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16 August 2013


Steve Loomis

Fine project and an asset, but

By using the term "recreational use", the library and county staff have found a way to sneak off with money that is supposed to mitigate the impact of new development on our "parks and recreation" facilities.
I think that this is an inappropriate use of those funds, and doesn't meet the test.
If the County wants to combine "parks and rec." with the Library, they should do it.
Now they can call almost any idle activity "recreational use". Our parks and rec facilities are falling apart and the Board of Sups gives $ to the Library which also enjoys a special sales tax to collect to boot.

Michael Anderson

I appreciate your comment, but I have to admit that I am having trouble identifying which "parks and rec facilities are falling apart," as you claim. I'll admit that Western Gateway Park could use a re-alignment in the ingress/egress, as well as some new paving, but I wouldn't say that it's falling apart exactly.
Please expand upon you comment, thanks.
Michael A.

Barry Pruett

Every ball field in the county could use work, but I think you are changing the subject. How is a the Collaborative Technology Center related to the Quimby Funds which paid for it? I believe that Steve can show other examples too.


Steve Loomis

I am glad you appreciate my comment.

Grass Valley's Memorial Park,
Bleachers falling apart, Ball field score shack and storage room needs upgrade, outfield irrigation needs replaced, restrooms rarely cleaned and opened.
Lighting is from the 1950's and dangerous.
Gophers have taken over the outfield grass.
Buildings not usable due to disrepair.
Only one of 5 drinking fountains working.

Grass Valley's Condon Park.
Outdated lighting again, outfield turf not adequately drained, needs top soil turf help.
Restrooms are outdated.

Michael Anderson

Steve, I have spent very little time in those two parks and had no idea they were in such bad shape. Let's find some money and get them fixed, for goodness sake!

Regarding the CTC, my understanding is that it was funded by a CalWORKS grant--totally appropriate--and a grant from development funding created by the Mitigation Fee Act of 1987 (Assembly Bill 1600).

Mitigation Fee Act funds are not Quimby Funds, unless I am mistaken: "The Act does not limit the type of capital improvements for which impact fees may be charged. It defines public facilities very broadly to include public improvements, public services, and community amenities."

The portable building, BTW, were given to the county for free, which caused some people to fear at first that the county had paid too much (-;
Kudos to those who did the rehab on those portables, it turns out the internal steel structure was sound and they look amazing compared to when they first arrived on site.

George Rebane

Administrivia - I think we've cracked the code on dealing with TypePad's brain dead spam algo. If your comment doesn't appear instantly (or disappears later), just tell me in a comment (like MichaelA just did with his 1037am). Then I'll fish it out and publish it, and remove your reminder comment.

Again, if I have to delete a comment, I will note that so there will be no ambiguity. But fortunately, that's a very rare happening on RR, given that I'm pretty used to having my hide tanned, and that commenters here are more and more taking the churchillian paradigm to voice their critiques, snark, and other putdowns ;-)

Steve Loomis

Then all the builders that paid "recreation mitigation fees" were misled all these years?

Michael Anderson

Assembly Bill 1600 (1987) and Quimby are two different pieces of legislation. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the Quimby and the AB 1600 fees are separate line items when permits are pulled for which these fees are applicable.
So no, no one was misled.
Michael A.

Steve Loomis

No, I think you are wrong, or just like the county staff, adjusting the terms to fit your use,
the fees used were collected for impacts to recreation facilities.
I will gather info and get back to you.

Michael Anderson

Steve, I don't have a dog in this hunt. If recreation fees were used then that was clearly inappropriate. I just don't think that's the case here, after doing some quick research.

Thanks for looking into it further, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Russ Steele

The CTC was build using an AB1600 grant.

AB 1600 applies to all local agencies in the state, including all general law and charter cities. (Gov. Code § 66000(c).) However, AB 1600 does not apply to every fee or exaction collected by a local agency. AB 1600 only applies when a local agency imposes afee on an applicant in connection with approval of a development project to defray all or a portion of the cost of public facilities related to the project. (Gov. Code § 66001.) “Public facilities” are defined to include public improvements, public services and community amenities. (Gov. Code § 66000(d).)

I did not see mention of recreation mitigation.

Michael Anderson

Thanks for this, Russ!

D,C. Keachie

Well here's a test of Rebane's Freedom of Expression and freedom from Typepad's Idiocies, of which I am only too aware, Typepad's, that is. I am coming in from a clean machine with new email and name, to make sure this gets read by a human.

