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12 January 2014


Bill Tozer

Mr. Crabb nails it again. This is the first time I have seen Mr. Walt without his helmet, but his shirt is absolutely stunning.

NID is a rate payer owned company, so the PUC can't do squat. NID has your family jewels in the wine press. I heard it is an 6% yearly increase, which would make it over 30% compounded. 33% increase sounds a bit high for those on fixed income, but this is California and water is as precious as gold. He who owns the water rights owns the gold. Grass Valley and Nevada City buy their water from NID so it makes me glad I am on a well, bought and paid for.

If they ever start taxing well water (the idea gets kicked around now and then in nearby counties), then you will really hear me whining and the sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth will fill the air. Might even get cited for noise pollution.


I heard that the rate increases were to pay for bullet proof vests and ammunition for the meter readers.

Bill Tozer

Sign of the times. No, its not stealing copper. Its worse than that. Its helping a friend change out a couple of windows in the dead of night to avoid the Rood Center's honorable discharge police.

Felt like a renegade sneaking around in the still of the night with miner's lights on with silent screw guns. It was wonderful to feel young again.

So much for my law and order stump speech. Now I am a bad man. Aiding and abetting, criminal conspiracy, and possibly illegal flight to avoid justice. Off to Devil's Island for me along with all those that returned to the hardware store all the low flow shower heads as soon as the toilet police checked off on the inspection. Boy, a broken piece of trim is getting expense and quite risky. Midnight construction does have a fugitive ring to it.


The increase in water rates is a result of the new requirement that you install all of the low flow gadgets in your house. The unsustainable pension monster must be feed and since you will be using less water the rates will have to be raised to avoid the obese beast from having to get gastric finance bypass surgery.


Its worse than that. Its helping a friend change out a couple of windows in the dead of night to avoid the Rood Center's honorable discharge police.

Not being a denizen of your fine city/suburbs could you elaborate on this a bit Bill?


Russ Steele

We have owned property on the Mendocino Coast for almost 20 years and the housing development has it's own water treatment plant. Ever since we bought the property we have been paying for upgrades to the water plant. Before we get one paid off the state inspectors come by demand more improvements, as state and federal agencies increase the standards. As one Board member complained, how can we make the water purer than nature provides. The water comes from a natural spring.

I have not read the report, but I suspect that NID is being pushed to increase the quality of our water by regulators at the state and federal level. Add the growing unfunded pension liabilities, management maybe staring into a black hole of regulatory uncertainty and the feel a need to compensate by raising rates. The Board has been alway been extremely fiscally conservative, and until recently very hard to deal with. It took us 30 years to finally get NID treated water at our house, at an investment of $18,000. We have abandoned our shared well, and now we are going to pay the price.

Russ Steele

As the price of water goes up, Anthony Watts has some advice at Watts Up With That: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/12/californias-new-toilet-police/


Mr Tozer, You didn't say if your late night criminal activity involved removing wood windows....so I want to caution you that if the said evidence, exhibit A ...windows allegedly removed from said dwelling, are wood windows,they most likely have lead based paint and therefore you have not only conspired to violate State law you have violated Federal EPA regulations.

Shame shame

oh and I wish that I were kidding...

Bill Tozer

Mr. Fish and Mr. MikeL: Nope, just helped a friend remove two single pane windows and replaced them with double panes. Just like moving 3 yards of dirt in a wheelbarrow, it needs a permit. However, with the new state law and some folks raising kids and such, my friend was a little too light in the wallet to get the the permit to improve the energy efficiency of his windows AND have the low flow police come around and make him replace all his toilets (per state law).

Now, I see it as I was helping the environment and told my friend to just put a couple of bricks in the toilet tank to conserve water. Yep, I can rationalize or justify just about anything after conversing with my beloved progressive commie control freaks here. Gotta think of others and be helpful and save the planet as well. Heck, next thing you know they will put Global Warming warnings on gas pumps, just like they put health warning on cigs. Opps, San Fransisco is already proposing that. That will save the environment as well, just as long as we avoid putting environment destroying ethanol in our tanks and watch our mileage decrease to boot. That ethanol is not very environmental friendly nor decreasing gas mileage is very environmental aware if you ask me. But I digress per normal.

Better windows and bricks in the toilet will save our planet from mass destruction. Yep, gotta be socially conscious nowadays. Is it a burn day?

Account Deleted

Just remember folks - that same govt that tells us they need increases in revenue beyond the increase in the population also informs us that there is no inflation. None. And the unemployment rate is around 6% and then they still need to print massive amounts of funny money anyway. At least Wall Street can't take my money unless I ask them to or Obama takes it from me at gun point and gives it to them. The left is still convinced that central control of our lives will be wonderful.

