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09 July 2013



A Blueway river will contain all the lands included in its drainage basin.....


What the hell happened to green.

Steve can you pen a memo to the home office and see if they'll make up their minds about the color choice?


I have fished the White River and know for a fact that it is brown.


Central planning requires the enslavement of individuals to the collective; Obamacare is just another example. Our country needs a leader with a freedom bias.

Todd Juvinall

When I was doing battle on Wild and Scenic (and stopped it for a few years) on the South Yuba, one part of the law said the river "corridor" would be protected from evil humans. the corridor was a distance up the canyons (I think a average of 1/4 mile each side) which would be "zoned" for additional "protection". There was also a lot of discussion on the "watershed" and the "viewshed". The Yuba Watershed Institt was created by the nuts on the ridge in order to "control" things going on there. The YWI is now a protestor of the proposed San Juan Mine. I also recall the first time the mine was in hearings in 1993 and the BLM and State Parks were there trying their best to defeat the mine. Using watershed, pristine water in a couple of creeks, etc. We beat them but they never go away. Just as global warming became climate change, the left changes the names but the players are all thesame. Blueways, oh how pretty.

Bill Tozer

Dr Rebane: My, your latest writing has a nice smooth flow to it. Nice beat and quite rhythmical. You are developing into a good writer. I wanted your post to continue, but alas, all good things come to an end.

Every so often each American President steps out and proclaims they will end waste, fraud, and abuse in Washington and make it a "smarter" government. Lean green mean government machine.

Well, leaner?, never! Meaner is more like it....meaner and fatter. So fat that government looks more like a beached blue whale than one of those ladies that Richard Simmons cares deeply about. And just as worthless as a rotting carcass on the beach. Can't move it, can't bury it, can't blow it up....what to do with a bloated beached whale during the summer time? What to do, oh what to do?


There is a new office in Obamacare. Good pay. Many employees added. They don't do a thing about health insurance. Nada. What they do is go around and make sure there are enough minorities hired in government who are working on Obamacare. Many regional offices. So, someone gets paid with a large staff spread throughout the amber waves of grain to make sure those who are actually working on administrating Obamacare are of the right color?

No, Obama can only tweak the edges. Being a Federal employee is cool again. Screw the costs. Its for the little people who need health insurance.

Michael Anderson

Toodles, time to turn the garage calendar. From 1952 to 1953 at least.

Wild & Scenic on the South Yuba has proved to be a huge economic boon. So, doing the economic analysis, you were 100% wrong.

Here's the good news: as I mentioned before, at Burning Man this year there is an art project entitled "The Juvinall." It is interactive, and even you can participate.

We will be adding your faulty economic analysis to the project. The squirrels will be elated I am sure, and the new lever will be labeled "How to Cut Your Losses" which is connected to either a whoopee cushion or a glass of curdled 2% milk.

Todd Juvinall

I still recall how the eco nuts alleged there would be this huge influx of dollars to the county as they gained Wild and Scenic thru subterfuge with a State Senator from the Bay Area. Never happened. In fact the river was shut down after they took over because of some form od algae or other creatures made it unswimmable. Then one of the Board members of the river saviors thumbed their nose at the rules they agreed to and built a huge structure within the "protected area" and so it goes. Only the elite can get away without playing by the rules. But when there are apologists like MichaelA, who attends perverted gatherings like "Burning Man" the left gets away with their hypocrisy. Now you have topay to park at our own river. Soon there will be a charge to use it. What a hoot!

Michael Anderson

Todd, the river was closed 4 years ago for about a week to analyze the algae and then it was given the all clear. Man, the things your creakity old mind latches on to, it's amazing.

Michael Funk? Yeah, you might get some traction there. Bob Lickter was looking into that situation with vim and vigor right before he died. But still, pretty small potatoes in the big picture.

Regarding your continued stupid and ignorant comments about Burning Man, it's the biggest large-scale art festival on the planet, with an annual budget approaching 30 million dollars. For Silicon Valley's beau monde, it's required attendance at least once. (They say it brings out their creativity, or something.) The irony is that if you ever attended, you would find many nutcrackers just like yourself: farmers, builders, ranchers, Republicans, shit-kickers, suspender-wearers, all from the local area, who have been attending for years and have come to love the event and bring their own 4-H feel to the various displays.

So, let me just emphasize again that you are complete idiot when it comes to Burning Man, and your comments continue to die in /dev/null (unless I decide to respond, which amuses me to no end).

