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06 January 2014


Ryan Mount

Mr. Rebane-

Are you saying that politicians of election opportunists?

I really wish we could re-think unemployment insurance. Maybe requiring people to do something for it. Some ideas:

- school/retraining
- a part-time job
- Maybe have them work for EDD answering phones.
- Attend a UCLA English class and learn about disabled, Female African-American modern poets from Cleveland
- Learn to write grants
- Dance. Yes, make them dance for it.

Anyhow, it's a mess. And frankly I'm not sure people are that excited about getting unemployment benefits/insurance/dole/whatever. I'm reasonably confident most people would prefer to work rather than stay at home and watch Dr. Oz. Unless they're masochists.

Paul Emery

Gosh George

Where were you when Bush signed the extension in '07 and '02. Just another example of Bush good, Obama bad for the same policies.

"President Bush called on Congress today to act immediately when it convenes next month to reinstate unemployment benefits for 750,000 people whose assistance will run out three days after Christmas.

Mr. Bush said the benefits should be paid retroactively to Dec. 28 once they are restored. He otherwise offered few specifics of the legislation he wants passed by Congress, where his party will be in control of the Senate and the House starting in January.

Unemployed workers ''need our assistance in these difficult times, and we cannot let them down,'' Mr. Bush said in his weekly radio address.

''I have shared these concerns with the leaders of the House and the Senate, and they understand the need for early action,'' he said. ''When our legislators return to the Capitol, I ask them to make the extension of unemployment benefits a first order of business. And the benefits they approve should be retroactive, so that people who lose their benefits this month will be paid in full.''

Paul Emery

Oh yeah, link.

George Rebane

PaulE 154pm - who said I was in favor of Bush2's social(ist) policies? Do you know how long the expiring benefits were during the Bush2 years?


George, it isn't to extend the benefits beyond 99 weeks, it was to extend the 'emergency' 99 week program, because unemployment reverted to the original (26 week?) limit on 1 Jan.

Paul Emery


They were renewed in 08, with Bush's support, I know for sure. Bush's "Socialist" ways were well documented when he ran for reelection and I'm sure you voted for him therefore endorsing his policies. I voted for Obama in '08 but at least recognized my mistake and went in a different direction in '12 something that you were apparently not able to do with Bush when he ran in '04. I will guess it was because of fear that the Dems would take over but that's the a perfect example as the corruption of our one party system that uses fear to stay in power by controlling all the options and relying on the lack of courage of the electorate to stay in power.


OK, so in the post 9/11 recession, Bush temporarily extended benefits from 26 to 39 weeks. Under Obama, emergency benefits were taken out to 99 weeks. Either the economy is wonderful, or it's horrible and emergency benefits is still apropos.

Which is it, Paul?

Paul Emery

I say it's pretty bad or horrible and extended benefits are necessary.

Ben Emery

Wouldn't be better if we (the government) would hire many of the people on unemployment to work on rebuilding our infrastructure? Isn't the best welfare program a job? When the private sector fails isn't that the perfect opportunity to the public sector to get much needed work done while hiring people at the same time. Since Reagan we have been on this cut government investment programs leaving the US far behind other developed nations.

Unemployment benefits are not a hand out they are paid into by employees (most never claim a penny of it) for times just like now. It was 99 weeks and then negotiated down into the 72-74 week range a couple years ago.



Unemployment benefits are not a hand out they are paid into by employees (most never claim a penny of it) for times just like now. It was 99 weeks and then negotiated down into the 72-74 week range a couple years ago.

Traditional unemployment has been 26 weeks. The 99 was in response