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11 October 2013


Michael Anderson

George wrote: "And if local zoning and general plans have to be changed, so be it or federal monies will be cut off."

Well then, do whatever the hell you want. Just don't take federal money. Federal money always comes with strings. Since the dawn of time.

Am I missing something here?

Michael Anderson

BTW George, all is quiet at RR regarding the exploding story about Pascale Fusshoeller, co-founder of Yubanet. What's your take?

Here's my take:
Susan Levitz is being denied her constitutional right to marry whoever she dang well pleases. As a citizen of this country, this offends me greatly, and the law needs to be re-adjusted to allow US citizens to marry illegal immigrants if they are in truly committed relationships. If sui juris marriages are recognized, why not marriage to illegals? I suspect this is more blowback from stupid 9/11 laws pushed by Ashcroft and now being upheld by the Holder crowd.
They have lived together for 15 years. They married within weeks of the Supreme Court failing to uphold DOMA and squashing the Prop. 8 appeal. This is what they do: http://www.nevadacityadvocate.com/nevada-city/3702.html

And now we have ICE getting ready to send Pascale back to Luxemburg as fast as it possibly can. Isn't this the federal thuggery that you constantly allude to? WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE?

Not only that, we have Sheriff Mack coming to town, and he believes that local jurisdictions should be deciding drug policy, doesn't support the War on Drugs, and Sheriff Royal has decided not to introduce him most likely as a result of this disconnect. Does Sheriff Mack support ICE running around the countryside, removing legal spouses from their home counties in some bizarre and misguided attempt to protect us from terrorists? Probably not, is my guess.

Paul Emery has brought these subjects up numerous times, still with no answers at RR.

I guess we'll have to wait until October 18th to find out. As I said before, I'll be there with bells on my toes. Greg Goodknight, most annoying human being in the known universe, will you be there? Maybe we can meet personally for the first time. You too Todd. Perfect venue for a great ol' RR blog hoe down. Lookin' forward to it.

George Rebane

MichaelA 803pm - Yes Michael, you've missed my humble 'just say no' campaign in which for some years now I've been trying to encourage NC Supes to get some backbone in their accepting monies from above.

1004pm - There are complications in the circumstances of her arrest. But my outrage is that she would have been and would be treated differently were she Hispanic. White European illegal aliens don't have the same legal stature as Hispanics do. It is not politically incorrect to deport a gainfully employed European illegal alien.

I want to see how this plays out, but constitutionally the illegal alien issue is a federal affair. The several states cannot and should not have the right to make their own peculiar immigration and citizenship laws as long as we are a federal republic and not a confederacy. The best they should do is to aid and abet the enforcement of federal immigration laws within their jurisdictions (like Arizona attempted to do), just like they would for other federal laws.

Gerry Fedor

So what you're saying is that it's a "worthwhile" proposition to have the government shut down as it saves us money?

Sorry guys it doesn't work that simply as I have a part-time consulting contract with Bayer and they spent $23.7 million on research, which will all be flushed unless they can get get the FDA staff out there to certify specific aspects.

This is similar to numerous Federal projects, but just remember that all Federal staff will still get their paychecks......

Was is Dire straits who had the song "money for nothing" as it seems applicable in this case.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. You brought up several points, all good. The one that sticks with me more than unleashing the IRS upon political opponents (say you say Nixonian? That's right, I knew you could)...hmmm...more than the IRS and Fast and Furious to make gun owners look bad IS this National Monument/National Park thing. It gets under my skin and stays there. Closing open space from the taxpayers sums up the whole ball of wax. Not even a pretense of reason. Not even an attempt to hide the charade. Ozzie the tent maker must be working overtime to cover Mount Rushmore and the Smokey Mountains.

No pretense. Just like closing down White House tours because of the Sequester. Especially sweet since it has come to light with irrefutable evidence that the whole Sequester idea gushed forth from the White House and that explains why President Obama so eagerly signed it. He signed it to blame them evil Republicans after he rejected recommendations from his own Special Blue Ribbon Panel, even members of his own party. Ain't that special.

