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05 April 2014



Looks like I am having no problem with Safari.

Russ Steele

No problem with Opera

Russ Steele

The problem on Chrome appears when I try to sign in via Facebook.

Bob Hobert

Why not just comment in the comment box? Color me unconnected...


If you don't have the "problem", your browser may not be properly checking the certificate; typepad's expired yesterday. They need to refresh it.

Michael Anderson

Thank you Greg for doing that ever-so-important IT sewerage work. Someone's gotta do it!


OK, while TypePad is trying to straighten things out (hopefully), I'll follow BobH's advice and be colored unconnected. gjr


If an IT professional (biting my tongue) was wanting to be helpful, they might note one can always allow a temporary exception, as an expired certificate is pretty bloody trivial and probably not an attempt by an evil IT guy from KAOS to take over someone's website.

In any case, it appears typepad's cert has been renewed. All is well. Ommmm.


Scratch that, it's still expired. My Gay Mafia approved browser stored the exception.

Bill Tozer

It has to be KAOS again up to their predictable plot to take over the world. Best to always post under the Cone of Silence.

Todd Juvinall

Mine works as well on the Homosexual Mafia website. The initial certificate mess happened once.

Russ Steele

The FUE is wondering were all of you have been this weekend:

"Hmmm. You could hear a pin drop in the hard-right blogosphere this weekend."

He misses us?


Todd,, he must have been looking to poach comments without a permit again.
Our "Cartman" with a keyboard has to drum up "issues" somewhere....

Todd Juvinall

Walt, you are right. The election season is a snoozer but if you read the FUE it is a nasty campaign perped by us conservatives and the Tea Party. He can't get traction. It is like he needs a fix. Too funny!


Seems Modzilla is catching plenty of flack for it's intolerance. I read where people are deleting any program related to the Co. in droves. ( justice has been swift)
It's apparent he's a victim ( the ousted CEO) of that leaked donor list of Prop 8 to the pro gay gang. I don't think the guy bragged about it.

" Someone" pointed out,, "it's a private Co." .. It sure is. It's also done a fine job of running off users of it's "product". ( Yup,, smart move.)

Coming to your computer real soon. Pop-ups and automated download and install of their browser. Your email will be filled with spam whining for your business back. ( for those who used it in the first place.)

Just another shining example of how radical Leftyism operates. If you fire a person for supporting anything "gay",, count on winding up in court for civil rights violations. Yet it's fine to fire someone who supports opposite views.

Let's hear more from the "tolerant and sensitive" folk...

Bill Tozer

This Modzilla thing is absurd. Somebody donated a grand (1,000 dollars American) to Prop 8 6 years ago and he is fired today. Think the CEO as an individual can donate to whomever he pleases and we should all celebrate free speech. But, noooooooo. I understand that no company likes negative press and all and no individual enjoys a tarnished reputation. There is a difference between free speech and commercial speech. The intolerant Lefties are staying their course of silencing anything and everything that they simply do not agree with.

Funny (as Mr. Walt and Mr. Tood would say) that the Lefties welcomed former Klansman Robert White Sheet Byrd back into the fold. No prob with Bob. And he was not just a Klansman. He was the local tribe's revered Leader of the Pack. Then Trent Lott says some niceties to Storm Thurman on Senator Thurman's 100th birthday, and Lott is shown the door. Both Thurman and Byrd long since apologized for their segregationists' views, albeit Senator Thurman never took it the extreme like White Sheet Grand Conehead Bobby Byrd did. And Strom did not continue to drop the N word until his death like the Libs beloved former Klansman did. You could count the days between Byrd dropping the N word of 2 hands. Say it isn't so, lol. Could it be politics rather than idealism? Them Libs are extreme to say the least. They are too extreme for America in our post racial era.

Here's some pics just so The Spoon can get a blue veiner....perhaps even a diamond cutter.




Ok, a bit of topic. Call the Governor! Send in the thought police! I am too extreme for America.


LOL on those pics. Bill... I love that "shallow grave" in the rose garden.
And to think LIB news didn't give "O" his " I got Osama " moment (BREAKING NEWS FROM THE PREZ !!!) when his "magic" number of enrollees was dragged across the (red) line. ( never mind the line getting re-drawn at will) No one got to see him spike the football, and the only thing missing was the "mission accomplished"( total destruction of health care as we knew it.) banner.

Russ Steele

Firefox users...

Mozilla recently forced its CEO, Brendan Eich, to resign over his personal support for traditional marriage. The firing followed a vicious smear campaign against Eich by dating website OKCupid, in which OKCupid blocked Mozilla users from visiting their website.

We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access our site, given Mozilla’s crackdown on political and religious positions held by millions of Americans.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we feel that fighting discrimination and intolerance of this kind is worth some inconvenience today to avoid massive loss of freedom in the future.

