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20 September 2013


Bill Tozer

My, events happen fast. Dr. Rebane, read the link on your post concerning Sheriff Royal. Informative. The one peculiar line I found most puzzling yet humorous concerning the Mack introduction thang and Keith Royal was the author's comment at the end of the sentence "but he can be a good listener and doesn’t hold a grudge (like some others I can think of).

Well, I can think of the biggest grudge holder right off the top of me little pea brain head. Classic case of not being able to see one's own blind spot. Yes, fact is stranger than fiction. You can't make this stuff up. Mr. grudge holder praising Keith Royal for not holding a grudge. Amazing.

Good idea about lumping Obamacare into the entitlement stew. Except Obamacare will pay for itself, cost the taxpayer zero, and save the country billions upon billions over the long run. And reduce the deficit to boot. Best thing since sliced bread, or maybe since the wheel was invented. Me thinks Obamacare will actually pay for all the existing entitlements and we can drop the Social Security eligibility age to 42. Why have such an splendid program stand alone? Yes, lump it in with the other entitlements to have their red ink turn black. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Paul Emery

No wonder Sheriff Royal pulled out. Sheriff Mack is a strong opponent of the "war on drugs", a major cash cow for the hook em and book um incarceration industry that has lots of jail cells to fill to keep the bucks rolling in. From Macks website:


follow this link


Paul Emery

Here is a statement of principle from LEAP, an organization that Sheriff Mack supports

"Our experience on the front lines of the “war on drugs” has led us to call for a repeal of prohibition and its replacement with a tight system of legalized regulation, which will effectively cripple the violent cartels and street dealers who control the current illegal market."

Press release: Police arrest more people for marijuana than for all violent crime combined
September 16, 2013
MONDAY, September 16, 2013 NATIONWIDE, POLICE MAKE MORE ARRESTS FOR MARIJUANA THAN FOR VIOLENT CRIME in 2012 One Drug Arrest Every 20 seconds in US; A Marijuana Arrest Every 42 Seconds New FBI Numbers …


Michael Anderson

Paul, if Mack is serious about his position on the War on Drugs, I will gladly be one of his soldiers (within the rule of law, of course). This is one of the reasons that I am looking forward to his talk on the 18th.

Thanks for the leap.cc link, very amazing. Time to end prohibition, like about 50 years too late. Oh well.

Todd Juvinall

On another note, gun control. Here is a massacre in Kenya in a mall still in progress) and they used automatic weapons. Tragedy.

Send DiFi to fix the country.


Paul Emery

Here's more on our incarceration industry:

"Falling crime rates are bad for business at privately run prisons, and a new report shows the companies that own them require them to be filled near capacity to maintain their profit margin.

A new report from the advocacy group In the Public Interest shows private prison companies mandate high inmate occupancy rates through their contracts with states – in some cases, up to 100 percent.

The report, “Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and ‘Low-Crime Taxes’ Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations,” finds three Arizona prisons must be filled to capacity under terms of its contract with Management and Training Corporation.

If those beds aren’t filled, the state must compensate the company.
The report found that occupancy requirements were standard language in contracts drawn up by big private prison companies



There is a way around the removable magazine BS Jerry and his kids are about to pass. Someone made a belt fed AR. A I read the Bill, it beats the LIBS at their own game.


There is a way around the removable magazine BS Jerry and his kids are about to pass. Someone made a belt fed AR. A I read the Bill, it beats the LIBS at their own game.

The legality of this item has about the same lifespan as a snowcone resting on a Sacramento sidewalk in July! I imagine someone is furiously scribbling poorly crafted legislation as I type.

Joe Koyote

Two thirds of private prisons have bed guarantee contracts.. meaning that if the be quota (often 90% or higher) isn't met then the taxpayers have to make up the difference. Arizona recently had to pay out $3M to a private prison corp. because their 97% occupancy rate wasn't met.

George Rebane

re JoeK's 1046am - 'full occupancy' contracts with private industry are signed because they provide cost benefits when the facility is fully occupied. Such facilities usually have high fixed costs that must be spread over the maximum headcount to provide the desired minimum cost per head. We must all recall that it is the government in its wisdom that solicits and signs such contracts.

Joe Koyote

Wouldn't occupancy contracts and the rewards and penalties encourage states or municipalities to incarcerate more people? The number of Americans in prison or jail is astounding, mostly because of making our drug problem a criminal issue rather than the medical issue more advanced societies seem to favor. The Criminal/enforcement/imprisonment industrial complex.