Account Deleted

How can you complain about a few bucks to toss out perfectly good plumbing? Unka Sam got ya'll beat by a mile.
Remember - Pelosi says there ain't no way to cut expenses.
Over 30% increase for water? Wait til they tax the air you breathe.
NID has you over a barrel - no hydrant? No fire insurance. And here comes the fire tax. Oh no - not for the wealthy libs that enjoy fire protection provided by Cal Fire if they live in the exclusive enclaves in So Cal like Malibu. They vote correctly. You stupid hicks that live in the hinterlands will pay and pay. Get used to it!

Bill Tozer

Never considered that water rates could be going up as a direct result of mandated less water consumption by residential treated water users. Makes sense. NID, like most utilities, have fixed costs that do not go away when people use less water.

Many of us have been through this time and time again in various parts of the nation during drought years. They jack up the prices to get people to conserve usage (power companies are also included) and the marketplace works perfectly as people cut down watering after getting released from the ER due to adverse reactions to sticker shock. Homeowners have even cemented over their yards or AstroTurf the front lawn or rototilled their lush carpet of green and planted xeriscape ground covers. Take shorter showers and flush sparingly. Yellow is mellow, brown flush it down.

Sure as day follows night, the utility companies' revenues drop and they have to jack up the rates again. One increase was to punish the water/power hogs...er...to bring awareness of conservation measures and the other increase to cover fixed costs. Funny, those rate increases are never sunsetted when the crisis of the month is over.

Who wants to bet the recent tax increases we the voter passed here in California will ever be sunsetted? Nay, never. Uncle Jerry and Company just can't get enough of the sweet stuff we temporarily gave them.

Energy is a topic of utmost importance and urgency. New state laws forcing new homes to install energy efficient appliances, solar, and other measures to save the planet and save us from ourselves. Even growing marihuana cigarettes creates the environment vs economy debate. Shame on the indoor energy hogs causing us to fry like a Frito. Shame on the selfish indoor growers of marihuana cigarettes.


Account Deleted

Sorry - it's off the topic. But I just found this. The Cal State govt joins hands with Bernie Madoff in screwing the citizen. The same govt vultures that roundly condemn Madoff then join forces with him to steal from his victims. Oh - BTW - it's Democrats. Yes - the party of the people kicking the victims in the teeth.
Committee Chairwoman Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, said the issue has come before her committee before, and they’ve never passed the bills. “It’s really offensive to sit up here and hear words like ‘blood money,’ when people make investments that fail,” said Wolk. “There were many people affected by this.”

Wolk added, “It’s not the role of the state Treasurer” to solve the investors’ problems. Wolk recommended a “no” vote by all of the committee members.

Got that that, folks? If some one robs you, it's not the govt's job to "solve the investors problems".

Addicted people will take from anybody and anyone. And goodness knows the Cal govt is addicted to your money.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Obermuller: Don't see any problem with the gobberment spending $98,640.00 for a Johhny on the Spot. An outhouse is a work of art. I personally love Kybos. Once had a nice coffee table book entitled "Outhouse of the Old West". Lots of glossy scenic pictures.

Ok, $98,640.00 for the relief station. No indoor plumbing, no bells or whistles, just the marvelous holding tank that the Honey Dipper needs to pump out on occasion. Standard run of the mill construction site single seater with the typical Korean Riot helmet for the urinal. I do see how you may be upset cause it wasn't even a two seater, which is a luxury if the family comes down with the Tijuana Trots.

Mr. Obermuller, look at the bright side. Rents are not cheap nowadays, especially in Alaska. I am certain that the few liberals who still reside in Alaska will find comfort and shelter from the cold in the Outhouse's basement. $98,640 sounds like a bargain considering. Wonder what the 640.00 dollars was for? More will be revealed.

Bill Tozer

Off topic, but time to circle the wagons again. Jerry Brown is going to commence to begin to start talking about "it". Governor Brown must be one of those evil 1%ers I reckon. Heartless.



I wonder where RL got the " one board" line from?? ( not really,,, but a great big Thanks!!) Yes that's reality in these here parts.
It's the list of requirements to get the permit to replace that one board that are damned near criminal. I guess you could call it the " local engineering and blueprint employment relieve acts". From the kind of wood that could be used, to just which nail or screw to be used. They got a "code" for that.

