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19 December 2013


Russ Steele

Go Nancy!

Ben Emery

The Tea Party in class action lawsuit, how ironic. If IRS is found guilty, good job. Profiling and discrimination isn't OK against any group of people. It will be a tough one win since I am sure the IRS has teams full of lawyers.

Todd Juvinall

Joe Koyote, err, JeffP, is a nut. He and his ilk use fantasy as fact and as we see they are easily exposed. But alas, the left has the press and those "journalists" across America print their lies on the front page above the fold and the subsequent "mea culpa"/correction in small print on page two.


LOL!!! "Joe" has yet to crawl out from under his rock.
He must be busy helping trash Phil Robertson.
LIBS have just opened their own idea of "duck season". Be careful Leftys,, these "ducks" can shoot back.

Jeff Pelline

Not sure who you're referring to, but I am not Joe Koyote.
Whenever I have something to say I come here and sign my real name.
I am not shy about telling you what I think of you or the issues that are discussed here.
I would tell it to you in person too.
Merry Christmas!

Paul Emery

I know Joe and it's not Jeff P.

Todd Juvinall

Don't believe you. It is a sock puppet.

Paul Emery


Well I guess you're calling me a liar but who cares. I'm not saying that Koyote is his real name but that the person is not Jeff P

On the same topic, you're a lizard and not a dragon. Does that make you a sock puppet as well?

Todd Juvinall

PaulE, so isn't a sock puppet a troll with a different name. Thanks for confirming you hang out with trolls.

Regarding you slight of me and my blog. PaulE, you are a flop singer and musician. That is a common knowledge. Keep trying till you get it right. Too funny. God you are too easy.

Paul Emery

Nancy Garcia's response was precise and documented. I'd sure like to see more of that on this blab site.

The fact is though that the messenger is likely to the message and a campaign by the Tea Party to get out voters is likely to resonate more with supporters. Nothing wrong with that though. Fair game.

Todd Juvinall

What are you babbling? Please clarify your blather above.

Bonnie McGuire

Wow!George R. and Nancy G. thanks so much for standing up for the truth. It's getting beyond disgusting. Those who think the end justifys the dishonest means to get there are becoming more obvious. They talk about rights, but only for themselves. The Phil Robertson example is going to open lots of eyes regarding those who talk, but don't do the walk.

Gerry Fedor

Todd thanks for being the Wise and Just guy that you are any clarifying these issues for us.


Gerry Fedor

Bonnie, I'd like to get your thoughts on The Dixie Chicks comments and the whole Robertson free speech issue.....

I await your answer with Baited Breath (but I doubt I'll get one, as your history is not to answer hard questions......)

Ben Emery

If you don't know the Dixie Chick story here is a documentary about the whole ordeal. I think what Robertson said is garbage and doesn't reflect the teachings of Christ at all. But that being said he is entitled to his beliefs. What you guys are witnessing is the market forces, which I thought was what conservatives wanted?

Shut Up and Sing


What you guys are witnessing is the market forces, which I thought was what conservatives wanted?

Is this tacit acknowledgement that there are forces in play other than democracy?

Try and remember this when we next discuss Unions and the minimum wage issue.


Hey Ben we're over here now!

Gerry Fedor

Fish, we know where you're at, and it's time to come back out of the meth lab and back into some semblance of reality...


Run along now sockpuppet......


....we know where you're at? WE KNOW WHERE YOU'RE AT?

That's some first rate use of the language you gap toothed hillbilly sockpuppet. if you plan to pursue Ebonics as a hobby it should really read:

Fish, we knows where you be at....haul yo ass out da meth lab and keep it real wit us out chere.

Joe Koyote

My point was/is that anonymous and non-local money is/was funneled into Nevada County and everywhere else, as was the case here. That this money was a “grant” does not change that its source was anonymous and non-local. The CA Attorney General has already proven in court that money tied to Koch bros. funded PACs was dumped into statewide elections via a shell network of PACs that laundered the money to conceal its actual source, which apparently breaks campaign disclosure laws. It does not take any great leap of imagination to conclude that other conservative billionaires probably do the same.

On the other point that George has turned the focus upon, my apologies, I didn’t mean to imply the TP was doing anything illegal. My bad. I should have said the money went to “support” or “benefit” conservative candidates. This “support” the anonymous TP money provided to local conservative politicians and conservative politicians in general was not overt or direct and was perfectly legal. However, it is my opinion that the voter turnout campaign, while non-partisan, benefited conservative candidates more than those of other political persuasions for the following reasons:

1) The vast majority of the money was spent on newspaper ads and radio commercials than ran exclusively in The Union newspaper and KNCO AM radio (home of Rush Limbaugh).

2) The ads were not placed in any other media like local station KVMR, which probably has a larger geographic reach (Truckee, Sacramento, etc.) and, on the whole, a more liberal audience, although our host does have an on air segment.

2) The audience/reader demographics of the two media entities where the majority of the anonymous money was spent skews very conservative.

3) On this basis, one can conclude that the “get-out-the-vote” efforts, unintentionally targeted and reached more conservative voters than other voters. The choice of media affected which people the campaign actually reached out to, making it more of a ‘get out the conservative vote effort’ than a general ‘get out the vote effort’.

4) Spreading the media buys mass mailing would probably have reached a more diverse audience.

George Rebane

JoeK 510pm - Thanks for the clarification, but I think everyone understood what you both wrote and implied. BTW, KVMR is a non-profit, non-commercial station, and KNCO is a for profit commercial station.

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