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26 June 2014



YES!!! The first to "mark his territory" in the fresh litter box.
First off, it's time to knock the corners off this "box". That way no one can claim to get "cornered", and the chase can continue.
The fun will come when the LIBS get all wee wee'd up, then told to go pee in the corner. Sorry Doc. ,, I didn't get the proper permit for a little renovation of the "silica" infill encloser.

Todd Juvinall

We should thanks the Supremes for trimming 3% off the 88% coverage the EPA claims across our lands. Wow! What a great place where we can all be thankful for their oversight. LOL! Until there is a return to the State's authority on their own territory, the Supremes are just another "big government" hegemonic power. They allowed the Commerce Clause to bastardize our Constitution.

Todd Juvinall

Oh, and Tim Lincecum threw another "no-hitter" at the Padres last night. It was great!

Bill Tozer

Todd, don't get too excited. Lincecum can only toss no hitters against the same team. :)

The Supreme Court had an unanimous ruling! Can't believe my eyes.


Holy smokes, another unanimous ruling. See, we all can get along and let silly bygones be bygones.


Russ Steele

Changes at KBCO:

“Some changes here at KNCO, and it is a good thing for us in all departments,” KNCO is reporting. “I want to welcome Don Langford to Nevada County Broadcasters. Starting today, he is our new General Manager for KNCO Newstalk 830 and Star 94FM. Being an old sports guy, a new leader or manager can be the perfect change to re-energize people. Sometimes I think I sound a little stale on the air. So I am looking forward to the future and KNCO sounding better!”

The local lefties are hoping new managements at the station will move it left and kick Rush Limbaugh off the air and stop programing for old white guys according to the comments at the Purple Man's blog.

George Rebane

RussS 954am - that would definitely follow the one-sided silencing policy of the Left. KVMR is already the admittedly progressive local radio outlet. I am their only commentator of the Right, and my air time is no match for their aired outpourings of the likes of an Amy Goodman. Nevertheless, I am grateful for my little slot. I think that any attempt to remove Limbaugh from KNCO would cause a civil disturbance in that strip mall on the corner of Gracie and E Main.

Bill Tozer

Went to the hardware store today as I saw a handful of old white guys milling about. I almost threw up. And they were buying a bunch of stuff to boot. What do they need to buy stuff for anyway? They have one foot on a banana peel and the other foot in the grave. Darn, there out to be a law against those old gray heads being seen in public. Shouldn't they be home manicuring the garden. Isn't that what old people do? I know I do on my days off.

That is also why I am always at storefronts early in the morning waiting for them to open up. Lord only knows what will happen if I am seen out and about past my 8:24am curfew. Noticed the profile of our very own Nevada County's 2008 Obama Delegate to Denver. He was holding up a fish. Don't he know that he should be hiding behind closed doors vacuuming the dead skin off the bedding? Well, at least he survived his outing out in the daylight. Even sharks can't stomach us old geezers with our knee high brown socks and Hawaiian shirts.

Former Mayor of Nevada City is right. Them old farts are standing in the way of progress and should get the hell out of the way.

More sand kicking in the sandbox: Cannot blame this one on old farts that used to work on the assembly line. Its the new breed that is wrecking havoc nowadays, the young bucks who say "Thank you for sharing, but no thank you." Brother Ben's grandpappy must be doing somersaults in the grave.


Have a nice day all you bright bushy tailed young ones with firm buttocks. Thanks for making a saving account an obsolete thang. We old farts will be depending on y'all, so turn off the I=Pads and put your nose to the grindstones. Suckers.



Here's something for Fattius Maximus to chew on for awhile... support for Common Core among parents has plummeted to 34% since November.


Bill Tozer

Here something for Mr. Liberal Worldview to chew on this morning:


George Rebane

BillT 1054am - That report is an important and corroborating addition to the RR view of the nation's ideological landscape. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Mr Tozer.