The bad thing about the slim down is that Obama decided to cancel his very very important trip to Bali, a major economic power and our most dependable indispensable ally, both economic and strategic. Ain't that special as well.

Mr. Fedor is correct. Every body will get paid. But, what really has the federal workers losing sleep is that the general population might actually think that cutting out 350,000 Federal public servants may be a good thing and not a bad thing. Just imagine nobody missing ya or even noticing your absence. The federal workers don't think that is at all special.

Todd Juvinall

Pascale Fusshoeller should be allowed to stay.

George Rebane

GerryF 1118pm - I believe it is good to shut down the govt bureaucracies now and then in order to take stock. I have argued for years that the federal and state governments are overstaffed by hundreds of thousands of faceless bureaucrats seeking to give purpose to their lives by hindering ours. During shutdowns, not of the pernicious Obama kind, we can directly measure the impacts as I have recently pointed out. The progressives' and bureaucrats' fear is, as Mr Tozer's 1155pm again reminds us, that we taxpayers will discover how useless they are. (Recall that public service employees are not taxpayers from any expenditures resulting from their government paid benefits.)

Todd Juvinall

George that is a good analysis. I have wondered how, under our Constitution did the SCOTUS determine many years ago that there are expenditures that are a right from our treasury. Meaning mandated spending on auto pilot.


As a citizen of this country, this offends me greatly........ coupled with..... And now we have ICE getting ready to send Pascale back to Luxemburg as fast as it possibly can. Isn't this the federal thuggery that you constantly allude to? WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE?

I don't know Michael....at our...and Ms. Fusshoellers level we apparently don't get to enjoy selective outrage. Looks like Ms. Fusshoeller might have to "take one for the team" in order for Team Thug to retain some semblance of even handedness. I'm sure the lefty lobby is working furiously behind the scenes to right this wrong...they might still salvage your weekend.

Paul Emery

George 11 October 2013 at 10:56 PM

"for some years now I've been trying to encourage NC Supes to get some backbone in their accepting monies from above. "

I didn't hear you speak out when the Sheriffs department received $50,000 from the Feds for pot eradication earlier this year. Acceptance required the Sheriffs Dept to report all instances of cultivation to the Feds no matter how small. I wonder if your fave Sheriff Mack would have taken the dough.

Todd Juvinall

Fish, you hit the nail on the head about selective outrage. Interesting how the Obama lover's and everything Federal are now PO'd and "outraged" at them. But knowing how fickle a liberal can be, they will be back ass kissing them tomorrow.

George Rebane

PaulE 1028am - I think you may have missed the point again. If someone wants to give you money (which is 'found money') with no other strings to do something that you want to do anyway, then why would you not accept it? My 'just say no' advice is for taking monies that come with a thick 'owner's manual' that obligates us to do things we don't want to do. If we cannot negotiate down the money's onerous provisions, then we should very loudly and publicly say 'no!', and invite other jurisdictions to join us in such refusals to advocate for increased local control.

Now you may disapprove of the purpose that Sheriff Royal got his $50K, but that's another issue. Besides doing what I do on 'just say no' (basically continuing to lobby the Supes), I have little capability or time for it given the life I live. I invite you and others similarly motivated to join my effort and advocate keeping our monies as local as possible, along with the decision making for its uses.

The snarky tactic of 'where were you when ...?' applied to every instance of someone's understandable limited scope of actions is an old debating saw that works mostly with light thinkers.


I see the " FREE Pascale Fusshoeller " has started.
The Bee has the story, and most of the LIB regulars
here have chimed in. ( How dare we deport an illegal)
I do believe this is where "Karma" comes into play.
It was just a matter of time before it caught up.
How many jobs did YubaNet have a role in snuffing?
They (her) was all over IMM like a stinky tie-dye
dirty shirt. They also were (are) anti dredging
and spewed whatever Sierra Fund fed them.
Like I said... "Karma" has come back to bite.


Someone needs to check the voter roles to see if this woman voted.
How come I get the feeling she did?

Steve Loomis

Did she pay any income tax for her years here?

Todd Juvinall

Just let her aty for goodness sakes. She is now a married person and let it alone. ICE should release her and let her come home. She can then get a green card. The world will not end if this one little woman stays. I have never met her for anyone who cares.

