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07 July 2014


Account Deleted

"The public understands and appreciates surprisingly little about emigration and immigration as terms that define the movement of people."
The American public understands and appreciates - at this point - UNsurprisingly little about anything beyond their own entertainment desires and what new cell phone they want. Sorry - hate to be a damper on any comment here, but it's true. I'd love for some fool to make a complete jackass out of him or her self to prove otherwise. Yes, a bit off-topic, but this needs to be acknowledged for any topic posted.
We need to move past that, George, and just discuss the topic. OK, I've had my H. L. Mencken moment - move along, folks - nothing to see here.
On with the show!


Hope THEY don't give Smallpox blankets to the dispersed Children's Crusade.

Account Deleted

Don't you love the bleeding hearts that swoon over how we 'need to take care of the children'? Well - considering the billions we are now poised to spend, why not air lifts from those countries whence the chattel come hence? Are they not suffering as well? What's the difference? Just because they stayed behind due to some lack of social justice. Can't we make amends and fly them in from everywhere in the world? Tens of millions of them. Why not? Lefties please respond. Or be crickets. I thought illegals were a plus to our economy - Obammy wants billions to care for our new Dem voters. Who pays? The suckers, of course. Obammy hides while the kids - who look like his children - are subject to rioters mad at being financially raped by the feds.
This won't end well.

Todd Juvinall

Steve Frisch has volunteered I heard to take in up to 12 of these kids. But he wants them in plastic bubbles in case they have something communicable. Thanks Steve Frisch, I am proud of you.

Regarding the border. Has anyone here seen the chaos there? Today Obama once again did a 180 on what he said last week about deporting all these chillins. He is the worst President since the second term of US Grant. He is truly an embarrassment. I listened to the interview of the dude running Homeland Security. Might as well have no one in charge. The guy is a waste of the taxpayers money. He may be qualified to be a Chicago Community Organizer but not our safety.

I say feed and house the kidlets. Protect them. Put them on a plane home and hell, I'll pay my share. Then reunite them with their distraught parents. I know the folks were unaware their four year old left and traveled a thousand miles to cross the Rio Grande.


There's nothing to be concerned about; the Salad Bowl will abide.


Account Deleted

Give smallpox blankets? No need - they are bringing the diseases to us. Of course the most open and transparent admin won't allow even members of congress or reporters or even doctors to report what is going on. Secrecy is truth!

Bill Tozer

Before I take about ideas, my little pee brain wants to jabber about events. 2 cases of swine flu among our uninsured illegal future citizens in Brownsville, Texas. 140 more quarantined. Food in the Brownsville jail wasn't half bad, but wasn't half good either, BTW. Or was that Huntsvilee? I get all those spots confused now that I am old and have my oldtimers whiteouts.

So, what is next for Murrietta, Ca? Bundy Ranch gave us a clue. The caravan of Feds show up and at gunpoint tell them that they HAVE to take little sweet childrun in. A reverse Bundy Ranch.

"Breaker, breaker, I think we have ourselves a convoy. We got a bear in the air and keep your hammers down all the way to Shaky Town, road lizard."
"That's a big 10-4 G-man"


Uber alles, we must always know that our Leaders are trustworthy and loyal; THEY swore an oath risking their testicles.


Bill Tozer

Immigration policy: Soon the current events will fade from the media spotlight and our own attention span will drift to other things like another Treyon Martin shooting, a Natally Holloway disappearance, or some new restrictive law coming down the pike. Gas prices will spike, insurance premiums will continue to shoot up, Obamacare will continue to be dysfunctional for millions with its extended wait times making us now the 2nd highest percentage of 6 day waiting periods to see a doctor in the world (behind Canada)and our friendly purple brethren will squawk like a bunch on hens each time Dr. Rebane pens a piece.

The only change in our immigration policy will be more immigration laws will be mocked at and disregarded. More cries of a racist immigration policy (i.e., if you are brown, then you welcome on our ground; if you oppose, you have a racist nose.) More enforcement agents sworn to uphold the Constitution of the Homeland will be silenced, gagged, hand tied, and put behind some desk reading reports sent to each other. In other words, besides the back of the neck tingling news of unaccomplished childrun with scabies and TB or towns like Murietta blocking a couple of buses and holding signs that say "Just Say No", not much will happened.

