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14 March 2014


Russ Steele

My youngest daughter taught herself HTML while she was in High School. She worked as a volunteer at the Nevada County Network Community network, participating in the development the non-profit organizations first website. When she was in her second year at CalPoly she was hired to teach HTML, one on one with the college professors, who wanted to develop webpages for class room use. In some cases the professor she was teaching was one that was teaching her class. A real role reversal, a student teaching the professor. This was possible because she taught herself HTML and was very good at developing web pages. Today she is a web development projet leader for a high tech company in San Francisco.

In my view every student graduating from high school should be proficient is one high order languages, HTML, Java, Python, R, Wolfram, Mathematica, Matlab, etc. Many of these languages are available for free, including tutorials and videos that are online. Some of the MOOG Universities offer free beginner courses. There are no reason that a dedicated high school student, cannot leave for University, Community College or into the work force with some code under their belt, or skirt band. Learning a computer language teaches a new way of thinking, a disciplined way of organizing one's thoughts to build something that did not exist before. It is breaking the code of success.


Now I'm not knocking higher learning, but a career in "the trades" isn't bad.
We need more of your youth getting their hands dirty.
I found a new "hero" some years back. Mike Rowe. ( from Dirty jobs fame)
He has started foundation to help those get trained in the construction world.
The Mike Rowe Works foundation is geared for the trades jobs.

" Work hard,,AND smart."

Russ Steele


My oldest grandson is a freshman in high school and his Geometry Class is building a small house on a flat bed trailer, the house is for homeless or abused women. There is a group of houses at a support facility some where in Roseville. But, I digress. The grandson is learning carpentry and he is also on the wiring team, and is enjoying using his hands to build things and applying geometry in the process.

Making stuff is such a great part of learning. Shop class was my best class in high school. I learned how to use wood working tools in wood shop and welding in metal shop. Those skills have been used through out my life.

Bonnie McGuire

Nevada union had a wonderful program for kids learning trades through contractors. One of our grandsons participated. We're considering our youngest grandson learning how to operate our sawmill as his high school project.

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