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05 June 2014



Gee....wonder why we haven't heard about this?


Perhaps a single corpse is considered an inadequate soapbox to climb and pontificate from......


Talk about polarization......



Won't someone get jeffy another Valium....make it Twinkie sized.

Here’s some background: “California is the only western state that doesn’t exercise some degree of control over its groundwater. But how much control is too much? Matt Conant, a walnut grower in Sutter County, articulated the greatest fear of many in the ag community: ‘I’m afraid that the state will come in and try to over-regulate groundwater and surface water,’ he told me outside a recent hearing of the State Water Resources Control Board.”

A walnut grower? Nothing sops up water like walnut trees.

‘I’m afraid that the state will come in and try to over-regulate groundwater and surface water...

He's right to be concerned...they probably will over regulate and screw things up.

And jeffy without Walnuts how will you make a batch of fabulous Peanut Butter Sprinkle Cookies {gluten-free}....of course....always gluten free.

...and as always LOL.

Joe Koyote

"simple message of the rich screwing the poor with big government being the champion of the little guy " -- Close but no cigar. This is the message big money wants you to pass on but in reality, big government is the henchman for the rich not the poor. The poor didn't pass NAFTA, join the WTO, etc. etc. The poor don't benefit from bank bailouts, tax dodges in the Caymans, or corporate subsidies. You have it backwards. Government is the stooge of the rich. The average wealth of a congressperson is something like $1.6 million, not your average poor person. The problem with conservative ideology is that it fails to see the link between big government and big money as they are one and the same. Government is not the villain, it is the tool of the villains. Why do you think the supremes have declared corporations people and money speech? How is this championing the poor who can't afford to contribute to political campaigns? How does this increase the influence of the poor on policy and procedure? It doesn't. The manipulators have created this polarization as a way to keep the wealthy in power, divide and conquer. Government has been made the enemy because it is the only recourse average citizens have to fight the tyranny of the rich, short of riots in the streets, which may turn out to be the only way to get the attention of the American people and wake them from their political slumber.

Michael Anderson

"Again, this seems to be in response to the growth and overreach of government during this interval, which from the cited education data seems to have made a bigger impact on a greater number of voters with more schooling."

Yup, liberals are all stupid and the conservative movement in America is growing exponentially. Only a moron would think differently.

George Rebane

JoeK 915am - You seem to also view government with a gimlet eye. But your nostroms here over the years always foment policies that increase the power of "the stooge of the rich". And your claim about conservatives being blind to "the link between big government and big money" attests to a poor job of reading the years of RR posts and comments from the Right - e.g. believing that conservatives back corporate subsidies. There is no other explanation as to why people of the Right always want policies that minimize the amount of money flowing through government, and people of the Left want the obverse. Channeling money to favored constituents is the main expression of government's power - reduce/remove the channeled medium and you reduce/remove government's power.

But what really concerns me is that you don't understand the difference between the propagandized description of government, and its actual workings - you either seem to confuse or conjoin the two, which most astute readers know to be quite distinct. On a high note, we both agree that there is a need "to get the attention of the American people and wake them from their political slumber."


Thank you, Michael Anderson, for illustrating how one takes a polarizing discussion and driving an even bigger wedge into it by presenting a caricature to ridicule.

No, the post didn't claim or intimate "liberals are all stupid and the conservative movement in America is growing exponentially", but arguing against the claims actually made would have taken effort. Straw men are more fun to create and easier to topple.

Joe Koyote

"But what really concerns me is that you don't understand the difference between the propagandized description of government, and its actual workings " -- I could say the same for you George.. it is all a matter of perspective. BTW - I have a degree in Political Science so I am not totally ignorant of politics and governmental workings.

Michael Anderson

I have a degree in rhetoric, and I know how to wield it like a cruel cudgel.


"simple message of the rich screwing the poor with big government being the champion of the little guy " -- Close but no cigar.

Rather it seems that the government wants to tell the little guys when they can screw each other!


George Rebane

JoeK 1049am - an excellent place to have shown the benefits of your political science education would have been to recognize that in this post I described government as propagandized, which you clearly mistook for my belief of government as it is. Those not having a degree in political science may be forced to conclude from your remarks that in that area of study the difference between the two is not recognized or, perhaps, first introduced to students pursuing advanced degrees.


