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28 December 2013


Russ Steele

One of the reasons that the left is attacked the Duck Dynasty is that the progressives are loosing the cultural message. The total audience is shifting to more conservative outlets with more content that reflects the true America.

The Season 4 premiere of “Duck Dynasty” in August drew 11.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched reality-show episode in cable TV history. Meanwhile, in the 8 p.m. hour on Thursday, Dec. 19, CNN drew 528,000 viewers and MSNBC got 699,000 viewers, for a combined total of slightly more than 1.2 million viewers.


Man... Tough to be a Progressive these days. Their dreams of a new socialist
country is beginning to be dashed. Their health care utopia has been shown to be a scam. More people have lost coverage than gained any. Even the low info LIB is realizing his "superman" sucks. Those in power believed they could lie through their teeth on national TV and radio, and get away with it. Heck, even suppressing news stories was the name of the game. LIB news forget about the Internet?? Their control of what gets told to the public is over.
LIBS thought they had gun control,, under control. Well, that blew up in their collective face. How many political seats has that cost them already,? and it's not even election time yet. Again, no matter how LIB news tried to spin it in Progressive favor, it fizzled.
The LIB view that home ownership is a "right" just about crippled the nation, and their "fix" was just as bad, if not worse. Of course, LIB news tried to save the day.

It seems the masses are done with the Left. The attack on Phil Robertson was the last straw. Even Hollywood has had a come to Jesus moment. "NOHA" is the first big Christian movie in a while. ( NO!... The Progressives are NOT going to like that one bit.)


I wonder if this was LIB radio's last S.O.S. call to go out before the plug was pulled?


Now did any of Doc.'s resident Leftys get the memo?

Seems the DNC is in panic mode KNOWING they are going to lose the Senate.

Ben Emery

Its comes down to ownership and advertising. What large or even medium size corporation is going to advertise on a station that holds them accountable for their external costs and damage? Very few if any, that's who. It is how monopoly capitalism forms. If profits and money determine what content gets broadcast those with the most money to invest will eventually own the market.

FOX lost $500 million dollars before they finally turned a profit. Washington Times loses or lost money the entire time Moon controlled it. If losing money in the news market helps them make money elsewhere it is a good overall business model.

George Rebane

Walt 307pm - Good points, but you'll excuse me if I don't join you in happy dancing about liberals' follies leading to their downfall. Democracy is a dangerous form of governance in the hands of an ignorant majority.

Ben Emery

Not that I am a supporter of the Democratic Party but the Senate will not leave the D's hands. Gerrymandering works for the US House and State legislatures but doesn't work for US Senate or Electoral College. The R's already have to much representation in the US Senate for the population they actually are supposed to "represent". I think the numbers are around 30% of the total US population yet they have 45% of representation in the Senate and have been holding the entire 308 million Americans hostage with their obstruction.


Actually Doc.,, ya' hit the nail on the head. We are already living your nightmare scenario of an " ignorant majority". They legislated with " feelings", and just because it says so in a book somewhere "academia".
Or name any bleeding heart " gov. must do something".
That's what has got us into SO much trouble. Yes, now their house of cards, and Ponzi scams have reached their tipping point. The PC stuff? From what I read, and see, the majority of people have had enough of that as well.

And seeing "honest Joe" as Prez isn't at the top of my list to see either.


Ben. If things were coming up daisy's and the babbling brooks ran with bourbon
over glacier ice cubes,, ya' think the DNC would even raise the "I" word?
The Senate safe in Dem hands? LOL!! There is blood in the water. What are the incumbent LIBS going to run on? "O" care? The pitchforks and torches are already out. More people have lost their healthcare than the deadbeats that signed up for free.
The low info voter count is getting lower and lower. When people's wallets got lighter by the month, they started to find out why. Just who are they pointing the finger at? That's right... Their local LIB politician.

BTW,, The Left doesn't have the IRS running interference this time around.

Ben Emery

This might surprise you but I think Obama should be impeached. There are many many progressives who believe the same thing. The Democratic Party is anything but progressive and over half the people that vote for the D's are progressives because they have no other place to go. I think that might be changing in the next decade. That was part of the reasons why I ran in 2010, to show people who have a hell of lot more credentials than I do that we need people to step up outside the two parties. US Congressional District 4 in 2010 was a rural Republican safe seat but the symbolism of our campaign of the beginning of the end for the two party tyranny wasn't lost. I along with dozens of other at the federal level and many more at the state level across the country stepped into the ring and proclaimed the two parties have failed us. The movement is growing and I think the Tea Party will end up joining it on the right side of the aisle once the establishment Republicans kick the TP out of positions of power.

George Rebane

From an email sent to me tonight -

DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility
7:11 PM 12/28/2013

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/28/dnc-sends-email-defending-obama-from-impeachment-possibility/#ixzz2oq50zjYz

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sent out a paranoid email Saturday evening urging supporters to vote for Democrats so that Republicans can’t impeach President Obama.

Ben Emery

Maybe the Democrats should start governing in the peoples interest and they wouldn't have to send out such letters.

US Registration Numbers
40% not D or R
32% D
28% R

over 60% want different political party to choose from

Joe Koyote

Its comes down to ownership and advertising:

If you ask Sen. Al Franken, one of the founders of Air America (a left leaning talk radio network for those of you who don’t know what it is), the collapse of progressive talk radio is more of a function of a lack of advertisers than audience members. Memos leaked to news agencies confirm that many large corporations instructed their advertising agencies to cancel ads on Air America stations. No sponsors, no revenue, no show, no audience. It’s that simple.

I find it interesting that you find the supposed “fairness and balance” argument by progressives to be hilarious. Did you also find it hilarious when Republicans were using the same argument in their “liberal media bias” campaign over the last 30 years? It was, after all, the Republicans who did away with the “fairness doctrine” and it was Republican Presidents and that corporate stooge, Bill Clinton, who deregulated the broadcast ownership rules. Before Reagan, no one person or company could own more than 7 AM radio stations and 7 FM radio stations. That changed to 12 of each under Reagan, 20 of each under Daddy Bush, and unlimited via the Gingrich Congress passing and Clinton signing the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Most radio stations are now conglomerate owned. Clear Channel Communications (KFBK in Sacramento among 7 others owned by them in Sacramento) owns over a thousand stations, particularly AM which are the main broadcasters of talk radio.

The elimination of the “fairness doctrine” when combined with massive radio station conglomeration (1700 independently owned stations were bought by conglomerates between 1996 and 1998 alone) led to the flooding of the airwaves with right wing talk radio at both the national and local levels. Collectivist radio, as you call it, never did take up more than 2% of the talk radio bandwidth at best.

So while the demise of progressive talk radio is real, it is wishful thinking to attribute that demise to the death knells of progressivism. Probably a better indicator is that more people are interested in the bigots on Duck Dynasty than what is going on in the world. It ‘s called stupidity, the dumbing down of America because stupid uninformed people are easier to manipulate. This is not lost on the billionaires and their stooges.

Bill Tozer

Bigots on Duck Dynasty? I have not had the privilege to watch DD or any Wild Boar show since I don't have TV service. With that said, I see this as a backlash to that cooking show where the Southern Host said the nigger word 20 years prior. It ruined her career. 20 years prior??

