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30 July 2014


Russ Steele

Mr Henderson writes:

"Rather than spending time on such an improbable task do something positive that will make your community and region a better place to live."

I am left wondering what are those positive things might be that Mr Henderson had in mind. So many positive actions that we could take are controlled by the policy wonks in Sacramento, who make policy base on bad science, who write "one fits all" rules, that are not applicable to how we live in the rural counties. They make rules that have a negative impact on our economy, like "going green" and driving up the price of fuel and cost of energy.

One issue that I would like to see discussed in depth is the economics of splitting from the state. I understand most of the politics, but very unsure about the economics. As always the devil is in the details, and before we make any rash moves, we need to examine the detailed economics of any split. In fact an examination of the economics may give rise to some second thoughts about a split and we may have to figure better ways to deal with the politics.

Perhaps Mr Henderson can join the discussion here on this blog.

George Rebane

RussS 1106am - As previously acknowledged here, the economics of any such split must make sense, and your reminding us of it is proper. Last night at the SoJ steering committee meeting I was shown an economic analysis for the new SoJ in the form of a substantial hernia pack. This analysis was done by two gentlemen, unknown to me, and needs to be analyzed and debated. Given the torturous road ahead for the SoJ, we need not worry about any "rash moves" even being possible.

But the point to ponder is - should nothing be done to marshall the forces for a split' until 'all the information it in'?. That clearly invites paralysis by analysis. We can do more than one thing at a time while cross feeding the results as we make progress.

Russ Steele

George@11:23AM I was unaware that a detailed economic analysis existed, and was under examination. I had only heard the back of the envelop discussions, that were incomplete at best. I am please to know there is an economic assessment for evaluation by people more expert than I am. I agree, we can do things in parallel. One of the tactics of the opposition will be to demand we study and re-study the proposition, hoping over time is will dissipate and fade away.

Barry Pruett

Steve Frisch has aptly pointed out in the past that culture moves politics (not the other way around). The culture is slowly changing in California with liberals like Willie Brown and Jim Reed supporting the idea of Jefferson. Debate is healthy in a democracy. Hopefully this healthy debate will be honest and not chocked full of divisive, nasty rhetoric. Not likely, but one can hope!

Barry Pruett

George: I posted a perspective on the State of Jefferson too...and linked you analysis.


Account Deleted

Jerry Henderson has made a valid point in the first part of his message. The oppressed minority feels oppressed because they are - oppressed.
And the oppressors are not likely to let go of those so oppressed. Now obviously he is only thinking about 'legal' means of getting loose of the oppressors. And those means are held by the oppressors. Hence - he thinks we should just go with the flow and be oppressed and shut up. To try to do anything else (legally) is folly. To that point, he is correct. I will not expend any energy in going to meetings or rallys for this cause. I do wish the folks involved good luck in their endeavors, but it absolutely can not succeed. There will be no violent overthrow because you would have nothing but a hand full of folks fighting the rest of the state as well as the US military.
And even if there was a successful vote within the state, the rest of the country would not let this happen. Back to square one.
The 'six states of California' idea is, for Nevada County, insane. You would still have Sacramento, Davis and Mill Valley sending us their smog and rules and regulations and they would still make us pay extra taxes and would still not let us use our land. How is this better?
I would look to the example of Detroit. It was not going to be reformed into a sane, legal system of governance, so everyone with one once of sense just left. The ones that left early were able to actually receive money for their homes. The ones that left later - well, they just left.

Barry Pruett

Correct me if I am wrong, but the financial aspects of any division is simply math...hopefully not that goofy Common Core math that my kid cannot explain to me.

George Rebane

ScottO 902pm - You can think of the SoJ effort as a most visible protest movement. Or you can suffer silently.


OT... Barry, the math your kid can't explain to you needs to be escaped from, there is no fixing it. Common Core really is a Trojan Horse to reintroduce constructivist pedagogies (like the whole math and whole language of the '90's) that have failed every time they've been tried.