Meanwhile, here are a few alternatives:
Google Chrome | Safari | Opera | Internet Explorer

More info... on how to block FireFox Users, the html codes is here for blocking or just warning: http://whyfirefoxisblocked.com


It will be interesting to hear our Lefty's rebuttal, and how this militant " consumer vigilantlyism" has no place " in our civilized society", and how
this shows the lack of compassion, sensitivity, and (you guessed it) tolerance
from the hetro Conservatives.
I hope this guy sues for everything they own for the violation of HIS civil rights.

There was a "backlash" not long ago when the militant gays went on a bender over a chicken sandwich chain for their "views and contributions",, How did that work out?
Now a "business" on the other side of the fence has ruffled the collective feathers, lets see just how well they hold up. Even with a product that's "free".


"An eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth would lead to a world of the blind and toothless"

The post Russ made above was copied from http://www.truthrevolt.org/firefox

Sorry folks, but I'm not willing to do a Mozillaectomy at the moment. Fortunately, I've never visited "truthrevolt" in the past and if they don't want me there in the future either, that's fine by me.


Yes I suggest you all support Internet Explorer, a portion of whose profits go to fund the Gates Foundation the number one private funder of women's health care initiatives including family planning in the world; or Safari, a company whose ownership supports gay rights; or Opera whose founder is currently working with a consortium of tech industry professionals on climate change initiatives; or Google Chrome, another company working to create tools to combat climate change and whose founders have become amongst the largest funders of climate science and adaption initiatives.

Seems in the real world you will not be able to win for losing.

For the record, I think it was ridiculous that the CEO of Mozilla was forced to step down due to his funding of an anti gay rights cause, but in the real world shareholders and customers often hold power over corporate decisions.

Mozilla Corporation depends upon a wide range of freelance coders and programmers working in an open source environment for their tools to be used. Live by the crowd; die by the crowd.

Bill Tozer

That's fine Mr. stevenfrisch, but how come those who cry the loudest for fairness and tolerance and acceptance are the least likely to bestow it?

It is apparent that Gay Rights is now the trump card that squashes other individual rights. Framing the Firefox CEO as anti-gay is clever. He supported traditional marriage, as did our current President 6 years ago. Adding the business aspect into the mix does indeed cloud the waters. Consumers can do anything they want or boycott any business they choose. I do it all the time, but not for political reasons.

I don't like Chrome cause I live and die by the toolbar. I don't like IE cause it is too vulnerable and every hacker on the planet cut their teeth on IE going after Bill Gates, especially after he tried to crush Mozilla. Heck, he did crush Mozilla. Too bad Mozilla was not around to collect the 250 million legal settlement they won against IE's unsavory tactics against Mozilla. By the time the verdict was reached, Mozilla was sold to someone else. Oh well.

I would rather cut a check to Firefox than Bill Gates any day of the week. Not to make a point, just cause I prefer Firefox. I like Firefox and I switched to it one day when IE on my XP got corrupted and slow (again).

My point is that if the libs spent as much time trying to infringe on my 2nd Amendment Rights as they do on fixng the debt and economy, then we would be debt free and have an average GDP of 4-5% a year.

Nay, that wasn't my point at all. Just a jab. My real point is if someone does not believe in God, don't infringe on my right to believe in God. If someone believes in Gay Marriage, don't infringe on others right to believe in the tradition definition of marriage.


Hey Bill, what part of I think the whole thing is stupid did you miss?


By the way unless I missed it it was your 'guy' who wrecked the economy in the first place, but good. Better than anyone in about 75 years...and oh, that was your 'guy' too!


It was just a matter of time..... " Blame Bush"...

Anyone notice the "support our troops" sign down at Combie?
Not a thing changed "structurally" that is apparent, but "the message" sure was.
( As I recall it was publicly stated that "the message" wasn't the issue)
The crosses are missing, and any reference of the church.
Seems the local anti Christian Left scored another victory. And some wonder why society is headed down hill on skates.

I'm sure the church gave into demands to take them out of the spotlight. They may have foreseen the possible crapstorm, and didn't think it was worth it.( just a guess.)

Bill Tozer

Mr. stevenfrish. Of course I read your "this whole thing is bull pucky" concerning a 6 year old donation the first time around. I just don't support IE cause I don't. Had to use it at workie to access some secure sites, but my company has a mere 60,000 employees that cried out for us to use Firefox or Chrome instead. The Top Brass and all the techie types heard us loud and clear and now we can use Firefox or Chrome if we choose. But they just told me to turn in the laptop last week and passed out this weird thing call an I-Pad which uses Safari, go figure. All I want is my old XP back and you can keep the I-Pad and the I-phone with all those touchy feely screens. Or at least give me back a Windows 7. I am not a happy camper. My fingers are like meat hooks and fat and if you pound on the screen, it don't respond well to rough housing.