Now Papa Duck may not have any political sense and he said his comments in an interview. I was told he said he prefers a vagina to an anus. Well, call me a bigot as well cause I prefer a vagina to an anus any day of the week. Whether you agree with Papa Duck or not, remember somebody asked him the question. I always respect straight shooters whether I agree with them or not. The more absurd side of Political Correctness does the PC issue a disservice since it is now more common to mock PC than admire it.

I remember as a kid when the LA Times stopped printing the race of criminals in a story cause it was considered racist and discriminatory. Not cool to say a young black man, 6'1", wearing a red jacket, possibly with a short beard, is being sought by authorities. If you have any information, please call 555-5555. Not cool to identify race when looking for someone. Totally asinine.

George Rebane

JoeK 1023am - time to polish up the old reading skills again Joe. RR has NEVER claimed either 'death knells' or the 'demise' of progressivism - quite the opposite. Progressivism has definitely been on the rise as measured by the national vote, and generation of public policies since the Great Society days. And we both agree that the cause is "stupidity, the dumbing down of America because stupid uninformed people are easier to manipulate" - all due to progressive initiatives at work in the public square.

But what our liberal readers cannot argue with a straight face is that capitalists are greedy sumbiches who put the almighty dollar ahead of all else, while at the same time letting their ideology get in the way of making more dollars by withdrawing advertising from popular programs. On second thought, liberals have been known to use exactly that kind of logic in presenting their arguments.

Bill Tozer

I certainly do not believe in the Death of Progressivism. Like trying to stomp out cockroaches. They will be the only things that survive an all out Global Thermal Nuclear War.

While it is true that liberals (or what ever term they find endearing at the moment) make up around 20% of the voters, they are a worthy foe. And they ain't going to change their spots and go quietly into the still night, ever.

I have been following the liberal percentage poll for decades. Usually it is at 19%, but one time in one poll only it hit 23-24%. So, it fluctuates between 19%-21% on average, year after year. I would think that despite America having a slightly conservative bend (God, Country and Apple Pie)the true believers of the liberal persuasion will never ever compromise with America. They have made great strides in the Courts and Media and have The Moral High Ground on their side.

Do not underestimate the enemy. They are coming alright, and boy are they pissed.

Ben Emery

If someone thinks that progressivism is on its way out they aren't paying attention. A global progressive movement is happening. It might not be covered in the US but never the less it is still happening over the last few years.

Cambodian police clash with protesting garment workers amid strike

Bangladesh factories agree to pay rise, but protests go on

China rounds up 100 activists to rapidly quash pro-democracy 'Jasmine Revolution' organised online

Yemen Arab Spring

Brazil’s Protests: Social Inequality and World Cup Spending Fuel Mass Unrest | http://world.time.com/2013/06/18/brazils-protests-social-inequality-and-world-cup-spending-fuel-mass-unrest/#ixzz2otLwE1w8

Eastern Europe: A year of protest
From Ukraine to Romania and Slovenia popular anger led to street demonstrations across the region

Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy

Have you noticed a pattern of crackdown from authority against those whose message is equality and democracy?

Then we have the Tea Party who slogans actually help the billionaires and large industries. Small Government (regulations), Low to No Taxes, Low Government spending (social programs only not military). So Tea Party protests don't get broken up by the establishment or authorities. Ever wonder why?

Bill Tozer

Brother Ben. This thread has gone from Lib Flame Thrower talk radio to the Ahab Spring. Eastern Europe and Cambodia compared to the Tea Party? I am shocked, shocked I tell ya, that you left out the crackdowns going on in Thailand. Military Coup (or is that Military Corpsman)coming to a theater near you.

Brother Ben, just when I thought nothing you could say or do in the realm of moral equivalency could surprise me, you go ahead and surprise me again. Workers in Bangladesh compared to the Tea Party Patriots. Oh my. You have really ended the year on a new high.

Bill Tozer

Walt, I do not believe the Republicans will take over the Senate.

Dr. Rebane, if progressive talk radio can't make it in New York City, Frisco, or LA, then it is safe to say they can't make it anywhere. New York City losings its last Progressive Talk radio station? Impossible! Alas, Alas, say it ain't so.

George Rebane

BenE 1111am - No I don't wonder why Tea Party protests don't get broken up by the authorities in the US. The easy to understand reason is that they are orderly, peaceful assemblies that do not violate anyone's property rights and clean up after themselves. And no one familiar with the Constitution is confused as to why the federal government should be of limited scope (as specified) and focus its spending on prescribed national functions like defense. National welfare spending (transfer payments) is extra-constitutional, and contains the inexorable first steps of a democracy in decline.

Ben Emery

Hmmm You are repeating talking points as old as the hills from those who sit in power.

Scathing Report on UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Incident Faults Chancellor and Police

Ludlow Massacre 1914

Gilded Age oppression against workers

The British would have argued the same thing against the Colonists. It was within the law to tax the American Colonists to pay for the 7 years war that extended far beyond the American Colonies. When they Colonists opposed stricter more oppressive policies fell upon their heads.

There isn't an argument that power doesn't like the rabble or as you put it the ignorant majority. My argument with you is what side of the fight are you on. You hands down take the side of authority almost every time. I would say that means you might be on the correct side of a conflict during the present but are on the wrong side in historical context. Those who win the battles get to write the history that is taught to the masses. Overtime as we progress as a civilization and society the truth ends up siding with those who fought for equality and justice.


Even when Conservatives regain control, the Progressive "dooms day" fail safe
is humming right along. The FED has propped up the stock market, and it will collapse the minute the QE program is scuttled. Of Course conservatism will get the blame. Not the crack dealers running the FED.

Ben. Your griping about a crackdown of OWS??? Those property damaging lawbreakers? Cry me a river!! "equality and democracy" isn't the agenda. It was and always will be " Give me free stuff". " Take from HIM,, and give to ME"
The ONLY arrests at Tea Party gathering was an infiltrator or two from
the "outside".


Bill. only 5 seats need to turn. And I don't believe Dirty Harry can change the rules back to what they used to be, to give the (soon to be) LIB minority any leverage.
The bald face attacks on our Liberty's hasn't gone unnoticed by the masses.
The pushback has already begun. Low level Lefties have already been heaved from office,( state and county levels)in many states.

The newest attacks on Christian values seems to be the last straw.

So in your opinion,, how will the Left keep the Senate?
They just sent out that S.O.S. in full blown fear of losing it, knowing
a full court hearing of impeaching "O" is sure to come. And all the dirty secrets
that will be exposed. Nope,, That memo is an act of desperation. If they felt they had no problem keeping the SEN., that would have NEVER gone out.

George Rebane

BenE 1245pm - Actually, the record of RR is very clear on what side of 'power' conservatarianism comes down. You conveniently ignore the wanton hooliganism that is endemic in leftwing demonstrations in America and elsewhere. Hence your logic drives you to conclude that those who desire to get their message across in a civil manner must therefore actually be the prostrating pawns of the very power against which they demonstrate - not an unheard of mental gymnastic for the progressive mind.

But there is a point to consider here. As the Obamunistic form of collectivism waxes, there may well exist a threshold beyond which conservative civility may 'fail hard'. By that I mean that simply defecating on police cars, breaking windows, and fornicating in public will not serve.

George Rebane

Walt 0113pm - Agreed.

