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30 January 2014



The lawyer's practice is Personal Injury, a Democratic Party sacred cow.

Solid college degrees earned by solid students are a ticket to a decent living standard, but there are many degree programs that aren't worth attending. Bill Bennett, in his list of the only 150 colleges or universities worth attending based entirely on a Return on Investment model, found only three in California, but I suspect that's because he took all graduates from a given institution rather than subdividing them into Math, physical science or engineering vs arts, social sciences and science appreciation degree programs. Had that been done, I suspect Harvey Mudd, CalTech and Stanford would have been joined by at perhaps half of the UC system along with a number of others, including a CalPoly or two and a number of CSU campuses.

UC Berkeley ChemE grads make oodles of money... not so much their anthropology and sociology grads, or Rhetoric (unless they end up in law school and get a JD).


Finally, though Dems get the lion's share of Ed.D. and social science PhD's, the unwashed rabble that reliably deliver those Democratic electoral votes are the least educated amongst us.


OMG! That was mind numbingly bad. That was 3:00 am infomercial bad! That was Lip Smackingly, Robert Kennedyingly, Lefty Demo Projectingly Bad!

And that influenced the "The Sierra Foothills Young Champion of the Left"?



Of course the Ring of Fire video may have some basis in reality.

Here's a video I found from the last RNC outreach effort!


George Rebane

fish 107pm - Scary stuff Mr fish. Try not to mess with the tentative countenance of calm that most RR readers are trying to maintain during these days of incipient class war.


Your example link comment threads sounds a lot like every thread here since I dropped in. Maybe a little less caustic.

As your theory of this being the last great century on man plays out I imagine that these chats will get even more heated.

Todd Juvinall

I watched the video and left a comment. My God, this is too funny. Now I know why Ben Emery is such a nut. The funny part of the whole thing though is these two men on the video are college educated. If that is what happens to the brain from college, I am thankful I only went a couple of semesters!

Michael R. Kesti

This comes as no surprise to me. I have subscribed to several Democratic/Liberal newsletters for the past few years and have attended a few meetings of the local Democratic Party chapter. You should hear some of the things many of these people have to say about Republicans/Conservatives when they think only the like-minded are hearing their hate filled insults.

I try to remember that words aren't sticks and stones and that not all Liberals are as nasty as some. What often gets to me, though, is when they accuse others of what they do themselves. I have very little tolerance for hypocrisy!

Bill Tozer

Have just two impressions.

1) Although all life is sacred and precious, I just witnessed the best argument for abortion I have ever seen.

2) I just watched the best argument for not legalizing marihuana known to mankind.


Who told....I demand to know who spilled the beans on the Ultimate Conservative plan to control the world. Shite now me and my racist tea party brothers will have to come up with a different plan. This will be difficult since most of the anti freedom ideas to control the peasants are already being implemented here in Kalifornia by the ruling class.

The statistics show that those two ass clowns are as dumb as Mika Brezinski. Ben can't really believe this crap... I always thought Ben was just yanking your chain.


Ryan Mount

This is as weird as the Chicoms taking over/influencing the US Government (more on that in a second). There is nothing that isn't out in the daylight. The trick in a modern Democracy, is to "hide" initiatives/policies in plain site; or even better, make the people think it was there idea. Learn to love Big Brother. Anyhow...

This Republicans/conservative want "stupid people" is just plain weird. Dumb people help no one, even the most cut-throat Capitalist or vote-seeking Progressive. Stupid is, as stupid does.

What I would be interested in paying attention to, is the global monetary effect of QE (Quantitative Easing) purchases by the Fed. This is a far more greater concern for me. Not insomuch as it's causing capital to literally vanish overnight from emerging markets, but rather it's destabilizing effect on these developing nations who have grown accustomed to iPhones and shiny new cars. Screw starvation. The poor are powerless to do anything. I'm worried about the rising 3rd world middle class and their demands for creature comforts. That's a war, ironically, they're willing to fight.

Russ Steele

This may explain a lot about the fuzzy thinking by liberals on this blog.

