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19 June 2014


Account Deleted

"Some lamebrain apologists even try to exhume Nixon’s 18.5 minutes of missing audio recordings as precedence for the email effrontery."
I actually like the example as a precedence. It sure doesn't work well as an excuse. After the news came out about a convenient lapse of incriminating audio evidence, Nixon was done. Certainly the break in
was no big deal as the Dems routinely did the same. It was the obstruction of justice and lying by the White House that was the major crime. In Obama's case, the initial crime is horrendous and the lying and obstruction of justice is actually just same-ol, same-ol for this bunch. But notice the nation-wide lack of outrage or even interest in the whole thing. Justice certainly seems to be a partisan deal.

George Rebane

ScottO 124pm - What still astounds me (showing my naiveté) is having heard from two different progressive friends that the loss of the emails is 'no big deal' and that the Repubs are just puffing it up for political reasons. This gives more credence your last observation.


Those wascally wepublicans at the New York Times are reporting that *seven* different IRS employees had hard drive crashes that destroyed emails requested by the House investigators.


One convenient crash is hard to believe, but plausible. Seven does not meet the reasonable doubt test. Can't happen, roughly equivalent to flipping a coin four times and having it land on its edge every time.

Account Deleted

"One convenient crash is hard to believe, but plausible."
NOT plausible. Even if the hard drive crashed, it doesn't selectively get rid of only the emails to and from other agencies for the exact time period in question. And the data is still recoverable on the disc, and the info is still on at least 2 other servers. They deliberately got rid of incriminating evidence.
Since nothing was going to happen because of it, they may as well go through all fed agencies and scrub everything clean and shiny.
This current admin has covered up every scandal that's come along. This is simply the latest and most egregious.


From what I find, even LIB Snewz isn't buying it. A day late and a dollar short. Only when it gets so comical there is no way they can ignore the story, do they finally bite "O" and Co. At the same time, there are still those that just won't bite the hand that feeds them.


I didn't mean to say it was plausible that no record existed anywhere, only that it was plausible that one employee had a crash that impacted their copy of the data.

Seven all having hard drive crashes, without the drives being backed up, is ludicrous.


From what I hear, your emails are not on "your" hard drive, let alone in your computer. Unless you save it on your own. They are sitting over on your Hotmail account, or whoever you happen to use. It's in "their" mainframe.
I haven't heard much about her personal accounts.( why not?) Many a devout LIB used their personal accounts to hide their monkey business.
Those need to be picked over as well.

The stall tactics will go on even past Nov. At least after the elections when the Right takes control,, Senate investigations and possible prosecutions will get to the bottom of things.


Walt, this isn't the place for email tutorials, but one certainly can erase emails from a server and only have them on your hard drive on your own computer.

The NSA considers any email you leave behind on a server to be abandoned after something like 6 months, and available to them without a warrant. How many ISPs cooperate with that, I've no clue.

Bill Tozer

Oh, here wE go again. Blame Bush, but Afghanistan is the "good war", eh libs? Kinda weird putting good and war as consecutive words in the same sentence when quoting the Obama defenders.

At least Bush saw the potential of a regional conflict, not just some sectarian conflict within a country's borders. Guess Obama and his advisers can compartmentalize Iraq, Syrian, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Russia, Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan as stand alone pieces to the puzzle, yet not actually the puzzle.

George Bush, 2007:

“To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we’re ready would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region and for the United States. It would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to Al Qaeda. It’d mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. It’d mean we’d allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan. It’d mean we’d be increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous.”

Hey boys and girls. Get with the times. Blaming Bush is so soooooo yesterday. Its time to blame Climate Change. Climate Change caused Obama to side with the Muslim Brotherhood in every single country during the Arab Spring. Al qaeda is on the run.....running straight to Baghdad with large forces in tow, capturing cities with populations of 200,000-600,000 as it flees the mighty USA with its 275 troops on the ground protecting something.

Don't blame Bush. Don't blame Obama. And do not blame Kerry, even though NATO reported today that Russian is again back to amassing troops along the Ukraine border. Nay, get with the times. Blame Climate Change.

Account Deleted

But Bill - Bush caused climate change! Well, he and the Koch bros.
Our govt is just the symptom. The problem is the electorate.
It seems the greatest problem we face today in this nation is the name of a football team. We solve that and we're all good!


When are we going to be gifted with a new "sandbox"? I want to ask the "Flabby Scold of the Foothills" a question about college!

Russ Steele

Fish @07:44

I have a few words on college for everyone for the Scold of the Foothills at http://sierrafoothillcommentary.com


Cross posted at Sierra Foothills Commentary (Your page seemed to choke on my comment Russ)

Thanks Russ! This is exactly the post to which I was referring.

Your very valid arguments aside I find the passage below questionable.

Let’s hope the vocal hard-right wing nuts in our community (some of whom shun a college education) don’t ruin our solid public schools with their single-minded agenda. It’s selfish and uniformed.

I would hope that jeffy could perhaps name one or two of those who he claims made the statement or actively espoused an anti-education position. It's just good journalism....I'd hate to see a man with as distinguished a career as our jeffy to go the way of Diana Griego Erwin because he played fast and loose with his "reporting". He can make the argument that it's just a blog and he shouldn't be required to maintain the same standards as a newspaper but someone who is a prone as jeffy is to tossing out "Scoop" and "My reporting" should perhaps make it clear to the readers that he isn't a reporter any longer if he merely wants to blog.

If not...who does he claim "actively shun" a college education?

George Rebane

fish 744am - Mr fish, your slightest whim is my wish, or is it the other way around? ;-) 'Sandbox - 20jun14' is on the air. Enjoy


Ah George....you spoil me!


I can't say that the feds were surprised:


Maybe 'The Camp of the Saints' isn't so crazy a novel.

George Rebane

drivebyposter 450pm - a most interesting .gov posting, thanks.

Bill Tozer

Concerning our stellar foreign policy these past 6 years, it is now getting personal. All is fair in love and war.


Bill Tozer

Concerning the lost IRS e-mails, I may have been born at night but not last night:




Concerning Obama's stellar foreign policy in Iraq:


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