Ben Emery

Here are some Economic Statistics to chew on

1980- 2009 83% of economic gains were made in the *top 1%

2010 91% new income went to the top 1%

2009- 2012 95% of new income to top 1%

Some 95% of 2009-2012 Income Gains Went to Wealthiest 1%

So how do you guys justify or even just rationalize these numbers? Is it 99% of Americans are lazy and want free stuff? Or is it the system is rigged from top to bottom for the small few elites?

*Even within the top 1% there are the elite top 0.03% of 1% who make up a vast majority of those gains. A individual making $300k a year in the top 1%, they are doing well but are not independently wealthy by any means.

Ben Emery

"Or is it the system is rigged from top to bottom for the small few elites?"

Which leads back to my original comment on this post.

28 December 2013 at 06:47 PM

Bill Tozer

Brother Ben, your stats to chew on get recycled time and time again on these pages. Duh. Are you talking Haiti, France, the Congo, Libya, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Belize or just us evil Yankees? Your original comments and your new or unoriginal comments always are the same, time immortal. Same post, different day. I know, I know. Where there is child who is denied education, you will be there. Where there is a child in a sweatshop, you will be there. When injustice and intolerance and authoritarianism rears its ugly head, you will be there. So 1933, is it not?

Walt. Your scenario of the Republicans regaining the Senate is a real possibility. But, I just won't jump on that bandwagon 11 months out. That is several lifetimes in politics. Heck, there is no way no how Dirty Harry would be reelected (I said then)and I got reminded once again of counting one's chickens before they hatch.

But, Mr. Walt, by all means do my cheering for me. Because of a fluke of nature, 21 of the 30 seats or so that are up for reelection in the Senate have a D after the seat. Hmmmmm. Also, count the retirements and regional ebbs and flows and you may be correct. But, elections are on a date certain and that date is not the end of 2013.

Politics is full of weird twists and turns. Just one Hurricane Sandy can change everything. The people elected Joe Biden back to the Senate year after year so nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.



The system "rigged"? You may have something there.
We have money right under our feet, yet we are not "allowed"
to dig for it. ( Gold.. You may have heard of it) Just who
came up with that brilliant idea? Just think how much money
get's wizzed away because of government(and into it)and "special interest".
It takes money to make it. Poor people don't make jobs. And the current Lefty
Ideal of picking "winners and losers"?? Well... Lefty Government has a perfect
track record of backing losers.
The "man" took over GM. We would have been better off if GM filed for BK.
The taxpayer LOST big time all the way around. When the "man" finally sold
what stocks it held, we were down another 10 Bill.
Every law creates a cost to someone. Every law impedes another's rights.

So tell me.. Just what part of our everyday life isn't regulated in some form or fashion? Breathing? I'm sure there is a law about that too.


Bill..Dirty Harry got elected the same way he got Mitt's tax return. ( Playing dirty pool)Too bad he is safe this time around.
I try to be optimistic these days.
Now that the low info voter is getting a rude awakening where their health care is concerned, they are not so uninformed anymore. A big chunk of their checkbook that has gone missing had a lot to do with it. The backpedaling of "O" and Co.
on their bait and switch ( "If you like your .... You can keep it" etc. etc.)
hasn't worked. "O" and Co. are patting themselves on the back because they got 1 million people to sign up! Uh,, what about the six million that lost what they had??
People also see NO ONE in this admin. has been held accountable for anything.
Most people understand that if "they" had gone in front of congressional committees and lied through their teeth, they would be behind bars.
But not appointed people on the Left. ( There is the "elitism")


Things keep getting better and better. And old issue comes back to haunt.
With that I'm just going to light the fuse and run....


( reminder.. "O"'s info has been questionable from day one)

Ben Emery

Without a doubt you guys can be described as dinosaurs. I heard there is plenty of plutonium left in the Southwest? Natural gas in Texas extracted by fracking. Gold in California and the sky is falling crowd uses fresh water as a scare tactic. I also heard a $20 million dollar prize for the person to kill the last remaining African Elephant, ivory is at an all time high and with no more AE to produce the price will skyrocket even higher.

Yep guys we tried that philosophy for 150 years and we find ourselves in the mess we are today because of it. I don't think doubling down is the correct or moral answer.

Ben Emery

I heard there is tons of money in the bringing on the extinction of African Elephants due to the cost ivory. Wipe any future AE ivory and it becomes amazingly more valuable over night.

Your guys philosophy was played out and it landed us in the mess we are today. Isn't it time for you guys to get a rocking chair and leave the world for the future generations?

Account Deleted

Ben - you need to stop hyperventilating and calm down. OWS protesters were breaking the law. It didn't matter what their message was. The truth is that the authorities have been shown to be very lenient on left wing groups and much harder on conservative groups. Tea Party folk assemble legally and peacefully. And they clean the place up afterwards. Look at the many pictures of post left wing rallies vs post rally for conservative groups. The left always leave a trashed mess.
The protestors in Davis were blocking a public place and breaking the law. In my day, the police would just apply the old scalp massager. The protestors were warned and given every opportunity to leave peacefully. But they made the poor little rich white kids cry! Boo hoo.
Is the system rigged? I've been explaining it to you, Ben. You don't seem to read very well. Yes - the middle class is being screwed. Most of them are too stupid to understand or just too lazy to do anything about it. And a lot of the middle class actually vote to get screwed. You want democracy but complain when the rabble don't vote correctly.
Hey - give lazy idiots the vote and guess what? They will. Govt run schools have that effect. We are now reaping what we have sown. Enjoy!

George Rebane

BenE 139pm++ - What mess are we in that was not caused by government corruption? The socialist solution is an easy one - continue to enlarge and empower governments, then blame capitalism when there are any problems that can only have been caused by governments with the gun.

Nevertheless, I can see why you don't want to address the responses to your 1245pm charge. ScottO's 621pm has reiterated the points of my 1154am and 132pm. But let's see if there is any progress in this discussion from you or your cohorts. Elephant tusks are a nice diversion.

Ben Emery

For the love a god, can you guys not see the fact that industry owns the two political parties. That industry has captured regulatory agencies. That industry has captured cabinet posts and chief advisory positions. Low and behold US corporations have never seen higher profits, inequality is at 80 year highs, the US has never extracted more fossil fuels than today, financial regulations are non existent, Monsanto owns the USDA, gigantic corporations that make billions in profits pay no income taxes, and the incentives are for companies/ factories to leave the country. Do you guys just not see this or is it you just don't care?

Bill Tozer

Brother Ben: Perhaps this relentless cry for help is better suited for Commercial Collectivist Talk Radio.

Second verse, same as the first. And a one....and a two, now hit it boys

The Yellow Rose of Monsanto is the only rose for me...................................................................................................................

George Rebane

BenE 730pm - The problem you seem to have is connecting the obvious dots. 'Industry' would have no cause to cozy up to a government that is limited and not able to cobble together market mangling regulations that pick winners and losers, and increase the barriers to entry for new entrepreneurs with new products and better ways to do things. It is only when governments become big and gain reach into every aspect of our lives that government/corporate collusion becomes a reality. As I have pointed out many many times - the good part of capitalists is that they game the system, the bad part of capitalists is that they game the system. Let's agree to give them a system of governance the gaming of which benefits us all. It is real easy to do, but it won't foment class warfare or buy the votes of the ignorant.