I have a degree in rhetoric, and I know how to wield it like a cruel cudgel.

Ummm....Michael....the trick is to not hit yourself with your "weapon".

Time: 17 seconds.


"I have a degree in rhetoric, and I know how to wield it like a cruel cudgel."

False and false. Really, Michael, try reality for a change.

Joe Koyote

George -- I have not read years of RR posts to understand what "astute readers" might ascertain from your musings. My reference to "conservative ideology" was more of a generalized statement than one directed at you personally. In general, conservatives support candidates and measures that enhance the power (economic and political) of corporations, as do our elected Democrats. I should have made a more general statement like "The problem with many people of all political persuasions is that they fail to see the link between big government and big money as one and the same.", rather than "The problem with conservative ideology is that it fails to see the link between big government and big money as they are one and the same."


"The problem with many people of all political persuasions is that they fail to see the link between big government and big money as one and the same."

So then this is an endorsement of a smaller, less interventionist state?


From the furious congratulatory session at jeffys over more regulation.....

And we do it all while still liking each other. We may not always agree, which is healthy, and we have our share of tough debates, but we disagree without trying to destroy each other, demean each other, or by engaging in the politics of personal destruction.

After the ‘meeting’ we can have a beer or a cup of coffee with each other, and find common ground.

Common ground grows sweet fruit.

Wow Steve.....I'm going to have to drag myself over to the medicine cabinet for an insulin injection.

My curiosity was piqued though by this claim: Our local Truckee Donner Utility District has been a leader in renewable energy policies and energy efficiency, rejecting coal as a cheaper power source 8 years ago, they now get more than 40% of their power from renewable resources, double the state target, at a comparable and at times lower rate.

You are usually forthcoming with links. Do you have any to document these claims?

Todd Juvinall

fish, that was a good take from JoeK's post. It would appear we have won him over to the light! Big government and Big C are very similar. I must admit I am a small C guy since I was one. I once had a speaker at CABPRO who owned "Cigarettes Cheaper" stores. He said every time the Planning Commission meets we lose some more freedoms. In reality he was right. When a small business start-up came in front of the PC the Big C guys were there to squelch the competition.

What the left and OWS nuts dn't realize is we conservatives are proponents of small business and we are all wary of the big boys.


Ooopsy.....not everybody is on board with jeffys "Law of the Purple Swollen Middle".

Eric Anderson says:
June 5, 2014 at 9:26 am

Assuming this data from this site is correct (http://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/82387/brian-dahle#.U5CUhXJdV8E), I think Dahle’s votes speak for themselves and they are a deal breaker for me. Why would I want another right-wing voting ideologue in a power position even if he is a nice guy and occasionally votes center? He votes extreme right wing way too much. Giving him a break on this is politically obtuse. More of the center and left acting like Charlie Brown while Lucy keeps yanking the football. If we want to stem the curse of the lying, denying conservative politics that poison our country these days, we need to rid our system of all of the politicians who sleep with them, Dahle included.

AB 800 Authorizes the Fair Political Practices Commission to Conduct Audits and Investigations Voted Nay
AB 241 Expands Labor Laws for Domestic Workers Voted Nay
AB 60 Authorizes Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants Voted Nay
SB 359 Appropriates Funds for Hybrid and Zero Emission Vehicle Use Voted Nay
AB 48 Prohibits Large-Capacity Magazines and Large-Capacity Conversion Kits Voted Nay
SB 396 Limits Firearm Magazine Capacity Voted Nay
SB 755 Expands List of Crimes that Disqualify an Individual from Firearm Ownership Voted Nay
AB 4 Prohibits Law Enforcement from Detaining Individuals Solely Based on Immigration Status Voted Nay
AB 711 Prohibits Lead Ammunition for Hunting Voted Nay
SB 374 Prohibits Semiautomatic Rifles with Detachable Magazines Voted Nay
AB 154 Authorizes Certain Individuals to Perform Aspiration Abortion Procedures Voted Nay
AB 10 Increases Minimum Wage Voted Nay
AB 48 Prohibits Large Capacity Magazines Voted Nay
AB 60 Authorizes Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Voted Nay
AB 4 Prohibits Law Enforcement From Detaining Individuals Based Solely on Immigration Status Voted Nay

Who is this Brian Dahle....I like the cut of his jib!

