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09 July 2014



What timing... The FEDS ending that QE Wall St. welfare. Interesting.
No wonder gold has started going up.


oopppsss,,, http://dailycaller.com/2014/07/09/if-all-goes-well-fed-to-end-quantitative-easing-by-october/

Account Deleted

Thanks Walt - I've been watching the Fed. The govt wants us to believe we are in financial recovery and there is no inflation. Fine. So let's take the training wheels off and see how the economy does with an honest currency. I notice they are making noises about ending QE, but keeping interest rates low. OK, how does that work? Sounds like money printing with a new name.
It's easy to be down-beat about the trends in joblessness. Note the left is pitching a line that we should accept a 'new normal' in job rates. And part time work is wonderful as we can be free to explore our creative side. I would posit that since jobs will be difficult to come by, many of the new affluent will forgo a paid job and return to a life of do-it and build-it yourself. Once again, the go-getters will have a higher quality of life than the average prole. With an increase in jobless eaters that won't or can't be of any use to society, the govt will be vexed again as to how to come up with the cash. The do-it-yourselfers will not have a lot of cash to tap - what to do?

RL Crabb

Now students, repeat after me...Do-you-want-fries-with-that?


Posted by: RL Crabb | 09 July 2014 at 11:09 PM

Not for too much longer RL.....the automation monkeys are working on making this phrase obsolete!

Russ Steele

The questions for high school students is, "What are your skill sets" Facebook high school interns earn $6K per month

“The race for talent is so insane in Silicon Valley that companies like Facebook are now hiring high school students for their summer internships. Even before they can shave on a consistent basis, interns in Silicon Valley can make $6,000 a month, according to job-search site Glassdoor,” San Francisco Chronicle.

Russ Steele

Computers and automation algorithms are going to expand over time.

If You Don't Think Robots Can Replace Journalists, Check Out This Article Written By A Computer

Earlier this week we reported on Narrative Science, an artificial intelligence company whose product, Quill, can turn tables of data into a natural language story that you can read as if it were a newspaper article.
The benefit here is that the software near-instantaneously renders numerical data as much more digestible units of understanding — words — without requiring any human supervision.

Read the whole computer generated article and see if you think it was written by a computer HERE.


If You Don't Think Robots Can Replace Journalists.....

Has anyone checked on the machines opinions concerning the "HARD RIGHT" and chili fries?

Account Deleted

Self driving cars could replace cab drivers -
now trucks: http://cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/barbara-boland/mercedes-benz-debuts-self-driving-truck-autobahn
And as long as vehicles can operate by their lonesome, why not ships?
The left (unions and such) love to drive up the cost of labor, but never consider the long run. The govt loves to force mandates on employers to further drive up labor costs to win votes but never consider that some one has to pay.
The machine age is a bit different from the information age. Machine looms did deprive tens of thousands of poor farm wives what little cash they could earn at home - while providing a lot of jobs at a factory. The power looms were actually the nascent start of the 'info age'. Most of the machine age did actually provide an increase in jobs as well as drastically changing the demographics of location and type of jobs available, as well as an opportunity for advancement most farms could never provide.
Now we are seeing the rise of machines that can design and build other machines. They can operate and maintain them selves to an increasing degree. How long before we see a computer detect a need for more machinery at a manufacturing plant - place an order - have the new equipment delivered and set up - and paid for all without a single human involved at any stage?


They blamed low employment on "the weather" and the Polar vortex.
More U.P. to come!
Russ is going to love this.


But it's Global warming....

Account Deleted

Why not follow Larry? How many billions does he have?
I'll bet he got Google going by partying all night, sleeping in and slacking on welfare and food stamps. Right.
We live by the laws of nature. These laws came about by the hand of God or just effervesced out of the ether by pure random chance. Whatever. Why do folks think we can defy these laws? Money for nothing - Chicks for free? Hey, that would make a great song! Oh sorry, already taken.
We were made to toil - to exert energy and use our gray matter. To have purpose in life and make a difference. Why is the slacker lifestyle the one folks think is their birthright? Where did this idea come from?

George Rebane

ScottO 551pm - a good test of Larry's theory is to see how many hours he'd knock off Google employees' work week and still pay them the same.

Account Deleted

Oh, George - taking a lefty at his word? That must be part of the hateful propaganda you stand accused of spreading.

Russ Steele

Here are some Glassdoor reviews of what it is like to work at Google: http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Google-Reviews-E9079.htm

91% of employees recommend this company to a friend

Here is a 4 star review out of 5:

Pros – Awesome company, amazing founders and senior management, and of course, great perks. You feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and excitement walking into work every morning.

Cons – While company is great, your particular team and work experience could be awful. You could work really really long hours and pick up the slack for the rest of the team. Many managers hire accomplished and seasoned staff, primarily, to make up for their own lack of experience and knowledge. So you may find yourself without proper guidance, and in the position of a workhorse. This company is best for people who join fresh out of college and grow within the org....many others, will be taking many steps back in their careers and work hard and long on a job that can be frustrating just to be a 'googler'.

Advice to Senior Management – - Hire people for the job level that is on par with their level and responsibilities in the market. Else, 5 years later, you will end up with many disgruntled and dispassionate employees, and others, will leave.
- Develop clear job descriptions
- Study the job satisfaction of Googlers in technical roles that fall under and are managed by non-technical Googlers (e.g. in Sales).

Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company.

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