"We must all recall that it is the government in its wisdom that solicits and signs such contracts." Not really.. it was policy and/or contracts set/signed by elected/appointed officials or their agents.. Were they former prison company executives, stockholders, former constitutional sheriffs, taking bribes? We need to keep in mind that "government" is made up of people and is only as good as the people who have the jobs. Appointing former bank executives to the institution for Wall St. oversight may create situations that favor the banks more than the taxpayers..as the prison bed guarantees seem to favor the private prison operators more than the taxpayers.

George Rebane

JoeK 628pm - your points are valid but irremediable, therefore inconsequential to this discussion. Government is government now matter which minions man its elected and/or appointed offices. We don't get to choose, but only obey if they decide to invoke their guns.

Michael Anderson

George, while all those nasty guns are being invoked, join me in the desert for a little romp outside of your usual fear parameters: http://vimeo.com/74779709

Bill Tozer

Mr. Anderson: love the pics from your sojourn into your artistic side, aka, the left side of the brain. It is indeed important to keep in touch with your mangina. I know. It is life changing. I am just jealous cause I cannot sleep in wind blown sandy places of enlightenment anymore. The old neck and back pains have driven me to materialistic places in search of comfort. Like a lumpy mattress raised off the dirt more than 6". Plus that darn sand get into everything.

Keep sending those postcards from the parallel universe.

Michael Anderson

Bill, this is why God invented the RV. You do not need to suffer the dust. Ever. You do not even need to bring your own RV. We have a cornucopia of aluminum-and-vinyl boxes with wheels, parked in a wagon circle to head off evil.

Come to our airport: http://www.portofentry.org/

Here is an early pic from this year, before everyone got there: http://intothedialectic.com/wp-content/uploads/airport-thia_konig.jpg

Don't misunderestimate the rainbows!

Ryan Mount

Why don't they measure race in their demos at Burning Man? Everyone I've seen, admittedly limited, is very white.


And this:


Bill Tozer

Mr. Anderson: The rainbows are soooo beautiful. Got my mangina all a twitter. I should check into one of those modern day covered wagons, or at least a large horseless carriage like my friend Jed Clampet drove out to California in.

I've got it!!. I will show up with a tow truck. Everybody waves them through the gate. (A tow truck with a tent on the bed.) Perfect and free admission.

Mr. Mount: You really know how to flush the punch bowl. I suppose you are right...er...correct. As my Brother Ben would say "racism. Yes racism. We cannot dismiss the undercurrent of racism at these events knowing the enjoyment of a safe atmosphere by the ruling class is not afforded to people of color because of 500 years of slavery."....or something to that effect.

But, lets look at the bigger picture, shall we? Being greeted by a young lady in fish net stockings and bunny ears makes my French Maid outfit in the closet pale by comparison.

Michael Anderson

Ryan, you are correct. Lots of white people. We did have a large contingent from Washington D.C. visit the airport this year. Spent a couple of days discussing this very demographic which you have raised. One of the ladies brought the flag she was given when her dad was buried at Arlington after being shot down over Korea, which we flew proudly next to the out-of-control tower. Couch surfing contacts brought the D.C. crowd to Burning Man.

Bill Tozer

Burning Man, California style. Oh, those silly pranksters.


Paul Emery

Support for Sheriff Mack's visit continues to grow with this latest round of support from Nevada Counties Chapter of Americans for Safe Access, a Medical Marijuana advocacy group. No wonder Sheriff Royal bailed. This group is leading the charge to modify the Cultivation Ordinance supported by our Sheriff and the BOS. Here's a link to an interview with Mack where he explains his support for legalized pot.


Paul Emery

Go to about 6 minutes in the video but it's all interesting. Here's the ASA text

"Conservative Sheriff Mack Supports Legalizing Marijuana

You may have heard about the concept of a "Constitutional" Sheriff but dismissed the concept as being some wacko "right-wing" idea. Me too -- until I watched this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/tuJ4Abu6db4. It will be a good investment of time, I promise!

Sheriff Mack will be conducting a seminar on October 18th at Vets Hall. Sheriff Royal was scheduled to introduce him but pulled out citing "a difference of opinion" on some topics. I think the YouTube video uncovered his reason for backing out. I can't wait to hear this!"