George, who in the world designed that SoJ flag?? It has two problems (at least): a) the instant I saw it the first thing the double X's reminded me of was the German SS symbol! Further, X is often a symbol of negativity.....X out what you don't want. I realize you'd like to X out Sacramento but to have it on your flag?? b) the yellow "Don't Tread on Me" motif says "State of Tea Party". That's too partisan for a state that will have many other political perspectives. Yes, there are Democrats/Independents interested in the idea of dividing up into multiple states but the vast majority (my guess) of interest in this is Conservative/Tea Party.....thus the flag. I think it's fine to pursue this as a statement of discontent, but don't fly a flag that will instantly turn off LOTS of people that you will need to persuade to your viewpoint! Good luck with your meeting.

George Rebane

Fuzz 1135pm - Fully agreed. I have mentioned the need for redesigning both the seal and the flag. Unfortunately today it is the only established totem of the SoJ movement. Thanks for the good thoughts.

BarryP 441pm - Thanks Barry.

Account Deleted

George at 9:55 - Yes it is a protest movement and a worthy one, but it ends up sidetracking the public from the things that we need to concentrate on to reform our state. The second sentence presents a false choice. There are many other things one can do - including the one tens of thousands have (and are) opting for. Voting with your feet is the most powerful vote of all.

George Rebane

ScottO 842pm - You are correct, I (erroneously?) assumed that the protestor wanted to remain in California. People have been leaving California now for years, and the Left is quite happy with that since becoming a ward of the federal government and/or Reconquista is quite acceptable to progressives. They will not mind transferring wealth from Texas or Indiana to California. My point is that for the longer view, a stand against autocratic collectivism must be taken somewhere, else it will continue to be 'exported' until there is nowhere left to go. My own values tell me to stand my ground here. I invite you to join us on Saturday and share your thoughts about what you saw.

Russ Steele

California which experienced net in-migration of 3.3 million people during the 1990s, now is losing people to other states. According to the 2010 census the state population growth is now almost all the result of native births.

Much of California's middle class is now moving away. From 2000 to 2010, the state lost $29.4 billion in income it potentially could have taxed due to migration of workers, according to the Tax Foundation. Some estimate that California is out migrating about 100,000 people a year, many are self reliant conservatives who have had enough bullying by the state legislature and unelected bureaucrats in state agencies, such as CARB and Cal/EPA.

The departure of conservative voters has left California almost entirely blue. Democrats hold every statewide office in California and won supermajorities in both legislative chambers last fall. Every Republican conservative that leaves the state for better economic conditions in neighboring states makes California even bluer.

It is clear that many Californians are voting with their feet, while other are choosing to stand and fight. It is going to be avery difficult fight, as the Democrats are firmly in control and it will be hard to dislodge them with a declining cohort of conservative voters in the state.

I think the best scenario is for the Counties to organizes themselves and prepare for the collapse of the State's economy when it becomes clear they are incapable of meeting the unfunded pension obligations. Then in the economic and political chaos move swiftly to provide safe havens for like minded people to come to the region, be it the State of Jefferson or some other regional collective in other parts of the State.

Major change only comes on the cusp of chaos. Those prepared for the chaos will survive and eventual prosper and those unprepared will not. The creation of the State of Jefferson as a shadow government, prepared for the eventual chaos, will have a better chance for success than challenging the Democratic controlled legislature and self serving bureaucratic state agencies.

Brad Croul

Starting a new state because of the economic problems of the current state sounds a bit like those folks who, because of their own foolish decisions, have so much debt that they declare bankruptcy at the drop of a hat.

3 million new residents in a decade should key you into the realization that 100,000 residents lost every year is not a big number. I will take 30 years just to lose those 3 million we gained in the 90s. Besides, our population grew by over a million between 2010-2013. This state could lose 15,000,000 for all I care. Then maybe the roads would be a little less congested and we would have a population more like it was in the sixties.