Paul Emery


Here are the strings attached to the contract signed by the BOS in offer to accept the grant for Federal cash . I would think you would be concerned as you are someone who, along with Sheriff Mack, is on the record as having opposed the War on Drugs and the expense it involves. This is just another example of how local agencies become hooked on Federal funding, something that the scope of this posting expresses concern about. So the explicit nature of this grant requires hat the local Petunia inspectors repport all activity to the Feds. A pretty cheap buy in to give the Feds detailed information about our County residents. This was downplayed by the Sheriff but the fact remains this was part of the contract signed to get the grant.

"MANDATORY requirement for THE AGENCY to utilize the Web -based DEA Internet Capability Endeavor(DICE) or if applicable the Firebird based DEA Analysis/Response Tracking System (DARTS) to report all statistics and seizures per incident, to include the submission of significant items for de-confliction and information sharing purposes."


Account Deleted

Who needs the feds as jack-booted thugs when you have the Kalifornia govt? SB683 was just signed into law. I would love to hear the lefties out there explain to us again about black voter suppression in light of this bill. Why not a poll tax and written test before allowing anyone to vote? Or to write a letter to the editor, or post online, or ... Whoops! - then that would apply to this as well.If the lefties didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards. (apologies to A. Coulter)
Do we have Constitutional rights or do we not?

Bill Tozer

Mr. Raul E. I see your obsession with marijuana continues unabated. Glad to see you cry "Foul" on more regs concerning this particular issue this. Encroachment, 5 yard penalty. Say What?? Only 5 yards. Send the scoundrels to the locker room! Yes, Mr. Emery, only 5 yards...

Will Granny get her medical marijuana for her cancer? Remember regs are not necessarily laws, but they sure look, smell, act, and think like a law. Its what we NOT of the socialist "common good clause" have been bitching about for years.

Concerning the illegal alien from Luxemburg: Objectively, here some thoughts. Like many a politician from Nixon to Clinton, and from corporations to little homemaker Martha Steward have come to find out, the coverup is worse than the crime every time. Lying to an officer of the law is no small matter. Its a huge matter and puts one in a totally different category. Forget the reasons why. Its not like she was lying to the Nazis when asked if she was hiding Jews. No, she lied to save her own skin. Plus, one cannot overlook overstaying her visa by 15 years. Had plenty of time take the initiative. That's the object side of me.

Now that she is facing several charges instead of a measly immigration hold, the picture of her as the model of a good person has been damaged (in the eyes of the law). If she was a Mexican National, she most likely would have been issued a citation with a court date on it or where to mail the mula for the traffic violation. But nooooo! Driving without auto insurance is kinda frowned upon by most people. Auto insurance companies don't take a liking to having an insured policy holder lending their vehicles to unlicensed motorists. Still, it was all petty until she crossed the line and impersonated another driver. LE frown upon being lied to as well. Think they call it obstructing justice. No longer a innocent traffic violation.

If sent to her homeland, she will probably be sent to the back of the line. Maybe, maybe not. Many many folks marry forn-ners on a daily basis and have their spouses come over here to live under permanent residence status. If she is sent to the back of the line, we will see her again in about 18 years. We are a nation of laws and man o man, I broke a few hundred of them in my time. But I never lied about it and always got a slap on the wrist (or a lighter sentence) and of course a lighter wallet. Worse part is being put in confinement 23 hours a day with a cell mate who constantly passes has bad gas.

Bill Tozer

Fed overreach at local level?

Ok, these are the people who are running the show? Just like when the IRS took over a perfectly good bordello outside Reno and ran it into bankruptcy.


George Rebane

ScottO 646pm - No, the Constitution resides now in the dead letter office.

Gerry Fedor

Walt, I think she pulled a Kopecky and didn't vote.....


Dr. Rebane, will the appearance of Sheriff Mack be videotaped and available on the internet? If so, please post the link when it arrives. Thanks!

George Rebane

Fuzz 815am - Yes, the talk will be videotaped (by a volunteer) and "it will be available eventually", but no plan certain has been made for how/when that will occur. Best to come and enjoy the show.

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