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14 November 2013



Looky what hidden tax is funneled into Obummercare.

"If you are single with an adjusted gross income of $200,000 or file jointly with an income of $250,000 or more, you may be impacted. Once you sell your home, any profits over the first $500,000 are already subject to a capital gains tax. And now those profits will have an additional 3.8% tax to fund Obamacare."

Any place they could squeeze a dime out of, to fund this dog and pony show.


The Big Squeeze has come full circle. The insurance companies who thought they were going to profit from Obamacare have now joined the ranks of the screwed. We are all equal now!
The next promise to fall: "I will not sign a bill that will add a dime to the deficit."


The WSJ article has the following gem:
"Today's tax exclusion for employer-provided health coverage should be capped so that people would not get a bigger tax break by buying more extensive and expensive insurance."

That just perpetuates the distortion the FEDs have left undisturbed since the 1940's... Employer provided insurance doesn't need to be capped, it needs to be taxed like all other income so that those who are not getting employer benefits are not paying more than their share.

Make it all taxable, with a one time adjustment in the income tax tables in order to make the change revenue neutral. Once people aren't getting "Platinum" plans for free from their employer, they'll be wanting insurance that better fits their own circumstances, and people who aren't getting employer benefits might even get tax refunds large enough to take the sting out of buying their own policy.

George Rebane

Gregory 1249pm - Agreed.


"O" sure knows how to pick'm. One is more Marxist than the next.

During her confirmation hearing Thursday, Janet Yellen, President Obama’s nominee to become chairman of the Federal Reserve, said she will pursue policies that hurt people who try to build up wealth, claiming that impoverishing savers serves the collective good of society.

“I understand that savers are hurt by this policy,” Yellen said under questioning from Republican Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns about low interest rates.

Johanns told Yellen that her policies “are very, very hard on certain segments of our society.”


What next? The 401K will be outlawed? ( LIBS have been figuring out how to get away with taking them away, to spend, before "O" even got elected.)

Bill Tozer

What a contrast. During the shut down, Obama said to make 'em hurt. I am still peeved about old crippled WW2 vets locked out of an open air war memorial, perhaps the very last time they can see it before they die. Last Doolittle reunion was last week. MAKE THEM HURT.

The R's have been trying unsuccessfully to ease the hurt of BarackObamacare and have been branded as extremists, out of touch with any semblance of main stream, radical, anti-BarackObama, racists and destroying their own Republican party for the next 50 years. Look what they say and said about Cruz when he went to the mat to delay implementation of BarackObamacare. Now, the Dems want to join the party. At least they came to their senses.

The only difference between the evil Republicans and the rats leaving the ship Dems is that all the Dems bailing out voted for BarackObamacare and zero R's voted for it. Better late than never...er...even if it is just for a year. Hate to see what the rates will be in 2015 after the insurance companies take in anal cavity in 2014.

Bill Tozer

Well, two mysteries solved, and one mystery added.

First and foremost, we know now who is the face of Glitch Girl, the wholesome looking lassie who had her image removed from the healtchcare.gov site. She is a legal resident, a Colombian national, and did not like being lampooned on the web with her mug going viral. And no, she has not signed up for BarackObamacare on the exchanges. And no, she received no compensation for her picture being used.

2) OK, Obama changed his mind as his poll numbers for likeability, trustworthiness, and honesty hit all time lows. Down near W's numbers were at the height of the Iraq War in November, 2005. A good politician usually sees the light and amends his errant ways.

3) Now the mystery. Heard on KNCO this morning that Blue Shield of CA has dropped all individual coverage for the 95959 zip code as well as NJS. They also dropped all of Yuba County and Sutter County. The mystery is will they change their mind? Of the countless insurers that have dropped out of the individual insurance market across the fruited plain, how many will come back? Or, more importantly, after all this hassle and broken promises from The White House, how many will simply NOT participate in the exchanges going forward? Can't blame them. As of Jan 1, 2014, the good folks of NSJ will have only one carrier to choose from.

Does anybody know the answer to this mystery, or will we all find out the answer when we open the BarackObama gifts under the Christmas tree. Happy New Year's Tiny Tim.


Bill. Count on the resident Left to stay as silent as possible.
They were the rooting section for all this. We got called all sorts of names for
speaking ill of "O" and Co. , and his signature healthcare sca,,,,I mean plan..

