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26 September 2013



I guess I'm feeling the first bite of the unaffordable health tax.
There is one med. I take that no longer seems to be available.
After mining the web to see if some breakdown in the supply chain,
not much was to be found. So that left me scratching my nuts in wonder.
After calling back most of the drug stores in town the reason was clear. None of the insurance Co.'s were covering it's cost, and I'm one of the few up here that get prescribed it. So,, why bother to even stock the shelves, even down at distribution. The cheap stuff gives me a real short fuse.
This is just one drug. How many more are in the same boat?
And things haven't even really gotten started with this grand, "managed" care. " Here.. Take a pill"... Sure. If only I could get it.
( Green eggs and ham tastes like crap. I took the first bite for ya'.)
NO Uncle Sam,,, I tried your green eggs and ham. You said "I'd love it".
But No I don't,, I say,, go shove it.

Bill Tozer

Sustainability, sustainability. Used to be a code word for shopping local, raising some chickens and dabble in the barter system. Making a solar powered blender for those parties on the redwood deck. Making your own soap and boiling sea water for your salt. No problem with the back to nature stuff. Makes one feel like Daniel Boone (without that part about carving his name into a poor defenseless tree boasting about killin a fuzzy bear).

Government uses a definition of sustainability from a galaxy far far way.

Lets take something benign and uncontroversial such as gasoline taxes. A real yawner. People are driving cars with better mileage, including hybrids and such. The economy has tanked so people are working less, driving to work less and driving less period. Don't see the hoards of Sunday drivers going on a leisurely afternoon long cruises as much as them good old days.

The result of consuming fewer gallons of petro? Government is bringing in less revenue. The sky is falling!! Another crisis for sure. Solution? Raise gasoline taxes and figure out a way to get those who drive all electric vehicles to pay their fair share. Greedy drivers of all electric cars using the public roadways for free. Government built those bridges and roadways and it wasn't free. Government's answer to sustainability is to tax. Forget about the sickening poor who get hurt the hardest. Raise the gas tax and raise it yesterday if not sooner.

Lets pick on Obamacare, or The Afforable Care Act if you prefer. Another yawner. To make it sustainable, lets cut Medicare. Grand idea. Take 400 billion out of Medicare and cut some fat. Lets have that fabulous employer mandate which is the key to sustainability. Let's front load all the goodies and back load all the costs. That be sustainable at its finest.

Problem is the Medicare cuts (savings) have been delayed, the employer mandate has been delayed, 17 other grand "savings" items have been delayed which means not only will Government have to tax the shit out of us all in 6 years to make up for all the unsustainable costs of the first 4 years, it won't be affordable or caring. The Affordable Care Act won't be sustainable, won't reduce the deficit, won't balance the budget, and won't ever shrink in size or even pay for itself. Pay more for less.

Michael Anderson

That's some pretty fancy math, George. Very nice. Very nice that you get to choose the variables.

George Rebane

MichaelA 1114pm - Interesting assessment on the 'fanciness' of the math. But more interesting is what other variables would you have chosen???

Bill Tozer


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