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28 April 2014


Bill Tozer

If a business person did what out elected representatives do on a daily basis, all private sector doors would be shuttered.

Can't add much to Dr. Rebane's fine post. Especially enjoyed the line "ignoring the morality of the whole notion of constantly taxing the future to pay the present for bad debts assumed in the past."

The Bible may not talk much about taxes, but does tells tax collectors to not rip off people. Honesty is the best policy. The Bible (Proverbs) indeed says a lot about the slavery called debt and even co-signing. That has saved me more that once from disaster.

So, I will exit this happy topic with an Obamacare song to cheer up the downhearted and lift their spirits. There is a parallel between public pensions and the song.

Bill Tozer

Fine post. Can't add a word to it. Especially enjoyed the line "ignoring the morality of the whole notion of constantly taxing the future to pay the present for bad debts assumed in the past."

This calls for a happy song about Progressive Poster children: Parallels are ironic.


Bill Tozer

Off to clear brush and eat yellow froggings. Oh, better stay on topic:


Bill Tozer

I do recall Queen Nancy stating unequivocally that her proudest accomplishment after the first term when she took the gavel as passing Pay-Go. A female Speaker of the House was another historical milestone on our path to bankruptcy.
Yes, this ties into the crumbling state pensions as it has to do with debt, something the Bible says is an unpleasant thing with consequences. Same for co-signing. The borrower is a slave to the lender....don't co-sign or your very bed will be snatched out from under you. Bad juju. Wise Solomon. Bad government.

But, but, but....that was under Bush. The Prescription Drug Act is causing all of this. Seem to recall Queen Nancy voted for it to help all us po folk get our meds so we don't die in the gutter because of evil Big Pharma. Yes, that was then, this is now. Think the Bible did mention Jesus telling the tax collectors to stop ripping folks off and be honest.


Now that I think about it, Common Core may indeed be needed if the former Speaker with that big gavel thinks the 1st Amendment gives us the right to bear arms.

There will never ever be enough taxes raised to satisfy the agenda of the Constitution shredding Progressives or funding state pensions. Never.

Bill Tozer

Sorry for all the posts that don't appear and then reappear. Redundant. Anyhow, back on topic:


In other news that could affect our own state finances:

"When you look at the whole package, it's difficult to be a business here," lamented Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto, whose community on the edge of the Pacific will suffer as the jobs migrate to Texas.

"If all these great, high-end jobs are leaving California, then we are going to turn into a place that's a retirement community" with low-paying service-sector jobs, Scotto said. "We can't have that," he added, warning that unless the state has a change of attitude, "it's going to be way too late."

This can't be good for those receiving public pensions hoping the taxpayer will bail them out. Darn those private sector types. They just don't stay put and count their lucky stars.

Bill Tozer

Easy to comprehend, hard to heed:


Russ Steele

How long is this sustainable, leaching off our neighbors? What if they decide to pull the plug on California?

California's oil production represents just 38% of its needs - and is falling steadily, even though the state has enormous onshore and offshore natural gas deposits, accessible via conventional and hydraulic fracturing technologies. The state imports 12% of its oil from Alaska and 50% more from foreign nations, much of it from Canada, notes Sacramento area energy consultant Tom Tanton.

The record is far worse when it comes to electricity. The Do-As-I-Say state imports about 29% of its total electricity from out of state: via the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Phoenix, coal-fired generators in the Four Corners area, and hydroelectric dams in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, Tanton explains.
Another 50% of its electricity is generated using natural gas that is also imported from sources outside California. Instead, the Greener-Than-Thou State relies heavily on gas imported via pipelines from Canada, the Rockies and the American Southwest, to power its gas-fired turbines. Those turbines and out-of-state sources also back up its numerous unreliable bird-killing wind turbines.

It adds up to a great way to preen and strut about their environmental consciousness. They simply leach off their neighbors for 62% of their gasoline and 79% of their electricity, and let other states do the hard work and emit the CO2.

George Rebane

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At least our LIBS haven't stooped this low yet... ( but give them time... Nov. is six months away.)
"Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., is not on the ballot in his district, but continues to issue unhinged tweets as though he is a viable candidate. On Sunday, he urged his supporters to violate Virginia law and use the police to harass members of the Tea Party.

“Use the Supreme Court ruling to harass tea party members. When you see them call the police,” he tweeted. "

Remember what I said about a tattoo? " By any means necessary"

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