Saw in the media pictures of my CEO gallivanting around with Bill Gates. Yuck! Guess we are still are using Microsoft technology in our products. Oh well. It could be worse. I did tell the big wigs to keep all their valuable employee recognition certificates they send me framed and keep all those gift cards and movie tickets and tickets to the A's games and Monarch games and all the other crap they deliver to me and just give me back my old XP. It ain't gonna happen.

I don't need to be stroked constantly like the younger crop of co-workers. They be a different breed. They want recognition AND pay. They can't believe it when I toss those plaques and awards and gift cards in the circular file. But, noooooo, I can't have a laptop back.

I prefer Netscape anyway. I know, I know. I have to be adaptable in this changing world. And yes, I would like some cheese with this whine. You can keep the pat on the back crap that the younger workers need so desperately and just keep the paychecks coming.

Oh, BTW, this rant was not directed at Mr. stevenfrisch, just venting in general. Imagine typing all this on a touch screen. It would make my posts a lot shorter. :)

Michael Anderson

Bill, I feel your pain. When trying to understand Windows 8, just pictures hundreds of acres of low-profile tech buildings on the Redmond campus, filled to the brim with a fresh crop of Windows programmers, tweaking the GUIs and building new crayon-like interfaces for the masses for no other reason than they need something to do. Your meat hooks (mine too, same mid-20th-century manufacturing plant) are buggy whips.

Michael Anderson

...but just to be clear, I do loudly and clearly celebrate the death of XP. It's over. Put a fork in it.

Brad Croul

Do we really think a gay mafia is at work here? I have not seen any group take credit for outing Eich.
Why could is not just be a case of cutthroat business practices? Someone at Google, for instance, could have easily spawned/twittered the rumor in order to drive down Mozilla market share.
Who knows, maybe the board didn't like the CEO's politics and had been looking for an excuse to sack him.

Anywho, Eich will probably have a future a Christian Mingle,lol!

Who/what a person votes for is their personal business (that is why we have voting booths), so I think who/what a person donates to should also be a private matter.


Here you go, Brad:

The crap thrown a fine engineer just for agreeing with the stated opinions at the time of the likes of Barack Obama and the Clintons is the latest iteration of political correctness raised to the level of fascist brownshirts. Thou shalt not piss us off, or you're next. This might not the best strategy going into the November. Perhaps some of Frisch's friends will even try that against some of those global warming "deniers" they are so keen to silence, but a hint, keep that in the USA. Europeans are already abandoning that ship.

To anyone wishing to not run Win8, that XP notebook will assuredly run any flavor of Linux just fine.


"By the way unless I missed it it was your 'guy' who wrecked the economy in the first place, but good." -Frisch

You missed it. The Government Sponsored Entities that flooded the world with bad paper were Democratic sacred cows, and the program that pushed them into writing home loans that could not be paid back under any known economic theory was a Clinton administration push. Not to mention that when the crash happened, we'd already had a Democratically controlled House and Senate in place for almost two years; it's as much a Pelosi & Reid screwup as anyone else's.

Personally, I'll always remember Barney Frank's assurances that Fannie and Freddie (he'd carried their water in the House for years) were great investments going forward, just a month before they caused the financial world to collapse for a time.


How about something a little closer to home?
Look what our LIB government has done next door.


Can you say,, "Tyranny"?
Welcome to another "Ruby Ridge"...


I don't trust "infowars" much farther than I can spit, but a "1st amendment zone" sure sounds like those free speech zones now popular on college campuses. You know, the spot on campus you can talk freely about politics.

Here's a proper map of the 1st amendment zone:

Bill Tozer

Being pro traditional definition of marriage means I hate gays' guts. Right? Pointing out the follies of BarackObamacare such as being the biggest single reason for millions of previously insured people thrown off the insured rolls means I want to take away your healthcare, right? And that puts me smack dab in the middle of the Skinhead racist camp, right?

Being for a leaner more efficient government means I want to starve people and close down schools, right? And close down the FAA and cause thousands to die in the air or burn up on the ground as I am poisoning my neighbor's well, right?

As Tammy Bruce (the bisexual/lesbian women's rights advocate) learned while running the local LA chapter of NOW during the OJ Simpson trail found out, speaking up for battered women (it is called the National Org. for Women for Pete's sake)....as Tammy found out, speaking up for battered women means she is a racist and hates black men, right? When she criticized NOW for leaving its roots and not speaking out for Nicole Simpson, she was fired. Don't point out something as obvious as the nose on your face to a Lib or else. Then it gets real ugly.

