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23 November 2013



Again...not paying the Union to see the same recycled lefty bilge.

Account Deleted

Expect more of this, George. In the fed govt and especially in states like California, the libs are in semi or total control. And it's becoming more and more obvious that they are failing. They are getting what they want and they need some one to blame for the results. Of course there is no logic to their complaints about the Tea Party, but name calling will serve the purpose. How many in this nation are aware of what Bashir said about Palin? Can you imagine the response if some one on Fox had said that about FLOTUS? Obama and the leftists will over-play their hand. He started it with Obamacare and the results are turning the country against him. The nuclear option is the next blunder that Dems will end up regretting. Obama really believes the conservatives will never come back into power. He will pack the courts and all appointed offices with the most left wing nut cases he can. The next big test for the socialists will be when the Fed tries to "unwind" QE.
They want to stop buying govt debt and keep interest rates at zero. Be sure to have plenty of cold beer on hand to enjoy the merriment of that show.


Logging in and even pausing tracker blocking in my browser, the Firth piece isn't being served up by The Union.

I'd suggest Bashir receive the punishment he suggested Palin be given but I think he'd enjoy it too much for it to be effective.


I don't know why you all are so angry with The Union. Haven't you heard? It's really The Tea Party Gazette.


The Union.....??

I've been going to the "Onion".....difficult to tell the difference except The Onion has better production values.


The Union is pretty good for a small town newspaper, you just have to manage your expectations.

The scary thing is the readership... it isn't scientific, but 28% of the readers in the current poll think either LBJ's people or some agency of the government murdered JFK. A sad statement of how your neighbors are unable to muster enough rationality to see through the yarns spun by conspiracy kooks.

Barry Pruett

Jim Firth? This is the same guy that says all Republicans are evil. Yes...evil. You have to take anything this guy says with the requisite grain of salt. He is not interested in compromise; he is interested in supporting the extremist liberal agenda...an agenda that is destroying America.

Todd Juvinall

George, I love this rant! Keep it going.

Bill Tozer

I believe our gentle peace loving enlightened libhole friends are coming unhinged not because they are getting everything the want, including total control of everything. Nay, I believe the reason our higher companions are vomiting up vile and vulgarity upon us low life inbred obtuse hayseeds is because they are NOT getting everything they want.

First, our libhole friends who know what is best for everybody can feel their support slip sliding away. They hate opposition and the tiny little astro-turf tea party opposes just about 100% of the libholes' core values. They can sense that more and more of the general public is mocking them. That is diametrically opposed to they way they see themselves and rocks their foundation built on quicksand. Slip sliding away and no one to blame except them uncouth tea partiers. Lordy, Lordy, the libholes cannot allow themselves to look inwardly to see the real cause of their current dilemma.

Second, the kind big hearted caring libholes demand that we follow exactly in their footsteps, demand that we all condone their thoughts and actions, and demand we hillbillies worship they ground they walk upon. They HATE opposition. Any opposing views or perceived opposition gets their blood boiling. Thus the hatred of the little band of misfits know as the tea partiers or talk (gasp!) radio.

The libholes demand this, demand we talk and act and think a certain way. They demand that they control everything.

Libholes never understand there is a huge difference between a request and a demand. And they demand us simpletons condone their actions.

I will and do tolerate these control freaks only because that is the kind of man I am. But I will not condone their actions. Ain't going to happen.

Libholes are getting more and more unhinged by the day since BarackObamacare rolled out. Now they see themselves no longer as the captain of the ship, but in the awkward position of being in a leaky lifeboat as the cruise liner sails merrily on, leaving them behind. And we country bumpkins have the audacity to not thank them nor recognize their brilliance.

Maybe Charles Krauthammer is right. Maybe libholism is being set back on its pompous butt. That will cause any libhole worth their salt to shake in their boots (inwardly) and focus their uncontrollable anger, bile and hysteria on the tiny tea party outwardly. Like being in a car without brakes after doing the brake job yourself. Who to blame, oh who to blame?

Gerry Fedor

Not getting everything they want.....?

Is that the best you got going? Jeeze it, reminds me of a saying that a engineering guy once said about the current track of the conservative section of the Republican party.

I'll do my best to parlay this info....

