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09 August 2013


Russ Steele

Parents who leave their children in these Common Cores school should be shamed for child abuse.


Hey Ben....I got yer white privilege right here! (Language warning & very not safe for work)


Bill Tozer

Mr. Fish...liked the video. BO is not OK, but BOOK is. Very informative. Guess I will see how cheap deodorant really is. Maybe the Dollar Tree has some cause I ran out years ago. Especially enjoyed the BO OK on the cheeks. Not bad for an illegal alien. Welcome home. I will play this at work and hopefully they will send me back for more sensitivity training (again). Love working for a PC company. Each time I say the wrong thing, I get out of work and have to go get re-educated. It all pays the same :)


The one upside regarding the Common Core test bonanza the private companies that own Common Core will be reaping is that having data on all kids on a national test in private hands will also enable statistical "value-added" analyses that will actually be able to evaluate teacher effectiveness.

I expect the big winners under Common Core curriculum and testing will be the neighborhood St.Sensibles. It's where I had to turn when my kid wasn't being taught critical math and language elements because the whole math and whole language crowd, also behind Common Core, didn't believe in actually teaching kids, preferring constructivist "discovery" methods that try to lead kids to figuring it out for themselves.

Bill Tozer

Let's help our young people who have embarking on their journey to where the rubber meets the road:


George Rebane

BillT 923am - thanks for the good link. Let's hope our liberal friends try and understand some of it (especially the STEM part).


I'm so disappointed that none of our more "thoughtful" participants took part in my little Rorschach test. Now with the Emerys impending departure we'll never know their thoughts.


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