Anyone else get a letter about benefits from the " Deepwater Horizon"
claims Admin.?
I have never even been to the Gulf. Now why would someone out in the sticks of the Left Coast receive such a claim form?
Heck.. Maybe I can claim the extra cost of fuel that "O" and Co. made happen. ( Killing all drilling and pumping for years)
Or, they need an excuse to spend big bucks trolling for clientele.
The new form of Publisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes.. " You may be able to receive....!!!"

Todd Juvinall

KNCO has always PO'd the FUE since they run Rush. But I thought Herb Caen liked Rush?

Bill Tozer

In other sandbox news, The New York Court shot down NYC's ban on big gulps. While not addressing the merits of the case, the court said they overstepped their authority. You (the Health board) are just like any other control freak bureaucratic agency and should not set policy. That is for elected officials to do, aka, enforce the law, don't make the law.

From the ole Grey Lady (if it is not blocked)


This is how the judge put it:

"By choosing among competing policy goals, without any legislative delegation or guidance, the Board engaged in law-making and thus infringed upon the legislative jurisdiction of the City Council of New York," Judge Eugene F. Pigott Jr. of the New York State Court of Appeals wrote for the majority in a 20-page opinion published Thursday.


Sounds like so many other agencies, from Fish and Game to the EPA to some wacko Planning Commission deciding what windows you can install in yer humble abode or what color is acceptable on your front door in Nirvana City.

Wonder if this will have any far reaching consequences for the power mad lowly clerks feeling all puffed up like a security guard.


The SCOTUS sure slapped a dose of reality into Dear Leader.
Congress is on vacation when THEY say they are on vacation. Not when "O" says so. Now what about all the "regs" that they past?
People got a fat paycheck who had no business being appointed?
The unions are not going to be happy. Their "appointed" bodyguards
just got their teeth pulled.

George Rebane

My take is that the fed bureaucracies will not be deterred by this ruling, will continue their overreach, and fight each of their impositions on a case by case basis. They know that we the taxpayers are footing all the legal bills.


If the “retired activist brigade” brings down our public schools’ reputation in their zeal, we won’t have to worry about those pesky Bay Area transplants (and the growth they bring) anymore! In fact, the real estate community tells me the Bay Area transplants (once a steady source of income) already are going elsewhere.

I bet you had no idea that you could bring down the public school system merely by discussing the quality of curriculum and sponsoring scholarships.....damn George......you are truly a monster!

“We reap what we sow.”

Yeah I was going to ask you about your PopTart™ crop jeffy...how's that working out?

Russ Steele

I have some details on the “retired activist brigade” impact on the local economy at http://sierrafoothillcommentary.com

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, I for one am proud to be an American. USA!,USA!, USA!


Guess its time for this old fart geezer heading from Wrinkle Village to the Marble Orchard to pick a winner. Tough decision, but I am leaning toward the one on the right.

God Bless the USA and God Bless the sandbox.


Well,,,, score 1 for the ECO clan "they" can do what no others can do.
Kill Eagles. Wind power has become more important than endangered critters.
And to think American Indians have to get, hard to obtain, permits just to take ONE for their religious proposes.( pretty much an act of Congress)

Russ Steele

Hillary endorses Obama climate plan, gets on the “slam skeptics” bandwagon

Hillary Clinton endorsed the Obama climate plan and slammed coal industry in speech at the BIO conference this week. Clinton also hit the media for giving air time to skeptics.

Video and comments at Watts Up With That


Hillary endorses Obama climate plan, gets on the “slam skeptics” bandwagon

She knows that this is likely the last large untapped government revenue stream.....wouldn't want to be president without it!

Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes!!! Giving air time to skeptics? That just ruined my cappuccino. Blame Mr. Steele for being the messenger of doom.

The tolerant ones have given birth to intolerance. I believe Mount Gore just blew its top again and it ain't pretty.

Bill Tozer

News we all can use about being "too old". A clerical error? One must really watch them old geezers trying to steal scholarship money from the more worthy younger ones. She should be be taking blood thinners by now anyway. Sneaky one she is...part of the Geritol, Prune Juice and Oatmeal Brigade I bet. Probably buys Alpo for her dog.