The Republican party will either have to divide or fall. Their current track of listening to, and making the conservative cry-babies their first priority will destroy the party as they will continue to be the "old white guy party" - Nothing more, nothing less. If you look at the demographic changes in America (sorry old white guys) these constituents will be much like the Passenger Pigeon gone to Political Extinction.

Now they sit there and claim because the have someone like Ted Cruz in their ranks that they are "hip" to the concerns of the new populace, but they have no clue as to what is coming, and how to attract, and integrate this new section of America.

It's like the 400 people every year who get run over by a train, most people are adept enough and can hear it coming, but there are still people who run over because they are too busy listening to Rush on their headphones.

Bill, you make anyone with a brain laugh as it seems you have no idea as to what is actually going on "in the real world" as you, with many other dinosaurs here, are headed for extinction as you all want so bad to be right on any aspect.

From the economy to Climate Change, the right wants to continue down their road of denial while the rest of the world wonders - WTF is happening to America? How come these crazy right wing people are allowed to sit at the Adults Table?

What's even funnier/sadder is the the only hope that the Republican party has of re-claiming the Presidency (Chris Christy) has zero chance of making it through the conservative section of their party because waaaaay toooo many people in the American public would rather have Pee-Wee Herman running the government, than the group of clowns that you all think are the saviors of the USA.

I find it interesting that your leadership has their own crack-heads telling the American public that we should be testing welfare recipients for drug use, when their own membership should also be added to that list.

You shouldn't throw stones when you too, live in glass houses......

If you think Krauthhammer is right and the libholism is being set back? Then my friend you really need to take another look in the mirror, as you have no idea of the train that is going to run you over and dismantle your party from within in the next 30 years.

I predict that the conservative section of the Republican party will be a very small section/party in the American Political system, crying about this that and the other-thing, and the best thing that could happen to my Republican party is to remove them (much like cancer needs to be removed to keep a organ healthy).

Do you think that the recent government shut down looked bad on the Democrats, and that the American public will forget about these idiotic moves?

I hear the shells being loaded in for the next Republican Passenger Pigeon hunt right now.....

Account Deleted

Gerry is correct about the R's needing to change or die. Ask McConnell about the Tea Party and then duck. The last two Pres elections showed the R's can't win by being Dem-Lite. And the Tea Party can't win nationally on their own numbers. But he's wrong about "the rest of the world". Japan, Australia and Spain are already turning against the false claims about global disaster because of human use of carbon fuels. And many countries such as India and China have never seriously believed such bunk. China is opening new coal fired plants as fast as they can. Germany already knows their solar isn't paying off as they thought, even though they won't admit it officially. The left is winning the war in elections, but they can't change reality. The left claim they will equalize incomes, but they always do the opposite. As the fed govt grabs more economic power and money, the rich get richer and the middle class sink. The general populace will get angrier, but most of them are lacking the tools to make proper decisions about a new direction for our nation. You may say the conservatives are whiners, but they are the producers and they see their labors being excessively seized and wasted. That's not whining, that's protest of the sort that started this great nation.

Ben Emery

The funny thing is your description of Jim Firth is my description of your writing.

The filibuster was a tool to help protect the minority party from majority abuse. A very good example at how must obstruction has taken place over the last 6 plus years since the Republicans became the minority party in the US Senate. Lyndon Johnson was Senate majority leader for 6 years and the amount of filibusters or filibuster threats was less than ten. Harry Reid over the last 6 years has had to deal with nearly 400 filibuster or threats of filibusters. When abuse becomes status quo action must be taken. Again all your founding father lovers should be appalled at the filibuster rule that didn't get inserted into the US Senate rules until the 20th century. My complaint is that Harry Reid didn't have the sack to do it much earlier and we could have possibly gotten out of this recession/ depression already but instead we have made a dysfunctional economic system even more dysfunctional.

-Dow Jones closes above 16,000
-93% of economic gains/ income growth in US since 08' has gone to the top 1%
-Obama-Democrats-Republicans are pushing for Trans Pacific Partnership that will destroy the remainder of manufacturing in the US
-Since 2000 over 50,000 factories have shuttered up and between 7 - 12 million decent paying jobs have been lost in manufacturing (the reason for increased need for social programs)
-Obama administration let Bush tax break expire after an extension only to give the top 1% another 10% income tax break. Capital is still taxed lower than labor, incredible.
-$40 billion cut from food stamps while a deal is very near where $10 billion annually will be needed for our endless occupation of Afghanistan

The Republican and Democratic parties are imploding with corruption and if we want to save any decent parts of our nations government we need both parties to drastically change or dissolve.