Well,, I guess they can claim "they made everyone equal".... Now, hardly anyone has health insurance. See? Mission accomplished.

Paul Emery


I'd like to read the article ‘A Conservative Alternative to Obamacare’ that you linked in your post but it's behind a pay wall. Any ideas how I can read it?


Paul, any WSJ article behind the paywall can be read by googling the title. You'll get a link from google that works if clicked from the google search results. Send the link to someone and it won't work.

I suspect it isn't an accidental back door but rather Google paying, since they get your eyeballs first.

On another front, Obama's polling continues to dive:


In aeronautical lingo "O"'s "nose dive" ,, will soon be known as " augured in".

Bill Tozer

The question remains: Do you think BarackObama has the skill to legalize 44 million illegals over the next decade?

Walt: Character does matter, despite what the Anthony Wiener supporters say. If you don't think so, would you vote for a woman who likes to take crotch shots of herself and send them to guys she has never met? A married woman politician who rents male prostitutes?


But, Mr. Walt, BarakObama's perceived dishonestly aside, let's look at his job approval ratings issue by issue, shall we? The good news for President BarackObama is a majority of those polled approves of the way he is fighting terrorism. All other issues not so good.


Bill Tozer

Mr. Paul, saw this poll and thought of you. I know you are interested in this kind of stuff.


There is another poll that shows Republicans have taken a 3 point lead, but that is within the margin of error so I won't post that poll.

Never wise to take one's armor off before the battle begins.

Paul Emery

It's not my battle Bill.

Obama's job ratings are low indeed but nothing compared to Bush's.
It's good to put these thngs in perspective.

Here's RCP's average polls

Obama 41.7 Approve 53.4 disapprove 11.7 diff


Bush 29 Approve 65.2 disapprove 36.2 diff


Bill Tozer

Obama says he is not stupid. Well, he is a stupid liar. This insurance fix (#2 now when you consider his first employer mandate fix)...his insurance fix today is just another friggin lie. There ain't enough time. Ain't going to happen.

Sure, Obama placated his party and a whole bunch of angry Americans. Then he threw the fix onto the hated evil money grubbing insurance companies. More smoke and mirrors and more friggin lies.

For insurance regulators and health insurance carriers, though, this supposed glide path is about to create a whole bunch of headaches. They have been expecting, for years now, that these insurance plans would be phased out of the market in 2014 — and have planned accordingly.

Here's how Robert Laszewksi, an insurance consultant, put it in a note to clients earlier this morning:

This means that the insurance companies have 32 days to reprogram their computer systems for policies, rates, and eligibility, send notices to the policyholders via US Mail, send a very complex letter that describes just what the differences are between specific policies and Obamacare compliant plans, ask the consumer for their decision — and give them a reasonable time to make that decision — and then enter those decisions back into their systems without creating massive billing, claim payment, and provider eligibility list mistakes.

All by January 1


Perhaps BarrackObama's (of BarrackObamacare fame) own hometown newspaper said it best:


Todd Juvinall

BillT, isn't it funny how the unattached politically always whine and complain and deny affection for either party (while saving their most vociferous comments to the R's) and the n they claim it not their battle. Yep, just like the ditty from Germany in the 30's. First they came for...


Since Paul has claimed more than once "he has no dog in this fight". Really?
It sure appears he's bet the farm, and all his chips are on "Blue".
Did Paul vote? If not, he's got no place to gripe either way.

Ponzi scams are illegal. ( which pretty much describes "O"care.) unless it's
the government's Ponzi scam, and the Progressives dreamed it up. then it's fine and dandy. That still doesn't make the scam work any better.

Todd Juvinall

I was visited at the R booth at the Fair by PaulE almost every year. He was coming from the D booth each time. This year he did not stop to get his corn dogs I lost to him in a bet.

Paul Emery


If you would have observed me more carefully you would have seen I spent most of my time in the Libertarian booth where the true Conservatives hang out.


I voted for Gary Johnson this time around. No more Republicrats for me


Sorry Paul,, I do recall you mentioning that in the past.
No Repubs you say? So I take it you will be "voting" Tea party
from here on out? We all know full well a Conservative Progressive
is as illusive as Bigfoot. ( at least here in the U.S.)

Paul Emery

Most "tea partiers" are Republicans once they get to the voting booth. Speak loudly and carry a weak stick.

