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09 June 2014



News is out about the shooters in Vegas,, and the LIBS will have a field day
with it. Yup,, even Steve will be "polish'n" wood.
From their hatred of "O" and government,, to showing up at the Bundy standoff.
Real winners to say the least. Looks to me they were out to start some real trouble between radical LIBS and the Tea Party. ( give the news a day or two and see what happens.)
The use of the Gadsden flag they draped over one of the cops they shot, is all the LIBS will need.( never mind the swastika they added to it.)

Russ Steele

Will Obama Ever Become a Climate Realist?

Australia and Canada have formed a climate realist alliance to protect jobs while dealing with global warming, the Global Warming Policy Foundation has the details:

The political leaders of Canada and Australia declared on Monday they won’t take any action to battle climate change that harms their national economies and threatens jobs.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Australian counterpart, Tony Abbott, made the statements following a meeting on Parliament Hill.

Abbott, whose Liberal party came to power last fall on a conservative platform, publicly praised Harper for being an “exemplar” of “centre-right leadership” in the world.

Abbott’s government has come under criticism for its plan to cancel Australia’s carbon tax, while Harper has been criticized for failing to introduce regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada’s oil and gas sector.

Later this week, Abbott meets with U.S. President Barack Obama, who has vowed to make global warming a political priority and whose administration is proposing a 30-per-cent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 2030.

At a Monday news conference, Harper and Abbott both said they welcomed Obama’s plan. Abbott said he plans to take similar action, and Harper boasted that Canada is already ahead of the U.S. in imposing controls on the “electricity sector.”

But both leaders stressed that they won’t be pushed into taking steps on climate change they deem unwise.

“It’s not that we don’t seek to deal with climate change,” said Harper. “But we seek to deal with it in a way that will protect and enhance our ability to create jobs and growth. Not destroy jobs and growth in our countries.”

Harper said that no country is going to undertake actions on climate change — “no matter what they say” — that will “deliberately destroy jobs and growth in their country.

This is the exact opposite of what Obama has done. His attack on the coal companies are projected to kill thousands of jobs, and increase energy prices. German companies were looking to bring their energy hungry chemical companies to the US to take advantage of our dropping energy prices, brought about by free market fracking. However the demand for natural gas to replace the coal fired power plants will drive the cost of natural gas much higher. Maybe too high for the German companies seeking lower energy costs. This will result in fewer jobs in the US. Obama’s EPA is deliberately destroying jobs. Being an extremist environmentalist wacko, it is highly unlikely that Obama is going to join the alliance.

Bill Tozer

Re: The Fourth Revolution. Very heavy topic. I see the rise of radical Islam as the greatest threat to any and all democracies and this belief of mine goes back to 1977 when the southeast regions of the USSR were being changed by the influx/growth of an Islamic population. I could see back them of the real possibility of the entire aforementioned region splitting away from Moscow or an ensuing ethnic civil war/bloodbath. It did not happen.

Islamic areas versus everybody else. Islam vs non-Islam which is happening in Central Africa as we speak. The followers of Allah verses the infidels. No middle ground. All democracies are the enemy of Islamic core believes, thus the term Holy War should not be dismissed lightly or sweep under the carpet.

Political correctness prevents this real, exploding, expanding threat to western democracies from being openly discussed.

The other threat to any democracy is the role of government in its citizens' lives and plain ole expansion of government. History is full of examples. Just glance briefly from Athens to Rome.

The difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution was the American Revolution wanted to replace the King with ideals and principles while the French Revolution wanted to replace the King with another ruler. The Arab Spring follows the French Revolution example despite what the man on the street in Cairo or Istanbul says.

True democratic people's republics are in the Jihadists' gun sights. Socialism and democratic republics cannot coexist either. Two pronged attack.


True democratic people's republics are in the Jihadists' gun sights. Socialism and democratic republics cannot coexist either. Two pronged attack.

You know I wonder about that Bill. The Europeans and to a lesser degree the US has been fairly conciliatory to Islam….on the home field anyway. The notion of being able to co-opt a faith that has within it directions about how to behave in civil society has to be appealing to the more ardent statists among us. Now you aren't just breaking a law….you're committing a sin too….the double whammy. The "jihadists" also loves the idea of capturing the mechanism of government. I wonder who wins?

There's your civilizational "race to the bottom".

Bill Tozer

Breaking a law and committing a sin...My, Mr. Fish, that is the story of my life. You haven't been going down to my mailbox and reading my mail have you? My sins and violations are too numerous for the casual observer to imagine...However, you are not the casual observer. That, sir, is a straight forward compliment.