Russ Steele

Reuters Analysis: U.S. businesses back Tea Party Republicans after shutdown

(Reuters) - Business groups waged a fierce lobbying campaign last month to convince Republicans to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling, but many of the most influential U.S. corporations have not cut off support to lawmakers who did not heed their appeal.

Eight of the most active business PACs wrote checks totaling $84,750 to 56 Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives after they voted against an October 16 deal to re-open the government that had been shut down since October 1 and avert an imminent debt default, according to a Reuters analysis.

It does not look like Big Business is abandoning the Tea Party. Libs can read the rest of the story at links here and weep:http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/11/23/US-Businesses-Back-Tea-Party-Republicans

George Rebane

GerryF 539am - Thank you for that expansive and informative comment. I'm not sure to what extent your views represent the country's progressive contingent, but let's be conservative (as is our bent) and take them to be representative.

It is then clear that progressives do not recognize the sentiments of the fraction of voters who voted in and maintained a Republican House and who voted for Romney. These people are insignificant. And since then our progressive countrymen have given no thought to the massive failures of the Obama administration and its congressional cohort in healthcare, the economy, and foreign policy.

In their eyes all is well, and only a small but rapidly diminishing irritation remains that reflects its attitudes in the multitude of erroneous polls which will correct themselves in due course. The sunrise of American socialism has occurred and the promised fundamental transformation proceeds unabated.

Ben Emery

You might not agree but I think you will like the interview. Watch or read the transcripts.



Re: Posted by: Russ Steele | 24 November 2013 at 08:04 AM

Just a drop by to keep all ya'll honest....a little selective editing by Mr. Steele should be day- lighted here....the same source article notes that the same business PAC's gave more than $247,000, or three times as much, to politicians who voted against the government shutdown since the event.


This is what happens when one goes to the actual source rather than Brietbarts' interpretation of the source.

Russ Steele


Note: I wrote, go to the links of on the Big Government Page for the rest of the story, which you did. Well Done.


Yes Russ, and presumably you did too, and choose not to report the rest of the story.


My complaint is that Harry Reid didn't have the sack to do it much earlier and we could have possibly gotten out of this recession/ depression already but instead we have made a dysfunctional economic system even more dysfunctional.

Yes because appointing more statist judges and administrators is going to really get this country on the right track economically!


If you think Krauthhammer is right and the libholism is being set back? Then my friend you really need to take another look in the mirror, as you have no idea of the train that is going to run you over and dismantle your party from within in the next 30 years.

Oh Gerry...you have no idea how right you are! The current republican party is going to implode like the Whigs.

You might want to start your market research for a new name for your team though. I'll give you one for free..."The Bagholders".


Just a drop by to keep all ya'll honest....a little selective editing by Mr. Steele should be day- lighted here....the same source article notes that the same business PAC's gave more than $247,000, or three times as much, to politicians who voted against the government shutdown since the event.

Seems like everybody has their hand out these days Steve! Darned shame....a formerly self sufficient nation reduced to begging. Looks like GE and Goldman Sachs are no better than Obamaphone woman!

How's your fundraising and grant proposal work coming along? Still externalizing your internalities?

Bill Tozer

"Still externalizing your internalities?"

Ah yes, I remember Mr. stevenfrisch blowviating about that pulp psychobabble. I have to give him credit. Mr. stevenfrisch is a pretty smart fellar. He leaves the rest of us behind as simple fart smellars.

Back to a topic somewhere. did you hear how the libholes responded to Fisker Cars going belly up? The hundreds of American jobs never materialized and they sought and obtained bankruptcy protection. The Good News according to the libholes, is they protected 2/3 of the taxpayer's dollars, i.e., we only lost 134 million Baracko Bucks on the deal! Oh goodie, I needed some good news. That's great news and coming from the libholes who love to spend other people's money, only losing one third of a loan is looking up. Not bad. Break open the champagne bottles (paid by the taxpayers of course).