Todd Juvinall

I was directed to the "purple gang" blog as I was told he they were extolling the virtues of Brian Dahle, our Assemblyman. These leftists are shameless. Seems Mr' Purple was a supporter of LaMalfa before Doug made a vote he didn;t like. Now he hates him. I think their is a hormone issue on the libs side of the equation. Too funny!


fish, that was a good take from JoeK's post. It would appear we have won him over to the light!

Nope.....not even close! For JoKe government serves as church.....he could no more accept a "lesser" government than most people could accept a god who wasn't omnipotent.

Others who aren't making the connection:



Ben Emery

George Rebane

JoeK 1129am - Joe, you truly have me at a disadvantage; I don't know what to say. You have been a reader and a most prolific commentator on these pages since at least 2012. My position on the role of government and, specifically, it subsidy policies is marbled continually through these posts, there has been no hiatus.

Also, a few months ago I summarized my socio-political belief system in 'A Conservetarian Credo', wherein I direct your attention to Sec 7.3 -

You specifically commented on this posting and apparently had downloaded the credo itself. So I don't know how to proceed with you in these exchanges - have you really read and understood the posts during your time on RR? If not, you should; and if you have, then feel free to ask for clarification. Going over well-plowed ground is both tiresome and sophomoric. So please let's not take multiple laps around the same old barn again. I'm not up to it.

Account Deleted

Joe and the other lefties sadly haven't the intelligence to realize the origin of the urine pouring down on their collective noggins. They rail against the Koch Bros whilst ignoring far more wealthy and sinister folks that steal the ground on which they tread. Be it ever so. Put your faith in that which claims to smite your foes while failing to investigate anything about their wares and you will pay dearly for your omission.


Our young LIBS better read the history of this day. They would rather be subservient to an overlord, than attempt what our Greatest generation did on this day in history.
Do you think the lawyers were on the radio giving the OK to shoot back?


Dear Fellow Traveller:

It is wonderful to note that the hidden agenda I am so assiduously advancing is not escaping your dog like ears.

First we create abundant and cheap renewable power; then parks, open space and vibrant forests and agricultural lands; then strong local economies that lift the middle class; then more livable places, clear water, and clean air; then better access to health care and education; then a more engaged and empowered citizenry through stronger democratic institutions; then all power and control will be in our hands, and we will have stolen the peoples freedom.

Switch that shoe out for a Birkenstock and you are on board!

Hell Steve I'm on board too....if you can pull it off.


A look at the world from a reactionary perspective, and whatever else I find of interest. "I ceased in the year 1764 to believe that one can convince one's opponents with arguments printed in books. It is not to do that, therefore, that I have taken up my pen, but merely so as to annoy them, and to bestow strength and courage on those on our own side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us."

- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Michael Anderson

"Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky."
-- Rainer Maria Rilke


"For 99.99999999999999% of human existence plastic bags didn’t exist" -Ben Emery at the FUE sandbox in a rant against plastic shopping bags and arguing for their ban.

Plastic shopping bags have been around for roughly 50 years. Homo Sapiens have existed about 500,000 years. That's means plastic bags have been around for about 0.01% of human existence, and we have only been free of their evil grasp for 99.99% of our time on this Earth, not 99.99999999999999%. For that many 9's, mankind's total time of existence would have to be about 400 million times longer than the age of the Milky Way galaxy if my hasty back of the envelope calculations hold water.

Just how many of the usual suspects at the FUE Fanclub just looked at that 99.999... claim and nodded in agreement speaks to the political chasms in modern America. Exaggeration is not a civic virtue; neither is innumeracy and ignorance of natural science.


Hate to break it to you, Mikey (7:24PM) but a translation of a letter by a Bohemian poet to a friend touching on the nature of marriage really doesn't speak to the conflict of visions between progressives and conservatives, which will always be with us, nor is it a guide to a pleasant coexistence between them.