Limit the power of government and you also limit the power of special interests (increase the power of the individual). Not rocket science.

But, lets keep ignoring the inequality in our tax/spend system.... (Warning: requires an open mind and some level of math understanding):


Summary: according to CBO (under a liberal president mind you) the top 20 percent pay nearly 93 percent of all income taxes, while the top 40 percent pay 106 percent of them. 106%, that is not a typo!

All this BEFORE the largest redistribution of wealth program starts next month (Obamacare). A growing population of idiots requires more freebies in exchange for votes (no protests).

Ryan Mount

Where's Paul on this topic?

I've always assumed that many of talk radio listeners are small business/self employed types typically working out of their vehicles or from home.

That seems to explain Rush Limbaugh's and Sean Hannity's numbers (they're #1 and #2 respectively): Rush gets the conservatives at work who have the liberty to listen to what they want, and Hannity gets the car listener on the commute home. Car listeners make up about 20% (I thought it would be higher) of all radio listeners. A whopping 70% listen from a fixed location. And the balance are online, etc.

Also, in my research, I found that Millennials, of all people, are heavy listeners of radio. Quite surprising, actually.

- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45542068/Radio-By-the-Numbers-Fall-2013.pdf (Arbitron summary)

- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45542068/Radio_Today_2013_execsum.pdf (demo executive summary)

- https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45542068/PublicRadioToday2013_ExecutiveSummary.pdf (Public Radio highlights)

What's basically happened is Commercial Radio has moved into conservative talk and strict (an extraordinarily boring) music formats, and "Progressive" formats have retreated to local radio with smallish markets like our very own KVMR. This is due two the removal of the Fairness Doctrine in the 1980s, and the 1996 Telecommunications acts that allowed corporations to gobble up large markets which has created this cesspool of mediocrity. Rush Limbaugh and the "JACK" music formats are mildly entertaining but mostly just plain dull and dumb.

I don't consider NPR to be "Progressive." I consider them to be as beholden to their handlers as any other network. They're ideological. But the American public, in their collective DSM IV/5 binary mania just assumes that NPR, et al, are the "opposite" of say, Michael Savage.

Ben Emery

Any comments on the NY Times Benghazi report? Shocker shocker CIA is involved, which means massive cover ups and the biggest victim will be the truth.


Ben Emery

The problem with you not being able to connect the dots is industry, large corporations, and the wealthy have it set up just the way they want it.

It is your ideology that doesn't see the dangers in massive dynastic accumulated wealth and the ability to use that wealth influence/ controlling our government, a government that is the commons of 100% of the people not just the top 1-2%. It is your ideology that promote free markets without any checks and balances of power outside where average people spend their dollars. Unchecked markets become predator markets and the most cutthroat ruthless "business" owners will consolidate and monopolize the market. I refer you back to the Gilded Age and Robber Baron era's and see what was produced. It has been proven time and time again to work this way and it is precisely why true capitalists fear democracy so much. People actually having a say in how the market operate.

George Rebane

BenE 819am - Pretty sure you didn't understand my 823pm or Mikey's 922pm. Waiting for why corporations cozy up to government.

RyanM 707am - good stuff Ryan, thanks.

Todd Juvinall

Honestly BenE, don't you ever tire of your ridiculous mantra against everything except the "mob". The owrld is not a perfect place, you should get some old tome religion to put a smile back on that sourpuss mug of yours. Corporations are people, industry is made of people, political systems are made of people. You must be anti [people since you have suck hate. You are a tiresome bloke. Give it a rest.

Gerry Fedor

Has anyone every driven by a wreck on the freeway and not slowed down to take a look at the carnage?

I equate Russ Steele's comments to the number of people that saw the December 19th show, to this as people tuned in to see the carnage after the wreck.... (plus they advertised this as being the Christmas show, and who wouldn't want to see a Alligator on the Holiday table with an apple stuck in it's mouth - LOL!!)

The following shows had a much lower rating which means that people are done seeing the carnage and are waiting for the fire department to clean up the aftermath.

Gerry Fedor

Here's something interesting in the LA Times about conservative talk radio....


Ben Emery

George and Mickey,

The premise of your questions are fantasy thus making it impossible to answer them in the way you desire.

Can you admit no market can exist without some form of governing body whether it be public or private?

-If this is true then the premise that governments somehow seize the power to regulate markets is faulty. For a market to exist their must be some agreed upon rules, a trusted judicial system to review individual cases, and a way to enforce those rules. That my friends is a governing body. So the divide we got here is do you want a small few with the most money to set the rules such as WTO or World Bank or the general public through our common government who albeit not sufficiently representative but have some sort of accountability to the people?

-As we have allowed accumulated wealth to take place the cost of campaigning and political parties has skyrocketed. No surprise with the cost of campaigns going up the size and scope of government has gone up. As industry captures both political parties thus our government they expand and increase the public/ private interests.

I want no special interest money in politics so the corruption cannot take place. You guys have stated over and over again a fantasy that government doesn't have the power to regulate/ set rules while saying unlimited spending in politics is the direction we need to go.

I have a theory that fits into your great divide but don't have time today to share it.


Well,,, our county is once again is making national news.
Heard about the church ordered to take down the "support our troops" signs?
( By the County)
The Drudge report has picked it up, as well as CBS. NO.. The people are NOT happy.
Nevada Co. has stepped in it big time. We are now the next laughing stock....


Joe Koyote

"Do not underestimate the enemy. " -- I find it quite disturbing that one's fellow Americans can be characterized as "enemies" because they exercise their constitutional rights to free speech but happen to disagree. Will these enemies be subjected to gas chambers to rid the nation of "cockroaches?" Or perhaps a drone strike in their backyard at their daughter's wedding will do the trick of ridding the country of these insects.

George: National welfare spending (transfer payments) is extra-constitutional, and contains the inexorable first steps of a democracy in decline." Do you also consider the Wall Street bailouts, ag subsidies, bloated, corrupt and fraudulent defense appropriations and other similar corporate "transfer payments" to be extra-constitutional?

You often speak of those who do not create anything usable or contribute to the economy (ie. the poor) as a significant problem. Please explain how derivatives, junk bonds, and other "financial instruments" that make up the casino economy of Wall St. contribute to the country's well being and create usable results for the nation. How are the traders different from the poor who contribute nothing to the general well being?

Ryan Mount


Do you grow tired of answering the same set of questions over and over again? (with regards Mr. Koyote's cronyism question)


I'm reasonably certain that a conservative would not support bank bailouts and would prefer than real capitalism sort out the winners and losers, not the government to pick based on arbitrary criteria like campaign donations and who's sitting in the Executive Cabinet.

However, a question for you and others:

Would you have been prepared to face a theoretical (it didn't happen and we'll never know exactly why) massive meltdown in markets in 2007/08 without government intervention? Let's say assets, pensions and retirement accounts simply went "poof" making the Great Depression look like an overdrawn checking account.

Perhaps a more direct question: What would you have done if you were Paulson/Bernanke?


Ben says Corps. are cozying up to gov. regulators?
That equates to masochism. " OOhhh!! Regulate me some more! YES! Give my bottom line another good twist. Stick it to my investors while your at it."