RL Crabb

Best watch out, fellas. There's some new smartasses in town... http://www.ncscooper.com/nevada-county-blogger-notices-people-are-polarized/

George Rebane

RLCrabb 1112am - thanks for the heads up. And here I thought that the FUE was the first to discover that our community was polarized. But hey, if guys with not one, but two PhDs see a different reality, then who am I to differ? Even though the record shows that my fuzzy ideas about ideological spectra are a bit more nuanced, let's go with Dr Finkelstein, and I will humbly accept the laurels of primacy in yet another area of human enterprise ;-)

With all due respect, we note that the good Dr has now joined the county's established progressives who have long lauded me for being the first/only bringer of outrageous socio-political notions to these foothills, notions that apparently are not to be found in the fields from which they traditionally harvest their information.


Afternoon boys....seems I've made the "Big Time".....


I see you’re getting back at Jeffy. But what do I know? I’m just an anonymous dick. Just like my Dad was.

See ya!

Somewhere in Purgatory

I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk".....things are going to start happening to me now!!


Bill Tozer

Ah, my fascination with sinking submarines on the throne has made me famous as well! He even used code words like "pinch" and "smooth movement".

Wanda is close enough, albeit not quite totally accurate...with all those voices in my noggin, its had not to go Sibyl and it is a full time job being the boss of me.....hang on a sec fellers. I'm back. Wanda is quite offended. "Its Wicked Wanda to you Mr. Fink" WW told me to tell ya. She also called you a worm and a grunt sandwich.

Better watch your step there Mr. Fink. WW has not mastered but a scant few sociably accepted behaviorisms nor is what I would call spiritually evolved. That is why she is kept in the basement along with the pool boyz from Thailand.

Please, kind sir, join us on Twitter
Or join us on FB:


Oh my...they've killed off poor Bob! From the masthead!

Patron Saint: The late RL “Bob” Crabb, RIP, a genius among all the grumpy old men. We miss him dearly.


He was the walrus, goo goo goo joob.

RL Crabb

Rumors of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated. I'm only half dead. Some will no doubt be disappointed.

George Rebane

fish 236pm - I may not be the only one confused. Who are you quoting in italics?? And what's all this about my Main Man of the Middle Bob being "killed off" the "masthead" (The Union's?) Sorry to be so dense.


Apologies George....



What a piece of work that site is.
I just had to read that plastic bag "piece".
Funny how that history got a little "revised".
The ECO gang of the day loved those things. " Use plastic! Save a TREE!!"
Now from what I find, plastic bags are made from corn. Gotta love those biodegradable eating utensils. If they don't brake upon contact
with macaroni , they melt before the coffee is stirred.


Stevie.... This is where I told you so.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt, some plastic bags contain no plastic. In fact, most don't in this age of technical breakthroughs and know hows. Yes, I remember well the 'Save the Tree vs Save the Logger' debate when asked "paper or plastic?'.

Pardon my detour back to the old fart geezers that vaguely resemble moi: We do stand in the way of progress. They call us flat earthers and sticks in the mud for a darn good reason. Its all our fault. I am beginning to feel as loved as a Koch Brother at a Greenpeace Rally. We be the villain of the month now that Bush is still in hiding and has taken the vow of silence. When us dinosaurs all die off life will be good and progress will march forward once again.

But (there is always a but) there is a good reason we stand in the way of achieving Utopia. Crap like this:


We, like our super old geezer Mr. Crabb, may look dead, but don't judge a book by its cover. We simply have different priorities than those aboard The Mean Green People Shredding Machine. I know, I know, its To Save the Earth From People. Call me a party pooper.

Russ Steele

The Democrats are growing concerned about the cost of AB-32. Reality BITES. More detail here: http://sierrafoothillcommentary.com

George Rebane

As I have mentioned here many times before, everything that the Left claimed and promised during the Prop23 debates about the benefits of AB32 has turned out to be a lie. And the people the Democrats have hurt most severely are their own constituents. But since their cognitive powers are beyond redemption, these poor people will never know who shoved it to them. In fact, with more lies the blame can be reversed and directed toward the 'rich' and Republicans.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Steele. 2 excellent post on this thread alone. The Activist Brigade and now California libbies running from THEIR gas tax. All their regs and rules and policies have one thing in common: They hurt the middle class and the working poor the hardest. No wonder po folk are lining up on payday to by lotto tickets and scratch offs.

