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10 June 2013


Ben Emery

Kudo’s to your granddaughter for wanting to understand and educate others about oppression in the not so distance past. You should be very proud of her. I hope she will have a bit more compassion towards the plight of others than yourself but my guess you were a very good father and are caring giving grandfather. Your politics are in need of some tweaking but none of us are perfect.

Russ Steele


Your life experience give you a perspective that many of the readers here lack. Thanks for sharing your adventures in one of the best DP Camps in Germany.

Teine Kenney

Daddy, these stories are forming a fantastic book. We all talk about the miracles of your survival as a child with Ema and Papa: the kids know these stories by heart (and take appropriate liberties when excitement needs more (!) ramping up or memory fails). I can't wait to see this whole volume printed. You are giving our family such a gift. Thank you for taking the time to write it all down. (Sini and I are surprised by the photos you've included that we've NEVER seen!) Thank you to Mama for being your editor in chief. Keep writing! Love, Teine

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