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Yep, I be a simple fart smellar.


Well I came to the right place to find people who experts in shit!


Well I came to the right place to find people who experts in shit!

Awwww....Steve make sad face.


Frisch 8:41AM

I am shocked (shocked!) that companies doing billions of dollars of business with the Feds would give most of their campaign donations to legislators who want to make sure the money flows.

Let's remember the deal those terrible vandals were trying to force was funding for the government for a price... delaying Obamacare implementation for a year... sounds a lot like the Landrieu bill, doesn't it?

I suspect there are a lot of Dems right about now who wish they would have struck a bargain along those lines in early October.


Ah Gregory....great minds and all that.....

A post of mine from a few days back.

fish_remote|11.22.13 @ 11:01AM|#

What kills me is that if they had delayed.....everyone would have won! President Hollow Chocolate Bunny isn't forced to look the fool because he picked the stupid kids to do his homework. Orange Julius wins because he gets to tell the world that he got the delay everybody was screaming for. The developers win because they get another year to work on this piece of shit!

Morons.....all morons!

Todd Juvinall

stevenfrisch | 24 November 2013 at 12:24 PM

"Well I came to the right place to find people who experts in shit!"

Yes SteveF we are. And you are full of it (that's why we know you so well). Too funny. Thanks for the opening.

Bill Tozer

Well, the progression agenda is going full steam ahead. On Nov 14, BarackObama announced without authority that states could indeed keep us inbreeds out of BarackObama care for a few more ticks of the clock. Here is a list of states that have rejected BarackObama's directives and are not allowing their residents escape the juggernaut:

California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut and Washington. Hmm, whats Indiana doing on the list? I can understand New York and our liberal bastion neighbors in the Pacific Northwest, but Indiana? Oh my, is Indiana adjacent to a large body of water? Just trying to find a cause and effect relationship.

Here is a partial list of states that have committed to letting their residents out of the penalty box for a year.

Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and Texas. Roughly another 20 states have yet to decide.

What the heck is Oregon doing on the list? The world has gone mad I tell ya, stark raving mad.

This list is incomplete because some are still scrambling to make a firm decision for the Dec. 23th deadline to enroll. Yes, that deadline was also pushed back a week, so you get till 2 days before Christmas to enroll for coverage beginning Jan 1, 2014. Remember kiddies if you don't have coverage by March 1, 2014, you have to pay the Shared Responsibility Payment (penatly) into BarackObamacare's back pocket. That is if you made enough to file. If you don't, then you are exempt. That makes sense to some libhole somewhere. Too poor to even need to file are the ones BarackObamacare is supposed to help: the poor uninsured. Yet the are exempt for BarackObamacare. Go figure.

Ben Emery

Please stop referring to ACA, Barack Obama, and anything the current Democratic Party does as progressive. They to are at the mercy of big money special interests and are doing everything they can to buy off the electorate at the same time keep the profits for the private sector going through government programs, Fascism/ Corporatism.

Bill Tozer

Ok, my Brother Ben. The Democrat Party is not progressive, they just push and embrace progressive ideals. And all Democrats are not progressive. There are some Democrat governors that hold to fiscal responsibility, mainly because they have to. And there are a few Dem Party Senators who believe in common sense tried and true solutions as well. Like the old saying, all dolphins are whales, but not all whales are dolphins. All progressives are humanoids, but not all humanoids are progressive. I think I am starting to commence to begin to understand.



They to are at the mercy of big money special interests and are doing everything they can to buy off the electorate at the same time keep the profits for the private sector going through government programs, Fascism/ Corporatism.

So contrary to your earlier assertion we don't really have representative government?


Well now.... Let's see if I got this right.. LIBS blamed the TP for the "non" government shutdown. ( Only "public" places felt the bite, but gov. hiring
was alive and well) The "shutdown" was all about funding "O"care.... Right???
The TP and Cruz took the heat for that.. So far so good???... I miss anything?
OK,, The Right caved,, LIBS got their prize. The miracle of free health care
survived. Nevermind that "O" was playing King with his "own" law,, "delaying"
this and that,,( at least when speaking at the podium making declarations
you would hear from any used car salesman) When in fact no changes were really made. ( Sorry,,, I digress.)
Ya' gotta love blaming the TP for the web site failings. ( Like WE had anything to do with it?? )
As I see it,, The Tea Party elect,, was right all along. "O"care is the disaster it has come to be.
"O" said it would be "cheaper, and better " ( Big fat lie)
LIBS have made us all equal in the health care world. NONE of us have any.
( unless you work in government)

