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31 December 2013


Ben Emery

And this matters in what way? Politicians claim to like children and want to secure the futures of those children but their actions in government say otherwise.

Maybe you guys should read this document,

US Constitution Article VI paragraph III

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

Ryan Mount

Cain answers God's Question with another question. Kind of like blog comment sections, wouldn't you say?

The phase/question/lesson has largely been misunderstood or deliberately re-written to justify how we are somehow responsible for other people's bad/unfortunate behavior, which is the exact revisionist opposite of what the meaning is in the Genesis chapter. (After all, you'd thunk Cain would have been put in charge of a lot* of people as a punishment, eh? Instead, he gets off easy and is kicked out of the house with the promise of a long life.)

The lesson, anyhow, is this: Cain's unwillingness to take responsibility (and lie) for what he did by attempting to obfuscate his answer to God's direct question: where is your Brother? (what parent hasn't asked that?)

Modern Teenager translation: You were supposed to put that money I gave you in the car's gas tank. Why did you run out of gas?

Teenager answer: I dunno. (of course they know. They blew it at Taco Bell drive thru...where s/he ran out of gas.)

* Yes, in the myth there's only a handful of people running about Earth at the time. The point is, God says nothing about that. The murderer Cain makes that statement.

Account Deleted

Since you asked, Ben, it matters in this regard. When conservative politicians mention their faith, Ben and company go off screeching about how the right wants to turn our govt into a theocracy. Meanwhile left wing Dems go on and on about how they are doing the work of Jesus and actively campaign for office in churches during Sunday morning services. Always black churches I notice. This is seen as perfectly fine and all in order. It is the issue of complete hypocracy in that conservatives are to never mention anything about religion in any way while the left can quote from the Bible or the Koran at will and lecture us about how we should pass laws based on their religious views.
Nobody is trying to establish a "religious test" for office. But if the politician is going to bring out his religious beliefs and attendance at a particular church as a bolster to his qualifications for an elected office, then we have the right to examine the ramifications of these beliefs and their origins. Obama freely and voluntarily boasted of a long term association with Rev Wright as a religious mentor and more. Then Rev Wright came out in the open as a follower of folks that espouse a twisted version of Christianity that involves racial hatred and Obama suddenly had to disavow him. Obama claimed it was for things that Wright had just recently said, but never gave any proof of any sort and the press just shoved it under the rug as it did (and continues to do) with all of Obama's lies and dirty laundry.


I have read plenty about "O" and his "relation" to Rev. Wright.
Conceder it part of "O"'s grooming, to make him more palatable to run for Prez.
The Lefty Messiah was "chosen" in the back rooms and halls of D.C.
You don't get anywhere as a Senator voting "present" on everything.
By "O"'s own words, ( and NEVER published by LIB news) he is a Muslim.
This was told by the good Rev. himself.
This is where the "three monkeys" of LIB media came into play. " Don't speak of it",, " marginalize it",, "deny it". In other words,, " it never happened".
It worked to get the Southern Baptist, and GOD fearing church's of color
to vote his way.

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