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17 June 2014


Bob Hobert

Mencken was a sage.

Bill Tozer

I don't think the Left likes the Right very much. Every time we of the conservative (and correct) persuasion reach out the hand of friendship across the aisle, we pull back a bloody stump. Not very civil. But, since they do not like us and never never will, no use trying to get on their good side (if they have a good side).

First, the ego manics on the hard left see things only as they OUGHT to be. When challenged with how things actually ARE, they become most disagreeable to be kind. Their egos allow no room for disagreement , no wiggle room, no challenges. Thus we must be hated by those we challenge because we do not bow down and worship the holy ground they tread upon nor soak up every syllable they utter as The Truth. We must be hated by them. Their egos dictate this.

Challenges or other points of view are not to be tolerated. Obama only reflects this leftist trait. How many times did he blame Fox News and talk radio with much disdain for "the divide"? If anybody here can count that high, please inform me. Obama is just a reflection of thinking he is the smartest man in the room and challenges will not be tolerated or allowed in the Party of the Big Tent.

This disconnect with reality has resulted in some posters believing that it is OK to say how much a person can or cannot have and who gets what. Tear up the Constitution because they see things only as they wish them to be, not through the constraints of the Constitution of the Divided States of America.

Sorry lefties for using such intolerable filthy language like "constraints". Like fingernails on the chalkboard to you and I sincerely apologize. Yeah, right.

Russ Steele

Obama might get away with the combustable mixture of ignorance and power for a while , sooner or latter it's is going to blow up in his face. Apology to Carl Sagan

The Diplomad 2.0 on the Collapse. Europe is a collection of dying nations and the disease has come across the Atlantic.

This time, however, no salvation comes from the New World. The disease and decay have spread across the Atlantic. America's increasingly ignorant and illiterate electorate--eager to emulate dying Europe--have put in power a coterie of quasi-Marxist thugs, ideologues, incompetents, racists, and, yes, haters of the very America they are sworn to serve and protect and which provides them with ample salaries and benefits. These malevolent creatures hate America; they cannot abide that the greatest citadel of freedom and liberty in the history of the world was founded by no-nonsense, gun-carrying, white male Christians--and I say that as a Jewish American, and the son of immigrants. They have accepted and propagated a perverted version of American history in which anybody not a white male Christian is a victim entitled to an endless array of benefits and to seeing an end to that "white male Christian nation."

To read the whole blog post, Google Diplomad 2.0 This sickness is contributing to the Great Divide.


Will Rogers was a sage.

I can't imagine the cause of the divide is all that mysterious... starting with cable TV and a reduction to the absurd with the modern internet... you don't have to get any news that isn't the sort of news you don't want.

Wake up to MSNBC, give us this day our Daily Kos, and in the evening, watch Jon Stewart and Maddow. Or dither between Glen Beck and Fox.

That's a recipe for the divide: You can have your own opinion *and* your own facts.

George Rebane

re RussS 826am - and we continue to experience the ideological rot here in the hinterlands when the local Left's 'intelligentsia' display their blinders as they point to all not sharing their socialist ideals as being outliers in the spectrum of 21st century American thought. Chalk that up to unexamined public education and the lamestream.


As I see it, the Left has pushed this division. They scream for "equality",, yet they demand that "they" be more "equal" than others. " These people can say "this" but these other people can't".. If the "other people" say "it", that's insensitive. "This group" can get special privileges and protections.
"That group" needs to be watched.( They may say something the other group may dislike)

Remember that "fundamental transformation of America" "O" promised? Before you can "rebuild",, the current structure must be "destroyed". "O" has done a fine job on that destruction. That's been the plan all along. Divide the country, and the people to the point of civil war. ( he damned near got it with the Bundy standoff.)

"O" probably has an alter set up near the bedroom, and prays every night to the immortal words, " A Nation divided can never stand".. And chants " I can divide it some more... I can divide it some more...".

Our enemies are regrouping, and he sends their top leaders home to rejoin the fight. And one even says,," I will see you in New York".
Then off to the golf course by day, and fund raising by night. ( There is a microphone with his name on it somewhere.)
It's great to see where his priorities are.
BTW,, Even Canada has given up on him. No pipeline South,, so they will build one West. China will be more than happy to take that oil off their hands.