NID some time back was dreaming up a way to force private well owners to install water meters on said water holes.( then charge the bejesus out of us)
I don't think they have forgot that idea. A dry year like this, may be enough for
the " have not's" to join the NID singing group. " Ya... Stick it too'm.. How dare those people get their water for free from out of the ground!!"
I guess the new local " 1%ers" will be us with water wells. BTW,,, I got TWO!!!
" The Man" knows I have one,,, but not the "other". ( wells need to be registered with the county.. and you need a PERMIT to drill one... There is that nasty word again...)


Anyone catch the story in the paper about the fireworks, over the fireworks in Tahoe?
And the "gripper" wants a 75 million dollar fine? ( and they claim the idea isn't to stop the festivities altogether.) Some clean water regulations are being grossly abused.
YUP,, go shoot them off in the forest. That makes SO much more sense. Especially on the 4TH of July.
I take it,, no fireworks THIS year in Tahoe. Those relying on the tourists for the occasion will love this news.
On that thought, maybe fireworks will be banned state wide due to the fire danger.
Funny how that works. Once banned, even when they say "temporary" winds up being permanent.
That's how firecrackers got banned from Ca. to start with. " We have an extra high fire danger this year. Firecrackers can start fires. So until things improve they are banned." The ban was never lifted. How do I remember this? I loved the damned things.
I recall the day it was announced on KHI radio out of Auburn, and Dad confiscated my "ammo dump", with the promise I would get them back when the weather got better, and we back to being legal to have.( Dad was law abiding.. I get that from him)
Nope,,, never did get'm back......

George Rebane

Walt 550pm - Good points, and worth keeping an eye on our rights and liberties as they are ratcheted down. Reminded me of a piece on RR on the topic some years back.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane: Excellent post (13 January 2014 at 06:19 PM). The FUE wasn't a FUE and he was still trying to pick a fight. Shoot the messenger!! OMG, that rolly poley sure can keep a grudge. Grudges and resentments and self pity is not good for one's blood pressure. Self absorption and arrogance is a bad combination for getting along with others. Let's do the time warp again. But I digress more often than not.

Think it was about 8 years ago when I went took the girls to see my brother in Santa Cruz. It just happened to be around the 4th of July. Although he has a nice view overlooking the town and ocean, there were no fireworks display per usual over the ocean. Got banned. Reason? Fireworks are bad for the dolphins, might scare the sea lions AND of course air pollution.

Flip the page. Smoking got banned in all public parks cause of air pollution. Even denied the Boy Scouts to use a park for a bar-b-que cause of air pollution. Well, that was the reason stated. Later I read in the paper they were having a big pro-marihuana rally in the same park. Smoking cigs and tobacco was still banned cause of filthy air pollution, yet the potheads could light up with impunity in the park per the same city council that banned smoking tobacco. You can't make this up unless you are having a bad acid trip or a Rachel Carson flashback.

Yep, Tahoe ain't Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has a university where football is banned, the old grading system is deemed not politically correct, and their mascot is the Banana Slug. Tahoe does not have an university so there is a nuanced different between the two dirt worshiping armpit hair braiding communities. Yep, arrogance, self absorption, and control freaks rears its ugly head in both communities as well.


I have noticed an improvement in The Union, at least as Letters to the Ed. go.
Someone's response to a pervious letter, and it's printing was vary timely.
Let's see if that quality keeps up. If anything else, it's a good start.


The ECO gang will have to make a choice. How thirsty are they willing to get
to protect the delta smelt? Soon water is needed for crops as well. Who will the
politicians in Sac listen too? The farmers or the fish lovers..( No offence to our own Fish intended) Plenty will be up for re election.
We may be in for a doozy of a Summer.

Bill Tozer

I knew it, I knew it! This concerns our wingnut state which is also my birth place and my parents birthplace. If the new building codes (with higher permits fees) aren't enough, some LAW MAKER wants to toss illegal aliens onto the Cover California rolls.

I have been waiting for this. If the idea of BarackHusseinObamaCare is to insure everybody and stop having our uninsured showing up at hospitals as their first option, I just knew that somebody would say "Hey, we got millions of illegals here that are going to the ER and they aren't insured! Its costing us too much money. Let's include them and toss them on the exchanges and let's subsidize them to boot. Sick people affects everybody. This is California, the land of the free."

Well, illegals are prohibited from BarackHusseinObamaCare's Federal exchanges per the law as written. However, Covered California is a separate State program and some bleeding heart socialist wants us to go it alone and have legal Californians pay the tab.

Its only money. Besides, it will help attract more illegals to the Golden State and give them another reason to stay and get comfortable. We can always expand Medicaid or find someway, anyway, to cover people who broke Federal law and are here illegally....er.. at least the illegals who are not currently serving time in our Correctional Facilities. They already have taxpayer funded health insurance.