The only ones that subscribe to Ben's ideals, are companies that make something that no one really needs, or is SO damned expensive, few can afford to buy. weather it's a good product or not. So they cry to government to mandate the use, or get the taxpayer to subsidize it. THOSE are the ones with kneepads on
"lobbying" their favorite politician. From Solyindra to Fisker, and every failed
green scam in-between. Lefty pals go rich, and Lefty political coffers got filled. The Left had a great money laundering scam working.( and still is)

Since Ben brings up OWS... Ben. Obama donors don't go to jail. Your evil Wall St. was/ is the milking station for Lefties the last eight years.

Ryan Mount

The airwaves belong to the people of this Republic. We have a right, via slow* mob rule even, to dictate what goes over them.

If we don't like it, we can elect members of Congress and the Executive Branch to change that. But I betcha Clear Channel will beat us to the lobbying punch. And some jerkoff President will make the Comcast CEO chairman of the FCC.

In the past 25 years, we have elected people who want to Liberalize** the airwaves. And we have with predicable and boring results. Oh, the other thing we're obsessed about is keeping people from uttering Lenny Bruce/George Carlin naughty words. But that's about it.

*via elected officials
**Yesssssss. Liberal-ize.

George Rebane

RyanM 1034am - Spot on Ryan, I grow extremely tired of remaking the same points that have been a matter of record on RR over the last seven years. Some readers (usually of the Left) approach every day in these comment streams as if it were the first for them and everyone else in discussing any issue. One can call this the 'Hello World!' syndrome.

To make progress on any debate, especially on which the indelible record exists, the well documented position of your opponent should be re/searched, a task that is easy to do using this blog's search function, or to simply google it with 'George Rebane' or 'Rebane's Ruminations' added to the keywords. Then that record should be disputed instead of requiring it to be restated ad nauseum.

(My positions on markets, regulations, govt subsidies, etc are all a matter of record here. And all such questions have been answered numerous times.)


Just when we thought money couldn't be spent anymore stupidly,
look what the taxpayer got screwed for THIS time. ( And no pun intended)
I'm sure Ben and friends will call it a "wise investment".


I can see the disclaimer now.
" No taxpayer paid for contraceptives were used in the making of this documentary."

Paul Emery


As to the listener numbers of talk radio it's pretty simple to understand. Progressives aren't interested in talk radio probably because they have other interests and ways of entertaining themselves. duh...You are making much more out of this than it deserves. You're not proposing that talk radio offers an intelligent dialogue on contemporary issues are you?


Paul,, You a "fairness doctrine" guy? I get that impression when you marginalize
the death throws of the Lefty propaganda machine. ( missing more gears and cogs by the week) Why put forth effort when one can demand "equal time" on a well listened to
conservative show. Rush has three hours. Some LIB would LOVE to just walk in the door, and demand 1.5 of those hours. No muss, no fuss, and no capital outlay. Someone else paid for that time, and Rush's voice gets cut by half.
Pretty much the definition of "fair" for LIBS. Get someone else to foot the bill
all in the name of " equal time".

Ryan Mount


Back when I used run a Critical Writing class, I used to have the students pick a topic they were passionate about. Say, Clear Cut forests or pollution or abortion or whatever. I'd get them all riled up and then tell them to write a paper from their opponents perspective. In a nutshell, argue against their position.

Man, talk about people getting religion.

Anyhow, the point was not to moderate their positions, but to train them in the art of empathy with the hopes of diffusing misconceptions and assumptions they had about their "opponents." It also taught them to listen to their adversaries. Note: who do you think fought this activity the least? The few Conservative Students in attendance.

When we have people in these threads assume/imply that you are in favor of Wall Street bailouts and other forms or cronyism, I often think that I didn't work hard enough back at the University. Pity.


Paul is the news director of our esteemed local radio station. I'm not sure where you're going this fairness doctrine thing, but he's doing a pretty good job. What he does is the real thing. And besides, the Fairness Doctrine is never coming back. That boat left the harbor a long time ago.

Rush Limbaugh is not a newscaster or a journalist. It's a stretch to call him a commentator. What he is, is a talented entertainer. Nothing more than right wing Tom Hanks (my apologies to Tom Hanks). After all, it's called the "Rush Limbaugh *Show*," right? "Show." He is rather funny at times, but so is a monkey who plays with its poo.

What's dumber than Rush Limbaugh? People who get upset over his media-whore controversies; dumb people getting angry over a dumb radio show.

George Rebane

PaulE 1159am - "intelligent dialogue" or otherwise, I do believe that for millions of Americans talk radio is the prime source for covering a fairly comprehensive inventory of current issues along with details of enough salient factors about each issue to get people thinking.

I also know that denigrating conservative talk radio listeners is the liberals' response to the dumbth on display from the popular Left. In any event, exposing obvious falsehoods/lies/ignorance of conservative talk show hosts should be an easy matter that would quickly cut down their audiences. And the opportunities to do that over the abundant left-leaning media are legion. I don't know why they don't capitalize on that.

Todd Juvinall

Honestly, I think PaulE throws these bombs out thinking our undies will get in a wad. But, regarding radio. Most of the reason the right succeeds and the left doesn's is right there in the KVMR room. If they were hot dtuff, say, like Rush, they would be on many stations and more than five hundred listeners. But they don't. The left is just boring. They whine about everything good and do so in a whiny,screechy voice. People move the dial to the right and are given information and opinions shared by over half the country.

Sure a little niche station like KVMR is great if you want to listen to jazz on Sunday morning, but their opinion appeal is totally boring and PaulE knows it. But people like PaulE are simply jealous and want to be popular. I had way more listeners when I did Republican Policy Friday on KNCO then a whole week of listeners to KVMR.

Todd Juvinall

One more thing. Rush said the babe, Sandra Fluke, was asking the taxpayers to buy here contraceptives and the libs tried to get him booted. It was relentless but guess what? Rush is still there and his audience is bigger. So, the proof is in the pudding as they say. Conservatives are Up, liberals are down.


Look, Rush and any other commercially supported program exists primarily to sell advertising period - the fact that he and others are so popular is because consumers support the sponsors.

when Air America launched they stole funds from the Boy Scouts, some retirement funds and trusts!


The bottom line is, conservative news and opinion, be it on the boobtube or radio,
sell advertising spots. Welcome to Capitalism. And LIB news and comment, for the most part has to be subsidized. ( George Soros and friends,, and of course,, taxpayers)

The "big three" are operating at a loss as far as the news depts. go.
Anyone who is paying attention watch FOX, and have given up on the Liberal apologist networks. Every so often the ratings are published for all to see. Just guess who has been leading? Nope,,, Not CNN or MSNBC.


The new battle ground is at Combie Rd.
That's were you might find me tomorrow.
I hope some of the Tea Party members will be there too.
The demand to remove the "Support our troops" sign will not go unchallenged.

Paul Emery

Gosh Todd, you're getting sweaty over this. I could care less what your opinion is on anything so don't expect a response.


Talk radio is great vehicle for expressing opinions and Conservatives seem to like that venue. I have no problem with that but really, do you consider Rush Limbaugh to be a source of news? That's kinda strange if you go that direction because of the clear distinction you made to me about the difference between Fox News and Hannity and Company that are political entertainers and make no attempt to approach public affairs with an open mind, I can say the same about the Maddow crew on MSNBC. We've talked about this and I thought had some kind of agreement.