The tarnishing of "Brand Progressive" continues…………


Bonnie McGuire

Mencken was right on. Historically, it appears to be a human weakness that grows with populations. People in cities are so detatched from the natural world that they don't know where all the things they take for granted comes from. Many years ago we were hired to cut corral boards for the McFarland Ranch at Galt. The historic ranch was being restored to show tourists and school children where their food came from. Yesterday I was listening to a talk show commenting on how the middle class (producers) were being ruined, and the high cost of food. What they don't know is that everything transported from origin to destination is hauled by trucks. We used to be truckers and know what the government with its "global warming-climate change" racket has done to that industry. All that tremendous expense has to be passed onto the consumer. That's what the government tells those who object. Excessive cost for fuel...taxes for this n that. Perfectly good equipment replaced by questionable new clean air equipment. One by one those contributing to our productive economy destroyed, and nobody but those involved know what's happening. Thank god there are those alert, good (but despised) people whose voices continue to speak out warning everyone about the destroyers from within. It's sad, but it's like we're being tested to see if we've learned anything from past mistakes.
Here's our Galt experience:



Within this great divide, police dept.s believe they need military vehicles.
( Remember that "civilian army" "O" mentioned?)
And guess who is supplying them? ( That would be the FED government, Ben and Joe,,) And at no cost to the townships.. What a deal!

In reality,, just what do small towns need with such equipment? Our own sheriff dept. has an armored truck, and has had it for some time. Yet never used as far as I can tell. But us taxpayers are footing the bill for it's upkeep and insurance. " Just in case"... We have had a few standoffs over the years,, yet it's never left the yard.

Russ Steele

Walt @03:40PM
The reason that the Army wants to get rid of those armored trucks is that they were procured using QRC, and there was no logistic chain established for spare parts. If you want to put the Sheriff's truck out of commission go up an remove the plug in the oil pan. There are no replacements in the logistics chain. A mechanic lost one by accident and the truck was out of commission for months until the manufacture could make another one and ship it. The cost of maintaining these vehicles will be quite high, as spare parts will be almost impossible to obtain, and will require direct action of the manufacture to build the spare part. This will be very costly. When the government gives anyone something for free, they should run as fast as they can. Nothing the Gov gives you is every free, there is always a catch. Sheriff Royal will rue the day he accepted that truck and so will Nevada County Taxpayers who will have to foot the repair bills.


Oh darn…the "dog ate my homework" excuse seems to be fraying further.



Your most likely right on that parts issue. But it's not just "surplus" trucks and armored vehicles. Automatic weapons are on the menu as well.
That part of the "program" has been around for a LONG time. Those are free for the taking as well.

I can see the likes of Sac. or Stockton having a need for an up armored vehicle for their SWAT team, where lead is in the air on a nightly basis, but not the likes of GV/NC or jerkwater USA.
They may replace batteries time after time before it's use is really needed. ( Where in Hell does the key go? How do you shift this thing?)

Lately the "mass shooters" off themselves before the cops even show up.
Hell... Did they even fire up the armored truck today when the banks were robbed? Me no thinks so....

Fish. It's not just hers they lost... Now it's "others" who just so happen to be under the microscope.... Just coincidence... right?

Account Deleted

Gregory has touched on something with a bit of truth, but I wouldn't say it was just cable news. And it's not a matter of just having your own facts - it's a matter of having ANY facts about a news event. Remember how Drudge became a house hold name? The FACT is that 'responsible' mainstream news outlets knew Clinton was lying, but sat on the story.
Drudge told the truth. This continues today with many MS news outlets simply not reporting what they don't want the masses to know. Daily Kos is interesting, and a good way to see what hysteria the left is going to go off about, but they produce very few breaking news stories or anything even factual. Drudge is a news aggregator - and yes, he can sometimes list a nonsense story. But I find most of what he lists on his website turns out to be true and important. The left loves to call Fox News liars, but some how they never have been able to document one single lie.
The country is not dividing because of the internet or cable news - it's dividing because - wait for it - it's dividing!
Most folks have given up because the free market and a free republic are too complicated and hard to maintain. They want govt to take over and control everything they do and keep them all safe and cozy like mommy did when they were 2. The rest of country wants to continue the rather radical notion of freedom and liberty that was started in the late 1700s and forge forward into the future. Hence - division.
The internet and other newer means of information transmission simply clarify and sharpen the divide by showing who the players and phonies are. Obama ran as a fiscally conservative, pro-life, anti-gay marriage centrist. Certain cable news and internet outlets exposed him as a total fraud. So the left doesn't like citizens having access to just any old news source.

Russ Steele

Here is some classic lefty thinking on why conservatives oppose Common Core:

jeffpelline says:
June 19, 2014 at 8:22 am
It is indeed unfortunate for the children in our community – and could hamper their ability to get into a good college (as the college admission’s staff looks askance at the rancor in our schools). But then that’s the MO of the hard right: they think our nation’s woes largely stem from too many college educated people. So they’re going to punish a whole generation of kids and their parents. In my book, that’s pretty sick.

When in fact, it is Common Core that is dumbing down the education of our school age children.

George Rebane

RussS 1031am - It is ever a wonder where JeffP gets crap like the Right thinking that "our nation’s woes largely stem from too many college educated people." He seems to take every opportunity to assure people that he's not the brightest bulb on the tree, or maybe he's being half again as clever by assessing the wit of his readership.


Whaddya going to do Russ...it's jeffy.....and apparently he is always in need of attention.

