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28 August 2013


George Rebane

BillT 611pm - Mr Tozer, as on the mark as ever. I apologize profusely and sincerely for the diversion that my 756am has caused. I meant that sly reference to address only PaulE's remark that his sky dive might open his eyes to more conservative views, and foolishly used the socialized healthcare metaphor of carefree comfort before the impact which I have revisited many times in these pages. My bad.

The coin has been flipped, and this comment stream should focus on Obama's current Syrian syncopation. Healthcare discussions should be relegated to 'Wanted by Obamacare: the young and the stupid' -

Although, I thought we pretty well beat it to death under that post.

My next post on the topic will focus on the tally of passengers now clamoring to board the Exemption Express. I will gladly accept an appropriately comprehensive byline post by a reader on the topic. Then we can transfuse Ocare for another round of updated consideration. Any takers?

Paul Emery


Tort reform is part of any national healthcare system.

I already have friends that have health insurance available to them despite pre existing conditions. They have to pay for it which they gladly will do. There was no insurance available to them at any price before Obamacare. For them this is a good thing.

Bill Tozer

Well, I would rather banter single payer around than talk about Syria anyway. Syria does absolutely nothing without Iran's thumbs up or thumbs down. It is just a puppet state of Iran.

So, how do we get to single payer without all them school teacher unions and public employee service unions and workers at Google giving up their healthcare? How do we convince 85% of the workers who receive insurance through their employers that they got to dump their plans cause of the small minority that are uninsured??

As it stands now, doctors who take medicaid are getting few and far between, especially specialists. And year after year that "doctor fix" comes up as a non budget item that always gets passed at the last minute. As far as I can tell, single payer and Obamacare and Medicaid promises more and more to the patients and cuts more and more from the doctors' reimbursement. Costs them poor docs more in paperwork alone than the government pays to see the patient.

As Obamacare stands now kids can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26. The dirty little secret is that even though the kids can stay on Mommie's insurance, the employer can charge the full price of the insurance costs (100%) for little Sally if the employer chooses to.

But, Paul, how do you get me to give up my insurance and jump on the Single Payer bandwagon? Or the County workers? Or the Unions? Or the Nurse's Unions? Everybody in, nobody can opt out? What about sex changes? What about the new flavor of the month of another disease discovered? Lord knows we have discovered a dozen new debilitating diseases and chronic ailments in the last 10 years alone. Kleptomaniacs suffer from a disease and are covered under the ADA.

Ah, just leave me alone and put the rest on disability. Tax the rich to cover the bill. Simple as that. Someday only the rich can afford to pay taxes anyway. Disability is tax free income. The good news is that Queen Nancy says that food stamps stimulate the economy. Yes, all will be fine. Illegal aliens and folks on disability do pay sales taxes so no problem here.. What, me worry?

McCain was right when he ran against Barrack Hussein Obama. Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Todd Juvinall

PaulE, tort reform was rejected ny the democrats when they shoved Ocare down our throats. I am surprised you don't remember. Also, since I am a Republican, I can tell you we have tried for forty years to get tort reform and have been foiled by the dems and their benefactors, the trial lawyers.

Regarding your friends and their problems with healthcare. I paid for my own healthcare for twenty five years and then I got a policy. Anyone can do the same. I have supported in the past a "catastrophic" insurance policy so people are not totally left destitute but that too was defeated by the democrat party lackeys.

I have personal experience in the healthcare system and can tell you it is the government interventions that have made the costs skyrocket. Along with the defensive medicine practiced because of the lawyers, we pay was too much.

I am still unsure how we allowed the government to tell insurance companies in a free enterprise system that they have to cover anything. I thought contracts were not to be tampered with in our Constitution.

Paul Emery

Lots of good questions Bill. However as I've outlined a single payer system such as Australia's is more inclusive and efficient by far than what we have. In my view basic single coverage should not cover vanity medicine. Single payer should be available to everyone at a reasonable price. Private supplemental insurance is fine and is common in Australia. The important thing is everybody gets coverage.


You did have healthcare provided when you were a Supe right?

Todd Juvinall

No I paid for it.

Bill Tozer

Back to Syria for a minute. Can anyone tell me WHO used chemical weapons? No doubt they were used, but by whom? There is enough distrust of all parties for me to not assume much or put anything past any party involved.

