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14 June 2013


Russ Steele

Just a thought:

Could the users and growers of Medical Marijuana be considered mentally impaired and have their Second Amendment rights denied? If so, how will they defend their crop from confiscation by the local thugs?

George Rebane

RussS 1118am - I'm not all that familiar with what legal baggage attaches to an acknowledged grower or user of marijuana. The grower should be fairly immune to the stigma of mental deficiency, since to him it is a putatively simple business enterprise. But that may not be the case in the several states for registered users of the weed. In the various databases they may get a checkmark in the wrong box, and then have to face the consequences on a number of activities still allowed the rest of us. I don't know.

Paul Emery

While the term "marijuana imitative" may sound like an oxymoron this is a very serious imitative that stands a very good chance of passing. Because the County and the Sheriffs Department refuse to mediate on this matter there will be an expensive special election to have this resolved before the 2014 growing season.


Perhaps George could enlighten us on the use of the term, "democultural"? I only know it as a term in French describing a blend of musical styles. Perhaps he had something elese in mind?

Gerry Fedor

I urge people to look at the evidence and make up their own minds are to the viability of the Sheriff's Departments claims that were used to generate this de-facto ban.

Please do me a favor and look at the following CBS video of the grow on Annie Drive and the actual site layout using Google maps or Google Earth to get a site view of this property (the approximate address is @16036 Annie Drive, Alta Sierra, CA - It's below the PG&E high tension lines on the hillside):


Then this is a Google Earth view of this site: and you can go back numerous years):



I want you to look at the pictures in this news report (as provided by the Nevada County Sheriff's Department) that we're using in this story. If you see these pictures they show a large un-cloaked greenhouses on flat land, while this site is directly under the PG&E lines and is on a 45% hillside (every 100' you go forward you go up 45' in elevation). These pictures are a complete fabrication, as even the reporters could not find this proported "huge grow".

This is the site that was used to generate this "ordinance", but how does our law enforcement intend to address this discrepancy and not look like they fabricated this issue from a very small problem?

This news report, as well as the pictures prove that there was no "massive grow" at the Annie location (the Sheriff provided pictures have 90+ plants), in fact there were @18 grow bags (none of which are shown) and @50% of these small plants (less than 3' in height) were destroyed by a neighbor.

Then the Sheriff told the BOS members that his office was receiving 30-50 phone calls per day, and if you consider that there are 214 days in a grow season that would be 6,500-10,400 calls per year (and if you consider that the Sheriff's office receives 102,000 calls per year you can understand why the BOS would vote for this de-facto ban. The problem again is that these records were requested using a FOIA request and the Sheriff said "we didn't write them down...." REALLY? That's what you expect for us to believe and in the year following we heard about 300 calls (and when another FOIA request was filed) the ASA group got 157 redacted copies. More stories with no basis in reality.

Recently the ASA heard that the Sheriff's department got 100 calls (this was at the May 11th meeting at the BOS), when no one put's their plants into the ground before the 1st week of June. I have to say Sheriff Royal - "time out, I again call BS!"

I personally would expect more from the President of the Sheriff's Department, but I may be wrong as maybe fabrications are common place in his department?

The bottom line is that these fabrications need to stop, and the people in our community need to have a voice in this issue!

George Rebane

Democultural - the conjoining of demographic and cultural - a new word invented right here ;-)


Posted by: George Rebane | 14 June 2013 at 03:36 PM

Ah, your very own portmanteau.

Of course the word itself is dependent upon the theory that culture follows race. I'm not quite sure that still holds in the modern world. What makes more sense to me is the idea that in a nation whose very founding was based on mixed faiths, races and nationalities we are actually just seeing a quickening of what has always been present (whether intentionally or as a consequence of natural law).

George Rebane

Stevenfrisch 420pm - You may have noticed that democulture is one of a series of my "very own" port mandeaus in these pages, it is a delightful way to grow the language. However democulture's dependence on such a theory is neither intended nor required for its definition. Culture is a behavioral attribute of Man that is totally independent of race.

And regardless of the exact notions our Founders had "on mixed faiths, races and nationalities", we are indeed seeing the inevitable potpourri which genetically promises to make us a stronger people, while socially taking us through uncharted territory.

Ben Emery

"More whites now die than are being born in America."

Who cares? Are brown people not human beings or worthy of being a majority, which by the way is a vast majority of people on the planet. I think the number of brown people is somewhere in the 85% range globally.

Ben Emery

Follow up, I guess the racist republican platform needs to change or will cease to exist.


Posted by: Ben Emery | 14 June 2013 at 04:43 PM

Precisely Ben, if , as George says, he believes that race and culture are independent, then demographics and culture are unrelated, and thus the portmanteau makes no sense, and there is no reason to note that "more whites now die than are being born in America" nor is it relevant that he will be part of a "minority".

A fascinating use of linguistics to open a window on one mans mind, or a 'lingwind' if you will :)

George Rebane

Gentlemen, again you honor me. Someone had to introduce this milestone to the public. If you google 'white births decline' you will see all the national (and international) media, blogs, and outlets who took extraordinary interest in this news after reading RR. As you and yours have pointed out over the years, this little blog has made quite an impact on the world introducing items the mention of which have been objects of disdain among the many who live in these hills. My duty as I see it.

Ben Emery

You are missing the point entirely, only those who hang some kind of importance of being light skinned or white would even think about the topic, or a racists.

White People "make more babies"

George Rebane

BenE 816pm - And you have missed the world. I take it you did not google to see the breadth of this story that goes a teeny bit beyond RR and Fox. For openers the NYT is not exactly your conservative news outlet. You will forgive me if i don't take such future embarrassments seriously enough to respond.

