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03 June 2013


Michael Anderson

Ummm, Bernie Madoff a ridiculous amount of times before the gig was finally up?

Bill Tozer

Perhaps an analogy, Mr. Anderson. Kinda like Eric Holder going to a judge to get a wiretap on that Fox News reporter, claiming the reporter was a co-conspirator in a federal felony conspiracy case.
Holder testified he had nothing to do with it, then we find out it was he who signed off on AND pushed through the wiretap request. Just to have some fun, they got the e-mails and phone calls of the reporter's old man to boot, but I digress.

The analogy? The DOJ announced that since not charges were filed against the reporter, no harm no foul. They never really intended to prosecute, just like Mugsy never intended to rob the bank after passing the teller the note.

George Rebane

BillT 604am - Bingo!

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