This was too easy to predict. The streets here are paved with gold.


Bill Tozer

Back to water. Darn, this drought is making me hold off on broadcasting wildflowers. Keep waiting for the fall rains to do the work for me.

So, is it Global Warming, is it Daddy?


Favorite line from above link: "Governors can't make it rain."
Now, try telling that to our liberal/progressive/socialist/commie bastard friends. Government is the solution to mind pollution.


Calling all AGWer's,,, ( Yes, you,,, chicken little gang,,,)
Seems the EU has had a "come to Jesus" moment. They are scrapping the "green power" BS. ( Other people's money finally run out?)
Read it and weep.

But of course "O" and Co. and friends of snake oil salesman Gore,, want to go full steam ahead.. Just what are they burning to make that "steam"? ( OH.... taxpayer money
in the form of grants to Obamabuddies. ) More of the likes of Solyindra and Fisker will get the new handouts before long.( through the Dept. of Energy of course.)

Paul Emery

Here's my scatterbrain. The crickets are deafening on this site when it comes to a Republicans misuse of power or total incompetency in management such as by Gov Christie. If it would have been a Dem in the same position our host would still be typing his blast.


The opposite of your opinion Paul of Christy is more likely to fit reality.
He did everything "O" DIDN'T do. Christy looks more Presidential than the "O" ever has to date. Forget the closing of everything " public" by "O" and Co.
for the "not really" GOV. shutdown? They spent more keeping people out, than they spent while it's open. We still remember the " Make it hurt" line that
came out. Who got fired?
Hell! Name anyone "O" has fired for incompetence or LIB dirty tricks? Good Luck.
Like someone said the other night. " This Christy gate, is porn for Progressives". And the lefty's will sure to have splinters in their hands when they get done trying to polish their wood.

Christy manned up and made heads role. "O" has pointed the finger everywhere else, and tossed some under the bus.

Nice try...

Todd Juvinall

PaulE does not listen and his 6:01 comment proves he doesn't read either. There has been no one commenting from the right that said they are for war and violence. Yet unless we agree with PaulE that his position must be agreed with, we are all war mongers. Too funny. I think it is actually PaulE's crickets when it comes to answering any questions from any conservative commenter here.

Regarding Christie. I like him for the most part. He has been a good governor of a blue state. However, he made his bed politically with conservatives and the Tea Party by his embacing the enemy and then chastising the right. Well, I may be a corn-pone country boy but when you do that to those you may need someday, why would anyone expect help? Embracing Obama after Sandy was a great photo for Obama but a huge mistake for Christie. Don't shit on the floor of your own house and expect the shit to be cleaned up by those you dissed.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt, could not agree more. The day the story broke, just about every single media outlet was running the story non-stop. Heck, 48 hours did not pass (nor the 24/7 coverage) until the State Legislature already had 930 pages of documents and calling for impeachment and non stop hearings. The feds stepped in and have over well 1,000 pages of documents, e-mails and filing. Committee hearing galore.
One lady is filing a lawsuit cause being stuck in traffic tweaked her noggin and she says it was so horrible being in a traffic jam that she cannot even look at the bridge. Talk about emotional duress. Another is suing cause she was late for work. And the ambulance that got delayed and the patient died at the hospital...well, that is Murder. Murder I tell ya, murder.

Simply contrast that to O and his lovely administration. Dead bodies in Benghazi and nothing but foot dragging. Stonewalling and the media is echoing the White House talking points and saying it is just a political witch hunt, nobody cares, much ado about nothing. The Obamacare website roll out amounted to zero people in gobberment ( the ones in charge) being fired. The IRS scandal has had zero people fired, albeit some of our public servants played musical chairs and all got bonuses and new administrative jobs. Yep, just a political witch hunt by those nasty racist Republicans.

Paul, I admit I have not read one article about Gov Christie. Don't need to, the media tells me this is bigger than Katrina, Watergate, and dropping a nuke on Pittsburg, complete with impeachment and murder. Bigger than anything in the news I tell ya. A heck of a lot bigger than Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, NSA, backing the Muslim Brotherhood, having Iran laughing at us and calling us suckers (today's news) and a whole host of non news events combined do not hold a candle to the traffic jam murders.

Walt, lest we forget:


Paul Emery


Thanks for confirming my 6:01

Bill Tozer

Paul, another reason for crickets concerning Gov. Christie you may not have considered. A lot of conservatives simply do not like him. The silence is not because we are rushing to defend him. Some of us feel burned by Christie, so we are going to stand back and watch him sink or swim. Not going to lift a finger to help him.

