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21 November 2013



From what I gather Doc,, those that have "signed up" really don't have coverage in Realville. How can they if the part of webpage construction that makes "your" payment to "ACME" INC.
has yet to be built and become operational.
Just the pretty parts with good graphics is what's (uh) working.(?)
I have yet to hear a compelling story where someone's price has gone down. There is plenty of word on 200% increase of what one pays.

Then there is the news of the shredding of the Constitution
where the filibuster rules were restacked in the Progressives favor. Yes,,, the "nuke" went "boom"... I hope the LIBS are ready for the "nuke fallout" to follow. They are down wind of their own detonation.

On another note, when it comes to Socialism, The Bay, has got nothing on Wash. state. ( I believe the Progressives there are teaching their young'ns to goose step when learning to walk.
Look what they elected for city council.

" Seattle’s newly elected Socialist councilwoman accused aerospace and defense giant Boeing on Monday of “economic terrorism” and told Boeing machinists they should consider taking “over the factories.”
“The workers should take over the factories, and shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine,” Kshama Sawant told a group of activists in the city’s Westlake Park.
And some wonder why Boeing wanted out a LONG time ago.


The "war between the states"II is looking more realistic day by day, as Progressives do their best to grab power before the next election. Don't count out the repealing of the two term limit for President. Think about it. It was by executive order the law was implemented in the first place. We KNOW how "O" likes those things. " If it was created by E.O.,, it can be removed the same way." (The working mind of "O".)

George Rebane

Walt 330pm - Wow! Walt, you sure know how to put a damper on my evening. (We have our Northern Tribe living in the Seattle area, unfortunately they are wedded to Microsoft in Redmond.)


David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

Funny: DC staffers say they might have to find other jobs because of health insurance.
Hilarious: the idea anyone else would hire them.


Obamacare is the single biggest financial stress to my family. Our premiums when Obamacare was signed were under $300/month. When the Obamacare website was working last week (it did not work today) our premium increased to $910/month.

None of us have been to the doctor or hospital in over 5 years. I do not want anything that resembles the insurance they are forcing upon us. Our coverage will be worst, for 3x as much $. Almost $11k a year for something we do not want, need, or use.

Obamacare is the biggest government blunder since Nixon did away with the gold standard.


Sorry it is $912/month http://d.pr/i/KqKc

George Rebane

TheMikeyMcD 437pm - That simply stuns, and indicates the police state we have become. It sure looks like you will be looking at self-insuring.

PS. And today we also witnessed the worst that democracy offers has come to the Senate, ... and it ain't stopping there.

Bill Tozer

I am finally proud of our Great State. Not for what the California Insurance Commission did today, but for what they did a few days ago. Rejected the BarackObamacare loophole of buy one month, get 3 free. That is not fair to the rest of us, or the doctors or the insurance companies nor socially responsibile. If you don't pay your car insurance or homeowners insurance premiums, you don't get 2+ extra months free. Its only fair. We are all in the boat together.


Already the Golden State is having far more sickly, impaired, and elderly signed up on the CA site than young people. Yep, them youngin's are staying away in troves. Duh. That was a no-brainer. Now the death spiral begins. Not enough young hard bodies joining the party which means premiums will rise which means the young with their 6 pack abs and tight buns will stay away because of cost, which means premiums will skyrocket which means more young health tushes will hide out which means.....the death spiral. I won't touch BarackObamacare with a stolen dick right now.

At least the states that are running their own exchanges are doing great...in comparison with the 36 state Federal BarackObamacare Express.. The Administration holds out Kentucky are a shining example. Kentucky is signing up young folks with their healthy taunt "cause traffic jams" bods. The Administration got all excited. Yep, they enrolled about 33,000 good Blue Grass State folks...I dug deeper in the details and found out about 7,000 signed up on the exchange, the rest of the 33,000 went put on Medicaid. Ah, the death spiral.

Another bright spot for BarackPelosiReedObamacare is Washington state.

I have a lovely friend from them parts. 62 year old lady of tough stock. She would rather live in a tent and pack water with no electricity than ever, ever ask for a handout. And did for years. Had 7 boys to boot. Anyway, she called the Apple State Exchange and they told her she will be put on Medicaid. Well, that did not sit too well with her. She asked for a plan she could buy (like the Bronze plan), but they told her she does not qualify and her only option is Medicaid. She told them that is welfare and they went around in circles. Here is a woman who only makes about $450/month, lives on her land she bought and paid for and pays cash for her doctor and dental visits. Now she is miffed. The Doc told her today that she will lose her 10% cash discount come Jan 1 cause she won't go on Medicaid, lol. The doctor was told not to take cash payees by higher ups. You can't make this stuff up. No one escapes from Devil's Island.

Bill Tozer

My, my, timely article I came home to. Just as I suspected. Medicaid qualifies the wealthy as long as they don't have wages. No other options offered exceptt Medicaid for the guy who owns a 5 million dollar bough and paid for house and enough money to retire early. Probably has a Lamborghini in the 5 car air conditioned garage. Death spiral continues.


I always felt that sooner or later under the full rollout of BarackObamacare we all will be going to Medicaid doctors (or at least their chain store clinics).

Poetic justice from our Chief Executive.

Bill Tozer

Follow up: I asked my friend in Washington State why she refuses to sign up for Medicaid with her bad knee and Lipolysis and all. She said because medicaid has the clause in it stating they can come after the equity in her land (2x10 acre parcels) and her bought and paid for humble abode to cover expenses. She plans to pass it down to her boys upon death. So, she says screw it and will pay the penalty and wait til she gets on Medicare when she turns 65. And continue to pay cash as she has done for the past 20 years.

She does not get the BarackObamacare concept.

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