George Rebane

PaulE 652pm - O'Reily, Hannity, etc are Fox commentators as distinguished from their news anchors like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. However, since the commentators frequently have national public figures as their guests, they do get statements from their guests that break new ground and become news that is picket up by other programs and channels. Do I go to Hannity or O'Reily for news? No, I very seldom even watch them. But that doesn't detract from the point that they may from time to time have a new perspective or a news item to contribute.

We commentators with ideological perspectives are held in pretty low esteem by those with other ideologies, and also those who simply cannot understand ours. I am a local poster child for such commentators.

Account Deleted

From Ben - "financial regulations are non existent"
And the sun rises in the west. Is this the best the left can offer? Is there anyone with any intelligence on the left? I'll give Ben a huge margin here and wait for him to walk that one back with an apology. It's the holiday season and some folks are pretty deep in their cups. Ben?


Since Ben has gone on the marginalization tracks of conservative voices,
he may want to check the sanity of the Progressive talking heads.
Didn't one just "resign" because he nutted up and lost it, in vile comments towards Sara Palin? The guy was supposed to be a pillar of the Progressive media establishment.
I recall a while back a poll was taken of just who gets their news from where. I found it amusing that 20 or so % of Dems got their "news" from the likes of comedy Central, Bill Muar, and the like.

Paul Emery

Okay George I think we are on the same page on this one. Rush, Beck and the rest are commentators not sources of news and shouldn't be held to that standard. Yes indeed they do have guests from time to time that make news on their programs.

It's those who view commentators as a source of news that I have problems with. As previously stated I am in agreement that Conservatives use talk radio as a vehicle for discussion of news events more than liberals. Perhaps they have more free time during the day or have jobs that allow them to leave the radio on. We tried to move Amy Goodman and Democracy Now to a day spot from 7PM but were rocked with displeasure because steady listeners could not hear the show because of their day jobs.

Russ Steele

Nevada County's effort to take down a Support Our Troops sign made the Drudge Report. Now the whole world knows how our leaders and their staff make bad decisions at the Rood Center. My guess this story has some legs, let the protests begin.

Paul Emery

Pretty stupid call from some clipboard toting code cop. Makes you appreciate what some of our citizens have been going through with enforcers of the Cultivation Ordinance which is enabled by the same code as used by Sign Cops . Apologies will happen by tomorrow.

Account Deleted

Paul - I've worked 40 hours a week for 36 years. I watched Joe Pine, David Susskind, Bill Buckley Jr, etc - listened to Paul Harvey, Larry King, Ray Taliaferro, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Sullivan, etc, etc - you whiny lefties always have excuses as to why you can't do anything. Leftie listeners too stupid or just too lazy to time shift Amy Goodman? You let me know, Paul - I'm still waiting for Ben to get back on how there are no financial regulations in the USA.
I tried listening to Air America. Very little actual info - mostly just Bush lied, blah blah blah....never gave one ounce of proof that Bush lied. We were all just supposed to be true believers and put up with a steady diet of profanity. Currently Tom Sullivan owns the air. Polite, variety of careers and knowledgeable on Wall Street and political issues. Left wing talkers are just BS artists. None of them have ever actually done anything of value.

Gerry Fedor

I guess you guys are "OK" with people going against building codes as long as they have a cross somewhere on the construction?

I'll tell the neighbor down the road who's putting in a 9 acre pond that it's all good, and he doesn't need some stupid engineer to approve of the dam layout, as long as he puts in a cross on it.....

The people who live below him shouldn't care either as that cross will save them if it fails right?

Gerry Fedor

A radio industry insider has confirmed the downward spiral of Rush Limbaugh on talk radio. Speaking on MSNBC's Ed Show, Holland Cooke said that Limbaugh's listenership has declined 36%, from a high of 22 million 3 years ago, to a current listening audience of 14 million. Cooke said furthermore that those who are still tuning in on a regular basis are fringe listeners looking for "survivalist" content.

The Flush Rush Facebook community has helped hasten Limbaugh's decline, holding a 16 month campaign to convince the controversial talk show host's advertisers to end their support for his bigoted views.

Ed: The right-wing echo chamber is in trouble. For the past 30 years, conservative talk radio has dominated the political conversation and guided the thinking of many lawmakers. Rush Limbaugh has been treated like a gift from God.

The people that listen to 10 hours of talk radio a week or more voted Republican by a 3-1 margin. Those are the people that elected the new congress. That's why this is the Limbaugh congress.

All right. Conservative talk is still dominant, but its influence is starting to fade. If you don't believe me, trust GOP messaging guru Frank Luntz. Luntz was caught on camera speaking to a group of young Republicans at the University of Pennsylvania.

Listen to this as it's on youtube: .

(Frank Luntz on hidden camera).... they get great ratings, and they drive the message. And it's really problematic. And this is not on the Democratic side. It's only on the Republican side. Democrats have got every other source of news on their side. And so that is a lot of what's driving it. If you take Marco Rubio's getting his ass kicked. Who's my Rubio fan here? He is getting destroyed. He is trying to find a solution to immigration that isn't the traditional Republican approach, and talk radio is killing him. That's what's causing this thing underneath and too many politicians in Washington are playing coy.

Well, apparently, Frank Luntz didn't learn anything from Mitt Romney in the 47% mistake. He made the naive mistake of telling college kids with IPhones in their hands that the conversation was off the record. Really? Luntz, you need to get updated with how kids use technology. They have no loyalty, but only to the information. This is what they're saying behind closed doors. It's a good thing for liberals in America. For more on all of this, let's bring in talk radio consultant Holland Cooke. Holland, it's great to have you with us. Holy smokes, they are throwing sand in the sandbox. What's going on here?

Of all people, you'd think a media consultant would know that the camera never blinks. And, Ed, you've known me long enough to know that I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist. But this is enough to make you wonder. U myself a media consultant with sympathies with Frank Luntz, because there is nothing more frustrating than you do the research, you formulate a plan, you outline it for the client, and then the client doesn't follow instructions. And the results are bad. So here's the conspiracy theory. Did Frank talk himself blue in the face trying to get the republicans to do the obvious, and then end run them by pretending that this whole thing leaked? He can't be so naive as to think that when he tells a roomful of college kids, now, everybody turn off your wireless phone. We don't want this recorded, that they'll all do it. His work is garden variety perceptual research. Reince Priebus released the post mortem after the election. Same thing there. This party of nothing is not selling. The negativity has worn thin. They lost the war on women. And they are extremely unfriendly to Hispanics who tipped the election. But talk radio is still the mantra.

Well, it's interesting. Is conservative talk radio leading the GOP down a path of destruction? I mean, have they really been -- have they been the ones who have forged this big divide?

The short answer, yes. And you make an important distinction, because radio is fine. AM/FM radio has over 243 million people a week age 12 and above listening in the USA. It's talk radio that has a problem. Rush Limbaugh has 14 million listeners. Used to have 22 million. These numbers come from Talkers and Scoreboard magazine.

The most widely quoted source for the big talk radio ratings is scoreboard.

