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15 April 2014


Todd Juvinall


Todd Juvinall


Bonnie McGuire

Last weeks experiences were uplifting and puzzling. Monday I had a dream our family and friends were singing a beautiful song. An individuals we each sang a verse, one after another until it was finished. Those listening were puzzled, surprised and cheered at the end. Tuesday, Mel and I watched the movie "God's Not Dead" at Sierra Cinemas. A wonderful uplifting story showing people experiencing difficult choices much like all of us. The hero was a law student in college debating his atheist professor with the prospect of a failing grade regardless of whether he won or lost. The entire class agreed with the professor in the beginning because they didn't want to fail the class. One person stood up for what he felt was right regardless.

Then Thursday morning two people sent emails with the Bundy ranch debacle videos. Then it dawned on me that my family singing verse by verse were our community where we've grown up, worked and shared life's experiences. We lived through the destruction of our by one...verse by verse...even a small family gold mine around a year ago for some new regulation. The owner remarked that the gov could have at least waited until Fall when they usually shut down.

Altogether I was reminded what united America to become one nation under God...of, by and for the people. Naturally General George Washington's vision during the Revolutionary War came to mind where he was warned that America would suffer three terrible conflicts on our soil. The third the worst. He saw a red cloud from Europe, Africa and China encompassing America trying to destroy us, but was told that if we stuck by our Standard (Constitution) and the God that inspired it, the entire world aligned against us could not win. Some put this down, but isn't this the United States of America? All those in our government swear an oath (before God) to uphold our constitution....not some unknown new world order we know nothing about.


Well said Bonnie. Ever since the believe in a higher power other than ourselves ( gotta be politically sensitive) was frowned upon, from the Ten Commandments being removed from pubic view, to the open attacks of Christianity itself.
But beg forgiveness at every turn and even alter official "facts" to appease
the "unspoken".
Moral decay is all but certain. I'm surprised the "oath of office" or any "oath" to guard the laws of the land by any pubic (ha)officer is even taken anymore. The Oaths they take are meaningless. Even when caught in a bald faced lie, there are no consequences.
And that's just the politicians.

Joe Koyote

"We will not speak of the global terror that radical Islam spawns." No one in their right mind can condone acts of terror by any person or country. Therefore, when speaking of acts of terror and terrorists, it seems only prudent to include those acts of terror committed by the government of the United States in the form of drone strikes. Less than 5% of those killed by drones are actually considered high ranking terrorists, with another 20-25% probable terrorists and most of the rest civilians. The Bush era saw over fifty drone strikes and Obama's regime over 360 such strikes. For every woman, child, and non-combatant killed by US drones, some 8-15 (depending on whose figures you want to use) new terrorists are created. The larger question is just who is spawning all this terrorism anyway, America or Islam? Are we reacting to them or are they reacting to us?

Bonnie McGuire's pretty obvious. A government of, by and for itself does what ever it chooses to accomplish its goals. Those who disagree are eliminated. There is no higher power it needs to fear, because it is the Almighty. I think Edward Snowden realized this when he blew the whistle on the NSA. While it's fiction, the latest flick Captain America: The Winter Soldier symbolizes it. The corrupt new world order American in charge believes killing hundreds of thousands of people for the sake of a few million is good. Government transparency is null and void. No one can be trusted because there are no morals. The end justifys the means. We've all been shown the way to achieve a better world by doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. We're all learning and taking the test that will determine our future as individuals and as a nation.

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