I do like Christie's brash style. Very Jersey. Hey, whats the big deal? Chicago style politics is Jersey is something new? The union thugs can shake down anybody in Jersey better than Christie's aids and it is considered legal and/or just the way they do business in Jersey. Let's wait and see before "going on a witch hunt". It might be "much ado about nothing" or it might be to the gallows for Christie. Hope they have an extra thick rope when they string him up. He is a big guy and nothing ruins a hanging party like having the rope break.

Todd Juvinall

PaulE, I think you have lost it. Your last comment is a typical PaulE non=snwer to one of our easy questions/answers. Too funny.


.....or it might be to the gallows for Christie. Hope they have an extra thick rope when they string him up. He is a big guy and nothing ruins a hanging party like having the rope break.

Have to disagree here Bill.....that only makes it funnier.....make sure to bring heavier rope though after the fun and games are over.


"However, he made his bed politically with conservatives and the Tea Party by his embacing the enemy and then chastising the right. Well, I may be a corn-pone country boy but when you do that to those you may need someday, why would anyone expect help? Embracing Obama after Sandy was a great photo for Obama but a huge mistake for Christie. Don't shit on the floor of your own house and expect the shit to be cleaned up by those you dissed."

Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 14 January 2014 at 08:12 PM

Pau E. I think your 6:01 is fully confirmed with this statement. Since when is dealing with a President of the United States over a natural disaster a 'political' statement?

Christie is toast not because of the scandal, but because of the mindset of the typical Republican primary voter, who will hear critiques like this form the base and vote for a Santorum or Paul. Nothing could be more exemplary of the utter insanity the Republican party has fallen into.

The fear of irrelevancy is almost as dangerous as the irrelevancy of the Republican Party in Presidential electoral politics. The more irrelevant they become to the rising demographic of America the more extreme they become.

One day the dam will break and they will rush back to the middle or they will be swept away. I welcome that because our country needs two (or more) thoughtful parties to hash out real solutions to problems that face our people.


I welcome that because our country needs two (or more) thoughtful parties to hash out real solutions to problems that face our people.

Always good for the evil party to have the stupid party to blame when things get sideways politically...isn't that right Steve?

Todd Juvinall

SteveF alerts is all to his personal insanity with every post. He has told us he has no allegiance to a party but consistently criticizes the right and supports the left. Antone guess where his allegiance lies? Too funny. Yet in his travels he depends on the status of his tax position to survive off those terrible people in charge.

Regarding Christie. I would vote for him quite easily if he is my party's candidate over any democrat or progressive. I would not waste my vote for a third party like the libs say they do here.

I guess the Frisch doesn't understand what I wrote about Christie. Not too smart are you SteveF? Anyway, I think this bridge stuff is pure politics and the left/democrats are proving that no matter what they say about "partisanship" and getting along it is all bullshit. That is why I don't trust you and your ilk at all. Christie did his best to get along and was so praised by the democrats and the media yet when push comers to shove they throw him under the bus and do it with GLEE! Democrats and "progressives" are scum and it is now front and center.


@ Paul and Steve.
Funny how the Right has historically ousted the "bad apples" within their
own party. Ever hear of Nixon, you two? ( and plenty of House and Senate
Repubs have been shown the door for "dirty deeds".)

In contrast, what have LIBS done historically? Circled the wagons hitch to tailgate and protected the wrong doers. Then RE_ELECT the bastards!
It has been shown that Lefty's are more concerned with control of power over the people than they are with keeping liberty and freedoms.

" Your" side has pretty much given us Lennon in the White House.


Nice cricket fest from "we know who".


Really "Lennon" in the White House? I really think you mean Lenin in the White House.

Republicans ousted Nixon? I think you should take a look at the vote on the articles of impeachment Dirt...


Todd Juvinall

If the Republicans had been partisan, theFrisch would be criticizing that as well. I like a comment I heard the other day about the "partisan" lefty media in America. If conservatives adopted in full the Obama policies and budgets, the media would still attack. So true.

TheFrisch needs tp pay better attention to Walt. He has always spelled like that because it just irritates the crap of liberals. You proved the point.