George Rebane

PaulE 524pm - given the choice between more-socialist-than-ever Dems and the so-so Repubs who at least ran 'tea party candidates', what's weak about voting for the latter?

Todd Juvinall

Walt, PaulE votes for losers with no chance of making a difference of any sort. Must be frustrating.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Paul: Glad you compared Obama's numbers to President George W. Bush's, once again reinforcing my hypothesis that you see everything thru the prism of Bush and Marihuana. I concede on occasion you season the kettle with a sprinkling of the dastardly White Anglo Male Protestants (a minority of the world's population)to the mix as we struggle to breathe under the oppressor's thumb. That is why I seldom enter the confines of Nevada City, CA. Too many Northern European descendants running around controlling everything, especially the Planning Commission and City Council. If only they could get some people of color in charge, I might even entertain the notion of visiting more often. Truthfully, I have been thrown out of much better places than Nevada City. Too many white folk and not enough places to shoot hoops. But I digress.

The link I posted (and drew your attention to) was not about President George W Bush or BarrakObamaca. It was about how quickly things can turn around in politics. I foolishly thought it was you posting with glee all the polls about the Republican Party devouring itself and losing all prospects of winning anything in the next few years. That was during the government slim down, but how easily we forget.

I apologize for thinking it was you who was interested in the Republican Party's demise. The Buck stops here.

Nothing the media finds juicier than a political party turning on itself. I suppose the Dems who stormed the White House two days ago got the media all tanked up and hunting for bear. They are now asking rather disrespectful questions of BarrackObama and BarrackObamacare. The Slim down is old news, yesterday's discarded and forgotten headlines littering the floor of the DNC

Just wait until the vast huge majority of working class folks start losing their employer sponsored health insurance in 2015. That will make the insignificant minority of people losing their individual health insurance seem like a gnat on an elephant's backside..

BarrackObama continues to divide America. Instead of the rich and poor, we will have the old and sickly who love BarrackObamacare and those who do not. Not in the least.

Sometimes saying you are sorry is not enough. He's sorry alright. He is certainly one sorry SOB as the leader of the greatest nation on Earth. At least the Buck stops at BarrackObamacare, the law he signed with much joyous hoopla,...almost...sort of...well, maybe it stops with his underlings.

Bill Tozer

Well, at least BarrackObama kept one promise he made concerning BarrackObamacare: it won't add a dime to the deficit.

Favorite line from CNN's article:

"Political panic rarely makes for sound, considered policy decision-making," one health care executive said, in reaction to the president's proposal.


Joe Koyote

Todd 5:40 -- speaking of losers, it must be frustrating to be a Romney or McCain voter as well.


Most "tea partiers" are Republicans once they get to the voting booth. Speak loudly and carry a weak stick.

Hey everyone...the "political agnostic" is back. Wonder what he has to say?

Todd Juvinall

Joe Koyote | 15 November 2013 at 10:47 PM

Yes it is frustrating MichaelA. But guess what? At least I get one once in a while, you and PaulE NEVER get a winner. So, for that MCCain and Romney I have Bush, Reagan, Bush, all my Congressmen, State Senator and Assemblyman, most Supes and locals office holders. I can take a few moments of frustration, you live it totally all day all the time.

Bill Tozer

Another good quote:

"If this is so good for the people, then why do
you have to penalize somebody for not signing up?” he said, referring to the $95 first-year fine for people who don’t buy insurance. “They ought to be flocking to it and you ought to have to just turn people away. That’s not the case.”...Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens

In October, just 536 Georgians were able to sign up on the exchanges.

Now, with millions of cancellation notices already received by the American public (before Thursday's turn of events), one would expect at least a few hundred thousand of them cancelled folks would sign up for BarackObamacare. Maybe they are waiting til after Christmas or just got busy doing what the American public does in their lives. Why buy in November when you are paid thru December? Still, these preliminary numbers can't all be blamed on Glitch Girl. Think I will go back to my wait and see attitude.


With all this talk about BarackObama and BarackObamacare and insurance companies and cancellations notices, I think someone better keep an eye on the American public and not spend so much time covering BarackObama's backside. Isn't this all about the public and not our politicans anyway? Oppps. The American public is starting to speak loud and clear, in actions and not just in words.

George Rebane

For a comprehensive and no-nonsense summary of the Community Organizer's performance on Obamacare, please read Dan Hanson's 'Oh Yes Mr Obama, You're Stupid Enough' on Ricochet.

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