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt. You are right so far. Average family to see a $2,500 reduction in yearly premiums, won't cost the taxpayer one thin dime, will reduce the deficient, balance the budget, grind your coffee beans in the morning, wax your kitchen floors on a daily basis, and fold your laundry after you are enrolled in BrackObameCare, aka, the Patient Unprotection and UnAffordable Care Act signed His Excellentass, the Honorable Barack Hussein Bin Lying Obama.

Here is some more facts on the topic just in case you miss any tiny details.


Oh, libholes just see things differently...from a different reality. They reject reality and substitute it with their own. Only explanation that is remotely plausible.

Gerry Fedor

I find it rather interesting as local conservatives want to quote Briebart and Fox as reputable news sources" when in fact they are entertainment much like Jerry Springer.

Liberals seem to do the same with MSNBC.

When the parties can distinguish "entertainment" from reality (as many of the people here seem to have a issues with doing, no matter what their education levels are, then we will certainly be ready to fix this country, but until that happens it'll be more of the "lesbian couples who secretly actually have 16 husbands....."

Bill Tozer

Mr. Fedor, so glad you dropped in. I must say I liked you long post. Yes, you were correct as usual. The Republicans are a bunch of old white guys (getting older and nearer to death every hour)who resemble the carrier pigeon on its way to extinction. Truer words have never been spoken. I say the Republicans are toast, done, dead as a door nail, kaput, put a fork in it, boom-boom, out goes the lights. You are spot on


Gerry Fedor

Gee Bill, as usual your comebacks to my comments say mountains about your crying about who those liberals are "so mean to us conservatives...."

Here's a interesting section from the Bloomberg article you cited, and I'd like to get your input on it....????

Democrats “have not done a very good job” of emphasizing that the law benefits working families most, Dukakis said. “There are a lot of middle class folks with no health insurance or very poor health insurance.”

“If you ask Republicans whether working Americans should have decent affordable health care, they would say yes,” he said.

Dukakis, who now teaches at Northeastern University in Boston, said the Massachusetts health-care system, the model for Obamacare, is “working beautifully” after dealing with startup problems, and the national system can, too.

So Bill, let's try to have a "meaningful discussion on this as I'd like to get more than the "stop beating up on the old white guys" qoutes

Bill Tozer

Well Mr. Fedor, your are only as old as you feel. Found out why Oregon opted out for a year. They have signed up zero Oregonians on the exchange.

No doubt BarackObamacare will help some folks. No doubt about it. This current President referred to the 5% of the American folks who will lose their health insurance as "only 5%". Ok, fair enough. He said that in 2010 and again in 2012. Guess only 5% (15 million folks) is merely a rounding error according the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An inconvenient truth if you will.

What else do you expect former Gov. Dukakias to say? Massachusetts is going better than most (no doubt again). So, lets look at the Commonwealth. Waiting times to see a doc average 49 days. So, rather than wait for their doc, the good people are showing up at emergency rooms to get needed semi-immediate care. Hospital ER visits have increased rather than decrease under the Romney Plan. And why not? They have insurance now.

California and Kentucky are now the Golden Children of BarackObamacare. California caps deductibles at less than the national average, only a few thousand dollars out of pocket. That is absurd. Couples paying 12k deductibles across the fruited plain is horrible. Bankruptcy here we come again. It will help some folks as stated above. It will hurt a lot more folks.

I don't need pediatric dental or mammograms or pre-natal care or drug and alcohol addiction treatment. I already got all that stuff plus yearly caps at 2,200, plus mental health care, plus acupuncture, plus surgeons and hospital care and...and...and...for about 1/4 the cost of a lousy Bronze Plan. Those great bennies (better than Congress or Federal Workers) is going the way of the Do-Do Bird. I am evil cause my employer wants to keep me around. Its unfair. I am what is wrong with medical health insurance in the USofA. And we are non-union. If I was union, I would receive less that my 10 weeks off with pay/year and more costly bennies, and have to pay dues (more) for to receive less.

