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15 August 2013


Michael Anderson


Hit the "Download Now" button, install, then scan and remove the bad stuff.

Russ Steele

Pleased to read you are on top of the problem. Any idea where the malware came from?

George Rebane

RussS 1127am - attempted download of a sketchpad app form what looked like an authentic MS website.

MichaelA 945am - thanks Michael, next time I'll wait for your advice.


Those internet "land mines" are a real pain.
Ever get a full high jacking with an extortion demand? ( FBI logo and all) Heck.. Even the web cam came on. (Another good use for duct tape...)
That was LOTS of fun. ( and 45 bucks at Staples)

I'm waiting to find the reverse app. that will fry the offender's toys.

I have yet to trip over what George has had to deal with.

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