Sowell did a nice job of better describing the gulf as being between what he called the constrained and the unconstrained. Rational and irrational might also be good labels, but the constrained and the unconstrained will never agree on which is which.

Michael Anderson

Hate to break it to you, God's Gift to Science & Math, but I value the opinions of the derelicts on Broad St. over you at least 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time.


Morning folks...welcome to another round of "What's Wrong with this Statement!

From Mr. "I'm a Big Fan of Self Determination".


Tell that to those who experience the difference between Hoover and FDR. It is the type of economy that is shaped through budgets and laws that determine. It is way more cost effective to go green for many businesses but they don’t because it is not mandated.

If it's "way more cost effective to go green" then why don't they?

Really Ben do you think these pearls of wisdom through at all before you puke them out over the internet?


"I value the opinions of the derelicts on Broad St. over you at least 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time."

Of course you do, Mikey. They're from your tribe and you are *very* tribal. In fact, most of the derelicts downtown even look like they live in Black Rock City 24/7/365.


Boys, boys......this is crazy...what with the multiple 9's of precision. Why don't we just jump to scientific notation before this gets ugly.


fish, I think neither scientific nor engineering notations would help the cognition of the usual suspects. "Really big" and "really small" are the limits for some folk.


Our local "stalker" of Mr. Bundy may want to see what Bonnie McGuire
has in the paper. Sure shoots plenty of holes in the "stalker's" case...
Great job Bonnie.

Bonnie McGuire

Thanks Walt. So glad the Union publishes our community's opinions. Makes you realize how vital our First Amendment is.

Michael Anderson

Poor Greg, spending the morning crapping all over the Internets with his usual look-at-me nonsense. How's the school board campaign going? Pulled papers yet? You could have local curmudgeon and GG sycophant Dick Tracy run your campaign. But first you'll probably want to address the charges of Linda Campbell before you commit funds to a black hole.


Do you know her? Glad to hear Linda Campbell's (apparently a freshly retired continuation school administrator, not where the most academically able K-12 staff end up) screed whet your whistle, Mikey. Absolutely none of her letter had validity; choose one of the "charges", I'll be happy to address it here and now. I've been waiting until we have more complete election returns to submit part deux.

No need for me to run for a school board, Mikey... people are still contacting me for the last one. A Nevada City real estate agent I know thanked me at a gallery event a couple days ago and a county employee I used to rub elbows with gave me an attaboy on Broad Street yesterday. Not to mention a call from a name on The Union masthead encouraging me to keep them coming.

Michael Anderson

Greg, I encourage you to keep writing. The more you are exposed, the greater the opposition. You are fuel to the very people you hate. Keep it up, kid.


Mikey, isn't the target, nor are his ideological bretheren. Progressives who think the Grass Valley Charter School or the Yuba River Charter School are doing great jobs despite knowing the evidence to the contrary are beyond help; it's most of the folks in the middle who think the schools are doing a great job and had not heard the real data tells a different story are the ones that are reachable.

Your refusal to pick a "charge" by Ms. Campbell to be examined was expected as it would have been embarrassing for you; others may read her letter to The Union here:

Her statement "Despite him using statistical jargon of percentile, decile, he clearly lacks the ability to understand let alone do analysis of statistical data" was made without a single example of any error on my part, just innuendo. Mikey's favorite when facts to the contrary are getting in the way.

If *anyone* reading this knows her, ask her for one of those errors of statistics of mine worthy of such a blanket denunciation. Or, as I have reason to expect, she was just blowing smoke up the collective arses of The Union's readership.

Michael Anderson

Greg, I long ago stopped debating you on issues. I have no obligation to "pick a charge" that resonates. I only have discussions with people whom I respect. You're not one of those people, as you know.

Holly's back in office. I'm just curious what you plan to do next to advance your cause.


Mikey, when have you debated the issues in any substantive way without going off the deep end, given to the sort of emotional instability that recently resulted in George requesting you not be provoked lest you truly lose it?

To the rest of the ruminants, education in Nevada County is a great risk, similar to the period in the '90's when all the schools were changing curriculums at behest of the state's Dept. of Education, but without any method of determining whether the changes were effective beyond relying on the professional abilities of the teachers and districts to assess. In short, students in good districts with good teachers will be OK, the rest had better have parents who are aware.