Yes, the SoJ flag does suck. Reminds me of a Winchester shotgun shell somehow.The yellow background and snake is a bit cliche. Could make a good moonshine label though. I imagine there will be a lot of that going on in SoJ...could make Snakebite Shine the state beverage.

What I really want to know is how this new state will not just become another welfare state, dependent on Fed handouts and subsidies. Who is going to build your capital building and all your government infrastructure and pay all your state employees? Who is going to pay your "Granite Constructions" to maintain all your highways and other infrastructure, etc., etc. etc.? Also, California built all those roads in Jefferson. Wouldn't you owe them some money for that infrastructure?
I assume you will not have a state income tax, sales tax, or death tax as that would be soooo California. You are going to need some good, gasp!, grant writers, me thinks.

All that said, I think SoJ is a cool idea.


The "two x's" could also mean " Ran through the still twice" So add an "X" to infer we are "top shelf".

I'm not sure who said it first, but splitting the sate up, only gives LIBS more "states" to infest and take over, and boost their already overbearing control in D.C.

"If" the state was to be split,, Just draw the line North of Berkeley, East to West.

Russ Steele

From an economic view point, it is easy to understand The State of Jefferson movement more clearly. The Silicon Valley economic performance is masking the state's real poverty, crumbling infrastructure, and growing business hostility in the region, which Sacramento seems to gleefully ignore. More details HERE.


Posted by: Brad Croul | 31 July 2014 at 01:05 PM (See George...I'm not completely untrainable)

I think the demographics of those entering vs. those leaving needs to be examined. The raw raw numbers don't tell us much. Anecdotally I understand that it's the fed up small business person who is bailing and being replaced by....well not small business people. Recipients as opposed to providers. I don't see the State of Jefferson coming into being without something really bad happening to the United States as a functioning entity.

Fortunately for SoJ supporters I think you will have your opportunity to build a new state from the rubble of the old one in about 20 years....you only need bide your time.

George Rebane

BradC 105pm - Escaping California's debt has never been the reason for SoJ, that is added on by those wishing to fight strawmen of their own construction. SoJ will most likely take their pro-rata share of CA's debt with them. But the economic viability of the new state will be an issue that some have claimed to have solved. I'll be looking at the numbers with you, and report on my take. Paying for the existing infrastructure is both novel and somewhat complex considering where the original funds came from, the treatment of sunk costs, and Sacramento's not having to maintain that infrastructure in the future. The accounting may come up considerably in SoJ's favor. Thanks for the good thoughts.


Maybe more appropriate for a "Sandbox" posting but since todays theme is California......looks like we lose again!


George Rebane

fish 242pm - Very appropriate for SoJ related stuff. Tesla is the progressives' much ballyhooed electric car whose inception was in California. But you have to be as butt stupid as a progressive to start a manufacturing plant here, one that can equally serve from another state. One of the advantages SoJ would have over CA would be to attract such manufacturing enterprises to operate within its sane regulatory and tax environments. BTW, if the Constitution would allow it, CA would sure like to erect some tariff barriers for out-of-state goods.

RL Crabb

The State o' Jeff flag reminds me of the double cross symbol from Chuck Chaplin's "Great Dictator" movie of 1940. Just about the same time the original secession movement started. Is there a connection? Whatever. It's an ugly flag anyway.

Brad Croul

SoJ needs a gimmick. Create a tax haven, Swiss style banking laws, no state income tax, legal marijuana, or something. Get those 1%ers to start stashing their fortunes in Bank of Jeff.

SoJ is going to be blessed with two supermax prisons. California could pay you to run their prisons.
SoJ could become "The Prison State"! That should please the law and order types.
Throw in open-carry laws so any escapees would not have a chance. There you go, instant income.


Posted by: Brad Croul | 31 July 2014 at 04:10 PM

Well we've seen recently just how robust Swiss bank secrecy laws are in the face of constant threats and incessant nagging by the Feds. Probably a non-starter in the SoJ.