Wetback is now a racist term as opposed to a immigration status term and has gone the way of WOP (without papers) in referring to the dagos who were wonderful stonemasons and built extraordinary European style mansions and public buildings in our cities. Next, the accurate description illegal alien will be banned, but I purposely use it until the current labels such as "undocumented workers" are replaced with more accurate descriptions(an illegal in prison is not a worker nor is a 12 year old girl, nor is her 86 year old grannie). Guess they are technically WOPS, but that is so wrong and weird to put them in the same category as our immigrant European olive pickers of a prior generation and that simply won't fly in today's society.

I don't see any changes besides the liberalization of our Homeland Security/ICE policies concerning those who physically walk across our borders. We are doing a pretty decent job nabbing those passengers who fly into our airports and denying them entry and checking their papers/status as well at foreign airports. Nip it in the bud is the most effective and humanitarian policy.

So, when this current illegal immigration cacophony chorus dies down in early November after the mid-term silly season, things will get back to the new normal. Until then, lets talk quarantine, fumigation, and The Dream Act.

Brad Croul

Our national and foreign policies and worldwide meddling have cost us plenty.
America's drug war is one example. We are now seeing the fruits of our legislation. We have a booming tax-supported prison industry, and narco terrorists are running rampant in Central America. The American appetite for illegal drugs has (in part, at least) resulted in the refugee problem we are now faced with on our border. We (Congress) cause the problems, and Congress and special interests ignore the problem as long as they continue to benefit, or find new ways of pocketing the pork.
All the pitchfork shaking by the anti-immigration folks has resulted in another billion dollar hit to the taxpayers. But what do you expect? All the fed can do is throw men and money at a given problem. Are we spending two billion now to save billions later? The refugee problem is a national security problem.
During the Castro takeover in Cuba, 14,000 children were airlifted out of Cuba and assimilated into the US.

George Rebane

BradC 203pm - I don't know who are the "anti-immigration folks". No one here is against immigration policies in line with our national interests. The only ones who seem to be against both immigrants and illegal entrants are the left-leaning unions. The Right only takes exception to illegal entrants, and illegal alien policies that continue funding them ahead of equally needy Americans while fast tracking them to full citizenship.

Are you bringing some new ideas to the party here? (Or are you continuing to confuse the conversation by using the dysfunctional lexicon that I have described above?)


"The only ones who seem to be against both immigrants and illegal entrants are the left-leaning unions."

I can't think of a single one, it would be interesting to read a an official statement of that sort.

Here's the typical policy position:



I can't even say that the UAW is particularly anti-immigrant, even though they probably have the most to lose.


Here's a release from the ILWU


It's a peculiar world that we live in.

George Rebane

drivebyposter 244pm - apologies for my being imprecise, I should have said 'left-leaning public service unions' (a tautology). It is only the private sector unions with disastrously dropping memberships that oppose illegals taking what could be good union jobs and making the workplace more anti-union (last thing they want to do is organize, thereby calling attention to themselves). The public service unions (like your cited SEIU) are delirious about the increase in both immigrants and illegal aliens because that means more government employees are required to process the needs of these foreigners. And public service unions grow as government grows. This seems to be a hard notion to parse for most people on the Left. Thanks for your comment.

Bill Tozert

Now here is a difference between crossing from our northern border and crossing from our southern border. Mexico is instructing their nationals how to apply for food stamps. Canada is instructing their nationals on how to obey our rules. Darn Canooks all look alike. Here comes the flood of polite narco terrorists.


Russ Steele

Interesting caller on the Tom Sullivan radio show today, from Texas, who was from Mexico, a legal immigrant according to the caller. He is upset with the illegals and said there was some rampant fraud going on . Many crossing the border are Mexicans who are calming to be from Central America so they will not be sent back to Mexico. Claims that are almost impossible to verify, even of the Border Patrol was interested in finding out. That may explain the large numbers suddenly appearing at the border. Short walk from Mexico, long walk from Central America.


Posted by: George Rebane | 08 July 2014 at 02:28 PM

That's not what I hear. The unions are positively salivating to unionize all the new arrivals. Much like the government is salivating to get them into the system and paying more taxes. Hispanic outreach is a fairly important part of both entities activities.

George Rebane

fish 422pm - would love to see a reference in which any private sector union sees the increase in their membership rolls by illegal aliens. They have had millions of illegals here for years, how many of those are in private union jobs today? public sector union jobs? Also see my 255pm.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Brad. You made some general valid points. Yes, all we can now is throw billions at the problem, yet it does not deport one single individual nor secure our borders. And, yes, we are stuck with this National Security Refugee Health Housing and Welfare Crisis that will cost us plenty of dinero. Love it when those caca for brains pro open border advocates spout on the tube that the undocumented migrates pay their own share, pull their own weigh, and benefit/ add to the revenue of our Sovereign Nation..Ah, horse pucky.