Paul Emery

Fish 8:41

"Always good for the evil party to have the stupid party to blame when things get sideways politically,,,,,"

Gosh we agree on this one Fish. That's how the Republicrats stay in power by scaring people into not voting for any alternatives. Pubs use the fear of Obama to keep Libertarians from breaking away and the Dems use the fear of another Bush to keep their flock in fold. Their monopoly of the Presidential Debates, supported by corporate control of the proceedings keeps any third party from having a fair shot. Imagine if the Libertarians and Greens would have been in the debate. They would not have won this time but could have gained a foothold for the future. It's all a setup that's why I preach the anything but Republicrats sermon


That's how the Republicrats stay in power by scaring people into not voting for any alternatives.

There aren't any alternatives! The Greens are the snotty unpleasant JV team for the Democrats....promising malleable candidates are plucked, co-opted and sponsored as "reformers". The libertarians fulfill a similar role for the Republicans to a lesser degree.

The only solution is to withdraw from the system and convince as many others as you can to do the same to remove legitimacy from the system.....that's when you will start to see change.

Bill Tozer

Mr Fish: "The only solution is to withdraw from the system and convince as many others as you can to do the same to remove legitimacy from the system.....that's when you will start to see change."

Or, just a small minority will vote and they will keep reelecting the same old same old people. Withdrawing from the system is not a constructive solution. There are other ways to stick it to Da Man.


Withdrawing from the system is not a constructive solution.

I'd look into the last days of the Soviet Union before I'd make this claim Bill.


Ah, Paul I think you still nailed it.

What kind of fuc#ed up nonsense is it that the Governor of a state can't shake hands with or do a little hug with the President of the United States of America, even if he is from the 'opposing' party? For God's sake they were responding to a disaster.

That a functional moron (kind of like a functional alcoholic or a functioning oxycontin addict) like Todd would reject Christie for that reason is emblematic of what is wrong with about 70% of the Republican party.

As the 90 IQ sage of Nevada County posited, "Don't shit on the floor of your own house and expect the shit to be cleaned up by those you dissed."

Libertarians are leaving the Republican party because of social policy; homosexuals are leaving the Republican party because they can't stand it when their fellow Republicans vilify them; women are leaving the Republican party because of health and education policy; young people think Republicans are crazy by about a 3 to 1 ratio; African-American don't touch the Republican party with a 10 foot pole because Republicans have leveraged racism to retain some tenuous hold on power; Hispanics know that Republicans think of them as gardeners, housekeepers, and cheap labor--and don't give a shit about their kids having a ladder up--if you could eliminate the 14th amendment you would.

I can't wait until borderline poor white rural residents finally figure out that it is Republican economic policies that keep them in poverty--with tax breaks for corporations, bailouts for rich investment banks while main street banks flounder, trade policy that screws American products, higher interest rates for college loans, low wages for service sector employees, resistance to any policy that would shrink the gap between the rich and the poor, and obstructionism as a religion--and turn on the Party of Lincoln.

Frankly, Lincoln would roll in his grave looking at Republican leadership today.

What part of completely out of touch with the 'real America' don't Republicans get?

70% of the real America is less than 6 months of income from being homeless.

I may have some differences of opinion with the Democratic party (which are well documented here and elsewhere so I don't need to refute Todd's contention that I am some kind of liberal shill) but people are not stupid; and it is obvious that for better or worse Democrats actually CARE about the people who do the working, and living, and struggling, and the raising of kids, and caring for the elderly, and the climbing the ladder up in this country.

And while all of that is going on, Republicans are going to reject Christie because of 'the hug'.

I really wish the adults would take over the Republican party and throw you babies out with the bath water. I meant what I said, we need a loyal opposition to keep America great, but when it is a disloyal opposition what is the point?

Todd Juvinall

Why thanks you Steve Frisch of the Sierra Business Council Executive Director.. I have been waiting for you to say something that is sue-able and now you have. I will have my attorney begin the suit right away. George, I am copy/pasting the 8:09 comment today and I would ask that you keep it guarded as well. Thanks again Steve Frisch, I will own all you possess for your libel/slander. The SBC will also be contacted and made a party to my lawsuit. Oh what a great day for justice!

Regarding Christie, it is again obvious that Frisch doesn't not read very well or maybe his comprehension is lacking. I state I would support Christie if he was the R nominee and also that I did like him. So, the SBC Executive has made another error.

Bill Tozer

Stevenfrisch: you and Paul can't have it both ways. Paul decries that us Republicans aren't slamming Christie for mismanagement and you decry that us Republicans dumped Christie for doing the man hug with the President.

All your points against the Republican Party are valid. Not too many Log Cabin Republicans out there. But why do the Republicans clean up in rural America, in the lion's share of rural counties, in most of the square miles outside the urban enclaves? A mystery.