Michael Anderson

BTW Ryan, they do have a census every year...pretty interesting stats: http://blog.burningman.com/tag/census/

Tozer, not sure what to tell you about your mangina conundrum. Perhaps some wet synergy and 200-grit sandpaper might help. Here's some other advice you might be able to use: http://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/san-francisco/10-burning-man-tents-you-shouldnt-go-in-for-any-reason-whatsoever

Re. "Sheriff" Mack, I do believe Paul has uncovered some real news here. Great stuff.

Ryan Mount

Mr. Tozer.

Racism wasn't my intention, although I suppose people might intuit that. I was just asking what seemed to me to be an obvious question. For me BM seems to be a middle class past time like any other bourgeoisie* event like the Renaissance Faire [sic] or whatever. I see little difference between something like this, and say, the Car Shows at the Fairgrounds; middle class [mostly white] people with some (enough) affluence and dedication to their craft.

Which is cool.

In my twisted mind I think it might be fun to mix the Car Show with Burning Man. A "Burning Car" or a "Roaming Angels Man" event. So, for example, we could have naked 20-30 year old somethings next to 1969 Chevelle SSs.

*yes, I said bourgeoisie.

Todd Juvinall

Well back from Puerto Vallarta where I was a minority Caucasian in a land of brown folks. We got along just fine and racism was stifled by kindness and respect. Nice people.

I do agree with RyanM that the Burning Man is a whites only. bourgeois place for a week ps carnal perversion and MichaelA, our local bourgeois white man fits in fine and praises that place. Too funny.

Tozer, you are sooo funny. I am envious of your wring abilities. You say what we are thinking with comedy. Jon Stewart is not even close. Mangina! MA has to be a metrosexual.

PaulE now has a hero. Funny how he and his ilk will overlook their own ethical positions and ideology if even a "rightwinger" supports marijuana freedom. Too funny. I think the credibility of anyone espousing that hypocrisy is showing what puffing the weed does to the brain.

I here Sheriff Royal has decided to sit in the audience and listen and not intro Mack. I could care less since I have deep respect for Keith and he has done a fine job for our county.

The FUE must be in a real conundrum now that Sheriff Mack's position on MJ is known. The FUE's commenters are all smokers so maybe there will be a bit of consternation in the FUE's position against Mack.

Michael Anderson

Todd, here is your reward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixWO9YEozu8

Todd Juvinall

Michael here is the actual man on fire. You deserve a break today.


Paul Emery

You are my hero Todd. A man who stands by his convictions even though he's the joke of the county on both sides of the aisle. You've got to admire that kind of self adornment.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Andersdon: Whatz wrong with going to Thunder Dome? The DMV tent looks a wee bit too clean cut for my ragged appearance. And the Period bar? No Thanks. It led to my last divorce, I think. Or it could have been something I said. Another unsolved mystery.

#200 grit sandpaper? Thanks. I have been using #50 grit. Will give it ago and maybe drop the Brillo pad as well.

Todd, you must give Mr. P Emery his due. Must. It takes a big man to admit he has changed his viewpoint when additional information has come in. I myself have gone from a Yippie (Youth International Party) sympathizer, to being thrown in the hoosegow for various and sundry minor offenses like malicious mischief and roasting marshmallows when B of A was burning in Isla Vista (failure to disperse, trespassing, and being an idiot for not showing sensitivity or good old common sense.) Now I am a proud member of The Great Right Wing Conspiracy (if they will have me).

Paul. I will watch your video later. Taking a break from hand clearing poison oak. I feel myself that I might have been wrong on parts of this war on drugs. No sense busting a young mother for a couple joints and then having that show up on her record as a drug conviction and causing her to unable to ever get a job at a bank or the like. Seems the punishment must fit the crime. Not saying I think it is good for society to have legal opium dens on every street corner, but I will rethink my "dopehead" stance on small amounts of pot for recreational purposes. I myself do not drink or smoke or shoot up or pop pills, but I ain't no Carrie Amelia Moore Nation either. Her name was Carrie, not Carey, but who really cares except the OCD police. Promise to give it an unemotional level headed look as soon as find my mind, hopefully sometime this afternoon.

Kind of on topic about States vs Feds: The Colorado DOJ announced they Will violate Federal Law and NOT enforce Federal Law for hooch used for recreational purposes as an offense.