A sobering new study published by the Journal of Wine Economics — yes, there is a Journal of Wine Economics — finds that alcohol consumption in American states rises as the population’s politics becomes more liberal.

The study concludes:

In this study, we show that liberal ideology has a statistically significant positive association with the consumption of alcohol in the United States even after controlling for economic, demographic, and geographic differences across states.

Who knew, there may be a direct cause for all the fuzzy thinking.

Todd Juvinall

Actually, I think these liberals have discovered meth. Ever watch COPS? These two nuts on the video must be users. LOL!


Who knew, there may be a direct cause for all the fuzzy thinking.

I don't know Russ....I've been known to knock back a few and I like to think I haven't succumbed to lefty nitwittery.

Ben Emery

Yep George, it works both ways. I find it funny that both sides are trying to make political motives behind the scheme. I personal don't agree with your assessment or the particular segment I shared with you. It is economically motivated. What we got going on is the profitization of our public education systems Pre K - Universities. The ridiculous idea that private sector can produce better results for less energy/ money. When dealing with government contracts better for less is the antithesis because people believe the government is a bottomless pit of money. As public education has moved towards privatization of content of testing, curriculum, and texts we have seen education costs increase while practical education decrease. It has become all about the memorization bubble testing and little about critical thinking. Moving away from developing the creative portions of the brain and limiting positive endorphins of physical activity from our public schools. There is very little profit to be made from people caring and enjoying the outdoors and open spaces, which in turn creates a more active populace who cares enough to critically think about important issues. As those activities are diminish by unfit and uncreative population so does the passion towards protecting the environment and opens spaces. Brains that are full of plaque and low on high functioning neurons don't challenge the status quo due to the inability to do so.


I find it funny that both sides are trying to make political motives behind the scheme.

...and yet you posted that Ring of Fire nonsense featuring yet another Kennedy spawn. Yeah....they're not political!

Todd Juvinall

Ben Emery, you posted the link so are you disavowing it now? If you lay down with the dogs you will get up with fleas. You are too nutty.

George Rebane

BenE 927am - Not sure to what your "works both ways" and "the scheme" statements refer - this post, a specific comment of mine, ...?


What we got going on is the profitization of our public education systems Pre K - Universities.

Well they better do it soon because the entire delivery model is shifting under the profiteers feet.

And been I think it's safe to say at this point that you have failed to deliver on the FASCIST/CORPORATIST/AUTHORITARIAN documentation promised previously. So now that that is behind us what other accusations you got for me?


....And been I think it's safe to say at this point

and Ben.....



Ben says " The ridiculous idea that private sector can produce better results for less energy/ money." Did he miss the cost of one stupid Obummercare add?
Or how about the ridiculous cost of the "do nothing" healthcare web site?
If government runs it, the cost is five fold to what a private business would shell out, not to mention being ten times better.
Take any public park, and let a private business oversee it's care. It most likely will cost less, and look better.

BTW,, the EIR on the XL PIPLINE is out. The ECO nuts are NOT happy.
But it gives plenty of fuel to build the damned thing. What will be "O" and Co.'s excuse not too this time? OPEC needs our dollars? Or will it cut into another dictator's bottom line?


Here is a good read for Ben and friends.
All the new FED regs.

Just think how much these will cost us, and those trying to keep their businesses running.


UH OH......

Looks like Governor Christie won't be playing in the big game in 2016!



I don't see what the LIBS are griping about where Christy is concerned.
He acted like one of their own.
Never mind what "O" did when he stuck it to us closing every park, and anything "public" in retaliation for the "spending cuts". Funny how Lefty's
have selective memory loss.

Todd Juvinall

I read the piece and it is simply bullshit. The NYT's has a childhood friend who Christie appointed to the very Port Authority the order had to go through to close the lanes and the fellow can't cite one concrete piece of evidence that Christie knew. Like Rush says about the liberal media, "it is the gravity of the charge" not the actual crime, that is where they rest their laurels of destruction.