It wasn't until the end, with Hermansen's employees writing an op-ed lauding the CCSS changes (without Hermansen's signature) and my decision to investigate the STAR results focusing in on the Similar Schools index did it become clear to me what needed to be done; unfortuately, that was after ballots were being mailed in. Haas was a late and less than ideal candidate, and his support didn't start rolling in until the last few weeks. Early balloting (mostly county employees) was overwhelmingly for Hermansen; mailed in ballots were solidly for Hermansen but election day ballots at the polls (how quaint) were split 50-50. That should give Hermansen and her supporters pause. They are on notice.

Bill Tozer

My, speaking of polarization, I think all we need is a Presidential Executive Order to get this Bullet Train on track and stop any silly ideas about Keystone. We already have a pipeline within the 48 lower states almost as long as Keystone that has been pumping oil flawlessly for years. Who needs two? Them Republicans are so dense.

We don't need no stinkin' Ballot measure's legal restrictions either. Contracts were made to be broken as my lawyer friend says. Executive Order is the way to get what you want and let the law and other losers read them and weep.


Mr. Anderson and Mr. Gregory: Have you ever considered getting a motel room? Might ease the discord and polarization. Just trying to be helpful and nothing like a good romp in the hay to lower tensions. :)

Michael Anderson

Tozer asked: "Have you ever considered getting a motel room?"

Why yes, Mister Tozer, we have! Or actually, I should more correctly state that I reached out to GG in the long ago past, sending an email to him wondering if we might be able to share an adult beverage to hash things out (I'll wait for the bedding invite until at least we've had a chance to get to know one another). Alas, GG was not interested. So here we are.

But Mister Tozer, I share your concern. So often this blog becomes a dumping ground for bad behavior, and we see Dear Leader fussing and fuming, trying to figure out what to do. At least that's the appearance.

I long ago stopped coming here to debate issues and involve myself in pertinent discussions of the day. I think I have made it pretty clear that I find Rebane's Ruminations (RR), and the Dragon's Breathe (DB) site as well, to be primarily comedy sites, and I try to add my 2 bits when I have the time. Unfortunately, RR and DB have a dark side, when they sometimes resemble a sewage treatment plant that is spilling into our community water supply. So, I often I come here just to report the spill.

Regarding Greg Goodknight, I consider him to be a rapid skunk ambling down Broad St., and so my interactions with him on this site are akin to reporting the danger to Animal Control.

Back to RR, and the conundrum of why Dear Leader allows the sewage to contaminate our water, I find his protestations of disrespected honor to be disingenuous at best. George is a smart man and he knows exactly what he is doing. And I certainly don't need him lecturing me on how a "good family man" should behave.

I did a 10-second search on "how to run a blog," and here are just a couple of the hits I received among the 80 bazillion. As you can see, applying an Acceptable Use Policy to a blog is about as simple as it gets. You can come to your own conclusions as to why RR and DB are allowed to continue to pour unchecked effluent into Nevada County.


Bill Tozer

Guess that means no more dropping the F bomb. Darn. A strategically placed and seldom used F Bomb can put the foam on a beer and grab one's attention like no other word.. There is a time and place for everything. No motel room, eh? Guess we just have to settle for Dr. Joycelyn Elder's solutions. Rugged individualism, self reliance, and all that trickle down stuff.

Even Clinton had standards for proper behavior.

The first question that happened to be asked of Joycelyn Elders at this United Nations World AIDS Day Conference: "...if masturbation might be taught as a way to prevent AIDS?" Joycelyn Elders replied: "masturbation is something that is a part of human sexuality, and is a part of something that perhaps should be taught."
Later she said, "masturbation is really something you don't have to teach."

Joycelyn Elders was fired by President Clinton one week later
for "values contrary to the administration."

Old Bill would have served himself better if he took the Doctor's advice.