So let's do the math. 14 into 243 is about 5%, meaning 95% of people listening to the radio aren't listening to these truly "inciteful" model citizens. Glenn Beck has 7.5 million listeners, 3% of the radio audience. 97% aren't listening. Mathematically, this is fringe media. So who do you think they're talking to? The fringe, the tea party. And it's all of this survivalist and chicken little stuff that keeps their audience tuning in every day. But they're not talking to mainstream America. I equate it to talking to people who have used up all of their unemployment checks and are now crying because they don't like it.

Percentage-wise ore people tune into watching "Honey Boo-Boo" episodes than listen to all of the conservative talk shows.....

In fact they are talking to a small group of continual crybabies who want so bad to be right! Maybe they should have asked Santa for this wish to come true as that's all it is, A WISH!

Paul Emery


This sounds like a heavy handed cone inspector with something to prove. I was Executive Director of the Center for the Arts when we upgraded the building and brought it up to code and the County inspectors were very respectful and understanding of our resources and gave us time to do what was needed. This (the sign issue) is an example of a heavy handed petty bureaucrat who shows no craft in their job and I'm sure will be in for a good yelling from their boss.

I was a strong advocate for the Miners Foundry when they were harassed by the NC City Council about their "illegal" window that was part of their building upgrade project. They lost that one and it made an impression on me about the prudent limits on building codes. This whole sign thing is really stupid and will quickly run it's course.

Paul Emery

sp "code inspector"

Todd Juvinall

The Fedor comments on Rush Limbaugh's imminent demise on radio has been debunked numerous times. He has more sponsors now and more listeners. This demise talk is simply wishful thinking by loser liberals who can put two cans and a string together for talk.

The Sandra Fluke contrived activity by the liberals could not even boot Limbaugh for what they considered "cause". He is the top dog, Hannity is second, no libs to be found until you get to the scum at the bottom of the barrel.

Account Deleted

For Gerry Fedor - you have the Neilson rating figures to back up your claims?
I'd be interested to see the numbers for all of the national radio talkers.

Russ Steele

Mr Fedor, here are some additional facts to consider in your conclusion that conservative talk radio
is in a death spiral:

Nearly 70 million Americans now listen to Internet radio, and millions more are listening
around the world. Arbitron recently asked Internet listeners if they were listening more
or less to Internet radio, and an amazing 76% said they are listening more.

I am not sure these Internet listeners are included in your over the air audience numbers.

I use this Conservative Talk Radio App on my iPhone giving me access to 14 conservative
talkers: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/conservative-talk-radio/id451584035?mt=8
Once installed there is instant access where ever there is a cellphone signal. We also listen to talk radio on our satellite
radio in our vehicles and in the house. Again, not sure these listeners are included in the total numbers. If the AM/FM listeners are declining, it is possible they are now on the Internet or on the satellite. Noted that Rush is not yet on Satellite, but is on the Internet.

Ryan Mount


Internet listeners account for less that 10% of listenership. Traditional Radio channels are still rather strong. And as I pointed out above, even Millenials are listening to radio in great numbers, which I found surprising given the number of other media distractions they have at their disposal.

Regarding Rush Limbaugh and other "commentators" (entertainers)...

Rush Limbaugh is the Energizer Bunny of Right Wing Radio: he's never going away except on his own terms. He's survived numerous coordinated attempts to not only damage his brand, but also to get him off the air. And he has not only survived, he has thrived even after his self-inflicted wounds (illegal prescription drug activity, to name one).

George Rebane

re RyanM's 942am - There's more to be said about ongoing efforts to shut off certain rightwing commentators; and it continues to be a one-sided affair - the Left trying to quiet the Right because among the informed its ideas cannot compete. A nearby example is the gleeful 1118pm comment from Gerry Fedor that joins the hundreds of other such celebrations and exhortations in the RR comment log which now numbers well over 40,000.

Ryan Mount

They're not going to succeed George. I think that news [pun intended] will be a great disappointment to Limbaugh's foes, and more interestingly, to those Rush supporters who enjoy a good fight.

Paul Emery

Talk radio ratings are something the shrill right can certainly thump their chests about but that's nothing new. Apparently those listeners have time on their hands to turn the radio on and cheer with the blabsters. Others have to work for a living and or just don't care.

George Rebane

PaulE 1202pm - Paul, your strong and repeated implication, that liberals are too busy creating wealth while conservatives just lollygag around with nothing to do but listen to talk radio, just won't wash by any statistic you care to dredge up. Government offices are filled with wealth consuming legions of union liberals, and you can only guess what political coloration are all the folks who have for years depended on various transfer payments (now called 'Obama's stash') for their livelihood. Nice try.

BTW, these millions of liberals far outnumber the corporate welfare types when it comes to supporting entitlement programs. And we don't have to circle the barn again, my position on transfer payments is a matter of record.


Those of you falling back on " the permit" ,, well I happen to have some
knowledge and dealings with those damned things.
Where is the "safety" issue for "signage"? ( It right up there with needing a permit for little Suzy and her lemonade stand)
As far as the county is concerned, you need a permit to replace ONE board
on your "structure". They were quite proud to tell me that. Replacing a few dry rotted deck boards turned into a full blown reconstruction. Right down to raising the railing 1/4 of an inch. Think that was cheap?
I needed to replace about ten bad pieces of lumber. I took one out, and put a new one in it's place. Then my busybody county employed neighbor dropped a dime on me to his boss, and I got red tagged. Then the fun began. engineered plans,, the stamp that goes with it, county approval of those plans, etc.

So do tell.. How many permit buying Leftys are there? They are the ones that wanted " the man" off their back,, and yelled " Down with the establishment, and let me be!" Yup,, right here in " Old Hippyville" I don't recall the Berkeley transplants being big on getting "permits" when they took over the Ridge. Those are for the "other people".
I'm surprised the county hasn't installed " inspectors" at every local lumber yard demanding to see the building permits for the lumber that's being purchased.
Think the rental yards are asking to see grading permits before a tractor is rented out?
But all HELL breaks loose when a simple sign goes up in support of our troops.
GOD forbid a Christian CROSS is on said sign. That must be what drove the " good Samaritan" to gripe. And LIBS claim there is no war on Christianity. ( any little dig they can get in)

From The Union,, to CBS SAC.,,, to The Blaze,,, to Drudge, and now waiting for FOX to chime in.( FOX takes a few days)

So "permits" are needed to put up something that makes a statement? or conveys
a "message"?
If that is what "some" are saying,, then there are more than a few rainbow flags and banners that need to be "permitted" or removed, because they are "vary" close to roads. They are not there for looks. Those " flags and banners",,, "send a message". If a " Support our troops" message needs a permit
so do "rainbow" flags and banners".
Ya' know what they say,,, " What's good for one,,,,,"

Bill Tozer

Russ Limbaugh has basically saved talk radio. His program has reinvigorated talk radio and brought it to new heights in our current era. Many many others have ridden this wave of popularity up the ratings game. You might say Russ has taken boring mundane talk radio and lite a fuse under its feet.

I agree with Ryan that Russ will leave under his own terms when he is good and ready. Nobody rules the airwaves or is King of the Hill forever, but in this brief moment of time, Russ is like cash and cash is king.

The Russ Limbaugh Show is 100% Russ, something that is hard to duplicate. No Russ the individual, no success. He is the master of the Golden Excellence in Broadcasting Microphone. In an era following Phil Donahue's kinder gentler softer mangina mantra, Russ hit the deck running proclaiming his "talent on loan from God" and "half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair." Fair to liberals.