Kind of on topic about States vs Feds: The Colorado DOJ announced they Will violate Federal Law and NOT enforce Federal Law for hooch used for recreational purposes as an offense.

Somewhere Steve Frisch is quietly weeping at this blatant disregard for the law.

Todd Juvinall

Well let me get this straight PaulE. You are some sort of self proclaimed liberaltarian and support Roe v Wade (right to provacy) and yet support federal government ownership of your body in exchange for "free" health" insurance (Obamacare)? And you are now a "property rights" advocate since you wish to grow and own MJ on your property (and maybe sell it too?)though you were a NH2020 supporter? And you reserve the right to change your positions on any policy, law or thought at any time you feel like it? Yep, I think you have made the case you are the joke of the county populace. I think I am in the mainstream ane you are the radical extremist. What a hoot.

Oh, and get me the link on the poll you say says I am th joke. Oh, it is only in your own mind, now I see. What a hoot!

Todd Juvinall

BillT, I have to admit I have never been arrested or incarcerated so I do not have your experience from the "inside". I hope you were not abused. LOL!!

Regarding PaulE changing his tune so often to fit his daily needs, I may be guilty of having some steadfast policies and my ideology is fairly certain from my life's experiences. Since I never did drugs but know many who do I developed a personal view that for the most part they are not good for people and the brains. MJ use leads to harder drugs and eventually a shorter life and in many cases a lot of incarceration time.

When I built homes many years ago I tried my best to help some e men coming out of jail for drugs by giving them a job. My experience was they always returned to the drugs, were violent, beat their wives and were anti-social. Most if not all had a face destroyed by the drugs and they were all untrustworthy and stole readily from my jobs to gather money for the weekend binges.

Those kinds of experiences have galvanized my philosophy and other than a little "wiggle room" I may give to medical use of MJ, I probably am not the guy to ask for support on legalizing drugs.

People like PaulE and MichaelA and even SteveF are ready and willing to sell out their principles for a puff, a picture, a party or a liberal daily mantra. That is why America is in deep doo.

Anyway, I like your writing style, keep up the fun work.

Michael Anderson

Todd, what proof do you have that Paul, Steve, or myself are "puffers?" I mean other than you just making stuff up, with your deranged little brain stomping its feet up and down because the world isn't fair and you never get your way anymore?

Todd Juvinall

MichaelA, you deny it? Tell us all the truth and not some make believe like you live at Burning Man, the perv convention.

Michael Anderson

Poor Toodles, when did you stop beating women? Was it after your first, second, or third divorce?

Michael Anderson

Apologies George, but your Todd is biting the children. Time to put the muzzle back on.

Paul Emery

Don't pick on my friend Todd, he's doing the best he can with what he has. He has no real information to share and has to resort to personal attacks to fill in the blanks. I know for a fact that some of the hippie chicks he was picking up on are Burners and I'm surprised he didn't disguise himself and go just to view a little skin.

Todd Juvinall

So MichaelA, do you smoke MJ or not. Answer us so we can better understand your position on illegal drugs?

PaulE, sorry but I am a well loved resident here and only you libs have a problem. That I applaud.

PaulE, please tell me mopre about my dating hippie chicks. I am all ears. Too funny!

Paul Emery

RE George 22 September 2013 at 12:06 PM

So George it seems that incarceration must be a growth industry or the taxpayers will eat it. Who makes the call on how many jail beds we need for the future? I know locally the Wayne Brown Hotel does quite well filling empty beds with Fed cases awaiting trial. Even the Sheriff refers to it as a hotel.

Lots of incentive for bureaucrats to spend money in a growth industry that has mouths to feed and beds to fill. This in itself explains the war on drugs and why the incarceration industry was livid at Obama and Holder for backing off on Fed enforcement in states that pursue a path of legalization.

The support for decriminalization and legalization from Sheriff Mack and other Libertarians wraps around with support from progressives and is having an effect for sure.


Paul, private prisons are a growth industry because they're cheaper (or at least are perceived to be) than publicly owned and administered prisons and the state can house the folks they deem criminals with less of an impact on the budget.

The companies who borrow money to develop facilities need assurances their only customer will use them. Otherwise, the state could get around to building an excess capacity and then starve the company into bankruptcy by saddling them with empty cells.

Paul Emery

So Gregory doesn't that support my contention that the hookem and bookum industry has to make laws and find criminals to fill the beds? Can you think of any other industry that rely s on 100% capacity to make a profit?


