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07 November 2013


Russ Steele

Right, everything is going as planned. But, but, but. Why are the insurance companies demanding that Obama create a safety slush fund by charging $65.00 for every person dad, mom and all the kids $65 each, on a company health care policy. This “insurance” money will collected in a slush fund to bailout the insurance companies when they go broke. This is beginning to sound like how the mob sells street insurance in Chicago.


Yes..... "All is well". The TV cable LIBS who spoke out against unaffordable care under "O" and Co.,, are "all for it" once again. From Bob Beckel, to John Stewart. John was back on his high horse last night! He must have received one
of those phone calls from the W.H. " Better remember just which side your on,, or else!" Beckle publicly spoke about his personal nastygram from the same office. Yup,,, now all the talking heads are back on the same page. Just how Barry wants it.
The LIB rags are also doing "their part". They are quietly removing their comment threads. More than a few have been "no notice". There Yesterday,, gone today. Yup,, Full damage control mode is on.
I wonder how much longer S.F. gate will keep theirs up and running?
Even in LIB central, there are more anti "O" and Co. posts than "pro".
Ya' know that will NOT be tolerated by the Lefties.

Todd Juvinall

Walt, the libs don't travel far from the reservation. And as you said, they got bitch slapped back on the res by the Prez.

Funny though how we listened to the heart rending stories for the last four years from the libs about the poor slobs who couldn't afford insurance to pay for their health care and now that we see how much more it will be, they forget to mention it. It is all pure politics and all the crap flowing out about Ocare was discussed and foretold by George, me and many others.

Bill Tozer

Gentlemen, while what have you posted is fair and accurate, I am giving this wonderful ACA a wait and see attitude. Just like the Trevon Martin case. We don't need to rush to judgement here, now do we?

We must look beyond the enrollment snafus and see the bigger picture. Of course those who are sick and broke and in need of immediate medical attention are going to be the first to sign up and are going to be more persistent than the average bear.

Think it is Colorado that has 250,000 folks receiving notices about being dropped from the private insurance rolls. Colorado has signed up about 32,000 people onto the Medicaid rolls and about 3,200 folks bought insurance thru the exchanges. This approximately ten to one ratio of people getting on Medicaid to people who buy insurance through the exchanges is being played out across the land. Of course, we expected the sick, the poor, the lame, the slow to sign up first.

The ACA advocates declare they expect this unbalanced ratio to even out over time. Yes, millions might receive subsidies to obtain insurance, taxpayer funded 100%. But half of those forced (no other choice)onto the exchanges will receive no subsidies and have experienced what is fondly known as "sticker shock." Although President Obama apologized today for the inconvenience of the unintended consequences of the law he signed, he still claims it is only a small percentage of people being dropped from their chosen providers and some will indeed get a better deal. My, such remorse. His polls numbers are dropping and his legacy is being threatened. Even No Drama Obama is feeling the heat, thus his new apology tour.

The Feds will reimburse the States 100% for the Medicaid costs....for only 3 years! Then the States have to pick up the tab. I have always said that Obamacare is just shifting the Medicaid burden unto the States to make it look like Uncle Sam is saving money. It is saving Federal dollars, not dollars. When hundreds of thousands of 28 year olds and others can get Medicaid in California alone, who will pay for this after 3 years? The States. Can you see another train wreck a coming. I hear that train a'coming, a'coming down the line.

So as of right now, about 7 million folks are projected to be dropped from their individual health insurance policies (by law) and about 7 million more will be added to Medicaid rolls. Sounds like a net zero solution to me, but I will wait and see what 2015, 2016 will bring.

And forget this silly threat of a penalty. The IRS cannot go into your bank account and seize money for the penalty, nor can it seize anything. The only thing it can do is take the penalty out of your tax refund. Its the law. So, no worries. Just adjust your withholding so you don't get a refund, and take more home to Momma during the year. The penalty is just another barking toothless dog. Whatz that dog going to do? Gum ya to death.

Dilution is the solution. Now even all the young health people which the entire ACA relies on can sign up for Medicaid. This ACA will not hurt the poor or the lowest of the low middle class. Nay, it is targeted directly at the middle class to pay for the ride. Wait and see it happen in a neighborhood near you.

George Rebane

BillT 1020pm - Excellent analysis Mr Tozer. From having read a constant series of such reports I am happy announce that you are hereby appointed high commissioner in charge of monitoring how Obamacare shakes out in the coming months and years. This requires of you a regular stream of reports filled with impaling insights and catastrophic comparisons all interspersed with pithy repartees that counter those who continue to distract us from the severe wounds that cause the nation to writhe in the unrelenting embrace of this foul legislation. Godspeed.


"Hear it for yourself - ‘How the Affordable Care Act Pays for Insurance Subsidies’"...

George... that link don't play. Brings up the NPR media player but no content.

George Rebane

Gregory 939am - that's the closest available URL to the cited piece. When there, you have to select ‘How the Affordable Care Act Pays for Insurance Subsidies’ from the list. I should have included this in my post. Thanks.

Ryan Mount

Here's the summary:

50% from "cost savings," which are built into the law. No mention of how those will be realized and how effective the government be on getting to those those goals. Seem like assumptions to me. Hopefully someone has done the math. Heh.

