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14 March 2014


RL Crabb

The proverbial circular firing squad.

Todd Juvinall

Breaks my heart.


Funny how this issue has received so little comment.

Many here have been board members or even founders of CABPRO. They defended CABPRO's business model as a private corporation.

The weakness in CABPRO's system seems to have been the very business model they defended (and disingenuously hid by allowing the corporation to be identified publicly as a 'not-for-profit) where corporate decisions are made by a handful of people with little transparency, no requirements for annually audited financial statements, and lax enforcement of the articles of incorporation.

I think it just goes to show, if you profess to serve a public purpose you have a public responsibility, and taking that responsibility seriously is the role of board members and staff. I have read the CABPRO articles and it is pretty obvious that no one was watchdogging them.

But I am curious, we have founders, board members, hosts of columns in the newsletters, and voluntary or paid consultants to the organization all posting here, yet this thread received a grand total of two comments.

Is CABPRO dead? If so what do you think of that? Does it deserve to be dead because of mismanagement? Has the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots moved into the space CABPRO used to occupy? If so are the same clique of leaders running the show for that 501c4 non-profit, and will they take their responsibility as board members and stewards of the public trust seriously?

I am happy to see that the NCTP is disclosing on their web page that donations to their organization are NOT tax deductible ( a precaution CABPRO did not take). That is a good sign.

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