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23 February 2014


Russ Steele

Charles Krauthammer:

I repeat: I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier. I’ve long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I also believe that those scientists who pretend to know exactly what this will cause in 20, 30 or 50 years are white-coated propagandists.

The rest can be found here:

I would like to point out to Charles, that increased levels of CO2 has produced record crops yields across the board, wheat, corn, soybeans etc. As the earth cools, the crop season will grow shorter and the increasing levels of CO2 will allow the corps to mature faster, off setting the shorter growing season.

Bill Tozer

Think you missed Obama backing the Muslim Brotherhood since before the Ahab Spring. Guess he wants those good people in all the Northern Africa countries to live under Sharia Law. Isn't Sharia Law a bit over the top went it comes to being sexist?

Speaking of sexist, I never knew Reagen was sexist and pessimistic as well. Boy, that pessimistic part somehow was too much for my thick skull to realize at the time.

Listened to KVMR Friday or maybe Saturday night. The commentator did not say the Climate Change issue was settled. No he was careful to repeat more than once the science is overwhelming and the Republicans want to be known as the party that is anti-science. There is no other explanation except the Republicans believe in "vodoo science". Now, how can anyone with argue with dat?

Cap and Trade is going on thru Executive Order. Last time when Congresspersons backed Cap and Trade, they had to walk the plank and they are no longer representing us. This time Obama will spare them voting yea or nay. He needs every friend in Congress he can muster.

6-7 Democrat Senators who have been in office a least one term are pleading for the Administration to rewrite the Common Cause rules. From the "Alaska Democrat" to Mary L of the Great State of Louisiana, the 6-7 want the government to bail them out by restricting campaign ads against them in the last 60 days before an election and bar them from mentioning their name in the ads. Guess they feel they walked the plank supporting BarrackObamacare. The way I see it, they have been in office for 6 years and that is plenty of time for their records to speak for itself.

Oh, so many delicious topics so little space. Dr. Rebane mentioned FDR's alphabet soup. Wasn't FDR the first America President who claimed he could paint any car any color for $19.95? Or was that Woodrow Wilson? I get those two confused. Was that two cars in every garage or 2 chickens in every cracked pot?

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Is this the long awaited Recovery Spring Tour played by Uncle Joe Biden and The Delaware Destroyers?

Bill Tozer

OK, rather than post about how the USA under Obama has become Amateur Hour concerning foreign affairs and the long list, I will nutshell it for once. Obama opposes everything us numbskulls truly believe: from limited government to fiscal responsibility. Kind of like the Constitution where gooberment is the servant of the people, not their master. Hey dude, get the hell out of my life, my wallet, my choices and my personal responsibilities. Ain't going to well doing it your way, is it Mr, President?

George Rebane

BillT 659am - Mr Tozer, I believe your "Amateur Hour" observation is correct as far as it goes with people sharing a conservetarian worldview. However, such a list of ineptitudes and iniquities is invisible to progressives, whom we seek not to convince but only curry the favor of a rebuttal from them (crickets is also a rebuttal). The battle ground of ideas is with the so-called independents or middle roaders. It is for their minds that the show of both sides must go on if the Republic is to survive.

The only other purpose that such debates serve is to reveal the contours of the opposing belief systems, and attempt to discover if there's any chance that a workable bridge could be built here or there. So far the terrain has proven to be most unfavorable, and getting more so as Team Obama fundamentally transforms the nation.


Dammit.....the science is settled.....and I've got a mortgage to pay

/those enlightened souls who strive tirelessly for the promotion of environmental justice and civil rights

Joe Koyote

George -- You are always talking about how corrupt the Obama administration is. To put things into context, please name a 20th century administration that wasn't corrupt? Or any administration for that matter.