When Secretary of State was asked before a congressional panel if Hezbollah had chemical weapons, Sec Kerry said he would prefer to answer that in closed session. When asked about proof that Assad used chemical weapons lately, he said that topic should be discussed in closed session as well.

When Britain debated the topic and looked at their intelligence, they did the democratic thing and cast their votes in Parliament. The Prime Minister took note and did not override the people's wishes.

As soon as Britain gave its thumbs down, Obama went to Congress for cover. Whether the House votes aye or nay, we do have a separation of powers here. It would be quite telling if Obama persuades Congress by saying I am going to do what I want to do anyway.

We have a balance of powers here. Even Bush got Congressional approval before Iraq and Afghanistan. And Bush got a coalition of nations backing him and the intervention efforts as well. Well, everybody except France. Now Obama has no nobody but France calling for the airstrike.

Back to my original question. Who gassed who?? Russia is so confident that it was not the Syrian Army that is says "Prove it and then count us in." Not the kind of statement made without holding a trump card in diplomacy.


George Rebane

BillT 736pm - Mr Tozer, thanks for returning us to topic. For what it's worth, the strength of my belief that it was Assad is based on 1) his past gassing episodes when he was the only one with the gas, and 2) Kerry's testimony that we had commo intercepts of Syrian command talking about the coming gas attack, and pictures (orbit?) of the stuff being moved from storage to firing positions. The latter disclosure seemed to have been untimely since Kerry immediately switched to 'can only talk about it in closed session'. Now, did Kerry lie?

Bill Tozer

I am on shaky ground to consider ever defending Putin, but I am growing more skeptical everyday. So, is Kerry a liar? I dunno. Lets just say there are some things brushed under the carpet when Kerry says "Trust me, I was once a big time prosecutor. I know evidence when I see it. Case closed."


Russ Steele

BillT and George,

Russia has communication intelligence collection and military base in Syria, and they have overhead assets as well. I have no idea if they are on par with the US capability, but feel confident they have as much insight as the US does and perhaps more due to the location of the naval base. We only have Kerry's word of the comm intercepts and overhead observations. And, you know how well those resources worked in Iraq. The WMDs vanished right under the observers noses. Some how all this just does not add up and the American public smells a rat in foggy bottom.

George Rebane

RussS 1006pm - Valid points. I hope my 825pm is appropriately circumspect. Nevertheless, we must consider that Russia has a national interest in retaining Assad, because he will not let Mideast gas through Syria to compete with Russian gas to European customers. Therefore, if Putin really has evidence from its Syrian sigint assets that favors Assad, he would share that intelligence either directly with the US, or with a credible third party who would publicly corroborate Putin's claims. Thoughts?

Russ Steele

It seems that the intelligence community is unable to make a direct connection to who ordered the gas attack. Details here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/07/us-syria-crisis-attack-idUSBRE98603A20130907

George Rebane

The 7sep13 WSJ reports "The number of countries ready to take military action in Syria has reached "double digits," U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday after European Union foreign ministers agreed there was strong evidence the regime of Bashar al-Assad was behind the alleged use of chemical weapons against rebels."

Russ Steele

Here is a letter from the Syrian Parliament to the US House of Representaives with some information on terrorist access to Sarin Gas. I can not vouch for the validity of the information, but it is another aspect to the "being set up" story.


George Rebane

RussS 716pm - Most interesting. Now why would both the Dems and Repubs wish to ignore such a formal communication from the Syrian government as they debate war? If it were a fake, then at least someone from either camp should publicly dismiss the letter and put the matter to rest. I wonder to whom in Congress this letter was delivered.


Sir Edmund Hillary's namesake was wise to take cover from this and let Lurch expose himself prior to the '16 Primary voters.

Bill Tozer

Sign of the times when I would ever consider believing a pinko murdering commie dickhead like Putin over our wonderful American Sec of State. Dr. Rebane's points are valid about Russian interests at stake and all....and Assad does have the family tradition of gassing. Something about this just doesn't pass mustard.

We don't need no stinkin proof or wait a few days for an UN report. No need. We are going to strike anyway and the facts be damned.

Just like Obama calling the Muslim Brotherhood moderates that we can deal with, Kerry is calling the Syrian opposition moderate. I may have been born at night, but not last night. Fool me twice, shame on you.