No, Paul, it does not and you are misreading them if you think they require 100% occupancy to be profitable.

The biggest driver of that "industry" is the prison guard's union.

Paul Emery

Of course Gregory the Union goes for as much crime as possible to keep their workers busy. Here's more on the report I cited

" The report, “Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and ‘Low-Crime Taxes’ Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations,” finds three Arizona prisons must be filled to capacity under terms of its contract with Management and Training Corporation.

If those beds aren’t filled, the state must compensate the company.
The report found that occupancy requirements were standard language in contracts drawn up by big private prison companies.

One of those, The Corrections Corporation of America, made an offer last year to the governors of 48 states to operate their prisons on 20-year contracts.

That offer included a demand that those prisons remain 90 percent full for the duration of the operating agreement.

The report found 41 of the 62 contracts reviewed contained occupancy requirements, with the highest occupancy rates found in Arizona, Oklahoma and Virginia.

Private prison companies have also backed measures such as “three-strike” laws to maintain high prison occupancy."



Paul, hypothetically speaking, if I had a company that made widgets and a customer came to me wanting me to make them XX,XXX,XXX custom widgets a year, they would have to sign an agreement to buy XX,XXX,XXX a year, or some number with penalties if not met, or the facility to make them wouldn't be built and staffed.

Nothing you're quoting is out of the ordinary. No one in their right mind would build a private prison facility without language such as you are ranting about.

Paul Emery


I understand your thinking on this.

Do you see any connection between the incentive to find and book criminals and create the necessary laws to do so to satisfy the Unions and contractors and the fact that we have the highest incarceration percentage in the world?

To expand on that topic what is your view as to shy incarceration rates are so high? We are highest at 716 per 100,000 Denmark for example has 74. That is a country that does not send people to jail for drug offenses. Netherlands has 163.


Todd Juvinall

When I was on the committee to build the jail during my term as Supervisor, we tried to think ahead and one of the things we did was build more cells and provide welding plates for double bunking as needed. During the time we were doing this the rime rates were very high across the land because there were bad people called criminals who need to be incarcerated. We were afraid the local Judges would fill up the beds very quickly with locals which are a cost to us here. We wanted to rent to other jurisdictions and the Feds who paid a good daily rate. We accomplished that and for many years the policy saved the local taxpayers a lot of money. Now with State realignment I am not too sure if that is true. But, the original plan was followed and saved Nevada County taxpayers precious dollars that could be spent elsewhere, like for welfare queens and pot busts.


Paul, you have a habit of asking the same questions over and over (with trivial changes) trying to get the answer you want.

If we had Danes and Norwegian bachelor-farmers instead of crackheads, metheads and outlaw pot farmers in NSJ, we'd have fewer people in the local jails, too.

Looking further, the rate for blacks in this country is over 4000 for black males. A Danish drinking buddy of mine in the 80's, a software engineer, when he was lording such stats over me, replied with a smile on his face when I asked him about blacks immigrating into Denmark... "we keep them out". No, he wasn't a racist, he was smiling because we were both tipsy and I landed a punch on their soft underbelly. They don't run a melting pot... you immigrate into Denmark, you're going to be molded into being a Dane. It isn't quite the same but to get an idea, watch "Lillyhammer" on Netflix. There's lots of looks into how the Norwegian creators of the series think about their bureaucrats and the law.

Paul Emery


Denmark was just an example. How about the other 233 countries below us. What is the unique factor that leads us to this dubious distinction? Of course the fact is that blacks have far higher incarceration rates than whites because they are charged for higher crimes on the same incident than whites. Sheriff Mack recognizes this when he encourages people to sign this petition to stop racially biased sentences:


Paul Emery

By the way Gregory, most blacks didn't immigrate into this country. Most are descendents of slaves that were bought and sold like cattle to wealthy farmers.


Wow, Paul, do you really think that is news to anyone?

Thank the English for the slave trade, and thank LBJ's Great Society for helping to destroy black family structure in the US.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

My, I go work on the back 40 and we go from Sheriff Mack to prisons to the Dreaded Dutch. Never a dull moment.

Mr. Paul E, that link I promised to view now has the wall of death, aka, "404 Forbidden, go away cockroach, cannot be found in the annuals of homosapien history." Kindly try again if you have the time.