Russ -- Isn't that just great.. that CO2 makes crops grow faster. That is a great trade off for all of the other problems climate change will create. That certainly puts General Mills, Cargill, Conagra and other ag stocks on the stocks 'to watch list.' Krauthammer was also a big cheer leader for invading Iraq, especially after Powell lied to the UN about WMDs, which "sealed the deal" for invasion as far as Krauthammer was concerned. He doesn't do his homework and is merely an echo chamber for right wing causes. Not that reliable of a source in the real world.

George Rebane

JoeK 912am - OK, let's stipulate that your implied argument is true - no previous administration was free of corruption. That still leaves us in the present with the administration that we have. I suppose your policy would be to ignore corruption now because it has always happened in the past.

But Team Obama's corruption is not the main event now in progress. It's Obama's stated and demonstrated efforts to "fundamentally transform America" into a socialist state. That requires bringing this country down as a constitutional republic based on the Bastiat triangle of rights. That is the direction of our future that I and others like me oppose.


MORE monkey business down at the EPA. More of that "rouge" Government employee doing the ECO LOON bidding.
Paul and Joe got splain'n ta' do...


Krauthammer was also a big cheer leader for invading Iraq, especially after Powell lied to the UN about WMDs, which "sealed the deal" for invasion as far as Krauthammer was concerned. He doesn't do his homework and is merely an echo chamber for right wing causes. Not that reliable of a source in the real world.

Ah...if they could only be trusted like the democrats and left wing sources...then we could really right some wrongs.

Bonnie McGuire

" I suppose your policy would be to ignore corruption now because it has always happened in the past." George, you're right about Joe K's comment. This attitude is prevailent in human nature regarding group mentality. "Everbody does it" makes it okay? This is why we're having so many problems.


Since the " Well,, the last guy did it,,,.." excuse is "what's for dinner",, then when the Right takes the Senate, then the WH, our resident Lefty's won't have a problem when their pet oxen get sent to the butcher.
Think about this our Lefty friends, Since you seem to like the way "O" picks and chooses just what laws are enforced, can change them with the stroke of a pen at his leisure, Then you should be A-OK with a conservative playing by "O"'s rules. Put your "forward thinking" to work on that. ( That should give you nightmares)


Look what comes from Harvard..

I post without comment.. It speaks for itself.


A tad off topic... I was just over on The Union's home page, and noticed something. Here The Union is "celebrating" the "rich mining history" with old photos and such, and what is the top story in the corner? " Group to protest mine reopening...
Get your pencil out Mr. "C",, you can't let this one get by.

Joe Koyote

"I suppose your policy would be to ignore corruption now because it has always happened in the past" -- Wrong.. But nice attempt at deflection.. a few of your cohorts bought into it. My point is that corruption is business as usual. The only difference between which party is in office is who does the complaining about it. When Bush was in office nary a peep was heard from the right about corruption but the left was screaming bloody murder. Now it is the right who screams. I find it all a bit hypocritical and that is the problem. It seems to always be the "other guys" who are the wrong doers. Guilt by ideology not by criminal intent.


Just what "corruption" would that be Joe? In the Bush Admin.,, things went downhill on skates when LIBS got both houses. Maybe it was "that" corruption you are thinking of.
TARP? That was one of the vary few government programs that actually worked, and turned a profit for taxpayers.
Or was it the "no bid contract" to Halliburton? Before you go on a rant about that, you may want to investigate ALL the no bid contracts from "O" and Co. ( The Obummercare website fiasco is a great example )

Speaking of corruption, hear about the Ca. LIB doing the "perp walk" today?

Joe Koyote

Thanks for making my point Walt.


What "point"? I don't recall any wholesale corruption in the Bush Admin
as there has been with the current admin. Nice try...


Well now.. Who turned the crickets loose? Seems facts beet out
"feelings" and Lefty propaganda every time.

Maybe the "crew" have been too busy whining to the BOS about a mine
opening. These people can sure come together to keep jobs out of the aria. probably the same mind set that demand a high dollar minimum wage.

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