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28 November 2013


Account Deleted

The 'Golden Years' are still here. We still are alive and blessed by God with his grace. For that we are very thankful. A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Russ Steele


Thanks for the reminder of the Norman Rockwell days. A happy Thanksgiving to you and Jo Ann, and to all the readers of Ruminations.

Bill Tozer

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have so much to be grateful for this year. Time with loved ones and friends and sharing puts it all in perspective.


George I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for providing this little "hunting preserve" where I can drop by and keep my claws sharp!

You should probably talk to the local dairy rancher about keeping his Emerysteins off the range though.....! They're too slow to ever be considered a worthy sporting animal!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jo Ann and the rest of your family!


Gentlemen. Glad to see the verbal cease fire and exhortation to ALL RR readers. I, too, have much to be thankful for but It would really make my day if fish would give Ben Emory a hug. Same for Gregory and Steve Frisch. I would hug all of you without hesitation..... even Todd. My request extends through Christmas.... after that its every man for himself :)


Though my son is 3000 miles away today, I am thankful for his opportunities and that a former Grass Valley family now in Massachusetts, two of the people he has known the longest (since he was 3), has invited him to again share their table.

He'll be home soon enough.

Back in Nirvana County, alas, Fuzz, I doubt Frisch will be retracting any defamations, apologizing and asking for forgiveness anytime soon.

Todd Juvinall

Fuzz would I have to keep my hand on my back pocket id we hugged? How long would the hug last? I am a homophobe so don't let your grasp linger or you may become suspect. Too funny! Oh, theFrisch is an impossible one to hug, he and the Pelline may be larger than life.


Hope your Thanksgiving is a pleasant one, George and Joann. Peace.

Bill Tozer

Ah, the new wrinkle in the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. It used to be a wonderful gathering of family and relatives (maybe a friend or two who is away from home) to sit down and feast and a prayer to remind us all of all the many things we have to be grateful for. Maybe the guys would turn on the game as the family occasion continued and the women folk would gather in the kitchen for women talk and bringing out the pies.

Nowadays, instead of the gathering, the feast, and then the game, its the gathering, the feast, and watching You Tube videos of frenzied shoppers running amok and assaulting one another in preparation for the Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men season rapidly approaching.

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