Mr. Juvinall. I too have gone above and beyond helping my fellow drunks. Methheads are a different story. When I sobered up and stopped looking through life thru the end of a joint or thru the bottom of the bottle, I got a tiny one bedroom apartment for me and the girls that was the top floor of an Old quasi-Victorian. Hotter than an oven half the year and cold and drafty the other half. Temporary thing, only stayed there 18 years, 4 months. But I digress. What else is new?

So, as soon as I became a Big Time Charlie with a driver's license (no car) and a place I could call home, all my former sandbox playmates came a'knocking. Let them sleep on the floor. I would eventually have to show them the door. Once even an old friend who got out of prison showed up. I let him sleep in the bed while the girls and I sleep on the floor. Had to throw his ass out as well. Once had a laweyer stay over and he knew the house rules. No drinking, no doping. Pretty simple. NO other rules, come and go as you like. Well, he was grabbing my ankles begging me to not throw his ass out as well as I was calling the cops. Mean ole me, a penniless dude tossing a big time lawyer out into the streets that had more cash on him than I had seen in a few years, Plus he did not like the fact I did not have any Grey Poupon.

Took me a while to get it. Each time I tried to be "helpful", the result was always the same. And I was the ashhole. I was the mean old selfish one. I was the jerk, etc, etc, etc. I forgot where I came from, lol. Heard it all.

Bottom line, I don't take in strays anymore. Most of them are all dead now. Looking back, I never really helped anyone. Not really. A place out of the rain, a safe and clean environment, but no lives saved. As a dog returns to its vomit....

I was the dude who picked up the rake (cost me every penny I had at the time) and went door to door looking for odd jobs at 5 bucks and hour, $4.50/hour if they fed me. Never made it more than 3-4 houses. Then the nice elderly folks would tell me they would pay 6 bucks an hour (lunch included) if I came back the following day. Then word of mouth spread and I could not even keep up with all the work, making 10, then 13, then 15 bucks an hour and dropping the girls off at kindergarten in their cars. I would turn on my fellow down-and-outers to work but they never showed. Too proud I suppose.

Nowadays if I tried that, somebody would probably call the cops, Once read in the police blotter a concerned citizen called the GVPD cause a stranger knocked on the door looking for odd jobs.

The only thing I can say is I don't take in strays no more. If your legs are working, then there is no need to go hungry AND not feed your family. I ain't preaching here. No theory about feeding the homeless. I can just tell you what I have done. Might work for you, might not. That was for Paul E. To each his own.

As far as our War on Drugs thang, the routes have now moved from South America thru Central America and it ain't pretty. Friendly, relative safe places for travelers like Honduras and Guatemala are now dangerous, out of control and a mess. Its the drug routes. Plus, the mules are now getting hooked on meth and it ain't pretty. Very sad to see. Turning into another Mexico.

In fact, my vacation down in Ecuador and ColOmbia last year was quite enlightening. Talked to a truck driver from Panama. He told me never never go to Mexico. Too dangerous. Word is out that the truckers (legitimate legal drivers) as soon as they hit southern Mexico, drivers are pulled out of their rigs and shot. Not even robbed and left by the side of the road to walk home, just shot. That is why he is now driving in ColOmbia and Ecuador. Much safer.

When talking about the War on Drugs, no country is an island. Its Colombia, not Columbia you Yankee morons, lol. Ain't the Colombia of 20 years ago for sure once they drove the cartel deep into the hills.

Noticed the Obama/Holder Administration has decided not to prosecute folks who are moving less that 250 pounds of weed. That is either a sign that they have lost the war or they are only going for the big boys and girls. Guess they will leave it up to the States and local lawmen to bust folks transporting 249 pounds of dope.

Todd Juvinall

BillT, excellent life story and one anyone can be proud of. One thing about the liberals here on these threads is they are mostly "silver spooners" and never had to fight for things like you did.

I have tried to be a kind and good person as you seem to be, sometimes I failed some times I didn't.

I rented a home for women coming out of rehab for a few years. They had been incarcerated and they had kids. No one locally would rent to them and I guess I was it. They ended up owing 5K in back rent, left the home in trash (many trips to the dump) and caused me grief because their scofflaw boyfriends or fathers of their numerous kids would come by and beat on them. But those girls knew every single government program where they could get money and help. Only one of them was trying to maintain a rational employed life but her anger issues caused her to lose the job.