Lastly, regarding the parking charge at the river, aren't you of the ilk with an opinion that people who use services should pay their own way? Seriously Todd, whenever I read your posts I get a serious case of whiplash. Are you sure you are not the evil twin of Garlic, the guy who fell out of the tree and died on Tuesday? He was designing and ingesting hallucinogens of his own manufacture and I often wonder if you are doing the same.

Or maybe it's something in the waffles at Humpty Dumpty. I dunno...

Michael Anderson

George, regarding today's update, are you sure you want to associate yourself with WorldTribune.Com?? Let's look at some of today's headlines:

"Obamacare: ‘Fiasco for the ages’ will be one long, fun-to-watch train wreck...Congress passed it, the messiah signed it, and we’re beginning to see what happens."

Seriously? The "messiah?" Hardly journalism.

"‘Home of the gay’: Supreme Court backs cultural Marxists subverting nation’s founding values...The homosexual lifestyle — once considered a moral abomination — is today not only accepted, but celebrated. The results are obvious and pernicious: The creation of a militant secular America bent on eradicating our Judeo-Christian heritage."

Utter nonsense. No big cities in America support this abhorrent garbage. And big cities rule (better stated, magalopoli). Game over in America for those who don't support gay marriage. Anyone who believes this crap written above better start finding a place to move to that believes differently: you are out-voted, you are out-numbered, your ideals have been tossed into the ash heap of history. As I said, the game is over.

"President Barack Obama has launched a drive for a U.S. alliance with the ruling Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt, a leading analyst said. Analyst Barry Rubin asserted that Obama has formed a U.S. strategic alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other countries."

Really? I think not. Obama has been dealing with a shit sandwich that was created by first Bush II, but then also the last 6 presidents going back to Nixon.

I will give you this, George. At this point, the place is so fucked up that sending a huge amount of arms to all of the disparate factions in the Middle East might be the planet's only hope. These bitter and avenging people, who have lost so much for so many generations, might not survive into the 21st century. They are so damaged that it appears there is no hope for them. I hope that is not true, by my instincts indicate otherwise.

Michael Anderson

Alabama, here we come!


Michael Anderson

George, I have a final post you need to fish out of the Typepad silly bucket. Thanks.

Todd Juvinall

MichaelA, you crack me up. You defend and attend a mass perversion Burning Man and then discuss my privates at the airport Xray. I honestly think you have a screw loose. There are some good psycho-therapists I hear right here in river city. Burning Man was attended many times by a tenant of mine and I have seen the pictures. It is a perv event, plain and simple.

Regarding the folks that built houses in the "corridor" those same people excoriated others for having done over the past. You can defend those hypocrites all you want but if you do you are the same as them. It appears you are a hypocrite. Parking at the river was free all my life until now that you and your ilk have control. The river was open to all and it was never closed in my memory by algae before the river "protectors" got their law. I see you have no opinion on the State Senator who carried the bill for the Wild and Scenic even though the representatives from this district would not. No MichaelA, you just have it all wrong and you are simply on the wrong side of reality.

Whiplash? I defend things that have meaning for people such as traditions of beauty and wonderment. You are a alien being who has no history in anything.

Michael Anderson

Todd, bar none, you are the stupidest person in Nevada County that I have come across. How you ever became a supervisor will have to be left to the historians as they paw the goat entrails.

Perhaps we should allow the dear readers some peace and never speak of each other again? I will agree to that, if you will agree as well.

Todd Juvinall

MichaelA, you crack me up. You are just a little man with a complex against those that succeed. I was elected twice in a district they said I would never win. The people like me, I am honored to have won election and served with some real good people. You have done nothing but like most on the left you call others names then run and hide. What a hoot!

Michael Anderson

What a hoot, etc.


I have to share just how well our government employees respect their jobs,
just to screw with someone. I have to admit it, it took some balls.
Now FOX news in the bay should have known they were getting their chain yanked.

“KTVU has just learned the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight. They are Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow,” the anchor said. “The NTSB has confirmed that these are the names of the pilots on board flight 214 when it crashed."


Yes,, the NTSB confirmed and apologized for the idiot.

George Rebane

Walt 750pm - This is really hard to believe. Just got back tonight from the NC Air Fest where these names were going around as something from a joke email. Had no idea that the joke was started by an NTSB employee. But it's hard to believe that no journalist or news editor picked up on the joke before putting it on the air. Is this a new low for the profession?

Bill Tozer

New low for Man Hung Lo


If you thought this was wild, there is a Chinese restaurant I know of
that has put together a menu using the same uh,, wordage,, and lets say,, for "adults only".
I wish I saved a copy of that menu.

Bill Tozer


Just a coincidence, nothing more. Why people are cynical about their government is a great mystery.

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