Looks like 85% of the American folks who are quite happy with their health insurance will all be paying more for less as well.

Wonder why all illegals are not under the OBarackObamacare mandates? Yes them millions of folks (another rounding error) will continue to keep showing up at the ER for medical care and to plop out more cute little babies. They are good, I am soooo bad.

Gerry Fedor

So what you're saying is that because your old (and have most likely already used these services - I imagine paid for by your insurance by the older white guys before you) you should not have to do what the people in front of you have done for you in your life time?

Is this correct?

The people that are declaring bankruptcy are not the people like myself (who actually have insurance) as I spent $37,500 for a 3 day stint in the hospital for a infected knee. My insurance covered all but $12K, but considering that I can still walk as well as before this incident, as I paid the hospital (in cash) deductible for this service.

The people are the going to bankruptcy are the people who have no insurance, and end up with a big problem. My next door neighbor's son fell off their deck and they spent well over $200K in the first year, and they lost their home because of this, as they had no insurance. They cannot get any type of insurance now, and the mother who's been diabetic since she was 5 years old, could not get any insurance in the first place as she fell victim to the good old "pre-existing" waver.....

My insurance is $900 per month (I'm a retired business owner), but it's well worth my investment.

I know that this is "investment concept" is a foreign concept to you, as you have no concept of investing in real property, and because of this you've been living off your landlords investment in the community, but it's time to start understanding how insurance actually works.

I would laugh if you went to your AAA insurance and told them that you didn't want to pay to insure the front left door on your car because it was fixed and you didn't care if it got dented again, even though your mom got it fixed when she had the insurace!

Bill Tozer

Mr. Fedor. Where do you come up with this stuff???? Do you pull it out of your imaginary hat and have rabbits telling you this stuff.

I am the landlord. I have great insurance cause I am still working and only an idiot would pay 900 clams a month for insurance. Or, I am just simply forunate to have good insurance. 12k for your cost in a hospital is insane. Mine covers the first 30 days free, then $2,200 if it goes over 30 days put less than 90 days. You are getting screwed royally. My surgeons and specialists are a one time fee of 25 bucks, max 40 bucks after 60 days of first visit total.

I don't draw any government program like shitty Medicare or Social Security. I am having way too much fun working. I may be old and ugly, but I can still run cicles around the average slightly or groestquely obese humaniod. I have been sliced, dices, screwed and tatooed and I keep coming back for more for fun and for free with my palms facing down not up.

What upsets me is that millions like me will have to pay more, receive less in the future for health care insurance with inferior care. Health insurance costs are one thing and health care is another and I don't want nobody taking away what I pay for so some idiots can say "we are all in the same boat." Those that went before me told the unions to go pound sound and we (probably like you) pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Landlord? Haahaha,. Whatever your having been smoking, it must be some good stuff. PS: Its 7:56pm on a Satuyrday night and I am still at work. Left this morning at 6:40 am and get paid from the second I turn my ignition key on. Who can live on SSI? That be cab fare of pocket money or for tossing in the beggars cup. Glad your knee is ok. Mine put me out for 13 weeks, but never missed a paycheck. Go to go. The cleaning lady needs to vacunm.

Gerry Fedor

Ok, then one other question....

Why should 18-45 year olds pay for your age groups cancer treatments? Why should they pay for anything involved with the treatment of the elderly?

To be honest I don't give a shit what hours you work, as that's the shitty life you choose, so stop crying about it! Maybe if you actually got a better education you wouldn't have to be working the hours your required to squeak out a living. BTW, you may want to clean up that place as your Victorian would be worth much more rentwise if you actually cleaned up the place and got someone in there to clean up the trees as it looks like the time I spent in Panama! I know your neighbors would like it more too, as it wouldn't be such a eyesore on the neighborhood.

You all want to whine about having to fund things like funding education, well I'd prefer to not have people like you crying about having to call your cleaning lady but making sure we have educated people to run this country, not a lot of soon to be old cry babies who bitch that their not getting their $.02 worth!

I went to school on my dime, worked through it and paid for my education, and that's one reason why I was able to retire when I did, but do I sit around watching Glen Beck telling people to pay their rent? Hardly! I too have numerous rental incomes/properties, which actually are maintained properly, and I don't have to cry about my hours as I make more than enough to do what is right!