Looks like this may be a great place to do the work to get a Master's degree, via relatively inexpensive programs like this one:


D,C. Keachie

Hmmm, posted instantly, will wonders never cease?

George Rebane

DCK 936am - Welcome back Doug. NYT may have missed this a couple of months ago.


"In addition to simply adding space and technology devices, the Library is also pleased to announce the beginning of computer, workforce development and recreational technology classes which will be held in the instructional areas of the CTC. Offering between five to eight free classes per month, users can take classes on:

• Beginning Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• How to create and use email
• How to find and apply for jobs online
• How to use an eReader, tablet or smartphone
• Docent-led workshops on 3-D printers
• Filming and editing videos"

Underwhelming. The jury isn't even selected to decide whether the CTC will be relevant in 4 years, let alone a good investment. Compared to the local Sierra College campus, just what can the impact of this place be on "workforce development"?

Regarding he who has returned, I believe I'm not the only one who isn't convinced he, a man of 1000 sock puppets, ever really left.

Michael Anderson

Seriously, Greg?
Hating on the CTC this early in the game?
How about just waiting to see how things develop? Maybe give it a few months before going negative?

Hey, I have an idea. How about you volunteer in some capacity at the CTC, make sure is succeeds. Maybe as one of the programmer-trainers that George is suggesting, which I think is a spectacular idea.

That would be a nice change for you, from throwing rocks from the sidelines as the know-it-all Nevada City genius who as all the answers, to someone who actually does something to make things better.

Just a thought.

Steve Loomis

0k, so now that I opened my big mouth, guess it's time to get to work and plead my case.
I hope the links / attached stuff comes through, kinda new to this.

This is what I started with. Note date, I don't know how to publish the attached pdf file she speaks of. I will gladly email it to where you like if someone could post it.

It may also be available at mynevadacounty.com.

----- Original Message -----

Larkyn Feiler

To:Steve Loomis

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 2:12 PM
RE: Recreation

Hello Steven,

I apologize for my delay in response to your email below. The next Recreation Mitigation funding cycle will commence in Fall 2012. The application guidelines and forms will not be updated until the next cycle approaches, but I have attached the RFP from the last cycle for information purposes. I would be happy to provide you preliminary feedback related to the eligibility of your proposed project. Just provide me brief project details and we can either meet in person or I can respond by phone or email. Please let me know what you prefer.

Larkyn Feiler
Assistant Planner
This message is for the designated recipient only and MAY CONTAIN PRIVILEGED OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of this E-mail is prohibited.

From: Steve Loomis

[email protected]

Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 9:13 AM

To: Larkyn Feiler

Subject: Recreation

I would like to make a request for recreation funding for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

Any help and information on how to proceed would be appreciated.

Steve Loomis

Then this Union story,



So there you have it, all the info I have to work with.

I also voiced my objection to funding from this same account that went to air conditioning the Nevada Theater a few years back.

I am glad and grateful for all the nice theaters, libraries and facilities we have, and thank you to all who labor to keep them operating.


D.C. Keachie

For Gregory:

"I met a man upon the stair.

A little man, who wasn't there.

He wasn't there again today.

Gee I wish he'd go away."

~Schrodinger's Cat Came Back~


MAnderson, Seriously. It isn't "hating on the CTC" to compare it with past efforts elsewhere. It costs real money to keep technology updated and relevant, and I don't see the local property taxpayers wanting to pour into the CTC a money stream to do just that. This is low budget adult ed, helping people without a computer and internet at home to get some hands-on time. Not a bad thing, it's just not a path to the 21st century, let alone the 22nd.

Enjoy. I'll mosey on by the place eventually, but for volunteering to teach classes
• Beginning Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• How to create and use email
• How to find and apply for jobs online
• How to use an eReader, tablet or smartphone

is a job for mandersonation. Maybe send a youngling from your staff to do the job.

Have Keach volunteer to do the rest, he's good with teaching what he doesn't really know.

Personally, I wish the library would expand their stock of books and current periodicals.

DC Keachie

I don't think Greg should be teaching anything, as his sour puss world outlook should be confined to this blog, rather than turning it loose to do any more damage elsewhere. White programmers can't jump.


"I don't think" - DC Keachie

D.C. Keachie

Greg doesn't integrate. Instead, he uses compartmentalized thought constellations randomly scattered in space, like so many lifeless asteroids, with tons of Grumpy Cat hair providing the only connections.


Instead, he uses compartmentalized thought constellations randomly scattered in space, like so many lifeless asteroids, with tons of Grumpy Cat hair providing the only connections


Doug have you ever considered installing a vent fan in the dark room. It will put years back on to your life...and help with these "episodes".