RL may have stumbled across something.. " Double cross"... The state of CA. has "double-crossed" the people wholesale. LIBS have been the masters of bait and switch.
LIBS have sold their vote for promised handouts, with even bigger promises of bigger handouts, with no concern of how they get paid for.. Hell! it's not going to come out of their pockets,, let the taxes on everyone else fly!

Well Brad, we could always use that cheap prison labor in the mines. An underground "supermax" if you will. Just think. No ugly walls or forests laid bare for solar powered electric fences, and exercise yards, and four story jail cells.

The refuse of society can dig our riches right from the ground for us.
Escapes? LOL!! Alcatraz North would be a great name.

Brad Croul

fish, did you read that Tesla blurb? Tesla still has not committed to a site.

Brad Croul

Seems like Reno has some of the attributes that SoJ fans and anti -Californians aspire to emulate. Why not let Nevada usurp SoJ. Nevada would love to have that H2O.. and a seaport to boot!

Walt, how are you going to handle the immigrant problem in SoJ? Somehow, you have to keep illegals, liberals and lawyers (and the Fed, of course) out of SoJ.
I think SoJ is going to have to go it Rough and Ready style.

Unfortunately, SoJ country is pretty much drive through/fly-over territory now.

I vote Weed for the capital!

Brad Croul

BTW, is the SoJ Jefferson reference to honor Jefferson Davis, Thomas Jefferson, or.. a hybrid?


Posted by: Brad Croul | 31 July 2014 at 05:36 PM

Good catch! I thought that the "above the fold" blurb was for the Gigafactory. Ten bucks says that the regulatory and tax climate is still bad enough that California whiffs on that one too!


Good GOD man... Ya' think I'm like Putin? LIBS would be more than welcome. Just check the LIB attitude at the state line. "They" are the reason the state (for argument sake)broke up in the first place. That's nothing to be proud of.
Lawyers are a necessary evil. We all may cringe at the profession, and disparage them at will... BUT!!.... If we are in a jam, they can seem like the cavalry. There is no way in hell you or me is going to make any sense out of all those papers and documents.

Illegals... Really? Catch and depot. not catch, give freebees to, work permits, free travel, and release.

AHHhh R&R.... My home town.. We were right the first time. ( funny.... That was about government over reach and intrusion as well.. Some things never change.)
The respect for the 4TH of July was just too much for us. Some of us R&R folk now possess our own cannon in remembrance of the one being dragged our way. On a still night you may hear one eco through the gullys. If ya' only got one shot, go out in style.
( Nope no match for an "O" drone.)
We should add these words to flag of our republic. " WE TOLD YOU SO"

SoJ could do quite well with the natural resources it would possess. Mining is digging money right from the ground. What a concept. Trees build homes. The same people that bitch about logging, bitch about concrete "tilt up" structures. They bitch about the gravel pit that makes the cement. Just think of the bitch if someone came up with a plastic house.
No trees. No cement. no pleasing the eco left.

DAMN... Now look what ya made me do.... Gust had to get me up on my soap box again...

Brad Croul

fish, that does seem like a shrewd move on Musk's part. Just start digging in California's neighbor's yard and see if it wakes up the dozy bastards in Sacramento to the fact that they have an opportunity that they are in danger of losing because of their own doing, or not doing.


Brad. Ca. is full of "NIMBY'S". No matter how desperately we need a given job or enterprise, the " not in my back yard " gang is there to make sure said need never materializes. From a LIB backed ubber expensive car for LIBS with a guilt trip, to cell towers in the name of public safety.( wireless communication is a must these days.)
" Nope!! Not going to HAVE IT!!" Just like the mine fights. " No mine in town!!!! Go out in the sticks!! What??? You found gold out, IN THE STICKS???? NNOOOOoo... You can't mine it there either!! ( examples upon request)
As far as SAC. is concerned, I think they take pride in running businesses and jobs out of the state. CARB and the "Waterboard" have done a splendid job of that, and are writing MORE restrictions as we speak.

Brad Croul

We've been waterboarded!