Ben Emery

Actually George, you are the one that missed the world is 85% non white my friend. This story that puts the importance on the tone of a persons skin and nationalism. So what is the point behind the post other than to notify us of something most people could care less about? Let me put you on the couch for a moment. Do you feel the steep decline of the US is connected to the decline in its white "male" dominance? Do you feel what made the US exceptional was linked to its white "male" destructive imperialistic nature that we inherited from our European ancestors?

In the 21st Century we are slowly putting these labels aside along with fear of homosexuals and drugs. Your are a dying breed that will take with you many bad qualities and unfortunately for us you will take many good qualities with you as well.

My family is about as European as it gets English, Irish, Ukraine, Portuguese, and Spanish. Between my three brothers we have one biological offspring. Both myself and middle brother didn't want to contribute the overpopulation of the planet so having children was never on our priority list. I have two step children that I have been together with for 13 years and have known since they were 2 and 4 years old. If my middle brother and wife decide to have a child the child will be half Cambodian or in where you are concerned non white.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Account Deleted

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."
Sadly Ben, that dream will have to wait indefinitely. The entire 'civil rights' hustle is now based on skin color. Companies are found to be guilty of de facto racism by nothing more than quotas and numbers of folks of different skin colors and last names. Best efforts and intents by companies are never considered. Wrong numbers of the wrong kind of people equates to guilt under the law. Euro-descended white males are now discriminated against as a matter of policy.


George, I'm afraid your gross and inappropriate insensitivity has once again tarnished your blog. It's obvious that Frisch and Ben E. think you are blaming them, having not actually fathered any children, for the failure of Euro-Americans to maintain the population, to dip below zero population growth into a negative range. I'd like to congratulate them for being kind to the world. Bravo!

Perhaps we should make it easy for the Irish to get green cards, or do they still not count?

Scott, be advised that children of pallor are not discriminated against when it comes to being admitted into the University of California, not that the UC wasn't brought that that point without a bunch of kicking and screaming. Fortunately, as a private institution Stanford is still allowed their racist policies which currently just discriminate against whites and studious Asians.


Posted by: Gregory | 15 June 2013 at 12:30 PM

Greg, I find it creepy that you keep track of people's children.


No, just my own, Steve. How about you?


I just find it odd that you would know or remember who fathers children and who does not. I mean really, I was not in that conversation above about fathering children, why even mention me in that context?

You are one bizarre dude Mr. Goodknight.


Frisch, you shouldn't be surprised when someone remembers what you've written.

Truly, you've done the world a favor, just like Ben. You have my thanks.

Account Deleted

Greg at 12:30 - I'm aware of that as far the UC system is concerned, although it was only because Asian descent kids were getting screwed, not white kids. In other states, the fight for equal opportunity continues. White male contractors in CA still operate at an institutionalized disadvantage. Although a certain white male married to a certain CA senator managed to grab the CA HSR pork contract.


No Scott, that was Ward Connerly's doing. He just didn't believe in any kids getting the short end of the stick because of their ancestry.


Bill Tozer

I saw a racist recycle bin the other day. Its label said "White Paper Only, no colored paper."

Bill Tozer

I woke up this morning being an minority. Been a minority person all my life. I did not ask to be born this way or choose to be an minority in the USA. This was not a lifestyle choice I made and has nothing to do with environment or behavior. I was born a male, the minority of people who reside in the USA.

Since I can't change the fact that I am a minority when people gawk and point out "there's a man!"', why not be proud of it? In fact, I am a white man, truly the most misunderstood minority group on this planet. So, I announce to all that I have taken the unusual step to stand tall AND be proud of my race and gender:


Ben Emery

Here are what true progressives are saying. Sign the petition here http://mindyourownbusinessact.com/

Uncle Sam = Big Brother?

By Alan Grayson

"The NSA has not denied that it is collecting call records on every America. On the contrary, the NSA sees nothing wrong with it.

I see three fundamental problems with this:

1. This is worse than the proverbial "fishing expedition"; this is like putting the entire ocean through a sieve. It makes a mockery of the Fourth Amendment's requirement that government searches be "particular." ...

Ben Emery

Here is another example of progressives speaking out against big government and the Obama administration. These are sitting elected federal reps from the state of Vermont.

“So that the government has got to go to an independent body, a judge and say we have reason to believe this person is involved in terrorist activity then I want the government to be able to go after that person,” said Sanders. “But I do not want to see records of hundreds of millions of Americans assembled by the United States government. I just think that’s not the right thing.”


George Rebane

I watched the Cheney interview on Chris Wallace yesterday, and disagreed with his assurances that we have to trust government officials who have ennobled themselves over years of service. He didn't even want the outlines of the government's data monitoring activities be made known to the public.

But if we are not allowed to look at patterns in communications' Big Data for telltale terrorism, and other Bayesian methods are always proscribed by the Left as 'discrimination', what methods remain to us for finding those needles in an evergrowing and murky haystack?

Paul Emery

Good observation and questions George. It's not so much what they are doing now but what can be done in the future if we don't put an end to it. Imagine having access to our whereabouts through tracking our cell phones GPS and using that as a "Big Data" filter for suspicious activity investigations.

Cheney of all people asking us to "trust" government is indeed an oxymoron of epic proportions.

Ian Random

"More whites now die than are being born in America."

I agree, who cares? Democrats care about melanin content, first they wanted to kill/enslave based on color, now they want to promote to failure based on it like the current president. Either way, the don't care about the person and what is best for them. And who knows, maybe this century they might reverse themselves again with the whole living constitution thing. Just because someone is white, doesn't mean they share my values. The other day I saw a white person pulling out of a Bentonvillemart with an Obama sticker, obviously we have nothing in common.

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