bill Tozer

Mr. Croul. Great idea. We can have cheap foreign labor build our wall. After all immigrants built our railroads through the Sierras.

Mr.Ben: E-verify is another good idea. Just a month ago, all employees at my company had to dig through their stuff and produce their original Social Security cards, government issued birth certificates (hospital records not accepted) CDL and US passports if your can't find one of the the first two. Everybody from the big wigs to the peons and exploited workers like myself. Heck, they only give me 7 1/2 weeks vacation a year with full bennies, gas card, truck, tools, 24/7 free mental health counseling, generous top rated 401k plan, free access to top financial advisers, generous bereavement allowance, and free coffee served in Eco-friendly cups. Plus 24/7 3rd party anonymous tip hotlines if we b exploited along with free laptops and cell phones and free access as I type this. Yep, E-verify is a must for us exploited workers and send Da Man to jail if he hires one single not allowed illegal in this country. Put them in stocks I tell ya. Public humiliation before placing them on the rack. Too bad the Supreme Court declared involuntary castration unconstitutional in the later part of the 1800's.

Best way to hurt an employer is to hit them in the wallet. They would prefer torture to taking a hit in the pocketbook. Ya gotta know how to hurt them and you apparently do.

Mr. Ben, I do like your point 3. Seasonal workers are necessary, but for goodness sakes don't let them stay through the winter or attend our community colleges. Be nice to them and give them a ham for Easter, but don't let them in your home. Maybe adult education, but that is the only bone they should get. Mass migrations of birds are common, just like the swallows returning to Capistrano. After they poop, they should leave until the next strawberry season.

Love it when we agree. This calls for a group hug.

Ben Emery

It is obvious by your tongue and cheek response you don't have much experience with immigration and immigrants.

no jobs = no migration

Nobody will risk life and limb leaving their home, friends, and family to come to a nation that has no jobs. The problem with many is it takes so much to get into the country it is not worth the risk to try to go back and forth, so they stay permanently.

I don't like competing with a powerless labor force for wages is the traditional labor position and I share it.

Bill Tozer

Hello again my friend Mr. Ben. I think you missed a point. People come to America for freedom and opportunity. Hey, if they had freedom of the press and freedom to speak their minds without having the secret police come and take them away in the dead of night and were eating steak and lobster every day, they might stay home. But it is the American Dream that attracts our neighbors from the 4 corners of the world. The Dream. The Dream is better than they have at home. Poverty is worse at home. Heck, people here on welfare got flush toilets, public drinkable water fountains, microwave ovens, hot water and electricity on demand, and some even have a television. I understand why they come to America. The worse thing that could happen here is probably a good day in the old country.

My American friend Ben; I have been a peon on construction crews cleaning up job sites with a bunch of my brown skinned brothers from the south. Only me was a white skinned brother from the North. (Its pays more to be bilingual, or at least speak some English when conversing with the Boss man.). Among my co-workers ( all legal immigrants with green cards) was a highly educated lawyer, one doctor, a chemist and engineers back in Me-he-co. Why were they here??? Why I was there on those job sites is another story. We all got along just fine. I remember the chemist said he came here and asked "where is my lab?" He was handed a broom and we all got a big chuckle out of it, especially the chemist. I was seeking a tank of gas and a little mula while they were seeking a better life. We would sit around after work having a few dozen cervesas and they would all pull out pictures of loved ones back home. The lawyer made more picking up scraps of wood on a construction site that he did doing the legal thing in Me-he-co City. That is the point you miss, Mr. Ben from California, a region north of Me-he-co.

Hey, why do they call them green cards? The ones I have seen are red. Odd.

Ben Emery

You are talking to a fellow laborer who worked with my friends from the South in construction, agriculture, and in restaurants my 30 years of being in the work force. I have also worked with people from Italy, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Canada, UK, Sweden, India, Korea and probably a few more I am forgetting.

I know from having very close friends from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, and Chile that political and corporate influence from US is more of the reasons for the migration than the reasons you state. Those reason you state are most of the people who come here through legal channels.

With my US white male privilege I have chose to live a very exciting young adult lifestyle. Working poor in very nice places. My theory was to live in destination spots so when I wasn't working I was on vacation I couldn't otherwise afford. I spent years in Hawaii and Colorado while going for months at a time in Mexico and Alaska. Live simply, work hard, play hard, save money, make friends, and travel to the next spot is what I did for about 12-14 years. Getting on average 75- 100 days on the mountain snowboarding while working as a cook, server, and bartender 7 nights a week. Being a handyman in Hawaii from May - November surfing almost everyday.

Ben Emery

I also drove a truck and then managed a warehouse for a cargo company in San Jose/ San Francisco area. One of my fellow drivers tried to arrange a marriage between myself and his very attractive sister from Guadalajara. I passed on the offer but became friends with his entire family when I went down to visit with him one time.

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