Posted by: Brad Croul | 01 August 2014 at 08:51 AM

Be interesting to see if they furiously start waiving environmental and permitting requirements that the "mundanes" are required to follow. A lot of that going on for Jerrys Choo Choo project.


NOW your getting the picture Brad, Your get a gold star. Now... You may have been jesting,, do you really know just how right you are?
On liter note, seems government surveillance aircraft don't like their own picture taken.
I think it was Gregory who posted a picture of the vary same aircraft down at Beale a few months ago. ( circling PV for hours) Well, it's back. The proverbial "pylon turn" and my place was the "pylon". Two passes will a camera looking back at them must have got their attention, since it got out of my sight in a hurry. Seems the "G" man don't like being "made".
Maybe they should be forthcoming on what they are "testing", and what info may be being gathered, and just what they are doing with it.


"Seems the "G" man don't like being "made""

Walt, I have no doubt whatsoever they could not care less that you took their picture, and no doubt whatsoever that your camera had nothing to do with their departure.

My understanding is those are training flights.

Brad Croul

Walt, no, i get it. We have been alphabet-souped do death with agencies on top of agencies shuffling papaers back and forth. But hey, it's a paycheck.


"Walt, no, i get it. We have been alphabet-souped do death with agencies on top of agencies shuffling papaers back and forth."

The classic phrase is "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

Penned by the guy whose name graces the proposed state some folks are dreaming about.


Yeah, that is what I was trying to say.


Gregory.. Maybe,,, maybe not.. And "training" for what? I have seen those high tech "snoop" planes before, and have a damned good idea of their abilities. Those things are full of tricks.
Furthermore, "they" don't like being seen, let alone noticed. ( lets just say,,, "been there".... Gotta leave it at that.)
A dug dealer was taken down yesterday just down the road. ( maybe some help from the sky? Who knows.) A good old fashioned raid. It looked like most of the cops in the county were on hand for the party, and even invited friends. ( at least one was cuffed and stuffed)

I'm just no fan of government spying. Heck. We can't even have a remote controlled toy with the ability to take pictures. Yet a "manned" aircraft in government "snooping" is just fine.

Air surveillance of private property, and looking for "violations" is now commonplace.
With water being in short supply, and government claiming rights to "all water" no matter who's land it may be on, kiss the protected right of unlawful search and seizer goodbye.
"They" may have never flown "directly" over ones property, but did see "something" from over "someone else's".. ( a little technicality)
With that,, look what I found.
http://www.cnbc.com/id/101884085 ( might have to migrate people OUT of the state)

The story doesn't say who, and just where from,, or just who is going to do the "moving", let alone if by force.
Put all of CA. into "protected status",, and the citizens could get the Bundy treatment from BLM... " It's the law"....


"Yeah, that is what I was trying to say."

And yet you were tying Jefferson Davis to the state name moments ago, weren't you? What were you trying to say then?

George Boardman

Two thoughts and a question:

--Elon Musk has just extended his con game to another state to increase the bidding and extract the maximum amount of concessions from the "winner." He should be wearing a mask when he announces the winner.

--The natural political split in California is not north and south but east and west, from the west side of the Central Valley to the Nevada line. You would have two viable states and both political extremes would be happy.

I can't decide: Should I attend the Jefferson town hall or the Occupy rally in Sacramento? LOL.


"Gregory.. Maybe,,, maybe not.. And "training" for what?"

Get a clue, Walt. Here's one "what", including the names of the dead, two of whom were based at Beale:

It's the Air Force, Walt, and they aren't spending all that time up there spying on Walt. Beale is a major training facility, both for pilots and equipment operators, for that equipment.

Russ Steele


Walt, what does the aircraft that you see look like? Like a King Air twin engine turboprop?

The latest training aircraft at Beale AFB is the MC-12W Liberty, a multi-mission aircraft. That is what the M stands for under the military aircraft designation system. Most reconnaissance aircraft have an R designation such as a C-12 version operated by the Army, called the RC-12N Guardrail Common Sensor Program. The RC-12H is a battlefield signals intelligence collection system. The MC12W has a much different mission.