Although I have not listened to Russ for a few years now, I know what he would say about the Collapse of Commercial Collectivist Talk Radio,

He would say something like this: "Plenty of room for you to join us. Come on in. The water is warm."

Yes. liberal talk radio: Come on in, the water is warm. Thousands of careers are being made right this minute. There never has been a better time to join the talk radio party. Come on in liberals, the water is indeed warm.

George Rebane

re BillT's 325pm - In his rush to rush out his comment, Mr Tozer really meant to type Rush ;-)

Bill Tozer

Yeah, I made a boo-boo. Its Rush, not Russ. I got that darn Swine Flu crappola. No fun. Blew right through my flu shot last month. Hope you don't get it....I would not even wish this on my dear sweet friend Gerry.

As far as Mr. Paul's last comment, that is exactly the attitude that strikes a cord with Rush's listeners. If one likes Rush, they are mind numbed robots who let Rush do their thinking for them. Those who swing to the left side of the street are puzzled that anyone would take Rush seriously. Their only explanation is that Rush listeners are ignorant redneck inbreeds, thus Rush's popularity does not matter.

Rush would lick his lips over Mr. Paul's explanation. He has made a living touching a cord with people who are tired of being told what to think or what they think and feel is not correct. Thus the backlash against the "elites", whether they be found in academia, media, leftie think tanks, or government, aka, the Left's Gods.

We commoners are just too dense and unbook learned to know what is best for us and we need you Elitists to tell us what to think and run our pitiful lives. "Yes, masta, we be good and submit to your Superior intelligence. I is sorry boss, I did not see the errors of my ways. I am an ungrateful ingrate. Forgive me."
Then life would be grand once again for the liberals.

Todd Juvinall

BillT is on the madk again and with humor! You would not find a similar post by a PaulE or a BenE. They are just plain old sourpusses.

Regarding libs elites and their magnificent use of the language to show us all how wonderful they are. Who was that guy, Martin Bashir,on MSNBC, the misogynist guy who said this on his show about Sarah Palin? Check the link to see how smart a talker from the left really is.


It took two weeks of outrage for the schmucks at MSNBC to fire the fool Bashir. But it looks like Sarah is moving on while Bashir is getting a dose of wehat he spoke about. Ah, I just love it when a liberal fool is exposed by his own words.

Now juxtapose Rush and the "wh***" Sandra Fluke. Oops, well, she denies it but she did want us to pay her $3,000 a year contraceptive bill didn't she? Anyway, forgive me, she is not a wh*** but just a plain old frisky little tart. You know, girls just wanna have fun". So the libs did their darnedest to get Rush booted but it did not work. Why? Because he told the truth and the word wh*** is just a common one on all the TV stations, so no big deal. Oh, and I have nothing against wh***'s, I just don't want to pay for their condoms.

Bashir made the mistake of allowing us all to see how truly crude and disgusting a liberal and his mouth really are. Adios Martin Bashir, hello Rush!


Does this mean LIB radio personalities will be added to the endangered species
list? Will a special box be added to the unemployment forms specific to LIB radio? " If no one listened to your program, check here"
Seems Paul may be on the endangered species list of LIB radio.

Todd Juvinall

Walt, I think you are correct. PaulE is too boring to succeed as Rush has. Hell, I was way more popular on KNCO back in the 90's than he could ever achieve. Too funny.


One more thing regarding the " Support our troops" dispute.
When actions like this take place and make national interest,
Holy Hell descends upon the public officials, from all corners of the nation, who may be responsible for the insult. And has yet to end well in their favor.

Now that Glenn Beck has got wind of this, Things have the possibility of getting interesting. It's things just like this, he takes personally.
God help the County if Beck rally's the "troops".

Gerry Fedor

This makes us all laugh as Todd wants to tell us about how this is an issue against a church sign, when it's actually a code issue.

You remember code issues don't you as I bet you ran around like a squirrel on meth trying to bring your projects into compliance every time a Code Enforcement inspector came around....

Fix it, or remove it!

It's pretty simple, and I'm sure you Einstein's can figure this out!


Gerry and friends sure would go insane if the signage was " gay pride "
and the same "permit" issue arose. Now that would be considered "insensitive",
and intolerant. " How dare the Co. demand a permit.
But once again we have the anti Christian force, out in force.
How dare them use a cross where it can be seen by the public..... Right??

Now I read the "county refuses to back down". I don't believe the County has ANY idea of what may be in store for their actions.
Ed Scofield may be leading his version of the 7TH Calvary. Custer stood his ground too, and underestimated the opposition. How did that work out?

Todd Juvinall

Sorry sock puppet Gerry Fedor, I have not entered into this discussion so I assume your reading skills are lacking here.

I could care less if a church has the sign. Just like I don't get upset when your pals of OWS hung them on my overpass here in the basin. I would expect you would be upset if a sign that said what Walt posted above.

So, more speech, more nativity scenes at schools and the County and City Halls and parks. More more more.

I see theFrsich is speaking on this on Russ's blog. I actually agree that the person turning in the complaint should be anonymous. But I view this as free speech and not a code complaint issue.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 01 January 2014 at 11:04 AM

I think it is pretty clear, from both the statements made by county officials and by the Pastor of the church himself, that this is a code compliance issue and not a religious liberty or free speech issue. Even those Todd might think of as opponents here would not condone the 'state' (in this case as embodied by the county) imposing a speech ban of any kind.

Gerry Fedor

You wonder why Todd's career as a contractor came to an abrupt halt?

If someone cannot understand something as simple as a code compliance issue, then it's no wonder why they couldn't keep themselves out of having the be "rescued" by the Obama's TARP program when their construction business projects floundered.

I guess this is another bit of "well thought out advice" from our Wise and Just "conservative friend".....

Maybe you should write out a check for what you cost the American Tax Payer my "conservative" friend? Until that happens you're nothing but one of those little flies that keep landing on the rear half of my cattle in the pasture!



Compliance? Really Steve?? The structure has been there for a VARY long time.
All the church did was hang something positive on the existing sun bleached plywood.
And not trying to sell a damned thing or make a buck.

But if making one's "feelings" known somehow now requires a "permit",,
Then those with " rainbow" banners and flags who put them out for the world
to "get the message",, need permits also. I'm sure we can find plenty of unpermitted
" message " banners within this county.

" What's good for one,,,"


It is a very simple issue Walt: a structure that is out of compliance needs to be brought into compliance if it is altered. Touching it triggered the requirement.

There are sign ordinances and zoning codes for a reason, and everyone has to comply with them--whether they are a church and the message is positive as you say, or they are a realtor, or a restaurant, or an individual wishing to express their opinion--that is the way it works.

Making this anything other than what it is is nonsense,

Bill Tozer

Well, at least we all agree here (thru admission or omission)that Commercial Collectivist Talk Radio roll out has gone over like the New Coke Classic. In fact, its start was the highlight of its death spiral.


Steve. You may want to "enlighten" the " I don't need any stink'n permit" dope
growers. Maybe pharmaceutical manufacturing licenses need to be called for, and all the testing, paperwork, and costs that go with it. They do claim to be growing "medication".

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