George Rebane

re MichaelA 814am - "... allowed to continue to pour unchecked effluent into Nevada County." Oh my. The existence of the progressive speech police is again confirmed, and they are called to do their duty as the 'allowers' and the 'checkers' passing judgment on what is 'effluent'. Mr Anderson continues his visits with obvious yet puzzling disdain for my commentaries and the commenters who have opposed his views. Does anyone know whom he beseeches to disallow RR to continue, or at least do a regular check on its effluent? What if he were given such powers?


Another tantrum? Mikey is still upset I turned him down for a date years ago? Amazing. As if I need another, his 8:14AM is as clear a statement of actual malice towards me as can be.

Mike, you'll never prevail in a true debate as long as you keep avoiding them and taking the low road, like your 8:14. In the meantime, your first salvo back at The Union blog version 1.0 (you know the one, it had my wife literally shaking in fear there was a nutcase stalker gunning for us) never was retracted. In short, I have very low standards for folks I drink with once, and Mike fails to meet them.

PS if Mikey can write my name out in full for the webcrawlers to catch, I will feel free to write out the name of the business he owns. People who let him manage their computers, with full access to their emails and documents, might want to know what he does in his spare time.

Bill Tozer

It appears both sides reject my suggestion for satin sheets nakie time. OK, how about a circle jerk? That is one activity where two is company and three is not a crowd. BTW, I feel I am right on the topic of polarization, albeit I admit the current thread and subject matter may not be what Dr. Rebane was writing about.

Suppose I should just stop dropping my grand glorious proven helpful hints. Golly snurd. I hate it when my fantabulous suggestions are rejected.


Tozer, this is above your pay grade.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Gregory, no doubt about that. Too lofty for me to comprehend, no less apprehend. And too darn hot to finish the fencing right now. Ah, ain't too hot. I will persevere. Us dummies do things like that, such as procrastinating doing a honey-do until the cornfield sounds like a shooting range.

I suppose there are moments of conflict, disagreements, and polarization from the smallest quilting club to the United Nations. Some say smoking pot is a key to lower the animosity between fellow travelers, but I think not.


Later. Got manual labor to do around my humble abode and it don't pay peanuts. Heard elephants work for peanuts, but I have yet to confirm that tidbit of breaking news. Better than being out in the cold, IMHO.

Michael Anderson

George wrote: "Mr Anderson continues his visits with obvious yet puzzling disdain for my commentaries and the commenters who have opposed his views. Does anyone know whom he beseeches to disallow RR to continue, or at least do a regular check on its effluent? What if he were given such powers."

You're still pretending to not understand. Are you sure such cleverness is worth it? Russ, RL Crabb, and Pelline all have commenting standards on their blogs, and they enforce them. Once enforced at the beginning, the problems stop and the commenters self-regulate.

I could give a rip what you write. Labeling people who don't agree 100% with your agenda, "ragheads," "double dummies," "light thinkers," or whatever else you come with is entirely your prerogative. YOUR words, YOUR posts...all you, bub. Just like Pelline and RL and Russ--you guys pay the hosting fees, you get to say whatever you want. I couldn't care less what you write, and your accusation that I am trying to shut you down is a craven lie. It's also part of your victimhood meme, and it's quite disgusting and childish.

Commenting is something else altogether. George, are you really prepared to spend your time dealing with the forthcoming lawsuits that your unmoderated blog are fomenting? I'm trying to do you a favor, but I guess allowing others to do the stalking, trashing, and slandering for you overrides common sense.

George, you are legally responsible for what you allow your commenters to write on your blog. Capiche?


MA, 7:27. You publicly stated that you were fed up with this site and would be gone for good several weeks ago, and it was quite pleasant while you were gone. Since you obviously do not like anything about this, why don't you do yourself and the rest of us a favor and go away again. Permanantly.

Bonnie McGuire

Isn't it wonderful to be able to express yourselves on Mr. Rebanes blog? Our First Amendment is wonderful and possible among people who restrain their lower human tendency to verbally insult others like childish bullies. I used to really enjoy the Union newspaper blog, but some people were really bad. That's probably why it's no longer there for everyone to enjoy. Now look back to the good ol' days before computers and blogs. If you guys were in the local bar your bad manners would get you a blck eye, sore jaw and maybe some missing teeth. I think it's time to clean up your individual behavior and respect what Mr. Rebane has created for everyone to enjoy.

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