USAF is buying 7 MC-12W Beechcraft King Air 350S to train crews at Beale AFB for their overseas missions. They are buying 27 Extended Range Special-Mission Beechcraft King Air 350ER modified for deployment in theater.

The USAF is integrating the Gorgon Stare video capture technology into the MC-12W. Gorgon Stare looks over broad areas such as small towns, and is designed to detect motion. It has a playback capability that allows the aircrew to observe a roadside bomb explosion and then replay the video so see what led to that explosion. They can also send the data via satellite to processing centers for distribution to field units. The aircraft will also be equipped with a laser designation system that can pinpoint a real time target for combat aircraft. Roadside bomb planters will rue the day they are observer by a Liberty aircraft.

This new mission added an additional 550 military personal and about 150 contractors to the base. This is expected to give the Yuba-Sutter region an annual economic boost of about $450 million per year, according to Congressman Wally Herger’s office. The first plane arrived in May 2011, with the full complement of seven to arrive by the end of July. The other 27 aircraft are now, and will be, deployed overseas.

This adapted from an article that I wrote for the CABPRO Newsletter in 2011. Gorgon Stare was originally developed for drones, but they proved too unstable a platform and the AF bought the MC-12 as a replacement, with a human operator and laser designator.


Gregory.. I understand the need for training. Then why not over government property?
Millions of acres of FED land are available, and close by. It gets a little annoying having to hear that sucker grind holes in the air for hours on end. The sky is a big place. They don't need to camp out over me on a daily basis.
Let North San Juan have a taste. Or do the dope growers use them for target practice?

I may have nothing to hide,, but it's the principal of the matter. Hell.. Those aircraft have the ability to actually hear conversations inside a structure these days. Now who is to say that some government goon might take issue with what he may hear inside my home?
It's not that far fetched anymore.

Should the County be able to scour google earth imagery to look for unpermitted structures or grading permit violators? Then show up with paperwork to fine ya'?

Big Brother has now showed up. Like I said. It's the principal of the matter.
I don't buy into the " You have nothing to worry about, if your doing nothing wrong."
Well just who is going to be the referee on that call? The judge?


Greg, some of the rhetoric I have seen lead me to believe that an element of the Jeffersonian uprising harken back to the Southern/Confederate days. You still see the Confederate theme around. The anti-California sessation movement reminds me of the Confederate days. The tea party mindset I would characterize as more (Thomas) Jeffersonian.


Brad, I suspect you are seeing what you want to see as it matches the bigotry of the left. The funny thing, of course, is that once the shooting stopped, the followers of Jefferson Davis all became... Democrats.

Walt, complain to your Congressman about the flights if you don't like them. It's open airspace and free to use by any civilian or military aircraft; jurisdiction over airspace use is Federal.


George B, the natural split of California is not one with all the ports and one with all the water.


Russ. Gregory posted a pic a while back of the aircraft. It matches what has been flying around PV, so he's most likely right.

Yes,, FEDS control the airspace. Ya' sure skipped over (conveniently) 4TH Amend. intrusions.

You could have an unpermitted pond, or dug a wide spot into the creek, and pilfering government water.( just for the veggie garden ya' know)
Really... No harm done. Think the water cops will agree with you?
The only way they could ever know is if they found it by air. OHH the stew pot you could be in... We are in a drought ya' know... Hording water is a no-no.( or soon will be)
Just an example of what could be. Still think it's right?

Brad Croul

Greg, I may have missed it, but I don't believe I have ever seen any explanation as to why the name Jefferson is proposed, except that it was the name of a similar secession movement (note the word secession) in the early 1940s.
I don't think it is a case of bigotry, however bigotry abounds on both the left and the right.
The South did not want to be under the control of Lincoln and the North so they seceeded. Secession-that is the connection with Jefferson Davis.
America essentially seceeded from England over taxation without representation. Now, the Jeffs want to seceed from California because they feel that the legislature is not voting "correctly" , so, they want to withhold thier tax dollars (so they can give the money to a new state government). But, as someone said, the Jeffs seem to want to create a state that is more American than America itself.
Do you still think SoJ is not going to fly?