I worry more about the millions of kids who have zero opportunities to do anything in this country because they don't have the ability or skills be do/become anything more than a Xbox player!

At least when you and I went to school there was the ability to learn a vocational skill, but that's gone along with the enticement of the government to let China and Mexico move our manufacturing off shores. Even if it might come back, we're all too lazy and stupid to fill these jobs because people like you don't want to pay to have people educated in anyway using public funding because it'll take from their meager income.

Don't worry about getting your SSI, as in 6-7 years you'll be on that ticket too, but I'm sure you'll not cry about being on the public teat for that too, but you can do it in the closet so nobody will have to know about it!

Bill Tozer

Mr. Fedor: I get it now. You are confusing me with somebody else. I own no Victorian (or ever have) do not live in GV, and so forth. However, I have been asked about a falling apart 2 story house on Neal St in GV once before. No, I do not own that or ever had. Must be an error is someone's data entry as I even got a letter from an insurance company concerning its hazardous front porch about 6 years ago.

And yes, on a personal note, I just squeak by eking out a living. My properties are put in management and in Trust for the girls so I can avoid temptation and not touch them. Even when I was homeless and broke and living in a broken down car with 2 kids I did not touch certain investments. Its for the kids, a legacy if you will. There are 2 homes in Santa Barbara Co and a store which is rented out across from Universal Studios in Studio City and the property on Van Nuys Blvd that is a parking lot leased by a Fortune 100 company. They lease the dirt, what a concept. And a 1/4 acre of desert out near 29 Palms. I was on drugs when I bought that for 300 bucks. What was I thinking? lol. Its worth 200 bucks today if that. Live and learn. But I am just a poor fellow and like it that way. Money, fame and fortune is not what I desire, but it is nice to pay cash for an old beat up pick up truck. That b a luxury.

I, too, worry about our public education system and the challenges our Gen X and Gen Z'ers face. The reality is jobs and some trades will never come back. Each generation faces it own set of challenges and opportunities. A person is blessed if they like what they do and even get paid for it, be it prospecting for gems or walking dogs. All work has value and fills a need.

As far as Social Security is concerned, I view it as a fixed income stream. That frees us up to make other investments or do what we enjoy doing. One should always count SS as a part of one's portfolio on the fixed income side. Maybe time to rebalance looking at it from that point of view (speaking to those on SS). The SI in Social Security=Supplemental Income. Never, ever was it designed to be one's sole source of retirement income, ever. Sadly, it is millions of folks livelihood. Good times come and go and I have started over too many times to count. I sure you don't give a shit about that either, but that's my 2 cents worth. Hugs and butterfly kisses, Bill (the other Bill)

Gerry Fedor

Sure Bill, 2 homes in Santa Barbara, and those other investment and your complaining about the woman who comes in the vacuum at $9-10 per hour..... Is that what you want us to believe? I think you actually have property in fantasy land as I bet you write off that expense!

Either your one of the biggest BS'ers on the planet, or incredibly cheap!!! If it's the later then you deserve what you got! I'm starting to ask for the "Time Out" as I call BS!!! LOL!!!!

I'm sure your your good with the whole concept of when SSI was developed people were living to their early 70's, now we have people living until their mid-late 80's with the 90 year olds being the new 70's, so I'd like to hear your views of moving SSI qualification until your 77-80 years old?

Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. Fedor. You certainly have a hard on for me. You must be so cute when you pout. If you read the black on the page and not the white, I said I was still at work and had to go cause the cleaning lady was /wanted to vacuum. The office cleaning lady. I don't have a cleaning lady. I have my house boys down in the basement. Got them from a couple of real nice fellers that live on the corner of Neal and Pleasant. Them rump rangers keep their grounds absolutely fabulously emaciate.

Maybe we could go camping sometime. The great outdoors, roasting marsh mellows over the open fire, telling scary bedtime stories...it would be splendid. Oh, say Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Yes, I am incredibly cheap. I even use Tiny Tim's crutch to heat my abode when its time to stoke the fire. Incredibly cheap to one man is being prudent to another. One man's meat is another man's poison. Got to go and feed the house boys. I toss them red meat so I don't have to waste energy by cooking...saves water and energy and helps stop Global Warming. Got to think of others you know.

