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20 November 2013


Dai Meagher, CPA

NCTV appreciates your accommodating its. NCTV is the only tenant in that enormous building on the Grass Valley Group campus, so running the HVAC system is costing Grass Valley Group a lot more than our rent. We're aiming to have the new studio operational in January...but this won't have any impact on the airing of your sixth "Breaking Bread" you produced today.

Jeff Pelline

Good move by the Sheriff with an election coming up. A like-minded interviewer too.

Barry Pruett

Thanks Dai and George for your efforts in keeping NCTV alive. Every single time that I was invited to speak on NCTV, I had an absolute blast. Further, I love the videos online. BTW, where are the old videos from before 2009? They seem to have disappeared from the internet.

Dai Meagher, CPA

Barry, I believe those videos are on tape at NCTV. I'm working with some of the NCTV tech members to preserve the capability of future replay and/or transfer to other media. The hard disk space on NCTV's current equipment is such that NCTV could not continue to store much (if any) of the 2009 content. NCTV is blessed with some very astute technical advisor-volunteers who have designs to eventually have all NCTV media (including historical media) available online.

Gerry Fedor

Interesting that our Sheriff's wife has filed for divorce as the rumor is that our Sheriff has been playing with his gun, with another female in his department.....

This is the second time she's filed for the same reason, so I bet he doesn't get to go to the NRA conventions anymore!

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