As we speak, there is a bill working its way through a committee in Washington to raise the Federal gas tax. The two sponsors are one D and one R. Bipartisan support? Their claim is the Federal Gasoline has not be raised in recent years and is much needed to pay for the ride (pun intended). Makes you wonder IF the how the middle class and working po folk have any disposable income left at the end of the week. Tough choices to be made. Fill the gas tank to get to work and each beans and rice until next month or pay the utility and internet bills and eat beans and rice while hitchhiking to work. Decisions, decisions.


You cretins just don't get it... gasoline at twice the price is just as affordable, if you buy half as much.

That's the magic of AB32.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane: Ok, I will take a stab at the maintenance of local hiking trails per your suggestion. Is the definition of suggestion still "a subtle command"?

Your wish is my commando. Here we go! Yeah right. Me thinks not. How about some same ole same ole from the Tolerate Left, a political association that has cornered the tolerance market.


Bill Tozer

Mr Gregory, nice to see your humor has reemerged. But, nature abhors a vacuum and for every action there is an equal reaction and all the stuff known as stuff.

Seems to me that buying only half as many gallons of petro would mean Uncle Jerry and Uncle Barry would get only half as much revenue. That means a much needed gasoline tax to cover the shortfall. Just like when city folks cut back on water during our many droughts throughout CA history. Cut back and they raise the rates to cover their fixed costs and fleet insurance. Pay more for less. A bargain at twice the price.
Yes indeed, nature abhors a vacuum.

RL Crabb

I've been told that only a handful of spectators showed up for the bike race on Daddy's Day, and attendance was down at the Soapbox Derby as well. Those who would put all their eggs in the tourism basket have reason to fear $5 gas.

Todd Juvinall

Just watched CSPAN Book review for a bit. A fellow wrote a book on energy and tossed out the "numbers" on wind and solar. To just keep up with the growth of demand every year we would have to set aside 280,000 square kilometers for wind and almost as much for solar evry year. The book had a title like "cheaper, faster" etc.

Bill Tozer

Only old farts watch C-Span. And pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseee, please, please forget books, play video games. Them video games have solar powered earth movers and Air Force One runs on algae.

George Rebane

Skyrocketing gas prices, the ecnomics of enforced 'green energy', carbon taxes, ... , had we but another foot, Sacramento would put a few more bullets through that one too.

Russ Steele

The Purple Man is worried about how our community is perceived by outsiders interest in moving here or just visting the community to drop a few tourist dollars.

The extremist politics in our community also fuels how we are perceived. Nowadays it comes from the hard right — a vocal but active minority.

I was concerned to see tea party activists encouraging their members to pressure the local media to publish their views in letters to the editor as a political strategy. A little goes a long way, yet I heard Stan Meckler state: “You’ve got to kick them sometimes, but they will publish it.” How disrespectful and manipulative.

The unintended consequences of many individual actions can impact our economic development: whether businesses want to move here, whether people want to visit and whether families want to move here.

We are a declining, aging population and our community leaders — civic, business and “electeds” —need to get a better grip on how our community is perceived.

No mention of the growing number of homeless camps and increased panhandling on the streets. No mention of the lefty environmentalist wackos invited to community, such as Michael Moore, or Bill McKibben environmentalist wacko promoting CO2 reduction, to dance in their shadows. No mention of the growing number marijuana gardens. You get the message.

According to the Purple Man the real problem is too much hard right politics, too much tea party politics and too much crime reporting in The Union. Too funny for words.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Steel, indeed, too unbelievable for words. Tragic. Fact is stranger than fiction.