Look at a map. The bluest of blue areas are near large bodies of water. The Great Lakes, the leftist coasts of The Eastern Seaboard and the Pacific Ocean. Well, the area around the Great Salt Lake and the Texas Gulf Coast are exceptions. So, it can't be something in all the water.

Us conservations (as opposed to Republicans) are having an internal soul searching about the role of expanded safety nets.

We on the Right all agree about gobbernment being too big and too many regs that pinch the green sprouts off businesses. Talking about small businesses with 300-600 employees. Killing us, killing jobs, killing our collective future. Of course Obama surrounds himself with the GE folks and economic theory professors which don't have a clue about regular business folks. GE and the Biggest of the Big Boys are on a different planet as far as I am concerned and not your normal businesses. I am talking about the heart and soul of American businesses, the small and mid-sized companies, those with under 3,000 employees (mid-sized)

Where we disagree Mr. Firsch (speaking only for myself) is that "borderline rural residents" know for a fact that excessive regs and fees are keeping us in poverty. It ain't Wall Street or Big Pharma or the Big Banks or even the heartless 1%ers. It is the regs from State, local, and Uncle Sam that come down the pike relentlessly and it is that juggernaut of excessive and expensive regs that is crushing borderline rural residents. Them reg and rules and restrictions just keep piling up higher and higher and each one sucks the last dollar out of our meager coin purses.

To be clear, I am talking about excessive micromanaging of our daily lives that far exceed normal and necessary environmental protections and safety concerns. This is why the Conservatives own the rural areas, IMHO.


I see Frisch, in uncritically repeating Democratic caricatures of the GOP, is essentially forecasting a rout in the upcoming Federal election. Good luck with that, Steve.

"Tax breaks for corporations, bailouts for rich investment banks while main street banks flounder, trade policy that screws American products, higher interest rates for college loans, low wages for service sector employees, resistance to any policy that would shrink the gap between the rich and the poor, and obstructionism as a religion"... tell me, Frisch, how, with Dems in effective control of the Federal government for most of the 20th Century and half of the 21st, did the GOP pull that off?

The more government at all levels has expanded, the worse the gap between rich and poor got, and the richest counties (or at least the ones with the highest incomes) in the nation are the ones surrounding Washington DC.

Currently, California is in the lead in driving up the cost of energy, which truly is a basic cost of life and commerce, in order to create a new economy and show the world how to do it. The promise was affordable, renewable energy, which does not exist, and will not for the foreseeable future, at least compared to the cost of conventional sources. The so-called "Global Warming Solutions Act" is currently the albatross hanging from the neck of Californians; Frisch has worked to keep it there, and to have his rent-seeking 501c3 company profit from it.

Paul Emery

By the way, with no opposition from CABPRO or the Tea Party or members of this blog the BOS this week passed a public assembly Ordinance that requires police checks, possible fee's and an application process for public gatherings in the County for any gathering over 100. Check it out.

Paul Emery



George Rebane

PaulE 1028am - We often wonder about how much you read of this blog before your 'Ready, Fire, Aim!' comments - nevertheless, they are always welcome. FYI the local Tea Party was there and in opposition to this ordinance. Not sure about CABPRO since it is going through some 'organizational issues' currently, and probably won't be doing much until it unbunches its undies.

Bill Tozer

Stevenfrisch: You should have NOT included student loan interest rates in your argument. The student loan program basically got seized by the Federal Government and got put in BarrackObamacare of all places. The Government now controls and owns and dictates the student loan (and interest rates) for 99% of America. Sure, you can still get a student loan through community banks, if you can find one out there in the hinterlands.. Think there are a couple in North Dakota and I heard there is one in Arizona, but I could be wrong.

So, you were on a roll until that student loan thang. Its all controlled by our current administration.

Notice that little fee tucked into buying a house starting this January? Its the law as part of BarrackObamacare. That got snuck in BarrackObamacare as well. Got to fund our unsustainable programs somehow, every which way including loose.

Ah, not bashing ya too much. I think you need a man hug right about now.

Ryan Mount

Break it into two events. One with 50 people. One with 50. Governments are stoopid, but they mean well. I think.

Or simply call it a wedding as per G-V 2.1 Sec 3.

"Yes officer, this my extended Latino, Scot and Thai 103 member family. We're Catholic, you see. I know. A Catholic Scotsman?! Anyhow, this is the reception. I had to charge admission because they're all penny-pinchers. Especially the Scots branch."


Oh those wacky Germans and their love of all things incandescent!


Ryan Mount

Heat Balls. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Exit Question: How well does an LED bulb do in an Easy Bake Oven? I suppose the lower percentile will think a higher Kelvin color temperature means it will cook faster.