Bill Tozer

Actually my dear personal buddy Mr. Fedor, when Social Security was rolled out, the eligibility age was 65. The average life expectancy was 63. That kept the system afloat, just as long as people paid into it but never collected.

Don't think having good folks work until they are 80-82 is very productive. The older one gets, the harder it is for them to move around. My Mom quit at 80 years old cause she just could not chop cords of wood like she used to. She just couldn't get that old ax to sing like it used to or pack water like a Spring Chicken anymore. Besides, old people smell which is not pleasant for the paper pushers types and other office co-workers. Maybe have them work until 71-73 years of age or just raise the eligibility age to 73. Everybody knows retirement is coming. Everybody. After a long working career, you would think folks could retire and wait a few years to draw the pocket change we call SSI.

Shit, what the heck have they been doing for the last 50 years?? Too dumb to save for a rainy day or too prideful to think it won't happen to them? Thank goodness there are people like you to show the younger ones the path to financial freedom. You have a lot to teach our ignorant unwashed masses. Top of the morning to you, Governor.

Ben Emery

Social Security

Remove exemption from long term capital gains and the cap. 50% increase in the benefits would be the result, making it close to a retirement plan not just a social security insurance against old age/ disabled poverty.


George Rebane

I want to enter into the RR record the 5dec13 House floor speech of Congressman McClintock on the function and abuse of our Constitution. Food for thought and action.

Gerry Fedor

Very interesting that the latest Voter info has you on Neal St., and I do believe that you actually vote Bill.

Like I said before, nice try, but I call BS!

Let's end this posting as we're all buried in so much of your BS that no one with a brain would ever believe in anything you say! Maybe you and our Wise and Just friend Todd went to the same school?

Bull Shit University? Magnum Cum Landau? LOL!!!!

Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. Fedor. I feel the love. Quite a stretch from living on Neal St to owning a Victorian, to being a registered voter. Keep trying and one day you may get it right. Here is the Bill Tozer that you know and love so well: (Be sure you differentiate between B Tozer, W. Tozer, Barbara Tozer, Brian Tozer, William Tozer, Eric Tozer and my dear close personal friend named after his grandfather, Wickham T Tozer. Wickham goes by the name Bill or William cause his Momma thought the kids would make fun of him @ school).


Just in case you reject the premise again, I will copy and paste so you don't have to shoot the messenger:

Sergeant ‘Ole Bill’ Tozer

Charley’s beloved and inimitable platoon sergeant who ruled his men harshly but fairly. His name and look was probably based on Bruce Bairnsfathers ‘old Bill’ the cartoon anti-hero of the day. Old Bill was the father figure to Charley right through to the end of the war. He once lost his stripes for a while for falling out during a route march. Tozer also went to Russia with Bourne in 1919.

Bill loved a pint and a game of the illegal Crown and Anchor – typical of the men of the time.

Old Bill was a great character simply because he was so typical of the regular soldier type of that era – I remember where Charley and Tozer go on leave together after the Somme and Tozer wants to buy a drink for Charley – he says something like “only one though, what with me being an NCO and you a private anymore would be a break down in protocol.”

Old Bill with an early character. Note the narrative. The father/son relationship of the sergeant and soldier in the ‘old Empire’ days is something that has always fascinated me. Mills used Tozer to great effect within the story, almost as a walking rulebook with a big heart. In the interim between the Wars Charley bumped into him working as a Cinema Usher, when the Second War started he joined the Home Gaurd. Brilliant

Keep the cards and letter coming Mr. Fedor.

Todd Juvinall

BillT. This Fedor doesn't exist anyway so he can criticize all he wants but he isn't even a voter in Nevada County. He doesn't own land and there are no recorded documents in the County. So, he is just a ghost. Ghosts can't harm. But hopefully George has his email and can remove him if he keeps the attacks on George's readers coming. Too funny. I think he may be a "BM" fellow.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Juvenial. No worries. This is too much fun. Just think of all the free rent I am taking up in his head. He wakes up thinking about us, and that is a bad neighborhood (speaking for myself)! Like watching a monkey trying to hump a football.

Todd Juvinall

BillT, that is a good way to think about this fellow. We are occupying a lot of space in his little head. Got it. Thanks@!

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