This being the sandbox and all, I wish to discuss a wee bit of World History. I dedicate this unrevised commentary to those who think America is bad, bad, bad. Or at least they were taught that America is bad, bad, bad.

There is a point I am trying to make. Never discount human nature. The progressives and the Karl Marx-es of the world always discount human nature, which is why socialism just don't work in the New World. Human nature is consistent in a changing world.


Meanwhile, back in The Lone Star State:


George Rebane

If only the Muslim problem in America could be solved by the simple expedient of hanging Old Glory from you balcony to "threaten" followers of the Prophet.

Russ Steele

Citizens scientist have discovered a major bug in the data base used to calculate the US historical temperatures that policy makers are using to justify CO2 reduction policies and taxes. The software algorithm created the warming, raw data indicates cooling. More detail at Sierra Foothill Commentary.

Bill Tozer

Oh Russ, it was a simple mistake. They are innocent until proven guilty and then they are declared innocent by decree. We of the Greater Flat Earth Society are deemed guilty before, during, and after being proven innocent. Two lefts never make a right.

Must be tough being a kid nowadays with Nanny State and intolerance of thought from Progressives. That National Honor Society is full of some great kids. Gotta wonder who is running the asylum.


George Rebane

RussS 834pm - The litany of AGW hysteria screw-ups in data collection, editing, analysis, and prognostication are now endless. The report I am waiting for is the one that tells us what impact these discoveries of error are making on walking back the horrible public policies already in place, or even changing any future course in 'fighting global warming'. Until then, the next report like this is like the last one - ho hum. Give us some good news.


"Those who would put all their eggs in the tourism basket have reason to fear $5 gas."

Don't worry, Earl, we can always make lovely Gift Baskets, locally sourced of course, and sell them to each other.

Bill Tozer

Or....we can take that fruit cakes out of the freezers that was gifted to us last Christmas and regift them to each other. This has been going on for decades to the point nobody really knows how old those fruitcakes really are. 10 years? 30 years?

Sandbox time. Stop the killing! Stop the ecological disasters! Support Keystone.


Russ Steele

George at 10:54 PM

I am sorry there is not going to be any good news real soon, we are dealing with a religious cult, facts do not matter. Cults collapse when the followers just walk away. This is a long process, as Mother Nature continues to modify the climate, growing cooler and colder over the next two or three generations.

Here is an economic result of the environmental wacko cult. Anthony reports this morning that Canada has pulls the plug on the U.S. Keystone Pipeline – Canada will send oil to Asia

Approves Asia Supply Route, Ignores US Route. Breitbart reports Canada has just approved the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project – a major pipeline to ship Canadian oil to Asia. The Canadian oil will still be burnt – in Asia, instead of America.

Cults do not deal in reality. The wackos thought that denying the Keystone access to the US market would keep the oil in the ground. There will not be any good news any time in the near term, until the cults supporters walk away.

George Rebane

RussS 742am - And that too is not news and has been fully reported here and elsewhere. Since you more closely cover these climate change frauds as they become known, I would suggest that you add to each report a little commentary on the expected impact on public policy of the latest revelation of impropriety. That would remind all about the entrenched cult of the evil and the ignorant with which we are dealing when talking about AGW. Else these reports sound too hopeful that some breakthrough has been made in talking to the tin ears in government and the lamestream when nothing of the sort is to be expected.

Russ Steele

My 07:42

A Canadian commenter in the Watts Up With That pointed out that Canada has not cancelled the XL Pipeline, they are just expanding the number of pipelines. According to another report, the current production exceeds the capacity of the XL pipeline, thus Canada needs another outlet regardless of Obama's action to delay.

As I noted in my post in Sierra Foothill Commentary, that the political hacks will not change course, and their is too much slush money on the table from carbon taxes to accept any change in the facts.

Bill Tozer

How is this for irony, from Lois's bio.

Lerner moved to the Federal Election Commission, serving as the Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement, and ultimately as the Acting General Counsel.[1]

Lerner is a past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL)

Oh boy. Moved to the IRS from the Federal Elections Commission. I feel all better now.

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