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18 October 2013


Russ Steele

Sheriff Mack is sold out. Full House. People waiting in line an hour before the doors open. This is going to be one hell of a show. Stay tuned.

Russ Steele

Rep LaMalfa in the crowd, saw Sheriff Royal greeting people in the audience.

Russ Steele

Great show by Sheriff Mack. Now all we have to do is follow up on his suggestions for creating the barriers to federal rule. He makes an excellent case for starting that action at the County level. From the ovations, one can conclude that 400 plus people in Nevada County agree. I travel in conservative circles in the County, but when I looked at the list of VIPs who signed up for some one-on-on time with the Sheriff Mack, I did not recognize more than 25%. of the people on the list. There appears to be more conservatives in Nevada County than I suspected. It was a superb event, the Republican Ladies should be extremely proud of their accomplishments.

Account Deleted

We were sorry to miss Sheriff Mack as we had a prior commitment. Glad to hear it's well attended. I'll be sure to read and hear all of the different accounts of his appearance.

George Rebane

Yes, big attendance from all sides of the aisle. The city councils and the BoS were not represented, but the GV police chief was there with Sheriff Royal. Met with all the principals. Jo Ann and I were Sheriff Mack's in town chauffeurs - good man. His message to us tonight was an old refrain of RR - to the higher governments that impose unconstitutional diktats on local government, 'Just Say No!' More later.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane penned "The rest of the town’s progressive pundits (pinheads?) will do their usual thing of just keep calling him an extreme rightwinger, and leave it at that."

Hear, hear, True as day follows nights. Wonder when the libs will ask Sheriff Mack his stance on abortion or the death penalty. They will project and find something to tar the Sheriff with for sure. Tar with a broad brush. Make him appear like Obama's disdain: "folks clinging to their guns and Bibles." A true terrorist.

About the divided powers of the Federal Government, there was a good reason that the Constitution gave The House the power of the purse strings. All funding must come from The House of Representatives, not the Senate and not Obama's executive orders. To go along and give any President any/all funding he/she demands without negotiations and or input would be for The House to relinquish its Constitutional duty and role.

Concerning extended unemployment bennies, that is a no-brainer. Denmark and Sweden and Norway found out the same thing. People will stay on unemployment until the end, then miraculously seek and obtain employment. True as day follows night. Think it was Denmark that once had unemployment for 6 years and everybody stayed on it 5 7/8 years. Then they lowered it to 4 years and everybody stayed on the dole until right before the hourglass was about to run out of sand. Now they lowered it to 2 years and...as day follows night again. Ronald Reagen put it simple and best: Pay a man not to work and he will not work.

Anxiously awaiting to hear impressions/feedback of Sheriff Mack's appearance by the lucky attendees.

Michael Anderson

Mister Tozer, my new BFF (sorry fish, I am still trying to find my way with you), check out my review of Richard Mack's presentation on another thread that I just posted. I was there with bells on my toes (well, not actually bells) but I did enjoy the presentation. I was sad to see that Todd and Greg were absent. Oh well.


So sorry to disappoint you, Mike. Still in your head? Das is aber schade. Why did you think I'd be going?

There's always Mnozil Brass at Mondavi on Tuesday. Not yet sold out, but close.

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