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21 February 2014


Barry Pruett

Thanks for clearing that up.

Barry Pruett

Don't forget that Tim Donnelly will speak to the Nevada County Republican Women Federated on March 18 at the Alta Sierra Country Club at noon.

Frankly, I am excited that Nevada County is attracting a candidate for governor! Kudos to the NCRWF for getting a candidate for governor to come visit little, old Nevada County. This event is the type of event that we should be celebrating in our small community, as without the tireless efforts of these wonderful women (my wife in particular), statewide politicians would be ignoring such a small rural county. There are two Republicans running for governor, and hopefully both will come here to speak.

Good job ladies!


Seems the Ukraine's version of the Tea Party has just overthrown the
government. Right in Putin's back yard even!
Yes... It can be done.

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