Guess both Islam and non Islam civilizations follow the "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" theme. Just some cultures take it too darn literally. We don't chop off the hands of thieves here, but food for thought. Our death penalty (when applied) does indeed stop the guilty party from being a repeat offender. And our Supreme Court in the latter part of the 1800's barred castration as a means of punishment. Whatz up with dat? With all that said, the bigger issue is how weakened will democracies become in open societies? The internal threat of "fundamentally transforming America as we know it" is way more likely than "The Redcoats are coming, The Redcoats are coming!!"

Bill Tozer

Confession time! Mr. Fish, you lost me on your term "ardent statists". I don't know what that means, thus the confession. So, I looked it up. Seems to me it ranges from government worshipers to totalitarianism to fascism to the the whole is greater/supreme than the sum of the parts (unless your are discussing human anatomy). Did say economic activity is the peaceful exchange between people which I agree, but there I go digressing again. What do you mean by ardent statists? Can you find it here?


George Rebane

Here's a new book - 'Why Government Fails So Oftern' - that compiles the arguments I have given here for governments' endemic failures. Professor Peter Shuck also recognizes the systemic shortcomings of the leviathan which are both structural in its organization and hardwired in the neurology of humans.


Confession time! Mr. Fish, you lost me on your term "ardent statists".

ar·dent adjective \ˈär-dənt\: having or showing very strong feelings

Full Definition of ARDENT

1: characterized by warmth of feeling typically expressed in eager zealous support or activity

2: fiery, hot

3: shining, glowing


Definition of STATIST: an advocate of statism

— statist-adjective

Definition of STATISM: concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government often extending to government ownership of industry

In this context it describes the clique of confused sierra foothills denizens who seem to think that because they punch a circle on a ballot that somehow they still influence how they are governed.

Bill Tozer

Tanks Fish, tanks a rock.


See the latest out of "O" and Co.?
Out to ban guns.... AGAIN...
Time to buy more stocks in Strum Ruger, and ammunition manufacturers.
He sure is helping LIBS win election in Nov. Keep up the good work "O"... LOL!

Bill Tozer

Re: The Fourth Revolution: The timetable is just about as the same as the fall of Saigon. Pity the poor peasants we left behind. Can you say Cambodia? Thats right. I knew you could.



Regarding the WSJ review of "Why Government Fails So Often", it seems completely congruent to Karl Popper's "The Open Society and its Enemies", written in 1945. What I took from reading it years ago was that governments that require the right people in the right job for good results are doomed to failure; for robustness, you need the system that can best survive having the wrong people doing the job, because that is unavoidable. In short, no centralized concentration of power.

That didn't make the wiki summary, you'll just have to trust me, or read it yourself.

George Rebane

Gregory 446pm - "no centralized concentration of power" has been the prime tenet on governance since RR began, and way before that when I punched my own cards that implemented Fortran code on a CDC 3300 - I do trust you. Now who else does? ;-)

Russ Steele


I ran my first Fortran cards decks on a PDP-11 in my office's signal processing lab, then on a CDC ??, as time was too hard to get scheduled on the PDP-11 even though my office owned/shared the machine. Cannot remember the CDC model number. It was in the sub-basement of SAC HQ. I just submitted my card decks at the little window slot and the printouts were picked up off a cubby shelf, never saw the machine.

Bill Tozer

This talk of Fortan cards is way way beyond my pay grade. Once again Mr. Gregory has been proven right.

As far as no centralized concentration of power, Al-Qaeda must have read "The Open Societies and its Enemies", taken it deeply to heart and now they are flourishing preciously because of no centralized power. Wac-a-Mole time.


George Rebane

Russ 859pm - the CDC3300 predated the PDP-11 by over 10 years and was obsolete when the first minis came out. The first PDP-11 I bought was already 'key to disk' - hot stuff for the early 70s.

Russ Steele

Steven F. Hayward of The Weekly Standard:

'The environmental community is so deeply invested in looming catastrophe that it’s difficult to envision a scientific result that would alter their cult-like bearing. Rather than reflect, they deflect, blaming the Koch brothers, the fossil fuel industry, and Republican “climate deniers” for their lack of political progress. Yet organized opposition to climate change fanaticism is tiny compared with the swollen staffs and huge marketing budgets of the major environmental organizations, not to mention the government agencies around the world that have thrown in with them on the issue.

The main energy trade associations seldom speak up about climate science controversies. The major conservative think tanks have no climate change programs to speak of. The Cato Institute devotes just two people to the issue. The main opposition to climate fanaticism is confined to the Heartland Institute, the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and a scattering of relentless bloggers who have acquired surprisingly large readerships. That’s it. These are boutique operations next to the environmental establishment: The total budgets for all of these efforts would probably not add up to a month’s spending by just the Sierra Club. And yet we are to believe that this comparatively small effort has kept the climate change agenda at bay. It certainly keeps climateers in an uproar.'

Thought you should know!

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