25% on new taxes on medical devices and drugs (already being fought by some States, notably and ironically Minnesota and Massachusetts)

25% directly from people making over $200K(maybe $250K, I can't remember) per year.


George, I literally get the media player page with no content at all in any frame. Nothing to select. Just the bare media player.

I suspect there is some cookie on your machine that is filling in some info for you. Yes that seems to be the case as following the 'transcript' link gets me to a working media link, and then the first one does work all by its lonesome.

I'd suggest one more edit and just presenting the 'transcript' link to read or listen.


Ryan, most of the cost savings seems to be lowering the pay schedules for mediscare and medicaid, and similar schedules for the Obamacare Potmetal and Tin level plans.

Ryan Mount

The vibe I get from ACA supporters is that these "cost savings" are an effect of economies of scale and efficiencies. I hardly believe that.

It's certainly more believable that there will be reductions in service and offerings. One-size fits all big glob of mediocre care.

I'm very curious to see what happens to my Healthcare bill in a week or so when Open Enrollment starts, since I'm one of those 80%-ers with company underwritten healthcare.


Ryan, companies are spared the mandates for another year, so you will be getting a POS plan that does not meet the high standards of the White House trolls who assembled the regulations to implement the law that had to be passed before anyone could see what was in it.

You'll have to wait another year to see what Obamacare would do to you, assuming it lasts that long.

Ryan Mount

Yeah, that's true. Dreadful.

But I'm assuming that's still gonna impact the cost of my current plan. I'm expecting a price jump more than usual.


Ryan, I'd expect not much motion.


Next year. Imagine the current keruffle had the 80% of people with employer plans (including everyone in local, state and Federal employment) been getting all this bad news...

Bill Tozer

Mr. Gregory: Let's not forget our seasoned citizens either. Obamacare set to cut 158 billion smackers from Medicare Advantage. Wonder if our seasoned citizens are aware that Medicare IS a substandard plan which offer no pediatric dental care nor pregnancy counseling.


Bill Tozer

Obamacare – all is well (updated 8nov13)


Bill Tozer

For those who like graphics and easy to read bold print, this makes it easy and simple:


Brad Croul

I called Anthem/Blue Cross and they said I don't have to do anything since I already have my own health insurance policy. Further, my plan cost might go down since I had previously been prescribed Zyrtek and had been getting injections for allergies that I do not need now. We will see...
Has anyone on this board had their plan cancelled yet?

Todd Juvinall

Yes my sister, a healthcare professional.


Russ Steele


Response to your link:Your current account (rwsteele@gmail.com) does not have access to view this page.
Click here to logout and change accounts.

Todd Juvinall

Russ I don't know what you mean. I clicked the link and it took me there.


An interesting metric has emerged... 34 times as many Americans are buying guns as are buying Obamacare policies.


It's nice to know that some Federal websites are able to handle huge numbers of transactions.

Bill Tozer

Now I am stumped. My sister sent me a nice Amazon.com gift card. Very nice thank you gift I might add. Obama said healthcare.com would work just like shopping on Amazon. So, do I wait for the 650 million dollar web site to get patched up and debugged before using my Amazon gift card, or should I give them all my personal data, SS#, address, phone number, employment status, and martial status while they are still changing the (security) codes and hope I can shop on line in the wee hours of the morning? Decisions, decisions.

Bill Tozer

Ah, all is not well in Obama care land. The Dem politicians are blowing a gasket and told Mr. Barack Hussein Obama to fix it by this Friday or else they are jumping ship. Because ZERO Republicans voted for the ACA, Barry needs all the Dems to stay put on the reservation. This will really test his political skills, which so far have far outshined his policies. No one doubts his political skills are much better than his policies. If that was not true, then he would not have been reelected by a majority of the voters (er...those that voted). Fix this cancellation that was purposely designed into the law, Mr. Obama, and fix it by Friday. Or else.

Obama's main problem now is one of likeability and trustworthiness. Although many disagree with his policies and ideologies, most claim at his core he is a decent guy, albeit naive in foreign policy and to the far left in domestic policy for my taste. But with the broken promise of keeping what you like, it is now more personal. No spin doctor can believably tell us what we actually heard when we heard it. No nuances, no caveats. We heard "you can keep it, period. No one will take it away from you, period" No way, no how, nobody sees the wizard.

Now it is a character issue, which only reinforces the Republican chorus that you can't trust this guy.

I would argue that Nixon's misdeeds did not hurt the Average Joe in his everyday life. I would argue that Bill Clinton's having a 19 year old subordinate going down on him in the Oval Office while Hillary and Chelsea were in Church celebrating Easter Services did not affect me in my daily life. Sure, lying to a Grand Jury is not good, but it was just something we read about.

But, Obama is now hurting millions of Average Joes right where they live and over a thing they care about. Health insurance. Health insurance translates into health care for yourself and family with the doctor you like and know. That is why the Dems up for reelection are erupting like Mt. St Helens. Politicians' main job is to get reelected. Supporting a President that has hurt their constituents personally and deceitfully is counter to getting reelected.

Obama knew in 2010 that millions would lose their coverage. The Administration assumed it would be a seamless transfer from losing one's individual health care policy to Obamacare causing the uninsured to hop on the Exchange Express Train. Get on board little children, there's room for many on board.

Proof that Obama was fully aware in 2010:


Bill Tozer

All is well. Especially independents.


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