Wonder how long no Obamacare for unauthorized illegal aliens will last? They are getting medical care as we speak!! For free! Here is an example of the money pit from a union spokesperson:


What we sow is what we reap. We are reaping the fruit of the poison tree. There goes the neighborhood.

Bill Tozer

Brad, we should try something very simple. Enforce existing immigration law. We, not they, have the right to say who can enter and who cannot. This is a National Security problem for us, not them. They have absolutely unequivocally NO right to be here. We have the right to allow or disallow any non citizen from standing on US soil. Again, we have the right, they have no say. Even the crazy UN recognizes each nation's 100% right to be sovereign.

Now I ain't saying we patrol our coastline with gun boats like Italy does to keep out unwanted "refugees" by turning them away at sea. Nor am I advocating treating shamefully and terribly the illegal aliens caught sneaking across the southern border as Mexico treats illegals entering her southern border. Downright unspeakable. Nor am I suggesting we ban the public display of burkas as France has done after opening its arms to a people that has no intention of accumulating into France's culture..

What I am advocating is the best humanitarian policy for all concerned. Refuse entry and secure our borders. That is the kinder gentler way in the long run. Mean what we say and say what we mean.



Posted by: George Rebane | 08 July 2014 at 05:26 PM


"SEIU's positions on political issues of import invariably fall under the heading of doctrinaire leftism:"

Representing more immigrants than any other union in the United States -- approximately one-fourth of its members are Hispanic immigrants -- SEIU supports a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and has emphasized the need "to build a powerful, new immigrant electorate" that will support progressive candidates and causes. SEIU Local 1877 provided security for the massive pro-amnesty marches that were held in Los Angeles in 2006. At a June 2009 Washington conference sponsored by America's Future Now!, Eliseo Medina, SEIU's international executive vice president, said: "We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters."


"The SEIU] can more easily recruit dues-paying members. Immigrants can represent an easier target for unions like the SEIU to prey upon, as they know less about the union or appropriate working conditions most employers offer. The SEIU is much more concerned with the opportunities that immigrants can bring to their coffers rather than what happens to their existing union members."

[SEIU advocates a taxpayer-funded, government-run health-care program. In 2009, former SEIU organizing director Margarida Jorge was employed as a national field director with Health Care for America Now.

Viewing the United States as a nation where discrimination against nonwhites and women is widespread, SEIU in 2000 endorsed Pay Equity Now! -- a petition jointly issued by the National Organization for Women and two other organizations to "expose and oppose U.S. opposition to pay equity" for women.

SEIU supports the Employee Free Choice Act.

In 2004, SEIU endorsed the Civil Liberties Restoration Act, which was designed to roll back, in the name of protecting civil liberties, post-9/11 national-security policies such as the Patriot Act.

George Rebane

fish 116pm - as I mentioned in my 526pm, SEIU is a public service union with all the objectives thereof. Also, underlining the point I make in my post, no one knows what they are talking about when they say "immigrant" - are they immigrants or illegal aliens or both or ...?


SEIU doesn't just organize public sector employees.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a labor union representing about 1.9 million workers in over 100 occupations in the United States (including Puerto Rico), and Canada.[1] SEIU is focused on organizing workers in three sectors: health care (over half of members work in the health care field), including hospital, home care and nursing home workers; public services (local and state government employees); and property services (including janitors, security officers and food service workers).


A significant fraction of the types of occupations that SEIU organizes can be performed by unskilled new immigrants. To legalize those now illegal and unionize them would be a huge dues windfall for them.

George Rebane

fish 400pm - we're dancing around the main point: Does SEIU have any members who work in the private sector? And, of course, your last statement is a tautology as pointed out in my post. But the sequence for government unions is 'legalize first, then press into membership'. I repeat my 526pm.


George your 2:55 addresses the topic perfectly. I guess I glossed over it on first reading.

Your most recent question: Does SEIU have any members who work in the private sector?

Yes. Although I'm quite sure that a fair percentage of those "private sector" workers are ultimately being paid with public funds.



Still looking for a labor union that is publicly in favor of restricting immigration.

Given the changes in skilled and unskilled trades due to the ongoing dissolution of the southern border, this is really pretty interesting.

Bill Tozer

This SEIU worker deserves to be canned, but I will bet 200 clams she/he gets a raise


You don't want to mess with Uncle Sam you old geezers.

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