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13 April 2014



Posted by: Gregory | 25 April 2014 at 12:10 PM

Here is the deal Gregory, I am not going to let you or Todd harass my board of directors. If you want to serve any sort of legal notice to Sierra Business Council you can do it at our business address, which is

PO Box 2428
Truckee Ca 96160


10183 Truckee Airport Road
Truckee Ca 96161

Anything you deliver to that address and addressed to my board of directors I will forward to my board of directors.

Nothing I am saying here has anything to do with my employment.

George, do you support posters at your site contacting the employers of other posters?


How bout the fact that cows are no danger to turtles? There is NO justifiable reason that cows can't be there. And because " WE say so"( the gov.) doesn't cut it.
Prescriptive easement laws apply.(in my opinion) Mr. Bundy was using that land long beforehand. But since this is the Obummer administration, this is just one of those laws they choose to ignore.
How bout the other ranchers that are now long gone and their property now owned by BLM? They didn't want, or could afford the battle, and gave into government arm twisting.. No,, you don't get the stories behind that.
Bundy is the last one standing.

As for the turtle horde,, using the "endangered" excuse for something that even at face value isn't really endangered,,, should be criminal in it's own right.
Only LIBS could dream up such a scam to "legally" separate one from one's property by government decree... " It's for the critters".
Remember that when people will be paying heavily for Ca. fruits and veggies this year. The same goes for beef, and pork. ( all because of a bastard sardine, that's more important than feeding little children.)

Brad Croul

Just making sure, are you saying the government is taking his private property and the other rancher's private property through eminent domain? That is different from deciding not to renew grazing permits on land "owned" by the government that was taken from the Paiutes. If anyone should be grazing on that land it should be the indians, not Bundy.
But, back in the day, the Bundy clan probably did not give a hoot that any indians were displaced because the the pale faces had the backing of the calvary back then to run the indians off.
What goes around, comes around.



Woo Hoo!

jeffy.....hot topic for the week.....18......38% from jeffy himself!

We're number 1.....We're number 1.....We're number 1.....We're number 1.....


If you go back far enough Brad, I'm sure you can find some "dissed" people of the stone age. Try staying within the realm of common sense here.
Homesteading laws of the day (way back when) are what's applicable.
Someone even tried to tie this to treaties. Well,, we had a "treaty" with the Ukraine.
" Disarm and we will protect you"... Well,, they got rid of their deterrents of invasion, and we hung them out to dry.
( That was MY little, " look over here".) Indians got nutt'n to do with this.
I have yet to hear the Indians publically bitch, or lay any claim, past or present.

This is because the head of BLM is Harry Custer's head stooge, and them cows was interfering with high dollar deals for Reid and Son.

Bill Tozer

Ah, I can see and read the smoke signals from here. Palefaces are many, we are few. They be bigem, we be small. They won, we lost. Fooled me once. Now The Great Half White Father in Washington is big, we who believe in local control are small. They are many, we a few. But I will not get fooled twice. Custer plenty blew Bighorn. Time to put on the warpaint. Nobody forgets where the hatchet is buried.

Many solar panels across the plains like once many buffalo. Then palefaces kill the buffalo and lay shinny mirrors where buffalo once roamed. Now my wife drives a 40 thousand dollar car and works at a 9 dollar an hour job. Just like a white woman.


Good job Bill.. That's one of your better ones. Nice touch with the hatchet.

How come Indians held out on their turtle soup recipe? Those things had to get endangered somehow,,, and apparently the only thing out there to dwindle the numbers
were Indians.


BTW Bill,, Some of those Indians have figured out how to stick it to the White man.
used the laws against him too. That's why they have casinos just about where ever they please. I recall the local LIBS going nuts believing that the Chapa Dee Indian clinic was just a steppingstone to a casino. You know,, those vary same that chastise others for keeping the "red man" down, and stealing their lands. ( until they might
try and make a buck "next door".)


"Gregory But your icon, Bundy..." -Paul

Paul, that's the sort of Daily Show snark that would be best left to professionals, not a news director of what is supposed to be a radio station that serves the entire community. Perhaps if you would quote anything I've written that would lead a rational person that I was holding Bundy up as if an icon, I'd take your latest as something more than another Emery boxing round.

To Frisch, I had your snail mail addresses before your promise of specific contact info for your board. You are a public person, well known for your association with SBC and, dare I say, would just be another cook with a failed restaurant without it. Most CEOs have a board who cares about the public actions of their executives; we'll see if your board is any different when it comes to a libel per se or two, on this blog and others.

I had managed to dig out more specific and personal contact info months ago, but thought I'd continue to get you to fulfill your promise as something akin to a Douglas Adams "recreational impossibility".


"Just making sure, are you saying the government is taking his private property and the other rancher's private property through eminent domain?" -Brad

Brad, Bundy and the other area ranchers had grazing and water rights on public lands, and had made improvements to the property over the years to improve access to water by livestock, wildlife and people, and the BLM levies grazing fees to cover management costs. The BLM used regulatory powers, not eminent domain, to try to force all to give up the grazing rights and all value of the water rights. It worked for 52 of the 53. The last one is a feisty old cuss.

The actions of the BLM in Clark County sure sounds similar to the BLM actions in the Tonopah district that resulted in the scathing Federal court decision against the BLM I posted.

Ranchers who make improvements to public lands for the benefit of their livestock have no expectations of exclusive use; anyone and any creature can avail themselves of the water. Contrast that to pot growers squatting on Federal lands, who have been known to boobytrap their grows, or take potshots (or worse) at folks who stumble upon the crop.