Keach, good luck passing that Grumpy Cat hair ball. If you end up seeing a vet for it, getting "fixed" might be a cost-effective twofer.

Douglas Keachie

Greg, your understanding of cats and hairballs, shows an astonishing lack of self awareness. You need to be chewing on some grass, to cure your problem. Fish,the algae around your gills is impairing your neurons abilities to synapse. Popping on your fins instead, is very ineffective.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - It looks like we're in for another episode of the Doug & Greg Show. I'll do my best to cut it short so that you both can get your fine minds back on addressing the topic du jour.


Fish,the algae around your gills is impairing your neurons abilities to synapse. Popping on your fins instead, is very ineffective.

I like you Peachie...you're like a living Chopra Wisdom Generator.



As is the usual case, George, I was on topic and Keach had to fling his usual snark my way to derail and deflect. He isn't house trained and needs a shorter leash.

MAnderson hates bullies and chooses bullying as his tactic fighting against truth, justice and the American way. This time he decided my lack of fawning over the CTC was hate speech. Far from it.

I was off browsing the Sierra College website and found reason to revisit this thread, a clear claim that they spend $200K a *year* keeping the technology used by students updated. I have yet to hear what the budget for keeping equipment at the CTC updated might be; the hoopla looks to me like a one time pot of money that found a hole to be poured into. Some good *will* come of it but as yet it does not have the aroma of a stable, long term community asset.

Bill Tozer

Vaguely on topic with one or two sentences, but this video has something for everybody and nothing for everybody. Plus I just wanted to sneak in a Great Divide topic on some thread. Computers (love 'em or hate 'em) seemed as just a good place as any:


Douglas Keachie

Well, Greg gets a free pass as usual, and in his usual way, seems to state, in effect, "why bother, today's gear will be obsolete, and there's no money obvious to upgrade in the coming years, so this project is worthless." Grumpy cat fits so well. I'm assuming you've all seen numerous images given that we get over 6 million hits. The cat's real name is Tardar Sauce, which for me completes the circle. http://www.google.com/search?q=%22grumpy+cat%22&lr=&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=s3QXUtbmGoeqiAKPhoDgDQ&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1600&bih=871 I'm surprised there's no Rebane column on the President and his ed funding schemes. They do not seem to see the elephant in the room at all. The rich no longer need a middle class, and have no intentions of sharing whatsoever. here's your image for the day: http://www.k7wk.com/landimage/landdivision%20copy.htm

George Rebane

DougK 807am - Thanks for the invite to comment on the Prez's new ed initiatives. I'm holding fire until I find out more about his evaluation schemes which at first light seem to be way off base re improving the quality and availability of higher education. Later.


"why bother, today's gear will be obsolete, and there's no money obvious [sic] to upgrade in the coming years, so this project is worthless."

What's worthless is Keachie's paraphrasing what I wrote at

What's interesting is yesterday's piece in The Union regarding the recently released STAR test results, which I'd begun to sort out. The reporter virtually ignored the GVSD results and completely ignored the charter schools.

DC Keachie

"Underwhelming. The jury isn't even selected to decide whether the CTC will be relevant in 4 years, let alone a good investment. Compared to the local Sierra College campus, just what can the impact of this place be on "workforce development"?"

OK so maybe next to worthless would be appropriate to describe Greg's assessment of this program. Greg missed the fact that it is convenient to the homeless encampments, among other things. I guess in four years none of these skiils will be needed by our local employers, and Greg, the self appointed jury, has already polled them to be sure.

Steve Loomis

Fiscal Year 2010/2011
Park and Recreation Capital Improvement Program
To assist in meeting the park and recreation needs of residents within the Grass Valley/Nevada City and Twin Ridges Benefit Zones, the Planning Department is soliciting proposals for capital improvement projects to be completed in Fiscal Year 2011/2012.

Eligible Projects
Recreation mitigation funding is intended for capital improvements only and cannot be used for salaries, routine operation and maintenance costs, or costs attributable to existing deficiencies in public facilities. Costs attributable to the increased demand for public facilities related to new development projects are eligible for recreation mitigation funding if used to (1) construct new recreation facilities to expand the existing level of service, (2) upgrade or significantly improve existing recreation facilities to provide new or expanded level of service, or (3) achieve an adopted level of service that is consistent with the General Plan. The following definitions provide further clarification regarding capital improvements:

Projects or project components that consist of equipment or items with a short useful life or which are attributable to the correction of existing deficiencies are not eligible.

Like air conditioning and computers.

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