Regardless I rented to them for four years and tried all I could to help but to no avail (recidivist to drug and alcohol addictions). We get smacked by these lefties who would never think to help these folks and yet we never mention their lack of effort or compassion. These resident libs trash you and other even getting into their personal alleged dating or economics. While they are mostly sucking off the system for most of their lives (or their parents).

I enjoy your writing, and now, get out to the back 40 and clear that brush.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Juvinall:

Home for Battered Women? Great place to pick up dates. I know, I know. I have said it before, but this time it's the real McCoy. She really is The ONE. I knew it the moment I saw her walking out of rehab.

Yep, if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane. Hard to smile thru hard times though.

Todd, when they call you various unflattering names, wear it as a Badge of Honor. Sometimes we deserve it, most of the times we don't. Don't matter. Sometimes I take the bait as well.

I am a racist, mean as a stone, cold as a rock, uncaring as a fence post, uglier than buzzard guts dragged down nine miles of dirt road, and the things I did not say or write (but you libs all know what I really meant, lol)...those things could make a freight train take a dirt road. Big deal. Nobody can ever accuse me worse than the stuff I already beat myself up over long ago.

Especially love the Southern redneck cross burning gun toting Bible thumping illiterate blue blood Jethro Bodine comparisons. Guilty as charged Your Honorable Discharge. Me bad, me so bad My Excellent-ass. Yes, My Lard, you are correct. Time for your pacifier and please quit playing with your food at the table.

Just look at what they try to do to Dr. Rebane. He cannot even bring up an objective topic such as crime or race relationships or public school education without the libs running to play those old tapes in their heads and replaying them over and over again. Can you say "time warp"? Talk about Chicago thugs gunning down kids and it is like he is George Wallace, not George Rebane. Dr. Rebane is really Dr. Jack Kevorkian in disguise or is it Dr. Evil? How do we really know Dr. Rebane's first name isn't Jack? Can't believe everything you read. And so forth and so on and on.

Todd, nobody knows us except the things we reveal in candid moments. I ain't here to make friends. I already have a pet. I am here for a discussion of ideas more than events, generally. And, yes, we all have an angel on the right shoulder and a devil on the left shoulder. Just that we conservatives are loath to say the devil made us to it or some other lame excuse/lie.

Todd Juvinall

BillT how true. The resident libs here can't wait to call George a racist for saying something like "raghead" to describe a jihadi terrorist murdering swine but will call a fellow American a whitebread cracker or "teabagger" knowing that term is a sexual one. Yep, I think and have said that the liberal, even all the one's on these threads are self loathing schmucks who feel better when they think they can call others names that they would be beheaded for in Iran or Yemen.

Every time one of us says anything about ourselves these lefty jackals try and leverage it into something bad and spread it around to all their pals. Too funny.


Bot Todd, take a breath[e] (sic)! We called Teabaggers 'Teabaggers' because when they announced their formation they called themselves 'Teabaggers' without realizing the slang meaning. Now if I have know meaning number four I would have been calling you a Teabagger for years!


Darn, I forgot the link!


Todd Juvinall

The difference between we conservatives and you liberals Frisch is we would not have called you anything. If I was a lib like you I probably would have called you fatboy or some other derogatory thing. But I didn't. But you can take solace in that I fully expect a lib such as you to be down in the gutter looking up at the teabag. Too funny.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Frisch. Speaking only for myself, the term Teabaggers never bothered me at all in the least. When someone explained the sexual definition to me, I said big deal. Besides, tea bagging isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Most probably feign offense if asked privately.

According to definition #1, that would mean the Redcoats arriving in the colonies with shipments of tea, thus the Boston Tea Party. Or the British arriving in Gandhi's India. And taxes there as well. Either way, it didn't work out too good for our friends and allies across the pond. Hmmm. Tea and Taxes? Maybe Taxed Enough Already has historical meanings beyond fun and games between consenting adults.

Now I most certainly fall into #3. At least currently. Then, when I am old(er) and uglier I will fall another notch down the hierarchy.

Thank you for the definitions, sicko. :)

Bill Tozer

Mr. Juvinall.

"but you can take solace in that I fully expect a lib such as you to be down in the gutter looking up at the teabag."

My, Todd, your writing skills have improved dramatically. I may borrow this quote from you. Excellent choice of words. Keep up the good work.

Todd Juvinall

Thanks BillT. Use it freely and without charge. I have a long way to go though to match your writing skills.

Bill Tozer

Here is a guy who need how to write:


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