Brad Croul

Bundy might have been able to homestead up to 640 acres. Did the Bundy family ever try to do that? He was grazing far more BLM land than that.

From Wiki -
The homestead acts were much abused.[19] Although the intent was to grant land for agriculture, in the arid areas east of the Rocky Mountains, 640 acres (2.6 km2) was generally too little land for a viable farm (at least prior to major federal public investments in irrigation projects). In these areas, people manipulated the provisions of the act to gain control of resources, especially water. A common scheme was for an individual, acting as a front for a large cattle operation, to file for a homestead surrounding a water source, under the pretense that the land was to be used as a farm. Once the land was granted, other cattle ranchers would be denied the use of that water source, effectively closing off the adjacent public land to competition. That method was also used by large businesses and speculators to gain ownership of timber and oil-producing land. The federal government charged royalties for extraction of these resources from public lands. On the other hand, homesteading schemes were generally pointless for land containing "locatable minerals," such as gold and silver, which could be controlled through mining claims under the Mining Act of 1872, for which the federal government did not charge royalties.

Here is the pdf link to the, FEDERAL LAND POLICY AND MANAGEMENT ACT OF 1976


Title IV starts on page 33

I don't see him winning this battle - It looks like the Fed can give 2-year notice to vacate. Permit and leases are good for 10 years.

Brad Croul

"Contrast that to pot growers squatting on Federal lands, who have been known to boobytrap their grows, or take potshots (or worse) at folks who stumble upon the crop."

Pot rustling like cattle rustling is a hangin' offense, lol!


Brad, the situation in Clark County doesn't have anything to do with homesteading.

Brad Croul

Just wanted to provide Walt with some homestead stuff I thought might interesting (see his post).


Here Brad,, Take this stick and go over to that dead horse and have at it. Maybe you can beat it back to life.

Seems LIB news finally showed up after how long? ( a "possible" racist story may be on the hoof) Too bad the "man of color" that CNN interviewed just wouldn't "play ball". Now that "man of color" gets the Uncle Tom treatment.


BTW Brad,, the FEDS DID go onto HIS private property and destroy water storage.
Justify that....

So... What about the new Texas land grab that just got exposed for what it was?
Not a LIB here has touched that.


Poor CNN....
CNN REPORTER: You're protecting this man and he's wondering whether African-Americans would be better off as slaves. How does that strike you?

JASON BULLOCK, BODYGUARD FOR CLIVEN BUNDY: It doesn't strike me any kind of way. This is still the same old Mr. Bundy I met from the first day of all this happening.

CNN REPORTER: But aren't those offensive comments to you

BULLOCK: Not at all.

CNN REPORTER: Not offensive?

BULLOCK: Because Mr. Bundy is not a racist. Ever since I've been here he's treated me with nothing but hospitality. He's pretty much treated me like his own family.


BULLOCK: I would take a bullet for that man, if need be. I look up to him just like I do my own grandfather.


BULLOCK: Because I believe in his cause and after having met Mr. Bundy a few times, I have a really good feel about him and I'm a pretty good judge of character."

A "man of color" willing to take a government bullet for Mr. Bundy. That just goes against everything LIB!! How come they stopped interviews of other "people of color" that are there?
BTW,, Just how did that tape get out in the first place?

Brad Croul

Welcome to FedWorld, Walt. Where were you when the helicopters were flying over the marijuana gardens on private property, landing, confiscating plants, and destroying water tanks, and anything associated with the growing of the plants? They had been doing this for decades in your own neck of the woods- maybe you are too young to remember. Sure the pot was illegal, but were the water tanks, greenhouses, etc.?

Regarding the rightwing hysteria, now around the "Great Texas Land Grab", read the letter by the Texas Attorney General,


They are trying to determine a portion of the border between Oklahoma and Texas.


I do believe that boarder has been well established.. But nice try none the less.
Cattle grazing isn't a FED crime like growing dope. Like you said,, " welcome to FEDworld." And who has been running the FEDS? Well, LIBS HAVE.. A monster of your own LIB making. Too stoned to remember "O"'s speaking with forked tongue when promising to leave Ca. alone about the state pot laws? He got what he wanted,, your vote.. The sicked Holder and the boys on everything pot in the state. ( How else could they get their paws on more Ca. property to put in BLM's holdings?) Drug forfeiture is big business for government. Hell...They even stopped prosecuting, thinking it saves money. But kiss your property goodbye.
Like your weed? Like to grow it? There is a state called Colorado you can move too. It's ALL legal there. ( Like the anti mining gang told us miners.. " Go to Nev.")
Bitch to your fellow DEMS down in SAC for not standing up to the FED intrusion of state pot laws. Even the state won't enforce the laws on the books. ( More picking and choosing by LIB government... what a surprise.) Ca. has become dependent on FED welfare payments, so CA. will do "O" and Co's bidding to keep that handout money coming in.


Maybe reading what is posted Brad, instead of jumping to wiki might help.

"Johnson purchased 11,000 acres of land in Riverside County over 17 years ago, including Vail Lake, encompassing over 1,000 square surface acres of water. Now Johnson claims various levels of government are trying to seize the property, using intimidation under the guise of environmental concerns."

That rat isn't endangered you say? Tell that to the guy that got fined for taking a plow to his own field to save his home, because a wild fire was headed his way.
That happened to be "rat habitat" Ya... Dig into that too.

Brad Croul

Don't know where my post went, but you were the one who made the comment that they were taking the water from Johnson, or "we the people", or whatever. I was just pointing out that a water district already owns the water.
Rant on, dude.


A little background on BLM


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