Russ Steele

Posted by Molli Nickell, Granny Guerrilla on Jan 31, 2014 in Education, Humor at Joe For America http://joeforamerica.com/2014/01/dum-dum-dumbing-americas-children/#i94WDT2i4pYYqot2.99

Once upon a time, in a kingdom of good and decent people, an arrogant and power-hungry Prince became King. With the ink still wet on his coronation papers, he seized control of auto makers to pay off unions, regulated banks to artificially support the stock market, fired up the printing press to crank out worthless paper dollars, and re-branded himself as “Dear Leader.”

But, it wasn’t enough. More than anything, Dear Leader wanted to control the minds of the children so he could own the future of the country.

He needed a strategy, and since he himself lacked adequate critical thinking skills, he ordered the royal advisor to come up with a plan and set it into motion.

And so it came to pass that public school teachers were told to teach their students an “uh, uh, uh” rap-chant that praised Dear Leader’s golden promises for equality and world peace.#2 DUMB - Kids dancing

But, whoopsie! The plan backfired. Instead of creating adoration by the children, it ignited a firestorm amongst moms and dads and grandmothers and grandfathers. Their fury went viral as millions demanded, “Stop your classroom indoctrination agenda. This is a free country. Not North Korea!”

Dear Leader needed an alternative strategy, but couldn’t devise a plan on his own, (as usual). Therefore, he ordered his royal advisor to come up with one.
She thumbed through her dog-eared playbook, Alinsky’s Guide to Political Ploys, and declared, “Here’s a program called Dum-Dum-Dum-Dumb.” It’s absolutely guaranteed to be 100% effective.”

The royal advisor read from the book. “This program rewards public school students for just showing up. It stresses equality over individual scholastic achievement. Kindergarteners are taught to redistribute their snacks, lunch boxes, crayons, and nap blankets.”

She smiled and said, “This will make the teacher unions happy, happy, happy since the program doesn’t force teachers to waste classroom time on reading, history, math, or science. It only requires that they help students memorize your magnificent teleprompter speeches.”

Dear Leader grinned from generously-sized ear to generously-sized ear.
The royal adviser continued, “The result, within twenty years, will be millions of uneducated A-dolts, totally dependent on your generous handouts of food, shelter, cell phones, birth control, and healthcare.”

#3 DUMB -- AlinskyDear Leader frowned. “Twenty years? But, I want them now!”
“Be patient Dear Leader. It takes a generation or two to dis-educate the majority of children. Most likely, you’ll never gain control of them all. Too many parents understand that true education teaches children critical thinking skills instead of focusing on meaningless attendance trophies. They’ll either enroll their children in private charter schools or home school them.

“How dare they!” sputtered Dear Leader. “Order my IRS Gestapo to investigate and tax charter schools into insolvency. Then order NSA to send names and addresses of obstructionist parents to Homeland Security who will ship ‘um to attitude-adjustment camps.”

OH MY GOODNESS! Will Dear Leader fill FEMA camps with those who oppose his education program? To find out, read the happily/unhappily ever after of this fable at TheBlaze


Russ. All "O" needs now is a good disaster at the appropriate time and severity.
Any excuse to suspend the Constitution or stall an election. ( right out of the movies... Right?)
This Administration has imitated written fiction more than once. I put NOTHING past today's Progressive LIB.


Did our local ECO clowns miss the news we are in deep trouble water wise?
They are back to trying to remove Englebright Dam.
This is getting as stupid as what S.F. tried to do with Hetch Hechy.
Good thing that vote failed.
Another shinning example of "feelings" over-riding common sense.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt: Tear it down and the fishies will come. Glad I am an one of them unedjicated vulgar varmits.

They practically shut down Bonneville on the Columbia River for them tasty salmon and they next thing you know some people start getting tax bills...er...a delightful permit fee for their well. Know 4 families that has shared an 8" well for years and all of a sudden they get themselves a bill for an water permit to the tune of 8 thousands clams. Tear it down, but don't get any concrete in the water in the process.

Yep, I am a dummy. Yesterday I couldn't spell unedicated, today i r one.


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