"Mom, my cake has been baking for 17 hours and it's still gooey."

"Honey, try putting a 5000K bulb in there instead."

Paul Emery

RE:George 10:42

Well if the TP was there they were in minimal force. I'd be happy to stand corrected on this. KVMR's reporter said there was hardly anybody at the meeting and only one person spoke out pro or con. He was from Lake of the Pines and spoke against it. Terry Lamphier and Ed Scofield (odd partners) opposed the measure.

I would have thought this would have been a prime example of government over regulation that would have roused the troops. .

George Rebane

PaulE 514pm - Agreed. The outcry should have been much more from both sides. Got a nice email from Supervisor Lamphier re this post.

Administrivia - Failed to mention in my 15jan14 update that both Congressment McClintock and Lamalfa voted against the spending bill. Now corrected.

Bill Tozer

Good morning. Here is something we all can agree on, be you Democratic, Republicans, Independents, Repubocrats, or Anarchists. I think Mr. Paul would agree with this as well. Overwhelming majority from the wide political spectrum agree. Well, not sure about Mr. Frish.


Todd Juvinall

Maybe they are waking up? Well, maybe not in the voting booth.

Paul Emery


It's hard to draw a crowd at the supes for anything but Pot and endangered critter habitat. The scope of this Ordinance is broad and defiantly includes political fundraisers at private residences if the anticipated crowd may exceed 100.

Todd Juvinall

Only for liberals and leftwingers. They always trash the place. Righties and TP's keep the place clean and pickup after themselves.

Paul Emery

What the hell are you talking about Todd?

George Rebane

PaulE 822am - There was relatively little news about this ordinance coming, and it could have gotten a shrug from most people because they think such things don't affect them since they can't see themselves entertaining 25 people, let alone more than a hundred. You know the famous German lament of the late 1930s - 'first they came for the communists, but since I wasn't a communist ... .' Perhaps here is a glimmer of common ground.


Paul 9:10, the TP events really have been celebrated as being tidier than, say, the various Occupy encampments. No rapes or public defecations, either.

Nor have libertarian meetings been boorish, but the crowds tend to be smaller if you aren't interested in giving anything away if you're in power.

Todd Juvinall

PaulE I am surprised you didn't get my drift, it was so simple. Your pals trash the place, cause noise and are disrespectful of people and property and are the reason there is now an ordinance. There would not be one if the TP was the issue. But, as always, your ilk causes laws that then all must obey. Thanks for nothing.

Paul Emery

So do you support the Ordinance Todd? Yes or no.

Todd Juvinall


Paul Emery


Have you read the Ordinance? For your convenience I will repeat the link.


George writes 9:37: "Perhaps here is a glimmer of common ground."

Yes indeed. Thats how things could change. If differing factions find things to work together on it create a force indeed. I know that you and I could actually do that. Some others on this blog have that potential but others are hopeless.

Todd Juvinall

So list the ones with hope and the ones that are hopeless. Why dn't you list the points you cannot live with as a baseline for discussion.


Here is something neat. The Mars Rover took an interesting photo.
OK speculators,, let the game begin. How?


Steve Loomis

There are many groups that have go through these hoops to provide events and services.
This stuff is routine to a lot of groups, it's only fair that all "event" providers are treated the same as a down town venue would be.
Most "events" require at least an insurance policy. I don't think the insurance company likes to insure unpermitted "events" on questionable private properties not intended for that use.
Seems like there would be a lot of liabilities on properties not designed for large events, and this gets the County out of that worry.

Gerald Fedor

After reading Todd's comments, I have to wonder how he's made it this far in life?

(I imagine that he's the guy walking out of the bathroom with the toilet paper stuck to his foot not knowing why people are laughing at him... LOL!!)

Talk about being disrespectful of someone property, what about the disrespect, and the @$200,000 loss you showed our banking system?

Let's try to not throw stones here when your home is made of recycled glass.....

Todd Juvinall

Gerry how are things out there in Alta Sierra. How is the crop?

Bonnie McGuire

Regarding the creation of more and more regulations. How else can over-paid government entities keep a steady flow of money coming in for their benefit? It should be obvious to everyone. If we had real transparency in government, whenever the newspaper prints a story about lack of money (where ever and whatever) it should also show why and list what these people (and perks) are really paid. Sorry to write this, but human nature does tend to get greedy. Easy to blame somebody else...the rich etc., and it doesn't matter hard that person worked to get it. Organized greed is deadly, and as you can see...tends to destroy everything eventually.

Bill Tozer

Detroit can be fixed? Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse....


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