We are going to war (or whatever you can bombing the shit of a forgein government) because if we don't, President Obama will truly become a weakened prez. This defeat will hinder him greatly as we enter into the Budget negotiations soon and no Repubs or Insdependents will want to play along with Barrack Hussein Obama.

No way will the Dems allow that. We are going to Shake, Rattle and Roll over the Syrian skies to help O politically. Who cares about the Syrian Army anyway? Or if the "moderates" in Syrian have the balance tipped in their favor. Its O's legacy that is of upmost importance. Critical Mass time for the Dems.

Smoke 'em if you got em


I heard from a reliable source that Assad kicked a baby elephant!

Bill Tozer

Why Obama ever picked the Muslim Brotherhood as the vessel to carry the US into a brave new Muslim relationship defies reason. He kissed up to them since day one and pushed to rid Egypt of their secular president in favor of his beloved Brotherhood. That did not work out very well. Maybe another Beer Summit is in order.

Does anybody besides me feel that we MUST bomb the daylights out of Syria just so Obama looks good at the end of the day? Now the administration is double speaking about Iran as the reason to bomb bomb and drop more bombs on Syria. Its not about gas anymore.
Its not even about civilians anymore.

Well, if that is the case, why not take on Iran directly in a Crusade to save the world? We won't effect the outcome in Syria with airstrikes, nor in Iran nor Lebanon. We are going pedal to the metal only so Obama will look good and not lose political clout.

Notice the small gatherings of anti-war protesters around our major cities? The crowds are too small to notice. The Hollywood Left, which has volumes to say against war, is mum on this issue. Even Ed Asner, the unabashed card carrying peacenik says to criticize the pending Syrian strike is considered by Hollywood as an racist act for protesting a black man.

Well, at least Asner has the ranchos huevos to tell it like it is. To criticize the War is racism cause Obama is black. Obama is black? I did not notice.

Those 60 racist Nevada City white people who protested the war at the Constitution Day Parade displayed their sickness in full view of all of us. No wonder the cops were called in. Racism is not being Nevada City friendly.

Obama is one smart operator. He can do what he wants and brand all opposition as racists. But, we knew that all along, didn't we? Its not about war or policy. Its all about Obama. And we knew that all along as well.

Bill Tozer

My, events change rapidly, don't they. Never look a gift horse in the mouth:


George Rebane

BillT 859am - Methinks tonight Mr Obama will take gold in figure skating on Syria's WMDs. The speech no doubt will rely heavily on the use of the new grammatical forms introduced by this administration - first person majestic and first person prescient.

Regarding the speech, WSJ's Bret Stephens has some worthy words comparing the Obama/Kerry handling of Syria to Bush2's travails in Iraq.

Bill Tozer

The world has been turned upside down I tell ya. First, we have that commie bastard Putin behaving most statesman like and deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Second, we have that murdering SOB Assad being the only one in the region that protects Christians with enforcement and might. "Don't touch a hair on their heads."

So, we have Amnesty International refusing to even look into or mention the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and a President that can't even get Britain join along with Libya-Lite in Syria. Getting Britain to join the party should have been a slam dunk, a no brainer.

We have a Congress that will not give our Nobel Peace Prize Winner President its backing to do the Libya-Lite thing on Damascus. Never in the history of our country has any President not received the votes, backing and support in Congress when asked for the go to war vote.

The world has turned inside out. The Russians are the peacemakers and our foreign policy has strengthened rather than weaken Assad. The Arab Spring had nothing to do with a democracy movement. Its plum painful to watch Amateur Hour being broadcast from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Somebody please Gong Show Obama and get him off the stage.

Michael Anderson

Mister Tozer, that was a pretty good assessment. Well, up until the last sentence anyway.

And today was definitely Opposite Day. The last place SF Giants beat the first place LA Dodgers 19-3 this evening. The mind reels.

Bill Tozer

Putin may be at the top of his game, but the Russians are still Russians. In Russia they even have free speech. Anyone is free to go out the streets of Moscow and criticize Obama. No law against it.

Here is a photo republished on the Russian Deputy Parliamentarian's Twitter account. The Deputy Parliamentarian is also a 3 time Olympic figure skating champion. She is unapologetic, stating the picture came to her from the United States. She has since taken it down cause she owns a skating school in the USA.

Wonder if this is really how the Russians see us, or just how they see Obama. Very distasteful to say the least. Down right despicable.


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