Russ Steele

Re the 4 Aug Update:

We have ombudsmans all over the economic and political spectrum. Just google or bing the term and see what pops up. These ombudsmans are as effective as lightning rods, shunting public energy and anger to ground. The primary function of the Better Business Bureau is to shunt consumer anger and energy to ground, to keep the disgruntled consumer from telling friends and neighbors about the poor service and quality of a business. The BBB is nothing but a consumer lightning rod. The initiative defending ombudsman (IDO) would do nothing more than drain energy from the public discord and dissatisfaction. Another pot to piss in to drain off public energy generated by the dissatisfaction with liberal leadership in Sacramento.

George Rebane

RussS 1102am - Alas, your point is well made.


"Greg, I may have missed it, but I don't believe I have ever seen any explanation as to why the name"

Brad, try wikipedia. In the meantime, see

for other candidate "Jeffersons". Personally, I think it more likely that this TV character would be the namesake than the loser of the Civil War:

It's Thomas Jefferson, Brad. Neither the 1940's Jeffersonians nor the current ones are paying homage to the Confederacy.


Our LIBS should be happy with the breakup.( since it's their own doing in the first place)
"O" just might get those "57" states he spoke of. He needs to be able to take credit for something.

Bill Tozer

First, the logo has to go. Remains me of some local beer you would find down in the Bayou. Maybe it would make a good label if they ever legalized good Kentucky Corn Whiskey moonshine. But, we mustn't judge a book by its cover.

Second, this whole proposal takes time. Many years. Some victims of our current education system forgot that when the Revolutionary War ended there was 13 years of debate, fine tuning, consideration of the "what ifs" and wisdom before the Constitution was finalized. 13 years. Heck, George Washington was in the private sector by then, peddling his fine whiskey around the new states. Civil rights to women's suffrage to abolishment of slavery took decades.

Third, the Revolutionary War was fought by a minority of the Colonists with minority support. But freedom burns in the breast of mankind. We are not at the point of 'Give me liberty or give me death', but the first nips of the wringer are being felt.

Account Deleted

in regards to the Aug 4th update :
Boardman is the usual 'middle of the road' lefty. He has tipped his hand in some of his columns. I love the fact that he challenges only the conservatives in his latest piece. What about the left that constantly howls for pure democracy? His piece points to the various pure democracy measures that were passed by the 'people' and were summarily thrown out by the courts. And he does correctly point to the big reason as to why that occurred. Our state govt simply wouldn't go to bat for the 'people'. Shouldn't the challenge be to the left on this issue?
The major problem I have with him is that he correctly identifies the problem as a constitutional officer not doing their job and 'solving' the problem by creating another state officer. In private industry if a person is not doing their job you replace them with someone who will do the job, not create another position to do the job of the other non-performing person. There is obviously no better chance of the new person in the new multi-billion dollar bureaucracy doing the job they are supposed to do than the current AG doing the job they were supposed to do in the first place.


Morning jeffy……..

State of Jefferson “Town Hall” meeting visits Truckee on August 27

Posted on August 5, 2014 by jeffpelline

For whatever reason, the organizers are including Truckee in its series of Placer County “town hall” meetings. Details here.

Also, at the same time that day, The Union Publisher Jim Hemig is the featured speaker at the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots’ general membership meeting in Grass Valley.

How am I supposed to be in two places at once?

I'm tempted to offer….How am I supposed to be in two places at once?….Strrrrretchhhh jeffy…there's enough material to reach!

But I won't.

Why don't you just post another whiny and tiresome screed about….our community™….and…..we neeeed to be more inclusive…..with a light dusting of diversity™…..and then sprinkle random sentences about how you are such an even handed "middle of the roader" while still clumsily showing your obvious bias in every paragraph. You know…the way you usually post about politics of which you disapprove.

You don't really need to go to either event.

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