Believing that Sandra Phuke should buy and be responsible for her own birth control means I want all women barefoot and pregnant, without a car and a checkbook or friends and have no opinion except how the male is superior as I hold them hostage, right?

Don't you love how the extremist control freaks frame things? Yeah. right. Silence is music to their ears.


TypePad finally acknowledged that the sign-in error is on their part and sent me the following reply -

Hi George,

Thanks for that info. We're looking into this right now and we
apologize for the error. I don't have a timeline for a fix just yet but
we're getting some people on the case. Thanks for your patience.


250pm - and now I am informed that the security certificate got renewed, and commenting should be back to normal. My own test has confirmed this. Thanks to all for the helpful feedback, and apologies for the kerfuffle.


Gregory.. Infowars isn't the only one running the story. ( did a little digging)
These people are not the first cattle people to get "Hitlered " by the FEDS.

Yet the FEDS for all intensive purposes suspended the Constitution for their little "round up". If they can do that to cover their butts from video evidence, just think what the excuse may be for something more heinous. ( Like elections in Nov. , or heaven forbid, the next Presidential election.)


Walt, I think the phrase you're looking for is "for all intents and purposes", not "for all intensive purposes".

Bill Tozer

As we approaching the elections, the only thing that the Libs have in their playbook is the Koch Brothers. Harry Reid taking to the Senate Floor to demonize the Bros is beneath the dignity of the Chamber and degrades its Hallowed Halls, IMHO. Yes, the same Senate Majority leader who took to the Senate floor to say he heard from someone unnamed and never named that Mitt Romney is a tax cheat. Not exactly a good use of the Senate floor and time and not debating the merits of any bill or not as the Constitution laid out the role of the Senate.

Never heard of the evil Koch Bros until reading the old Union blog site. Koch and Fox News this, Koch Brothers that. Heck, even when the Koch Bros donate millions to cure cancer and funding/building museums, the libs still are out there protesting and going bonkers over issues they themselves feel are worthy causes. You can't make this up.

Read several months ago that the Koch Bros are page one of the Dems playbook for the next election cycle. Harry Reid is merely attacking the two individuals on the Senate floor of all places as his role of gearing up for the upcoming elections. Yep, that is an issue they can campaign hard on and relentlessly. Some people never heard of George Soros or the Evil Twins.

Harry went so far on the Senate floor to use the Senate's valuable time to say that all those stories about people now losing their cancer treatments and specialists are all made up lies funded by the Koch Bros. Its on tape. Later (on tape) he said he never said those stories of people in dire straights losing their cancer drugs or treatments were all made up just total fabricated vicious lies spread by the funding by....who else, the Koch Brothers.

First you create straw men. Then you make people scared shitless of the straw men. Then you attack the straw man and claim victory for saving us from impending calamity caused by...who else, but the Koch Brothers.

It saddens me that the once Hallowed Chambers of the Senate floor with its great debates from the likes of Daniel Webster and John C Calhoun is now just a place for the Senate Majority Leader to say he heard from someone that Romney is a tax cheat.....Saddens me greatly.

If the Koch Bros is all the Progressive have, then bring it on. It might work as planned. After all, if you donate money to a cause that the Libs don't like, you will end up just another Madzilla ex-CEO with your reputation smeared forever. Or labeled a heartless billionaire who likes murdering people like Romney. Too bad. Romney is actually a very decent moral nice guy. God save us all.



Gregory,, the "man" has been "intensive" with the scrapping of the Constitution. ( and with purpose.)
( Just blame it on my "outcome based" education experiment of the past.
( close is good enough) But common core, is the other end of the spectrum.

Brad Croul

Forget the blogosphere, this Free Speech Zone looks a lot more entertaining!


Maybe Robinson Plaza in Nevada City would be a good speaker's zone.

Bill Tozer

Free speech is ok as long as you don't offend anyone or any Lefty in the basement of the outhouse. Speech is free, but man o man there is Hades to pay if you offend or oppose any Progressive sewer rat. They are like tender house plants. Put them out in the sunshine for a day and they lose their Mojo and look like grunt warmed over. You know what I mean, they look like Botox Queen Nancy or Maxine Waters on a good day. Or President BHO when he gives you "that" look. Then they cry out that the Sun ain't fair or something has to be done with it. Pass out Obamaphones and plant shade screens and blame them right wing extremist evildoers.

Ah heck, whatz da point. I bet someday the old expression "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" will be barred for not being compassionate enough or might offend some slacker's sensibilities. Ok, enough.

Hey Walt, more comics for ya good buddy. Breaker breaker Numb Nuts, no bear in the sky right now so keep your hammer down. See ya on the flip side, Limp Lizard. :)






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