But then that’s the MO of the hard right: they think our nation’s woes largely stem from too many college educated people. So they’re going to punish a whole generation of kids and their parents. In my book, that’s pretty sick.

jeffy I think a large percentage of the nations woes stem from too many stupid people. I can recall no time here, at Todds, at Barrys where a statement like that above has been made has been made. In fact I think the children of lefty dimwits like yourself should continue to go into debt to the tune of 100k -150k so little Bobby or little Jenny can earn degrees in Puppetry, Feminist Dance Therapy and all manner of Grievance Studies!

I would find that fitting punishment for your stupidity.

Lets examine some of the high quality offerings at some of Americas finest institutions.....

The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media - Skidmore College

Politicizing Beyoncé: Rutgers University class from the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Contemporary American Culture: The Fifty Shades Trilogy - American University

The Colbert Report: American Satire Writing Seminar - Boston University

Understanding Obama - Harvard Law School

Revolutionary Marxism - Portland State University

Why Occupy Wall Street? The History and Politics of Debt and Finance - New York University

Occupy the Field: Global Finance, Inequality, Social Movement - Columbia University

Queer Musicology – UCLA

The Science of Harry Potter – Frostburg University

Native American Feminism - University of Michigan

Cyber Feminism - Cornell University

Feminist New Black Man - Occidental College

Philosophy and Star Trek – Georgetown University in Washington

The Sociology of Hip-Hop: The Odyssey of Jay-Z – Georgetown University

Media Genres, the study of zombies - University of Baltimore

The Science of Superheroes - UC Irvine

Field Equipment Operation (tractor driving) - UC Davis (actually I kind of like this one.....just not at UC system prices)

Hip Hop: The Politics of Culture - UC San Diego

History of Surfing - UC Santa Barbara

Labor Studies - UM Saint Louis & UM Kansas City

Arguing with Judge Judy - UC Berkeley (I do this for free simply by standing in front of the idiot box)

Self-Esteem - Cal State Fresno

Gaga for Lady Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity - University of Virginia-Charlottesville

Pilot Brewery (brewmaster) - UC Davis (Again...I like this one and am not sure why it was included)

Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence - UC Berkeley

Ecology of Renewable Natural Resources - Texas Tech University

The Mythology of Harry Potter-UCLA

History of Weaving-UC Berkeley (Hey....life really does imitate humor)

The Simpsons and the American Family-Hampshire College

From DNA to Homosapiens - MCLA (MCLA?????)

LGBT “Sensitivity Training” - Georgetown University

Getting dressed -Princeton University

Tough to make a bad choice on that list.


I'd say the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at UC Berkeley is real and has value as science... if you have not thought about how to find it, you never will. Of course, we won't if it doesn't exist or is so rare we may never find it.

jeffpelline says:
June 19, 2014 at 8:22 am
It is indeed unfortunate for the children in our community – and could hamper their ability to get into a good college (as the college admission’s staff looks askance at the rancor in our schools). But then that’s the MO of the hard right: they think our nation’s woes largely stem from too many college educated people. So they’re going to punish a whole generation of kids and their parents. In my book, that’s pretty sick."

First, a close election for the county job isn't "rancor in our schools", it's the democratic process. There were nearly 3000 undervotes and less than 1000 separating the incumbent (the Special Education specialist) from the challenger... and only 4 votes separated the two for votes cast on the day of the election. Perhaps his Immenseness can shed light on how having Special Ed enshrined at the County level is helping college readiness?

Also, the chance that said electioneering is even on the radar of the Deans of Admissions across the country is a delusion of the first order if he actually believed it when he wrote it, which I doubt.

If anything, I see the progressives pushing the poorly performing but trendy curriculums at schools like the Yuba River Charter (bottom 1% of their 100 Similar schools) and the Grass Valley Charter (somewhere in the 10th to 20th percentile [from the bottom] of their Similar Schools list), sweeping wretchedly poor performance under the rug, and the progressives have not taken the initiative like the local mostly Right has done at the SESF, which actually does promote college readiness for local college bound kids.

In short, Pelline is just flinging mud, which, if you think about his BA in Rhetoric, is all he really trained to do.

BTW did everyone see the Letter to the Editor written by Hermansen a week ago, with the heartwarming story of a number of local 7th grade girls sent to a week long science camp at UC Davis, thanks in part to the County orifice? I'm sure that tugged at a number of heartstrings... who could think ill of a educator helping girls get that sort of "STEM" boost? Who indeed. How is she helping the rest of the girls here, or the boys? There is some interesting data to be teased from the last STAR exam that I will be sharing. Stay tuned.


Actually the group of three including the SETI course weren't particularly egregious examples.

Pilot Brewery (brewmaster) - UC Davis (Again...I like this one and am not sure why it was included)

Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence - UC Berkeley

Ecology of Renewable Natural Resources - Texas Tech University

The last one is fine as long as they can keep the Gaia worship out of it.

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