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14 September 2013


Douglas Keachie

Catherine Scholtz was leading leading workshop in how to transition to WordPress. I never got around to taking them, but based on here free emails with "how to's" she might be a good person to consult:

Principal at BecomeaWebWeaver.com ~ Live Wordpress training in Nevada City, CA, Wordpress Web Weaver at Cat's Web Weave and Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist at Catherine Scholz Music

Wish list: commenting system just like the one at SFGATE.com where you can yea or neigh a post, sort posts 4 different ways, and see all the numbers. In addition, commenters should be able to post images, and the ideal size file size wise and dimension-wise should be posted in an FAQ. Btter yet, display images small, but be able to click on image to enlarge, or click on link to commenter's site for whatever size they are willing to post.

I suspect Michael Anderson should have some ideas as well. BTW, something that would bypass the captcha for known to be good emails would be nice. I keep cookies erased after every session.

Michael Anderson

This guy might be a better (cough) ideological fit: http://www.mongoosestudios.com/

George Rebane

Thanks Doug and Michael. A correspondent also recommended https://tp2wp.com/ .

Wayne Hullett

Googling "convert typepad wordpress" returns thousands of hits :-).

George Rebane

WayneH 104pm - Yeah, I know and am appropriately embarrassed.

Michael Anderson

You shouldn't be, George. Yeah, 5 thousand hits and 4,992 of them could be junk. Just because they're on the Google doesn't mean they're worth a darn.

Your seeking recommendations was entirely appropriate.

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